Braves 9, Padres 2

Atlanta Braves vs. San Diego Padres – Box Score – August 04, 2009 – ESPN

That’s more like it. The Braves got nine runs without much of a contribution from McCann or Chipper, with Prado and LaRoche picking up most of the slack.

The Padres took a 1-0 lead in the first on a homer from Will Venable, who is fast becoming the West Coast Cody Ross. The Braves answered back with three straight singles by ACHE, Yunel, and LaRoche to tie the game, but Diaz hit into a double play to kill the rally. In the fourth, pretty much the same thing happened, except that the third single loaded the bases, and Diaz’s GIDP scored a run. It still killed the rally. The Padres tied it up in the bottom of the inning, a double scoring Cody Venable.

Prado hit a one-out homer in the fifth to take the lead for good. In the sixth, Diaz made up somewhat for his earlier lapses with a two-run homer to make it 5-2; Prado followed with a two-run single to make it 7-2. In the eighth, ACHE singled in Prado and McCann to make it 9-2… Every Brave, including the pitcher, had at least one hit except for Chipper.

Javier Vazquez wasn’t particularly sharp by his own standards, but he had his moments and wound up striking out six over seven innings, allowing but four hits; it’s just that all were for extra bases. The key situation was probably the bottom of the fifth, when he preserved a one-run lead after ACHE misplayed a leadoff double into a triple with his “first day in Little League” routine, but Vazquez pitched around it. Gonzalez pitched the eighth, because his arm hasn’t come flying off yet. Logan pitched the ninth.

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  1. Hmmm. Meaning that Vazquez’s performance this season hasn’t made the Flowers trade look good?

  2. tha ball got a terrible kick off the fence, I thought ACHE botched the play but they replay showed differently. Either way this Padre team is hitting .217 as a team at home, so without Adrian Gonzalez its probably more like .200. No excuses not to take this series

    I can see how it was a good time to use Gonzo…Im sure we’ll use him today and he’ll be unavailable for the Dodgers

  3. I really thought the Braves would miss Ohman this year, but O’Flaherty and Logan have more than compensated for his absence.

  4. Let’s go pen prove me wrong today… I think its gonna be Moylan, Oflaherty, and soriano tonight. Hopefully they will pitch well but I got that “feeling” someone is going to spoil a great outing by Tommy Boy

  5. If Gonzalez needs work to keep sharp, why not let him throw to a few hitters in the bullpen instead of putting him in the game for a blowout? That way you could control the number of pitches he throws and not make him throw so many that he becomes unavailable in a close game a day or two later. I just don’t get why you would use your fragile setup man in a 9-2 game when you will likely need him available for 3 of the games vs the Dodgers if not Wednesday vs the Padres.

  6. johnny, i mean that if we got 2 good pitchers out of the deal it makes it great, obviously Vazquez has been a real score, but if Boone can even be a good specialist that is a bonus.

  7. I saw where Gonzo’s ERA is back under 3.00. The last couple of times that occured he got shelled the next time out.

  8. I assume Gonzo came in b/c he was already warming up before the last two runs. Debatable but not worth a lot of time or emotion. If Cox had followed with Soriano in the 9th then that clearly would have been a poor decision.

  9. I am getting tired of the “but he was already warming up” excuse. It is lame. Most of the time the person had no business warming up. The inning before Gonzo came in last nihgt it was 7 to 2.

    But then, the same logic is not applied to anybody other than Gonzo and Soriano. I can remeber several times when O’Flaherty was waming up in the 7th and no change was made (and a fewtimes with Moylan, but “handedness” could have caused some of those). Then, Gonzo came out for the 8th. Does a warm up not count as abuse unless it is on one of those two pitchers (Gonzo and Soriano)?

    We need all of the pitchers healthy.

  10. there is no point in having anyone other than Medlen or Acosta even warming up during a 9-2 game. Either one of those guys could finish off the last two innings. I wish Bobby would let a reliever go two innings sometimes. Appearances take more of a toll on relievers than innings do

  11. At least the early start gives them a travel accomodation before they hit the Dodgers again.

    12:30 PDT start. 4:00 finish (probably earlier). Leave ballpark by bus 6:00 (past several years it has been by bus and I can’t figure out why they ever did planes). LA hotel 8:00. Much better than last Sunday.

  12. I think you have to play either Chipper or McCann. This is a big game, we can’t afford to drop 2-3 to the Padres. Rest one today and the other tomorrow.

