132 thoughts on “Really, we all watched this in the seventies game thread: July 26, Braves at Brewers”

  1. From the previous thread:

    I really think Heyward starts 2010 on the Atlanta roster, but I do not expect him to get a September callup.

    Regarding Andruw, I think the “rumors” are just speculation based on his precipitous dropoff in hitting ability at an early age. Made it seems like he both peaked and declined about 4-5 years ahead of time.

    Maybe, it was just Terry Pendleton.

  2. Probably it was the wear and tear of playing nearly every game for a decade along with a lack of conditioning.

    Unless Heyward finishes at like .360 or higher with a lot of homers at AA, I really don’t want to see him start 2010 in Atlanta. We all saw Schafer this year. I’d rather him come up in June 2010 with just a couple more months of seasoning. Don’t want to rush him and screw him up.

  3. I loved “Happy Days” until all those ’50s characters started growing ’70s hair on the show. Pottsie with the blow-dried look just didn’t work for me. He should’ve stayed dweeby.

    That, of course, and the “Jump the Shark” episode. By then, they’d certainly run out of ideas.

    Off the Yankee Stadium (to see the legendary Sergio Mitre). Go Braves…

  4. The Braves will handle Heyward the same way they handled Hanson this year to avoid giving Heyward the super-2 status.

  5. 3- What does Schafer have to do with Heyward? These are two different players with different skill sets. Look at the plate discipline throughout their minor league careers. Also, consider that Schafer was primarily a pitcher 3.5 years ago and served about a half a year suspension in the interim.

    I was in favor of starting Schafer in the minors this year. I feel differently about Heyward.

    5- I also see the Hanson and Heyward situations as quite different. We have a plethora of options in the starting pitching department. Suffice it to say that is not the same case in the outfield.

    I also think Heyward is more likely to get a contract buying out his arb years. Pitchers’ futures are less certain than position players’ because of injury. This makes avoiding the earlier year of arb less important.

  6. At the end of this season, Parish, how many games will Heyward have played above A ball? 50? Do you really think it’s worth the risk over just 2 more months of seasoning?

  7. Nate McLouth, CF
    Martin Prado, 3B
    Yunel Escobar, SS
    Brian McCann, C
    Garret Anderson, LF
    Matt Diaz, LF
    Casey Kotchman, 1B
    Kelly Johnson, 2B
    Derek Lowe, RHP

  8. 7- Seriously, how much do you think the risk goes down in 2 months?

    I will repeat that Heyward’s skills are much more advanced than were Schafer’s. Even Andruw’s, in my opinion. The guy may be ready right now.

    I suppose if decent options are available his debut could be delayed. That should not include a longer term contract or trading decent prospects for a rental.

    Do you think we should extend Garrett Anderson for the purpose of getting Heyward 2 more months in the minors?

  9. Seriously, how much do you think the risk goes down in 2 months?

    I think it could be very valuable. Actually, I would prefer to leave him in the upper minors for an entire season, but we don’t really have that luxury.

    Do you think we should extend Garrett Anderson for the purpose of getting Heyward 2 more months in the minors?

    Schafer will probably need more time at AAA too next year since he hasn’t played much there this year. So, we’d have a platoon in one corner and a hole in the other to begin the season, until Schafer’s ready to move McLouth over from center. I would be open to signing Anderson for another year if there aren’t any better cheap options.

  10. I don’t think Schafer is a valid comparison, considering he was injured the whole time he was up with Atlanta.

  11. My point lies not primarily with the Schafer comparison, but that in general it isn’t a good idea to have guys in the majors after inadequate experience in the upper minors.

  12. David O’Brien is the President of the Baseball Writer’s Association. He’s sitting on stage in Cooperstown, impressive. So who covering the Braves?

  13. I had a feeling KJ would get some ABs today.

    While the Braves aren’t publicly revealing a specific plan for Heyward, there’s a belief that he’ll complete this season with Mississippi and then spend the first half of the 2010 season with Triple-A Gwinnett. If he continues on his current path, by this time next year, there’s a good chance he’ll find himself playing in the Atlanta outfield.


  14. I think Yunel has a point on that one. Looper did not really fake towards third like he’s supposed to — he looked more like he was going home.

  15. Well, it looks like it cost us a run, in any case. Hopefully we can continue to make Looper work so that it does not matter.

  16. Yeah that was clearly an attempt to deceive the baserunner, the textbook definition of a balk, but of course baseball allows umpires to make up their own definitions so it wasn’t called.

  17. Back to the play, I think Bobby had Yunel running to stay out of the double play. I guess.

  18. Gameday has this ump as having a super-funky strike zone. There have been a couple obviously-outside strikes, and had the first two balls to Diaz as being on the corners, and there have been several of those kinds of calls.

  19. Ump has been pretty good.

    @25 It’s really sad seeing Smoltz getting lit up everytime out.

    KJ back up to his old tricks…

  20. Chipper rests on Sunday day games regularly. Ryan Church is out with hyper extended elbow. KJ is in because Looper gets hit hard by lefties.

  21. 32- Pretty sure it’s Matt Diaz’s brother Jonny. I believe there was an article in the AJC a couple days ago. It’s up to #1 on the Christian charts these days.

  22. It was Matt Diaz. It’s his brother’s song. I heard “Christian rock” and just assumed it was Church.

  23. Sandoval isn’t called Kung Fu Panda because of his body shape, specifically. It was because of a play at the plate.

  24. I think I need to keep track of plays that Yunel makes that Diory wouldn’t have. There’s one.

    ADDED: Please don’t feed the Francosaur.

