Who the hell put a team in Miami anyway game thread: July 30, Braves at Marlins

It rains all the time, nobody goes to the games, and every few years they win the World Series, then sell all their players.

249 thoughts on “Who the hell put a team in Miami anyway game thread: July 30, Braves at Marlins”

  1. Is there a need for an opening somewhere because of signing someone?

    Usually GCL is only for failures and injuries if a guy is already at low A. MAYBE they want him to “add a pitch” (changeup or whatever he doesn’t have, but may need). Otherwise I agree with sdp.


  2. I don’t think we should blow up the team this year. We’re playing well, we’ve got a shot at a playoff spot, and a team that can do some post-season damage.

    I still think this team is primed for 2011, pending further development of Jair and Hanson.

    My main hope the past offseason and into this season has been to avoid doing anything that handcuffs our flexibility going into 2011.

    That means don’t needlessly tie up money in a bad contract that extends past 2010 that will curtail financial flexibility. That also means, don’t trade any prospects that could be contributing in the majors in 2011. The more options we have, the better, and then when we see who of our prospects are actually going to stick and make the team better, we can then deal the remaining pieces to address MLB roster weaknesses.

    Right now, I’d stand pat unless we can get a mega bat with a contract that expires after the 2010 season.

  3. From previous thread, I think against lefties McCann can be dropped to the 5 or even 6 hole until he figures out the issue. A .263 slugging pct just is not cutting it. I hope it’s not due to the eye issue.

  4. on a side note, did yall know that jose rijo is running for mayor in his hometown the the dominican republic, and the person he’s running against is……………(drumroll please….) our very own Raul Mondesi…

    how has this not gained more attention? there’s comedy, and then there’s jose rijo running against raul mondesi to be mayor of San Cristobal, DR.

  5. It used to be that when friends would bring up to me the idea of a computer calling balls and strikes, I would be steadfastly against it. But I think I’m with hankonly from the last thread, the more I think about it. It is truly getting ridiculous, and there is absolutely no reason why that weren’t work. Hell, there’s Pitch f/x technology in every ballpark now. They use it on the MLB Gametracker and it contradicts the actual umpires half the time, for God’s sake. And it would be far more cost effective. And it would not f— up half the freaking calls. It’ll never happen, but it damn well should.

    I didn’t watch the game last night, but I did just look at the video clip of the ejection sequence, and that umpire is the biggest schmuck on the planet. Talk about needing his ego stroked! In both this case and the one in Boston, he’s OK unless someone dares question his piss-poor call. Then he vindictively tosses everyone on the freaking team. What the hell was he doing with the lineup card when he hadn’t tossed McCann yet? Can anyone figure it out? The only thing I can figure is he was trying to tell Bobby, “If you’re out here, it better be to make a double switch” in the most asshole way possible. But he had basically called Bobby out of the freaking dugout, so if that was it, that whole conversation was his fault anyway.

    I will say I don’t see much in the fist pump. I’m pretty sure it was just a show of sportsmanship by the catcher telling the umpire, “Good game.” I do think it was pretty hilarious after all that went on the inning before, but I don’t think there was anything in it. I mean, think about it: if the umpire did actually fix the game and the Marlins were in on it, why in the hell would they fist pump in public like that? I refuse to believe anybody is that stupid. That whole acknowledging the officials thing doesn’t happen very often in American sports, so it looks weird when it does, but in international soccer, many times people will go up afterwards and shake the referee’s hand. I really don’t have a problem with it. In fact, I think it should happen more often. It’s far better than the officials immediately slinking off the field, I think.

  6. we neeed to turn it around quick starting tonight, believe it or not the melts are sneaking back up and are 1.5 games behind us

  7. Tonight be one of those “must wins” in terms of momentum. We still have 2 months left, but this seems like one of those games.

  8. Questions for you attorneys out there:

    If Plax had wandered into the club in, say, Georgia or Texas and tried to shoot his appendage off, wouldn’t he just have been:

    • horse-laughed
    • fixed up
    • sent home with a bill for the fixin’?

    and that’s it?

  9. Yathink there’ll be any


    signs at Yankee Stadium next time the Sawx show up?

  10. It was true when it was said the first time and it’s true now: I doubt anyone could legitimately throw stones.

    Certainly won’t stop Yankee fans from firing away, though – will it? Besides, there’s TWO Red Sox.