  13. Ross definitely needs to play the day game and Mac can sit. I guess you can throw KJ in there also, but plan on his 0-4 and no range. Hopefully, Hanson keeps them scoreless

  14. DOB made an interesting reference to Conrad’s demotion. Apparently this caused some unrest in the clubhouse. Any speculation on where it came from? Chipper?

  15. DOB never said it caused “unrest” in the clubhouse. He said it was just a surprising move to himself and several other players. Big difference.

  16. If the Braves end this year like last, and don’t win anything next year, why is the Vasquez trade good? I think Vasquez has been fantastic this year; a top 5 pitcher in the NL. But he is only signed through 2010, meaning if we sign him for 2011, then we could have done so anyway; he will be a FA, either way. If Flowers is a monster hitter and ready for MLB in 2010 and really mashing in 2011 (my guess is yes to both), then I am not sure that was a good trade at all. It really depends what you are looking to do; play .500 or win divisions. Vasquez certainly helped us from being dreadful this year, but it is still open as to whether we will even be relevant by September 1.

  17. @25. I’m pretty sure there were obvious questions on why Conrad was demoted. And rightly so, the players saw what we saw. Conrad playing his little heart out. It was a dumb move.

  18. you cant really justify sending down a hitter who is hot and keeping around two guys that are just collecting paychecks and not contributing…(KJ and Norton)

  19. If the organization is willing to demote Marcus Giles after hitting a game-winning homer, Conrad’s demotion shouldn’t have shocked anyone. Is the bias of small samples that difficult to grasp?

  20. KJ is 6-17, with 2 doubles; a triple and a HR since he has been back. I can get to the Norton hate, but to say KJ contributes nothing is just wrong.

  21. bfan, Vazquez has done everything possible to help this team be a winner. His numbers are amongst the best in the league, what else could you want?
    He has a 2.99 ERA!
    He made us better now and will in the future too.
    It is a matter of approach, Wren went for a proven player who is paying off big-time for an A ball player/package.
    It has been good and our pitching is amongst the best in all of baseball because of it.

  22. @31 You throw in an 0-7 stretch batting in the two slot and big choke play on the defensive side in Fla, then those stats don’t mean a lot do they?

    I’m not hating on KJ, just tired of his inconsistent play.

  23. ‘you cant really justify sending down a hitter who is hot and keeping around two guys that are just collecting paychecks and not contributing…(KJ and Norton)’

    And you can’t let a 14 game sample size fool you into thinking that Conrad is anywhere the player KJ is nor let it erase the fact that Norton was the Braves best pinch hitter for the entire 2008 season.

  24. I didnt say Conrad should have been kept up and KJ released either. Norton couldve been cut and Im sure we could all agree on that. Norton doesnt play the field and isnt hitting when he’s called on.

    KJ has value, just not to us. Its hard keeping around a $3 mil player as a backup 2B thats not really good defensively. KJ needs to play everyday and there is some team that can really use him. Id rather have him and Conrad, than Norton right now though

  25. per DOB, LINEUP for now:

    McLouth 8
    Prado 4
    Jones 5
    McCann 2
    Anderson 7
    Escobar 6
    LaRoche 3
    TBA 9
    Hanson 1

  26. Dammit…If McCann was going to be playing this much, I’m pretty sure he would have taken the all-star break off. If we can’t rest him against the Padres, who can we rest him against?

  27. Olney’s blog has a great article up on Heyward. You can only get about 1 of 4 paragraphs without insider.

    Really interesting quotes from Wellman and a few quotes from Wren on other happenings in the farm system.

  28. Ross will get lefty Wolf tomorrow in L. A.

    But, the last time he got lefty Wolf, Ross did nothing. Career 3wise, he can hit with McCann against lefties.

  29. “bfan, Vazquez has done everything possible to help this team be a winner. His numbers are amongst the best in the league, what else could you want?
    He has a 2.99 ERA!”

    I said he was among the top 5 pitchers in the NL, and that he has been fantastic. But if the BRaves finish 81-81 this year and next year, was it worth it?

    I guess the question is, which set of 3 seasons’ records would one prefer: 81-81; 81-81; 81-81, or 71-91; 81-81; 91-71?

  30. For those that can’t access it, Wellman says the player Heyward most reminds him of is Darryl Strawberry.

  31. But would Flowers have made us better?
    He made us better? Is that not the point of a trade?
    And i would rather be .500 and in the payoff hunt like we are than have 70 wins this year.
    Again, it is my viewpoint, i have no problem trading lower level players for proven players who are under contract and we have a realistic chance to re-sign.

