282 thoughts on “Guy who pitched a no-hitter last time game thread: July 20, Giants at Braves”

  1. Yeah, I was about to say: The chase of Johnny Vander Meer continues. That is one of my favorite records, incidentally (or feats or whatever it is…I guess it is the record for most consecutive no-hitters, technically). The concept of back-to-back no-hitters is just so borderline absurd, and the fact that it was accomplished by a guy whose name would otherwise not have been mentioned anytime in the last 50 years is really cool, in my opinion. I know absolutely zero about Johnny Vander Meer other than the consecutive no-hitters.

    Also, in response to the end of the last thread, if Johnson had options left, maybe you could leave him down in Gwinnett and keep Conrad up for a little while. But I don’t see any way you can leave Conrad up if it means DFAing KJ. You just can’t do it. His potential is just too great to dump him for a journeyman AAAA backup infielder. I’m not against trading him or something, but you can’t waive him and take Brooks Conrad instead.

  2. Classic Rock Radio Anthems: I’ll always take “Won’t Get Fooled Again” over “Stairway to Freebird.”

    For some reason, I never get tired of that one. Of course, seeing that video always helps. Thanks, Mac.

  3. Somewhat eerie, perhaps unsettling, fact: One of the two no-hitters came against us…well, to be more accurate, it came against the Boston Bees, which is what the Boston Braves changed their name to for four years, for some reason. It was the first no-hitter though, not the second.

  4. Okay, we did what we had to do against the Mets; now we need to take 3 of 4 vs. SF. We are behind them; we are chasing; the wild card looks more and more as the much more likely play-off shot we get. Assuming a Lincecum loss (not impossible to win, but a tough match-up for us), we have to beat the weaker starters in the other 3 games, including winning tonight. We luck out a little in not getting Cain, but we don’t get to use Javie this series either. Sanchez has bad control, so the McLouth/Church/Chipper contingent have to be patient, and hopefully we can string enough hits together from the rest of the guys.

    ER given up by our starters this week-end:


    That is pretty darn good; it sure keeps you in every game.

  5. No disrespect to Mr. Sanchez but pardon me if i,m not awed by his pitching abilty…he no hit the padres…THE SAN DIEGO PADRES!!!!!!!

  6. At what point does ESPN at least shuffle Joe Morgan down to the B-team? You can’t attempt to commence to think about making the argument that he brings anything other than the laffs (unintentional) to the product anymore. It’s not just the world-renowned hatred of evidence and numbers and stuff, either, it’s *everything*. Used to be his defenders could point to telling you how to hit a curveball as a reason to keep him around, but he can’t even name pitches on the replays anymore.

    FWIW, ESPN has always been willing to shuffle their college football announcing crews around, putting guys who need it out to pasture. (Sorry, Big 11 fans, your mid-level teams reek and thus deserve the indignity of Pam Ward.) Who wants Joe Morgan on SNB anymore, really?

  7. No-hitting any Major League team (or any team period, really) is a feat. Now, it may be a feat where luck helps a great deal along the way, but you still have to pitch one hell of a game to throw a no-hitter. For instance, the Mets were awful this past series…awful. Like, one of the worst offensive series I’ve ever seen by a team. And we didn’t really come close to no-hitting them once in the series. Jurrjens only gave up two, I guess, but the first one came in like the second inning.

  8. With the three they have in the booth, it’s as if ESPN is testing fans to see how much they really love watching baseball.

  9. @10

    “With the three they have in the booth, it’s as if ESPN is testing fans to see how much they really love watching baseball.”

    It’s not the incompetence and buffoonery that bothers me, either, it’s that Morgan doesn’t care. And he’s pretty obvious about this. Why would you want your supposed #1 analyst to make it clear that he doesn’t watch games on the side, doesn’t make any attempt to learn about new players, etc.? Why is that good for baseball?

  10. Vander Meer had a losing record in his career. A lot of that is that he walked a whole lot of guys. You can walk a lot of guys and pitch no-hitters. Ryan led the league in walks eight times.