    THE LIST is just wrong on so many levels.

  11. I thought this was a braves board. All I hear is Yanks/Sox talk and something about football…

  12. It’s hard to hate the Mets when they are this bad. But all the teams on the poll can talk a long walk off a short cliff.

  13. I think we need to distinguish between a good team, a very good team, and a great. Good and very good teams can make the playoffs. They can even win the World Series (statistically they normally do, its just taht great teams have a chance to win the WS year after year after year.) Atlanta fans were spoiled by a run of truly great teams for over a decade, followed by a couple of mediocre teams, followed by a truly bad team last year. We’re a little spun on what to expect any more. Here’s my take.

    As of right now, we have a good team. This team could get on a tear and make the playoffs, at which point the pitching could concievably carry them to the WS. But to do so, they would have to play above their heads for a length of time (and other teams would have to play poorly.) Consider this the Rockies 2007 model.

    If the team doesn’t do anything foolish (like trade real talent for a band-aid that wouldn’t really improve the team’s chances this year or next) they will be set up to be a very good team in 2010. Quite possibly the division favorite, depending on how quickly The Manchild is promoted/adjusts to ML pitching. They’ll still have some holes – a weak middle of the pen (with Moylan and EOF moving into one of the closer roles), questionable production from 1B, the open question of Anderson/Diaz/Church in LF, , what to do with Schafer, and of course who plays RF until The Manchild eats them alive. But they will also be more fundamentally sound for the entire season by not Mentos The Outmaker in RF all year and potentially have Hudson or something in return for Hudson fill one of the other holes. They won’t be great, but they’ll be a little better than this year. That’s a divisional contendor.

    In 2011 the team should be loaded for bear. Heyward and Schafer should both be contributing. Freeman should be really close. Adam Milligan (who would be the talk of the farm for his work in Rome, except that Manchild guy is going Andruw on our asses.) Hell, they may have even taught the South African how to field by then. Or traded him to a DH team for something useful. With Hanson and Jurrjens anchoring the rotation, probably Vasquez resigned and Medlen pushing Derek Lowe for fourth starter rights, the only down side is that Chipper is pushing 40. That’s a squad that, by all rights at least should be able to wear the same Tomahawks that Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz, Dave Justice, Javy Lopez and Andruw Jones made legend.

    And that is what the Braves should be focused on. You don’t tank this year just to get a questionable arm in return for Garret Anderson (or whatever), but you don’t blow up the talent pipeline that’s making 2011 look a good deal like 1991 all over again.

  14. If “Red Sox fans” were an option, that would have made my choice tough. As it is, Mets in a landslide.

  15. “It’s hard to hate the Mets when they are this bad. But all the teams on the poll can talk a long walk off a short cliff.”

    sad thing is, their record isnt much worse than ours…

  16. Is there anyone else on the Pirates we could use? I mean they have traded away McClouth, LaRoache, Sanchez, Wilson, Hinske, Snell and are about to trade John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny to the Cubs.

  17. Not afraid of the Mets. I hope they win the second game, too.

    No matter the dirty PED histories on both sides, Ortiz will just be the latest thing to tweak Sawx fans. At those games, it’s gotten to the point where it’s not just about baseball to a lot of these people.

    I’d imagine there may be an interesting T-shirt or two—hopefully, it’ll be something better than the always-charming “Boston Sucks” shirt.

    Been to a ton of these games over the years—I was at the Game 7’s in ’03 & ’04—but what was once just a great baseball experience has gotten beyond stupid. I’ve never been to a Yanks/Sawx game at Fenway, but I gotta say that there are few things in professional sports more obnoxious (or confrontational) than Sawx fans in Yankee Stadium.

    So when they get arrested by NYPD, get refused at the beer lines or get pummelled by equally drunk sheetrock guys from Hicksville, I just give them a look that says, “What did you think was going to happen?”

    (Notice I say pro sports, because I have seen Red-&-Black-clad grandfathers on their hands & knees barking on Bourbon Street.)

    The Plaxico Thing
    It really has more to do with NYC’s unique laws concerning guns than anything else.

  18. I am pretty sure discharge of a firearm in Georgia leads to very serious consequences, as does (or rather did) concealed carry in a nightclub.

