Don Sutton, Blog Accountability Cop game thread: July 11, Braves at Rockies

Hello, this is Baseball Hall of Famer Don Sutton again. I have noticed that there continues to be a lack of accountability around here. Some persons have continued to make unfounded statements based solely on facts rather than the opinions of those who played the game. This will not stand. Others have attacked the judgments of scouts, the backbone of the game. In a civilized society, this would be grounds for imprisonment. Furthermore, some people have insulted the acumen of my former colleague Joe Simpson. Keep it up.

From Mac…

Jeffy Gone!I’m just so full of love right now.

Author: Major League Hall of Famer Don Sutton

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  1. I’ve always supported the Groundhog changing his music to “I ain’t as good as I once was”. (Note: I don’t think that’s the real song title, but it works better if I pretend it is.)

  2. I predict comments/activity on this blog will drop off by 50+ percent given the lack of topics.

  3. In honor of the new tag line, a reworking of a familiar gospel classic:

    Oh, happy day
    Oh, happy day
    When Frank Wren washed
    When Frank Wren washed
    When Frank Wren washed
    He washed Francouer away
    Oh, happy day

    Frenchy is gone, exiled
    Far away. Cause he can’t play!
    He’s now the Mets problem
    Flail away. DP and K!

  4. I worked for a congressman for three years before getting into education….The only thing people wrote about were things that made them mad. Never ever did we get a letter saying, good job.

    With that being said, your right, with Frenchy gone, either someone else is going to take ALL the heat, or people will just be happy

  5. Please. This blog will have plenty of traffic, as it always has, even back in the days when Jeff Francoeur had value.

  6. Sutton and Simpson tried to get out of their duties last night so they could go see Jeff Francoeur off to New York at the Denver airport.

  7. I must’ve missed the day when Don Sutton blamed Francoeur’s issues on bloggers. Was there any more to it than that or did he basically just say we needed to shut up because we had no accountability?

  8. csg brought up an interesting point in the last thread — that Bobby couldn’t keep Frenchy in Atlanta.

    I was chatting with a friend today about how nobody really knows how clearly defined the roles are for Wren, Schuerholz, and even Bobby as far as roster construction is concerned. Considering that Glavine isn’t here and Frenchy’s gone, I’d have to guess that Wren’s hand is getting stronger. Or is it still not strong enough because Stenchy was even around as long as he was? Any thoughts?

  9. Or else Bobby plays both sides, he encourages and shows support, but behind the scenes, he does the rigth thing?

  10. #2 – DOB’s blog might but this one wont. We’ll still talk about Andruw and even Francoeur, but this place always finds a topic and rolls with it. You dont have many clowns coming in this place, but I can guarantee you that Kotchman better start producing or he’ll be next

  11. The Braves are still a sub-.500 team so we’ll have plenty of things to complain about even without Francoeur. There’s Anderson’s loafing defense and .300 OBP, Bobby’s attempts to make Gonzalez’s and Soriano’s arms fall off, Kotchman’s lack of homerun power, whether Derek Lowe and Kawakami were worth their contracts, whether Vasquez or Escobar should be traded, and on and on.

  12. Mac,

    I was reading the Braves Journal Glossary when I saw the numerous ‘nicknames’ provided for Dan Kolb. Can we get that sort of thing going for Jeff Francoeur? You know, as a way to honor his memory.

  13. That may be true, but now I don’t feel the hate pulsing through my body whenever the Fail comes to bat. And I’m willing to settle for a sub .500 season if I am allowed to have that.

  14. I’d like Kotchman gone. Move Chipper to 1st, Prado to 3rd, KJ/Conrad/Infante at 2nd. We would be a GOOD team then – not great, but good enough to win this division.

  15. I think for this year we are done tweaking in the OF…I’m sure Garrett Anderson has made Bobby fall in love with him. He’s pretty much the every day LF with McClouth in CF and Diaz/Church in RF.

    I don’t think they are trading Escobar and Chipper is entrenched at 3rd. Prado has proven he can handle 2B and Infante is coming back. There’s almost no place left to upgrade the offense but at 1B, and I’m wondering if Kotchman + KJ + arms can fetch anything significant.

  16. I had a partial list, some of which I recently made up…

    Out Machine
    The Human Out
    Whitey Mo Pena
    Delta Flight .280 OBP

  17. I screwed up the game threads. I’ve merged them, now.

    Sutton didn’t blame Francoeur’s problems on bloggers. The Sutton thing was actually written three days ago, and overtaken by events.