    Morgan showed last night that he was essentially unfamiliar with four-time All-Star Brian McCann, and that he hadn’t paid attention Garret Anderson in several years. These are not obscure players he’s ignorant of.

  11. I was trying to think of someone with the authority (warranted or not) of a hall of famer, who has insights into how the game is played AND who thinks about the game, who is at least willing to consider metrics beyond avg/hr/rbi, and who has at least a modicum of on-air personality. I guess hitting all of those qualities isn’t realistic…

  12. I used to like Morgan’s broadcast. He brought some old school sensibilities and perspective to the game, and I was always a fan of his play. However, I’ve noticed he’s really slipped this season, and last night was just horrible. Maybe that’s why they have been using Phillips and Sutcliffe to augment the booth. Miller is slipping too, though I was never a fan. He made a number of sloppy mistakes with names, counts, plays, etc. He just wasn’t very crisp, and I would think ESPN would want a cleaner broadcast on their main baseball event of the week.

  13. @ 9 i,m not saying he isnt talented, clearly he must be if he no hit the san diego adrian gonzalez’s and made it to the majors, but its not a fearsome lineup they are running out there..the bravos arent exactly hitting like the yankees but we are a farrrrrr more talented team than the padres. his road stats are 0-7 with a 6.62 ERA in seven starts,issuing 30 walks in 35 1/3 innings. so i dont expect a no hitter tonight

  14. Just thank your lucky stars they don’t do the playoffs anymore. Incidentally, their radio crews continue to be so much better than their TV crews that it doesn’t really even classify as funny anymore. Just shocking. Gary Thorne/Dan Schulman and Dave Campbell should be on Sunday Night Baseball…period. I also don’t have a problem with the other Dave O’Brien, although Rick Sutcliffe is kind of an idiot. But if they threw that crew on Sunday Night Baseball, that would be an improvement as well, because at least Sutcliffe (when he’s sober) is not quite as idiotic as Morgan, and O’Brien is far less annoying than Jon Miller.

    In general though, national TV baseball announcers are some of the worst in any sport. I mean, think about it, the major crews are Jon Miller/Joe Morgan/Steve Phillips, Joe Buck/Tim McCarver and Chip Caray/Ron Darling. They are all just awful. Almost unbearable, even. And I can only point to a couple of secondary crews that are really any better. If I told you the quality of national TV baseball announcing was almost as bad as the quality of American soccer announcing, you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it really is almost that bad.

  15. Can you blame Miller for slipping a little? If Joe Morgan is acceptable, what reason is there to work on your craft other than personal pride which can only take you so far. I’m with the guy who wonders who actually wants to hear Joe Morgan? I’ve never heard anyone admit to liking him or even being ambivalent to his call. He is universally reviled. Pretty much the very same thing can be said about Tim McCarver. Have there been no polls or focus groups about this? They probably bring in the valuable idiot-who-doesn’t-like- people-to-talk-about-things-he- doesn’t-understand group. TRUCKS, BEER, USA!!!!!1111

  16. Luck and some good defense are the only differences between a no hitter and a complete game giving up 2-3 hits. Both take a quality ML pitcher having a great outing.

  17. Darling isn’t bad, he just falls into Chip’s vortex of suck… I think Hershiser is probably the best of ESPN’s lot, though that’s not saying much.

  18. I’m not a Joe Morgan guy and ESPN will never move him, but geeze this board has really been a big bitch fest for some time. Let’s get some possitive stuff going here. Our team is playing well and in a playoff race!

  19. Agree on Darling…he’s very well versed and is easy to listen to.

    I have also been surprised by Mitch Williams on MLB. He speaks a lot more intelligently than he looks or played. Maybe he’s just older and wiser? I dunno…I may be way off base with that one.

  20. What about Harold Reynolds & his suckass-ness?? he stinks up the MLB network..ot is this strickly just ESPN personalities??

  21. Tim McCarver use to be good, he has just stayed around too long. Joe Buck use to be good, then he got full of himself. Now as a team, they suck.