  32. @41. Hopefully Ross will do better this time. Seeing how McCann is now batting .202 against lefties, I guess playing Ross wouldn’t hurt. I just wish we could just give McCann a couple of days off in a row.

  33. If Corky Burke got called up ahead of Conrad again after the many, many times Burke got chances ahead of him in Houston, Brooks might take hostages.

  34. @43 That’s scary. If he is as good as Darryl…wow. Strawberry was a monster, until all that “stuff” started happening.

  35. N. McLouth cf
    M. Prado 2b
    C. Jones 3b
    B. McCann c
    G. Anderson lf
    Y. Escobar ss
    A. LaRoche 1b
    R. Church rf
    T. Hanson p

  36. I agree that the Vazquez trade looks good now, but it’s impossible to value that type of trade this early. Looking at 2009 only, obviously the trade is a success, but what about in 5 years if Flowers leads the AL in HRs as a Catcher? Unlikely, but not impossible.

  37. Heyward also reminds me of Strawberry. I saw Heyward several times in Rome last year but the comparison didn’t strike me until about two weeks ago when I saw the Miss/Tenn game in Knoxville. Heyward showed much more speed than he seemed to in Rome last year–I think he had a nagging knee problem last year that might have slowed him.

  38. @52 – Flowers was going to be traded – no matter what. We have McCann and there is nowhere to put him. So, for the return we got on him, the deal was a major success and still will be later down the road (I don’t care what he does).

  39. @56 – We don’t run enough. I don’t know the play because I am here at work, but just b/c he was out doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good play. Everytime a play doesn’t work around here, the answer is always that was a dumb move.

  40. McLouth has one of the highest SB percentages going. I’m fine with him running. Didn’t work out. Move on.

    Lotsa baserunners today. Gotta make ’em pay here.

  41. I don’t know if Jason Heyward is the next Daryl or not, but I do know he’s hitting 422/505/722 in 27 games, 109 PA, 90 AB. At this point you really have to start considering Jason Heyward as the starting right fielder THIS YEAR.

  42. He’s not even 20 yet–be patient. No need to start his clock yet either. I’d just as soon have his peak years be in ATL rather than some other city after he becomes a FA.

  43. There is no need to bring Heyward up this year. Let him marinate nicely in AA/AAA until June next year. It worked for Hanson.

  44. I don’t know, if we’re within 3 games of the playoffs come september and he’s still raking, i think we should consider promoting Heyward.

  45. If I hear one more person say we don’t need to rush Heyward to the big leagues, I will puke. Andruw Jones was 19. AROD was 19. Justin Upton was 19. If you are ready to play, you are ready to play. What better reward is there to be called up to the big leagues after a terrific season.

  46. I lean towards Tony’s viewpoint, but not so much that I’d call him up before September. I would certainly give him every opportunity to win a starting job next year, however. The Braves are a “win now” team and still will be next year. If he can help you win, you play him.

  47. @70, great examples.

    Justin Upton had a OPS+ of 62 in his age 19 season, A Rod 16 (!) in his age 18 season and 72 in his age 19 season, Andruw had the best at 79.

  48. Heyward and a call up is a tough case. I THINK that the days after September 1 don’t count toward arb clock unless they are already on 25 man roster by Aug 31. BUT if they AREN’T on the 25 man by Aug 31, they can’t play in psotseason (may be an exception for injuries, but maybe then only position player for position player and only 40 man roster people).

    SO, bring him up 8/31 and have him for postseason (if any). Bring him up 9/1 and start clock next year. Start clock 8/31 or 4/1 and you have 6 years (2 minimum, 1 “super 2” and 3 “post super 2” ar years). start Clock June 10 or so and it is balance of 2010 at minimum, 2 years at minimum, wuper two and 3 more arb years.

    Maybe you do the “Devil Ray” thing and get with Hanson’s agent and tell him we will bring him up if they will take a guaranteed 6+ yeara based on arb schedule, “levelized” or more front loaded, with two option years at a 25% home town discount. Both sides shuld jump on that.


    I will throw up in my mouth.

    Tony, the guy only hit .136 at Myrtle and is only 100 ABs into AA. Lets be patient with Heyward. If he doesn’t show up and hit .350 and 40 bombs in his first year everyone on here will rip him and think he is another Franceour, etc.

    100 ABs no matter how good doesn’t mean he is ready now, it does show that he could have an insanely bright future.

  50. An amendment to my first comment

    If it doesn’t start the clock and it is used only as a reward, then I am all for Heyward coming up in Sept. ONLY IF THAT IS THE CASE. We do not need to put the weight of the world on this kids shoulders.