  19. Wouldn’t be enough for me. It’s pretty close to reckless endangerment (full disclosure – gun owner). He just as easily have put a hole in somebody else’s leg or head for that matter. I have no problem with harsh penalties for pre-meditated stupidity that results in innocent lives being put at significant risk.

  20. I agree Spike, gives us responsible people a bad rap.
    Plax is a moron though, dumb is dumb.

  21. If we’re going to add BoSox fans to the poll, then I vote we put Philly fans on there as well. Those BooBirds would boo their own mothers.

  22. #22 – that’s certainly the rose colored view of things. Until they figure out why the farm can’t consistently turn out major league pitching, ‘good’ is pretty much the ceiling. It’s great Hanson made it through but he’s the first since Millwood and no one else is banging on the door. The pitching staff we have now was put together because the Mariners, White Sox and Tigers all decide to give us an above average pitcher for stuff we were throwing out anyway. That’s probably not a repeatable, long term strategy.

    I would say that this team looks to be 85-win competitive for next season, which is something.

  23. @43 – No Dix, I am not of the “blow it up and pray for Heyward” contingent. I am of the stand pat and build it the way you have to – slow and methodically – contingent. 1991 was not built in 1990, it was built when (the evil idiot moron who knows nothing at all about baseball) Bobby Cox came back with a five year plan in 1986.

    @42 – The pitching staff we have now was put together because the Mariners, White Sox and Tigers all decide to give us an above average pitcher for stuff we were throwing out anyway.

    The pitching staff of the 1990s was built on one (1) player developed by the Atlanta Braves farm system – Tom Glavine. John Smoltz arrived because the Tigers “decide[d] to give us an above average pitcher for stuff we were thorwing out anyway.” On top of Glavine and Smoltz the Braves signed free agent Charlie Liebrandt as a innings eater until snagging Greg Maddux in the winter of ’92. They developed Steve Avery as a quality fourth starter, rode him like a dog until his arm fell off, then replaced him with Pittsburgh’s ace (back when the Pirates not being able to afford to keep their players was new and different.) That’s the first half of the decade, through 1996. They replaced Neagle with Millwood, the first guy they developed internally since Glavine (and half of Smoltz, if you want to give them that credit) but continued to fill the back end of the rotation with the likes of Dennis Martinez and John Burkett.

    It’s your nostalgic rememberances that are rose-colored, my friend.

    Derek Lowe = Charlie Liebrandt
    Jair Jurrjens = John Smoltz
    Tommy Hanson = Tom Glavine (only with John Smoltz’ arm)
    Javy Vasquez != Greg Maddux, but NOBODY = Greg Maddux

    This is the same working plan as the 86-90 rebuild, only with fewer holes to fill and better foundational talent than the teams of the mid-80s were working with. Will they turn this into three HOF starters and 14 straight divisional crowns? No. Both of those events are singular in nature, unique. But there’s a really good chance that Jason Heyward will be better than David Justice (really) and the more human prospects project well too. I’ve yet to see why Kris Medlen couldn’t post something akin to Avery’s numbers, and of course there are more free agent pitchers on the market to fill out the back end as well.

    This team is primed to be *very good* in 2010, and *great* in 2011-16.

  24. Why blow it up? If we had had the current lineup all year instead of wasting 2 months on an injured Schafer and 3 months on the corpse of Jeff Francoeur’s career, we’d be right there with the Phillies competing for the division. Add Heyward and a healthy Schafer next year plus Hanson pitching a full year instead of having random AAAA pitchers like Jojo Reyes, Chris Medlen, and James Parr taking turns in the rotation and there’s no reason this team can’t compete in 2010.

  25. you could blow it up (which I would take as trading Vasquez or KK, GA, Soriano, and Gonzo) because our chances of winning the wild card isnt all that great and most likely these guys wont be back for 2010 anyways. You do have to move a starter before next season and I doubt you want to pay KK $7 mil to pitch from the pen. Id prefer to keep Vasquez but he may net us a young corner OF’r and maybe a closer at the same time. You could move Soriano and Gonzo becuase someone would overpay for them. They would bring us plenty of nice position prospects Id like to think

    You could also hold onto what you’ve got and take the draft picks and continue to build for the future.