    You know I like as a play-by-play guy…Darren Sutton. I think he does a really good job. Thom Brenneman is okay. I agree Dave O’Brien use to be good. Now he sucks. Jon Miller use to be good in his Oriole days, now he just seems fake.

    I can’t defend Joe Morgan any longer. He comes off as a know it-all.

  22. @21

    Likely too cerebral for the aforementioned “TRUCKS,BEER,USA!!!!1111” crowd. Although I certainly agree.

    There are so many people that could make these broadcasts better, many of them right under the networks noses, that they just bypass. For instance, Fox’s broadcasts could’ve been made so much better if they had replaced Tim McCarver with Bob Brenley when they had him. Because Brenley is much less of a dork (for lack of a better word) than McCarver, Buck would be forced to adjust his announcing style a bit and it would raise the level of the whole thing. Buck isn’t nearly as annoying as an NFL announcer paired with Troy Aikman, because Aikman isn’t a complete fool.

    Hell, the situation probably would’ve been made better by shoving Brenley into the booth with both McCarver and Buck. But they didn’t, and now Brenley works for the Cubs and Fox is worse than ever.

  23. Smitty, I hear ya. But you have to admit this year has been a bitch fest type of year.
    But positives? Ok here goes.
    Our pitching staff is terrific.
    Martin Prado is the man.
    Yunel Escobar is one of the best SS in the NL.
    Frank Wren is a FREAKING genius!
    The guy that I said I wouldn’t wise crack about looks damn fine in Mets blue and orange.
    I like watching Nate McClouth play.
    Ryan Church will at least take a walk.
    Garret Anderson must be a Vulcan.

    Yup lots of stuff to like, now we have to put together some wins.

  24. Don Sutton is entertaining to listen to here in Atlanta; he’s doing much better than I had thought he was gonna do with the added exposure.

    The guy they brought in from the Brewers doesn’t do it for me though.

    And if you tune in to the Braves game, looking for the inning/score…you never get it. That is the most aggravating thing about the new local announcing team.

  25. Van der Meer had a big advantage in the second no-hitter–it was a night game and in those early days the lights weren’t very good.

    I don’t think any of the baseball analysts are very good and part of the reason is they seem afraid to really talk about what it’s like to play. They want to be analytical but at the same time they don’t believe in stats so they end up pretty much recycling hoary baseball cliches.

    I would love to see a baseball equivalent of John McEnroe who will talk about players choking and give an idea of what it’s like out there. Someone like Jim Bouton, for example, would be great. The baseball analysts are unwilling to do that and they are so bland it’s pathetic. For example, I would love to hear a player talk about what it’s like facing a guy who throws 97 and is wild. Is there fear? To me that would be much more interesting than talking about when a team should bunt. I think the mental part of the game is interesting but with this crop of announcers it pretty much comes down to “hitting in the clutch.” Well, if that’s so, how do you approach “clutch” situations.

    Absent that, I would rather not have an analyst and just listen to play-by-play guys. I heard Curt Gowdy and Harry Caray (not his granson, thank God) broadcast Game 1 of the 1968 World Series on MLB Network and I didn’t miss a color analyst at all.

  26. Don Sutton … I can’t stand listening to him on the radio. When he’s doing the play-by-play he will analyze the play as it’s happening before telling you what happened! Incredibly aggravating. Everything is like this:

    “And there’s a deep drive to left-center field. Great approach by Kotchman on that swing, it was a slider down and away and he went with it and hit it with some authority. Didn’t try to do too much, but still managed to split the gap. He’ll end up on second, McCann scores the go-ahead run.”

  27. Maybe we should add a Braves Cheerleaders only forum to the menu along with the Talk politics politely page and the talk NCAA football forum. Here is something positive. I generally like what the Braves have done with their broadcasting crews. I like the dynamic of having one newschool guy along with one oldschool guy. I think this arrangement would work even better if the newschool (Powell, Sciambi) guys weren’t so deferential to the oldschool (Sutton, Simpson, the MF Lemmer) guys. It would also work better if Lemke were gone forever and if Sciambi would ask Simpson to please quit telling us the same crap over and over again. However, I think it’s generally a decent arrangement.