    Marinate, don’t microwave the kid.

  51. Even on GameDay you can “see” a Chipper Jones at bat. Pitch away belt high with a runner on 2nd. It says “in play, not out(s)”. I said, “Single to left.” It was.

    Not praising my ability but Chipper’s consistency at delivering a single with a runner in scoring position. Amazing.

  52. The Braves have the best singles attack in the league.

    It’s the Padres and they suck. Too bad the Rockies and Giants get to play them too.

  53. How’s this for hitting to all fields. Chippers 3-3 with a single to center in the first, single to right in the second and a single to left in the fourth.

  54. I love how Joe thinks that Kouzmanoff having the best fielding percentage means something.

  55. Interesting that this Heyward thing is coming up on a day when the right fielder, finally back in the lineup, is 2-2 with a walk and two runs scored.

    Joe is dumber than people are.

  56. “And we’re 7-2 vs. Philadelphia.”

    Now if we can figure out the Nats and Marlins, the Braves will be in good shape down the stretch.

    Good to see Chipper getting some hits.

  57. i could feel joe’s seething rage when boog was talking about advanced defensive metrics and pitchfx.

  58. Lots of folks knock Prado’s defense–rightly perhaps–but in the past few games he’s made several nice plays ranging toward first.

  59. @75

    Jason Heyward hit 296/369/519 at Myrtle Beach. All three numbers are deflated by the park, which is large for the league AND faces almost due east (which means the ocean breezes blow in almost constantly and turn double and HRs into fly outs.)

    By every concievable standard Heyward has *destroyed* the minors at every level. I have consistently been in the “bring him up next June at the earliest, plan for 2011” camp but he is playing his way out of that strategy. The Braves have the luxury of taking their time now that they’ve dealt with the RF bleeding, but if The Outmaker was still in RF the best possible scenario would be to bring Heyward up right now.

    As it is, Matt Diaz and Ryan Church need to validate their positions if they want to be Braves in 2010.

  60. i think prado is improving his defense. he could just be on a hot streak (also possible with his offense), but hes looked a lot better lately.

  61. Hubbard to me is the one coach on this team that makes it better. He has improved the defense of every middle infielder the braves have plugged in. It can not be a fluke thing.

    He was a hell of a glove man in his day, especially without a whole lot of athletic ability.

  62. Prado is the best option we have at 2nd base, and I am absolutely thrilled with his play. Keep it up Prado.

  63. Talk about a bad day; Russian astronaut Kevin Kouzmanoff has grounded into 3 double plays so far today.

  64. I’m surprised that no one has made mention that Anderson’s late RBI single was really an out. Headley clearly made the play. It’s the kind of play that would have folks wantin instant replay if it happens to Atlanta.

  65. @104–three DPs for Diaz yesterday and 3 for Kouz today–what’s to disagree about?

    edit–apparently I’m not the only one to notice the similarity–see 101 & 103

  66. @99, I still think one of the best in the businesses at it, especially when his shortstop compadres were always a bit on the schetchy side of things.

    So , is everyone else really excited by the prospects of next year? I mean I know this season is still on going, but I really think that the braves are set again for years to come as long as Heyward is what everyone thinks he is. All this team needs going forward is a lefty starter to balance the rotation out ( replace KK )

  67. It’s a good idea to use Moylan here because tomorrow is a night game after a day game.

  68. why remove hanson? He was at what – 70-75 pitches ?

    I am following on gamecast..was he really starting to loose steam ?

  69. @109. My only concern is how will Chipper hold up.

    I saw EAlfonzo and was like wow…Eduardo Alfonzo is still playing? I thought his career ended when testing started. Haha

  70. Wait Kawakami vs. Kershaw on Sat? WTF? Why can’t they get the rotation like it was before? With Lowe, Jair and Vazquez as the top 3?

  71. in response to my own query…

    i think i choose jay bruce.

    bruce: 7/18-3HR-6R-5RBI-5BB-4SO-.389/.522/1.000/1.522

    ryan braun is second for me, and then maybe hanley.

  72. Id rather they start medlen. I know KK is an average pitcher, but he just does not inspire trust..

  73. Because he looked like he lost it. It’s a day game and he’s still slight after losing 15 pounds.

  74. Which is worse: that Nate McLouth didn’t go to his first concert until he was in 9th or 10th grade or that the concert in question was a Britney Spears concert?

  75. Good to win the last two with the bats to come alive.
    Good thing Gonzo pitched again.

  76. from earlier, the biggest Braves killer = Washington Nationals, Snitker, Randy Winn, and Cody Ross

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