    Braves have plenty of options that they choose which route to go with. I dont see Wren overpaying for anything and he’ll more than likely just stand pat till the break. Its Probably the best option

  26. So the Pirates have traded their starting 1B, starting 2B, starting SS, starting CF, and two starting pitchers. Holy crap.

  27. It’s your nostalgic rememberances that are rose-colored, my friend.

    Yes because I’m making up Steve Avery, Kent Mercker, Mark Wohlers, Pete Smith, Greg McMichael, etc. in my mind. You’re going to say I’m setting the bar too low but those guys all had a few seasons of cheap usefulness. The farm hasn’t even been able to generate those types of players in the last decade.

  28. LINEUP
    1. McLouth
    2. Johnson
    3. Chipper
    4. McCann
    5. Anderson
    6. Escobar
    7. Kotchman
    8. Diaz, RF
    9. Vazquez

    Jeff Bennett has been released.

  29. @48

    I see little distinction between Steve Avery/Kent Mercker and Kris Medlen. Mark Wohlers and Pete Moylan. Greg McMichael and, well, any fungible reliever. I suspect were we really differ is your focus on “developing” those sorts of players. I don’t really care if we “develop” Raffy Soriano or trade for him. I don’t care if we develop Freddie Freeman or if we convert Chipper’s contract into Albert Pujols when he goes free agent. All I care about is the quality of player on the team, and this team has quality players at most positions. It has quality players in the pipeline to contribute significantly over the next five years. You’re a little too Chicken Little for my tastes.

  30. Prado got hit with a line drive on the ankle while practicing turning a double play. He ventured just beyond the protective screen and BLAMMO!

  31. Smith was acquired in trade from the Phillies, and McMichael was a minor league journeyman. And the farm certainly has managed to produce a few pitchers who were useful and cheap for 2-3 years, like Chuck James and Horacio Ramirez.

  32. I see little distinction between Steve Avery/Kent Mercker and Kris Medlen. Mark Wohlers and Pete Moylan.

    Then you aren’t looking hard enough. Far too high on Medlen, he’s hasn’t done anything.

    I suspect were we really differ is your focus on “developing” those sorts of players. I don’t really care if we “develop” Raffy Soriano or trade for him.

    It’s true that once a guy is on your team it doesn’t matter how he got there. The point is if you can’t rely on you farm system to fill out your pitching staff and instead have to rely on other teams being dumb, you’ll never have the depth of talent to be great. Having a guy come up from the minors and pitch decent middle relief on the cheap for a few years is very valuable whether you acknowledge it or not.

  33. #46, why do you say the Braves have to move a starter? Unless I’m missing something, they can just decline Hudson’s option can’t they?

  34. And the farm certainly has managed to produce a few pitchers who were useful and cheap for 2-3 years, like Chuck James and Horacio Ramirez.

    Well, at least they were cheap. I understand the point but eating innings around league average for 1+ seasons is about as good as we’ve gotten recently.

  35. @61–ditto

    edit–but douche Hohn will probably find some excuse to call McC out on Kotchman’s double–maybe something like failed to touch second base while running from 3rd to home

  36. Obviously I am just as excited at the thought of Heyward and Freeman as everyone else but at this point it is just as likely that the 2011 team will be no better than this one. There is an excellent chance that Hudson will not be back next year, let alone resigned for 2011; that Vazquez will have left in free agency; that Lowe will be in steep decline and Chipper will have already collapsed; that Kawakami will still be here and have one year left on his contract; that Escobar-Cox tensions will have finally reached a boil and we’ll have a gaping hole at SS; that Schafer will fail to develop and McLouth will have to man CF leaving a perpetual hole in LF; that the bullpen will be a disaster.

  37. James’ ERA+ was 118 in 2006, 100 in 2007. Horacio was 30-22 with a 104 ERA+ as a Brave. These are certainly above-average pitchers. The organization also produced Odalis Perez, Jason Marquis, and Adam Wainwright in those years. You can’t blame the farm system for them being traded.

  38. I thought tonight might end our chances for the wild card, but I didn’t think it would happen like this.

  39. True or false: The prominent advertisement for a local UHF Univision station’s news program is yet another sign of the Marlins’ general minor league mentality.

  40. I gotta say – I love seeing Bobby standing there with that glove in his hand lately. He’s definitely into these recent games.

  41. @75: True in the vast majority of the MLB markets; false in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Houston and San Diego.