  28. Sutton is not very saber friendly, but he does have great insights into pitching, a good voice, and a pleasant style (personality). He seems to really enjoy that he gets paid to do that (if it is fake, he is really a good faker).

    My Dad played dead ball era style ball in the 30’s and 40’s and Joe Morgan was one of his favorite players (and mine). Did a lot of things to contribute.

    However, Morgan is embarassing himself and ESPN. Miller has becomes a buffoon. Phillips proved himself a buffoon when working for the Mets. They can really do a lot better easily.

    Hell, I used to do radio play by play and I am better than that crowd.

  29. Internet message boards are tailor made for bitch-fests. Can you imagine what the people we encounter in person every day would do/say to us if we persisted like this in our interactions with them?

    I personally would have been discharged, divorced, disowned, and disemboweled by various entities in my life by now, and that’s just from Braves related need-to-bitch.

  30. When it comes to baseball TV announcers, I don’t care. I have the volume down much of the time anyway. I don’t need them—it’s TV.

    For baseball on the radio, which I love, I gotta say I’m more of a just-the-fact-ma’am minimalist with a little flavor, but not too much.

    Bob Murphy was great at that, even though he got a little cranky with age. Vin Scully remains stellar, with no cranky. Skip Caray, I certainly miss his acerbic humor.

    Currently, Braves radio is alright, kinda bland, but alright—at least I know what’s going on. Yankee radio is a challenge to follow—too many ads & the worst play-by-play man in the history of baseball.

    In my time in NYC, Mets radio has always been the best, IMO, from Murph to Gary Cohen to Howie Rose. Superb & truthful with just the right amount genuine passion/anxiety that all Met fans feel.

  31. I like Sutton a lot. Ron Darling and Steve Stone are both okay, if a bit bland — they call the game and don’t get in its way too much. Apparently people around here think Dibble sucks less than he used to, which I find hard to believe. Al Leiter’s the real hot prospect in this field, as I recall.

    Brian Bannister would make a monster playoff color commentator.

  32. Personally, I’m too combative to PgDn. A bitch-fest without an argument would just look like a goth kids scene on South Park. Doom. Fire Bobby. Gloom. Cox sucks.

    No tension — wouldn’t work. Although it is kind of funny.

  33. I like Hersheiser well enough too.

    Listening to Sutton is ok. It always strikes me as odd that when a Braves player will hit one to the gap, Sutton says: “That’s trouble.” Maybe he’s trying to be objective or maybe he’s always looking at the game from the pitcher’s point of view. It just sounds funny to me. Speaking of sounding funny to me… Lemke’s voice still cracks me up.

    Back when I used to have cable and watch Baseball Tonight, I thought Orestes Destrade was pretty good … just for having a smooth flow on camera (don’t even remember if he brought much extra knowledge). Jeff Brantley was another that was better than I would have expected.

  34. I don’t know if I’m the first to make this observation, but holy crap, Jonathan Sanchez looks nearly identical to this guy:

  35. Road From Bristol II might be fun, Mac. I have to say though, you did such a good job the first time that I pretty much stopped watching…

  36. Rob Dibble has improved greatly from the beginning of the year. His candor is refreshing.

    Vin Scully is amazing and still a pleasure to listen to. I wish Tony Kubek was still doing color.

  37. Nobody looks like the Jesus. Doing so would be considered fucking with him, and nobody does that.

  38. Ububba, right on, the MEts crew is consistently good, Yankees, go awful, just a horror show to listen to.

  39. John Sterling’s parents were too permissive. He clearly needed to be taken in hand.

  40. I could listen to Scully broadcast my neighbor mowing his lawn.

    Harold Reynolds, Eric Young and Mark Lemke probably have the worst broadcasting voices i’ve ever heard.

    Talk about a characature…John Sterling. He used to talk about Rick Mahler’s “change-up curves” back in the 80’s. Thank God he’s in New York now.

    Sutton and Powell are pretty sold team on Braves radio. They are easy to listen to, and seem to work well and play off each other.