  25. Lowe’s on course to pitch another 7 or 8 innings. This rotation is really really nice after the wrecks we’ve sent out there the last couple years.

  26. 48,
    To think that in 2007 we thought we could win with a rotation of Hudson, Smoltz, Chuck James, Buddy Carlyle, and Kyle Davies. With the all but incredible rotation depth of Jeff Bennett, Jo-Jo (and he was certainly all-Jo-Jo in 2007) Reyes, Mark Redmond, Lance Cormier, and Anthony Lerew.

  27. #30…………..just think how sad it would be if he was wearing a braves uni.

  28. Chipper’s absence really weakens this lineup. Opposing pitchers must appreciate it.

  29. Man,Mark Redmond, was thinking of him the other day, he was atrocious! I actually felt bad for him.

  30. Wow…the other team screwed up the bunt for once.

    To set up the double play…nice.

  31. Why is a foul-tip into the catcher’s glove always an out?

    If it’s just barely popped up it is an out, seems it should be a foul-out too.

  32. Escobar and Prado could use the day off tomorrow. What is it now…11 games straight since the All-Star break?

  33. @57

    Because writing the rule that way would make outs far to easy to come by. Any foul tip being recorded as an out would lead to routine extra inning 1-0 games.

  34. Wooo, Kotch!

    I’m glad to see we broke it open after not getting the run in from third twice.

  35. Kotchman has 5 HR this year. Only 1 Barely Enough. 2 No Doubters. And 2 Plentys. (Using the language of hittrackeronline.com)

  36. mmm-k…I think Lowe’s done. When Jason Kendall, who reminds me of a small town motel clerk, takes you deep, you need to go.

  37. Boy that sinker was just sitting up there the whole inning for Lowe…he was lucky McClouth was playing center…

  38. Where are the Cox bashers? One of our expensive relievers pitched in a game, so I’m sure someone is pissed off about the mis-use and abuse.

  39. #77 – you think Gonzo shouldve been used there? I dont, I just didnt say anything about it

  40. You have a chance to blow the game open, you have Chipper Jones on the bench, and you send up… Greg Norton. Who not only isn’t hitting his weight, he isn’t hitting his systolic blood pressure, and is rapidly approaching his diastolic.

  41. I have nothing but respect for Bobby Cox. I certainly approve of testing out Gonzalez’ stuff after the liner off his arm in a less than zero-tolerance atmosphere.

  42. You don’t use Chipper there. You hold that bullet in case the Brewers come back and you need a big hitter/HR in the ninth.

  43. That right there is why the Brewers haven’t had a Gold Glover since 1982.

  44. Ryan, I don’t consider usage charts to be proof of poor management decisions. When you only have three and a half reliable relievers and you’re in a lot of close games, those guys will get used a lot.

  45. they wouldve walked Chipper with 1B open anyways, but Im always in favor of using anyone over Norton

  46. I’d rather take the flier on Norton getting lucky and give Chipper the full day’s rest, at least with a decent size lead.

  47. Considering the Braves other options – Jeff Bennett, Manny Acosta, etc – I don’t consider 4 runs a “big lead.” I know that’s unpopular around here but for this team, this year anything less than a 5 run lead is something you need to get at least your set-up men into. And I’m a proponent of the “if he’s warmed up use him” theory of management as well.

  48. Hey Petey pitching for the 55TH time today, I believe we have a 6 run lead in the 8th. How about Logan, Acosta, or Medlen for the next two innings???

  49. Sam, you’re not making any sense. The lead is small enough to use the top relievers, but too big to use your best pinch-hitting possibility? I don’t think swinging the bat a few times will hurt Chipper. I have a feeling that he took batting practice today.

    No Soriano in the ninth, please.

  50. I hate to agree with Simpson but dammit, bend that freakin’ cap bill son.

  51. These guys with the straight cap bills are going to look back 20 years from now and want to go back in time and punch themselves in the face.

  52. day off tomorrow… u know that Cox is going to pitch soriano. God I hope he doesn’t

  53. Kelly Johnson has done more in one afternoon than he did in the entire month of June.

  54. Kelly can play LF and Anderson has a notable reverse split. Won’t happen but it’s nice to see the good KJ back for at least one game.

  55. Boys, don’t get overexcited. It’s just one game. Remember Schaefer’s first game?

  56. GA is hitting .310 in the last month with 4 Hr’s, Id say he’s fine. We might be seeing Prado spell at 1st and 3rd a little more though. KJ could get moved for a reliever since all of the guys arms are falling off

  57. Tom is right. Sorry.

    Garrett is fine. Church I think is batting like .214 since the trade, hope he can pick it up.

  58. Kelly Johnson has a little more history as a good ML player than Jordan Schafer.

  59. McLouth-Prado top of the order go 0-7, no Chipper in the lineup and 10 runs on the board, color me surprised.

  60. Tom, Ill choose to remember the player who posted an 800+ OPS the last two seasons compared to a rookie. KJ can hit and he’s shown it

  61. Mac,

    You know it’s been a tough year when your analogies are all about medicine – as opposed to sex, food, cars, etc.

    Hang in there, dude.

  62. Kelly also has a little more history of monthlong sucking than Jordan Schaefer.

    Anyway, well done Kelly. Hope you can keep it up.

  63. mlbtr says the Dodgers are in serious discussions about receiving Martinez and Lee in exchange for Loney, Kershaw/Billingsley, + prospects

  64. Kelly may be streaky in the extreme, but with Prado (and Infante), no reason not to ride the hot streak.

    Prado also makes the occasional Kelly-in-LF option viable.

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