  42. Maybe they can dub in audio from commercials every time that Simpson opens his trap. Just leave the video alone.

  43. Boog says theres a rumor that the Marlins are getting Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell for Mike Stanton, Maybin, and Andrew Miller

    Hanley and Adrian back to back??

  44. and with Captain Mustache umping 3rd tonight there’s no need for McC to check his swing

  45. Intentionally walking Garret?!?

    Oh, right.

    (I realize he’s hitting now, etc. Still bitter.)

  46. Joe: “we kind of picked on Billy a little bit, and well, we meant to”

    Your best line all year Joe

  47. Jim and Don on the radio talking about Subzero being “a good little player”. You just know that phrase is positive talk for “stinking up the joint/being just about useless”.

  48. HAHA, that’s why RBI isn’t a good statistic for evaluating players. Broken-bat bloop single runner on 2nd 2 out and he gets an RBI. Like he was trying to do that.

  49. I could see if Diory had some speed, but he doesn’t. Which brings me to my next question: What’s up with the lack of speed in the Braves organization?

    KJ…you got to get Chipper to the plate in that situation. Damn he sucks hitting at the top of the lineup

  50. If there is one thing I can conclude from this series…the Marlins don’t miss many meatballs right down the middle of the plate.

  51. Said it before, and I’ll say it again: I will shed no tears when Gonzalez leaves.

  52. Well, at least that makes the Ramirez decision easy….or it should.

  53. Normally, I agree with you, but not in this case. 2 out, best hitter on opposing team? Why is this stupid?

  54. Why Is McCann setting up so far inside? He’s going to hit him…

    Well that was not expected.

  55. I swear. When’s the last time someone on this team had a huge off of junk like that?

    I recall the ex-‘Spos doing that to Smoltz all the damn time. Ridiculous.

  56. Oh please Mac – he got a ground ball. The fact that it’s not an out doesn’t validate the decision one way or another.

  57. What bothers me most is that we lose to these f&^#ers on bull$#!* that never happens against anyone else. The lights-out closer grooving a pitch. A three-run blast to an opposing pitcher. Infield dribblers that inexplicably kick up 35 feet in the air. An umpire with an agenda, and that trend goes back a dozen years. Selig should have contracted this franchise when he had the chance. Would have saved me a lot of time and an ulcer or two.

  58. Hanley’s batting average is higher than Cantu’s OBP… Hanley is batting .346 Cantu’s OBP is 339.

  59. Maybe Donnelly will accidentally hit Diory’s bat with the ball.

    This team kills me. As soon as they look like they might be putting something together, they fall on their faces. This series has been a trainwreck.

  60. and it all starts when we bring up kelly johnson, send down conrad and keep norton.

  61. @141

    The only people not choking all over the place are Kotchman and Anderson. The rest of team has a history of choking.

  62. Maybe Donnelly will accidentally hit Diory’s bat with the ball.

    No pitchers have that kind of control.

    Well, at least evidently they don’t.

  63. Can we please not pinch hit Greg Norton. Bring in Ross… I know he is the backup catcher. I don’t care.

  64. swtiched to the mets broadcast for fantasy baseball purposes, and i swear their TV announcer just said this:

    (after a 2 out single by wright, francouer coming to bat)

    “there is no one the mets would rather have coming to bat in a situation like this than jeff francoeur”

  65. Outside of definitively suck, what is it exactly that Norton does that Barbaro couldn’t do?

  66. Donnelly’s hanging sliders and 89 mph fastballs make him look like freakin Drysdale to Diaz and Norton. Good grief!

  67. Scouting Report on Norton:

    Throw fastballs down the middle.
    Is at his best when he doesn’t swing.

  68. When you give up a hit before the “AT&T Call to the Bullpen” promo comes up, it’s never a good sign. This should end quickly.

  69. Jim and Don: “Norton is due to get a big hit.”
    Reality: “Norton is past his due date.”

  70. At least we all agree. With the Phillies playing the Giants, the Braves will either be 9 out in the East or 5 back in the wildcard.

  71. Norton should be playing on whatever craptacular independent-league team is employing John Rocker nowadays.

  72. Intentionally walking Hanley was the right move.. but leaving Mike Gonzalez in to face Jorge Cantu was not–where’s Soriano at that point??!!