  41. My buddy is a Braves usher and said Zito was sunning himself pregame. I don’t know what to do with this information.

  42. We are 12-6 over the last 18 games. Over that stretch, we have scored 91 runs and allowed 60 (so the results are very close to the Pythagorean projection). This represents just over a 2 run improvement in per game differential than over the previous 74 games, with about half being contributed by improved offense and half from improved pitching/defense. So that’s the good news.

    The bad news is that we will have to continue playing at close to the level of the last 18 games to have a good chance at making the post season. We have to go 44-28 to finish with 90 wins, which means we have to play like we are a 99 win team. Have the recent changes suddenly transformed the team from a .500 to a .600 club? Don’t know about you, but color me skeptical. I will enjoy it while it lasts, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  43. I actually like Orestes Destrade.

    Maybe I was too young, but I use to love John Sterling when I was a kid. Now he is a joke.

  44. I love it when they go to the mini diamond on the baseball tonight set. It gives so much more authority to their inane ramblings.

  45. I met Orestes Destrade at the Marlins first spring training, they were at the Cocoa Expo, and I was doing a story for my highschool paper (shows my age) Nice guy, he thought he could be a 20-30 homer guy for the Marlins, but didnt work out. He had some good years in Japan, but it just didnt translate.

  46. I’m going to second the love for Orestes Destrade, he’s pretty good, and the only former player on espn that’s decent, although Sutcliffe (is he still on?) was pretty good. It would be nice if the Tigers didn’t make the playoffs, because Granderson is really really good.

  47. @53

    I believe the offensive side of that equation is sustainable, given that we’ve made three major upgrades from the opening day lineup (two of those being “major” in that a pretty good player replaces a sinkhole), and only Prado is hitting at an unsustainable level. At least, I think it’s unsustainable, unless he really is a right-handed George Brett.

    The pitching side of things might be a little dicier. Vazquez has never been THIS good, KK seems to skirt disaster on a regular basis, and Hanson is a rookie. But even there, we have Hudson in our back pocket. We have four good relievers, which is better than a lot of teams.

    With all hands on deck, this looks like a 90+ win roster to me (if we’d had this team on April 1, that is).

  48. Harold Reynolds, Eric Young and Mark Lemke probably have the worst broadcasting voices i’ve ever heard.

    WTF, second base?

  49. Does anyone know where I can get a live stream audio/visual for tonites game? I dont feel like watching the Marlins

  50. I have a friend (a big Met fan, FWIW) who lives in north Jersey, same town as John Sterling (born Harold Moskowitz, BTW) & he tells me he’s run into him in the grocery store and says he’s the nicest guy in the world.

    I hate when that happens.

  51. i pray to god the phils dont get roy halliday..ill cry no question about it

    MLB network is making it sound like the Braves have no chance of catching the phills

  52. SI’s Jon Heyman reports that Omar Minaya & Jerry Manuel have been told by Mets brass that they will return next year.

  53. Sweet, so we’ll have up through the start of next year to trade Diory for something useful.

  54. I have two friends who played at a D-II NAIA school named Mt. Vernon in Ohio who faced Sanchez when he was at Ohio Dominican. Last Saturday I saw them, right after he threw the no-no, and I was told, and I quote, “We could hit him.” I think “Glory Days” was playing.

    They said that he threw 10 miles per hour slower in college. I have no idea at all if that is true.

  55. @68, great news!

    @59, just seems more likely to me this is a marginally above average team on a hot streak, rather than a good team finding their true performance level. However, a finish above .500 would certainly be a step in the right direction.

  56. Stu,
    Frenchy staying for next year, you mean? Nah, haven’t heard anything.

    I mean, why would they say anything at this point? Make him play for his contract. (IMO, he’ll be non-tendered after the year.)

    But who knows? Maybe he puts together a month’s worth of cheap RBI singles, hustles in an obvious manner (NY fans love that), throws out a few people on the bases & has people thinking he’s worth keeping.

    Personally, I’d love to see him have a relatively big second half (against every team but Atlanta).