    Cantu vs. lefty (M. Gonzalez) .306avg/.376obp/.510slg/.886ops

    Cantu vs. righty (R. Soriano) .277avg/.324obp/.418slg/.742ops

    That was a huge 2-out at-bat to get out of the inning with the lead. That should be Closer time.

  73. Dear Mr. Wren,

    What the f@#& is Greg Norton doing on your team? Please cut him because this is bullshiiiiiiiiiiiiii.



  74. What the hell is McCann doing? All he is going to do is throw the ball into rightfield.

  75. Doop doo doodle doodle doop dee doo doo

    Anyone want to friggin’ play on this team? Anyone? Oh well, let’s just go home. Orange slices for everyone!

  76. Kelly Johnson’s defense involved in this year’s season defining game, just like last year?

    Stats aside…he’s just not very smooth out there.

    Edit” he made a dam good turn on THAT dp

  77. Demote KJ. Demote Diory. DFA Norton. Promote Conrad. Promote Barbaro. Find a warm body for the other slot; any one of us here would suffice, work cheaply and couldn’t do any worse. For the love of God, Bobby, please. It’s obvious by the horrified look on your face after that blown DP that you can’t take this anymore. Neither can we.

  78. Hopefully Kelly only gets the chance to make one out this inning. We got rid of Laroche for not having his head in the game, right? Why do we still have KJ?

    Chipper’s due for a big hit. Hopefully he’ll give us something to cheer about.

  79. i hope this is one of those pivotal games where we win, kj sucks, and bobby learns a lesson.

  80. Man, GameCenter had my blood pressure rising. Kelly swinging at the first pitch and out(s) recorded. I’ve never been so happy to see a sacrifice bunt.

  81. Doesn’t KJ’s career major league line = Conrad’s career minor league line? Or close? Maybe KJ isn’t suited for coming off the bench or starting when we have Prado rolling, but something like that would be the only reason to swap them. Trade KJ for value or non-tender if you don’t want him next year, sure.

  82. I say we tempt fate and throw Acosta or Logan here. Maybe put one in LF and reverse the platoon split so Logan faces righties and Acosta the lefties.

  83. Man… Diory made an out before I could even finish typing something negative about him. He’s efficient!

  84. List of reasons Diory Hernandez is on a major-league roster: he can “play” SS. List of reasons Greg Norton is on a major-league roster:………..I got nothing.

  85. Decisions need to be made regarding Norton, Diory and KJ.

    Church hurt again? He’s becoming useless…

  86. Moylan hit because the bench tonight was Diory, Norton, and Ross, and the two more useless ones have already been used, and Bobby doesn’t want to lose his backup catcher to pinch-hitting in a three-run game. Moylan’s probably no worse of a hitter than any of the starting pitchers.

  87. @215

    Church, Prado, and Yunel are hurt…which effectively gives us no bench.

    Hell I’d bring up Sammons just so we could use Ross as a pinch hitter.

  88. i hope this is one of those pivotal games where we win, kj sucks, and bobby learns a lesson.


    Cox (thinking): “well, I started Prado two nights ago and we lost. Yesterday I started Prado and we lost. Today I started Kelly and we won. Maybe that’s what we need….oh and let’s trade for Francoeur back.”

  89. Please, please, please give Kotchman an error for this and end the bloody charade of his “flawless” defense.

  90. Gload doesn’t seem to have a problem with Soriano…. Oops. Scratch that. I see now that it was just more stellar D.

  91. LMAO….guys that was really bad. The Braves needs to trash this stadium before they leave.

  92. I have no idea what the problem is, though Daniel has a good point. You’d wind up with Jurrjens in right field and Diaz behind the plate.

    Kotchman should have gotten an error, but no official scorer in the world would have called it that.

  93. It’s too bad about the shitty defense. If it were two outs with Hanley up, I’d have beaned that hell out of him.

  94. There should be some kind of accountability for official scoring. Way too many base hits being given when an error would be much more appropriate.

  95. I still can’t get over how empty the stands are. It’s kind of silly. Put the team in NYC, and they’re full every night.

  96. Nothing in particular. Just accumulated crap (ie: Baker leaning into pitches) throughout the series…and he’s their best hitter.

  97. Much needed win. Now they need to leave Norton in Miami, dropped Diory off in Rome and get a reliever for KJ.

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