  57. Yeah, I was joking. Having him in RF for 2010 would be about as nice as Minaya in the FO and Manuel on the bench.

  58. Say what you want about Harold Reynolds but at least he can speak in complete sentences and has a grasp of the English language.

    Why ESPN continues to hire guys like Eric Young and Emmit Smith, guys that simply cannot translate their thoughts into coherent statements, baffles me. It is TV guys, your analysts need to be able to speak!

  59. haha listeing to Emmit Smith’s post game commentary makes my head hurt trying to understand what the hell he is saying

  60. Frenchy will be starting in RF for the Mets next year – count it. Too many other problems for them to fix.

  61. @73

    Maybe. Our marquee players might pale in comparison to those on some other teams, but if we can at any point get KJ and Infante back in place of Norton and Diory, we’ll have the deepest roster in the league. That’s sort of a hidden advantage, but it’s a real one. Similarly, we might be lacking in HR power, but our pitchers allow even fewer than we hit, and we’re leading the league in doubles. Anderson, Kotchman, and Church aren’t great players, but if they’re your 6-7-8 guys, that’s a lineup you can turn over. Nobody has fewer bad players than us, and that’s worth a few wins right there.

  62. In the immortal words of Emmitt Smith, “You can’t change the stripes of a leopard.”

  63. Though I’m glad he has no chance this year, I like Manuel. He has a good sense of humor—can’t really say that about his counterpart in The Bronx, who’s a bit of a robo-personality.

  64. “They don’t hit and score much, and they don’t get on base much either”

    Those things are closely related, Joe.

  65. FYI: If you have Comcast Digital Cable, they are offering free MLB Extra Innings through the 22nd. Look for the game in the 700s if you aren’t in Atlanta.

    It’s nice to see Hanson got a haircut… mullets are not cool unless you’re Randy Johnson

  66. #87

    It’s not Comcast that is offering the free MLB Extra Innings, it’s MLB that is doing it. Whatever Satellite/Cable service you have, if they offer MLB Extra Innings you will be getting it free until Wednesday.

  67. Ted Lilly always does the opposite of what I want him to do. Pitches well against the Braves, pitches poorly against our rivals, is generally successful, sucks for Team USA, continues breathing…

  68. I think Sandoval and Molina is the fattest 3-4 combo I’ve ever seen. And Molina one of the more unlikely cleanup hitters. As a rule, you would prefer your cleanup hitter get on base more than 28 percent of the time…

  69. Hanson owes Chipper dinner for picking him up after walking the pitcher.

  70. I’m guessing either Ryan or Niekro on the trivia question.

    Oh, Wilhelm, yes, I would have guessed him.

  71. Boy Esco is just ticking over like a swiss watch these days.

    Edit: posted before I saw the CS

  72. Tonight at Gwinnett Carlyle pitched a scoreless inning with 2 K’s to begin the game and Kelly Johnson has hit a 3-run home run.

  73. The thing with Esco is he has the hardest parts of the game down, everything else are things that can be corrected. That slide was pretty bad though.

  74. Assuming his age is right, there are very few players I would trade Escobar for, given his contract status. He is going to be very good for a long time.

  75. Mr. Hanson is an ace. Of course, the Giants’ lineup isn’t Murderers’ Row, but still.

  76. Yeah, my wife and I are at the game and Tommy looks great. Were in cf right next to where chippers HR went out. Don’t know how he didn’t catch it.

    It looked like Esco was safe on the steal from here. Was it a bad slide?

  77. For those of you playing along on the radio or Gameday, that was a routine pop fly that McLouth simply lost, then allowed to lie on the ground long enough for ACHE to make it over and pick it up off the ground and throw in. It’s just about the worst play I’ve ever seen that didn’t involve Bob Horner.

  78. Coincidentally, an idiot two rows behind me started the wave and Nate turned to look just before he lost the ball.

  79. This year, McLouth has only cost his teams 3 runs in CF. A drastic improvement from the big fat -21 he put up last year. And yeah, that’s runs, not plays. Still 29th in MLB at CF this year.

  80. I’m surprised Hanson is still in there. I know this isn’t his fault — he’s already gotten four outs this inning — and you know they want to get him the win, but he’s getting well over 100 pitches.

  81. Yeah, Nates future is not in CF, but I like him as a player.
    we have a hell of a core for the future with Hanson, JJ, McCann, Ecsco and Nate. Even Kotch is young and an excellent fielder.

  82. “Barrelled one up?” Is this some sort of secret word thing? I have never heard that phrase before tonight. The only hit on Google is for something involving guns.

  83. “worst hitting streak” Now thats classic, we should have like a Kotch-o-meter to see how close he is to Rose/Dimaggio!

  84. Great job by Bobby there staying with Diaz and saving Church for the pitcher’s spot. Perfect.

  85. I think the Braves are rallying here because Hanson knows how to win.

  86. If we hold on here, and the Rockies lose as well, then the Braves will be within 3.5 games of the WC lead.

  87. I think we should still bring Gonzalez in for his 2nd straight night since he has already warmed up which is exactly the same as pitching in a game.

  88. 142 — awesome. Thanks. Does this site show every game? Can that be legal? Just curious.

  89. maybe this team is turning the corner a couple weeks ago, I would have figured this one was over when they tied it up, now we strike back for a bunch, could it be?! The turning point?

  90. @217

    I think it’s just a free trial deal, MLB Extra Innings is supposed to be free through Wednesday too.

  91. We were completely incapable of doing this in the first half. If Bobby uses Gonzo or Soriano tonight (assuming he hasn’t already warmed one of them up), then people will have a legit case for questioning his bullpen management.

  92. I really don’t like this stupid Arby’s commercial which they’ve been showing ad neuseum.

  93. Every time we have a big inning, they throw inside on Yunel. I’m not saying they’re trying to hit him, I’m just saying they don’t care if they do.

  94. Go away Bobby. Please go do something else. Maybe the Mets will let you coach for them so you can be close to your boy.

  95. I won’t be too angry unless he uses Soriano, since Gonzo was already warming up.

  96. What the hell was that? Gonzalez hasn’t thrown that pitch all year. His breaking ball has always been a slurvy-type. That one had tight, sharp break on it and not as much tilt.

  97. Why is Gonzalez pitching when we’re up by six?

    Why am I asking? The logic of Cox passeth beyond all understanding.

  98. I bet we see Moylan for the 9th since the lead will be too large for Soriano and Moylan “needs work” and is the 2nd ranked right hander in the pen.

  99. Gonzo was warming up when the game was tied, which is why he was put in the game.

  100. @243

    I understand that is the “reasoning” but it makes no sense. By that logic, why not have him pitch two innings since he has already been burned? Warming up is not the same as pitching in a game.

  101. Moreover, there was plenty of time for him to cool down after Church’s homer — remember, the first five runs scored with none out. Heck, in a video game, Gonzalez would have left his best stuff in the bullpen.

  102. the Braves keep getting offense like this we may just make it to the playoffs..we are keeping pace somewhat with the phils & putting distance between us & the fish

  103. sign of the apocalypse Joe Simpson is talking about the importance of walking and OBP

  104. Goofy Booby Cox does it again … guy suffers from tired arm and he pitches him 2 straight nights in games with big leads … I dont get it !!!!!!!

  105. It is no coincidence that our offense has caught fire minus Stenchy. It’s like the McGriff trade again.

  106. @263 its always been better to have 9 guys come up to bat rather than 8 batters & an automatic out

  107. Is there any chance that the Mets could trade Francoeur to the Phillies now that his mission has been accomplished in New York?

  108. Love seeing a pitcher not nibbling with a big lead, but just going after hitters. Well done, Kris.

  109. @270

    Forgive them, for they know not what they dowish for. Maybe Jeffy will have a future as a Braves cult hero after all by dragging down teams competing with Atlanta (or their minor league affiliates) for the rest of his career.

  110. drewdat, thanks very much for the link, man.

    very cool to see the win tonight.

    Mac, i broke the pledge. As of tonight Frenchy remains the Bete Noir

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