  18. As for traffic… The average Saturday around here usually gets about 3,500 hits. We’re over 6,000 right now (the day ends at 7 PM CT). If it wasn’t a weekend, we would almost certainly set a traffic record (currently 7,202).

  19. Mac,

    Let’s complete that list. Francine? Fran Fran the GIDP Man (I’m sorry, that Dan Dan the Blown Save Man still puts a smile on my face)? Fr4nc000r (I don’t remember exactly what it was, but somebody on this blog said it)?

  20. Braves14,

    If you put in “Jeff Francoeur Mets” into the Google images box, your xtranormal video shows up on the front page.

  21. lineup:

    McLouth cf
    Prado 1b
    Jones 3b
    McCann c
    Anderson lf
    Church rf
    Conrad 2b
    Hernandez ss
    Jurrjens p

    per dob: escobar might play tomorrow

  22. So a day has passed, have we figured out who found the lamp and what their other two wishes were?

  23. From the NY Post story on Met player reaction to the Frenchy deal:

    Brian Schneider doesn’t see a weakness in Francoeur’s game.

    “He’s got a lot of power and he can get on base a lot of different ways,” Schneider said. “He’s a good breaking ball hitter late in counts. He’s a good all-around hitter.”

    And you thought AJC posters were brain damaged. Granted, he’s not going to dis his new teammate, but…this guy’s a major-league catcher.

  24. “David O’Brien

    July 11th, 2009
    6:31 pm

    THIS JUST IN: Gonzalez has a sore elbow and was sent back in Atlanta to get it checked. They’re downplaying it, saying he wasn’t going to be used this weekend anyway after pitching three days in a row and having some soreness, so they sent him back.

    But yes, it’s obviously cause for concern, any way you look at it.”

    Well, whatever. It’s still a good day.

  25. I wonder if the Mets will let Frenchy see their scouting report on him…. I’d pay for a video of his reaction.

  26. It’s good to know that other teams’ fans are stupid too. Per the Metsblog.

    Lorenzo23 says:
    July 11, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Can everyone stop with these ridiculous stats….RC27 and ICR and all the BS… I know everyone here watches every game like I do so can we please just go by what we see and not what numbers tell us. I see a team who went 9-18 in June and is having a terrible start to July…Also a team that has ZERO offense, plays bad defense, and looks as if they expect to lose with NO energy….that being said this team needs to get younger and to also bring in fresh faces. Everywhere I read I see Frenchys good defense, strong arm, great personality, good teammate, high energy etc all the characteristics that this team needs. We needed a change and maybe this minor move will temporarily wake us up.

    So everyone relax about this move and cheer on our new addition cause I think we can all agree we needed to start changing things with this team…Church was part of the team that collapsed in 2007 and 2008… He was NO help down the stretch both seasons and didnt live up to expectations….

    So please stop with the BS stats and lets go by what we’ve seen the last 2.5 seasons cause any change from those teams is a good change as far as I’m concerned.

  27. #32 I’m sure Schneider must have been one of the catchers that just stood up behind Francoeur when they had 2 strikes to get the easy swinging strike at a high pitch. In fact, I don’t remember anyone not doing that so it must be.

    Best reaction for me is still Buster Olney. I could watch that over and over.

  28. “He’s got a lot of power and he can get on base a lot of different ways,”

    Technically a true statement, as there are a number of ways to get on base, and they are as available to Francoeur as to anybody else. He simply chooses not to avail himself of them as often as most do.

  29. lol @ new york post

    mets wrote:
    You guys that don’t like this trade must be crazy…or your dislike for Minaya & Wilpon has made you crazier.
    Church is a 30 year old 4th outfielder who never reached his potential.
    Francouer had over 100 RBI’s his first 2 full years in the league and is 25 years old…must players don’t get called up to the majors until they are 25.

  30. Francouer makes the first putout in the Mets game. So weird to see him in a Mets uni, but it’s not breaking my heart either.

    Gotta catch his first AB before I take off tonight.

  31. isnt that the way trades are suppose to work? I hope Church is good for us and who cares if Frenchy is good for them? He was a black hole for us. Anyways, who gets sent down when KJ is back? Conrad or Diory

  32. We need to make sure Diaz plays some right field in every game for the rest of the year. Otherwise, Francoeur will remain as the Braves’ “regular right fielder” for 2009 for all time.

  33. @37- “Best reaction for me is still Buster Olney. I could watch that over and over.”

    Anyone got a link for this?

  34. this is what I hate about ESPN. They are showing the 2008 HR Derby whwn real games are being played. Isnt this what ESPN classic should be used for?

  35. A SportsCenter anchor broke the trade news to Olney live on air. Buster looked like a carp for a minute, and basically couldn’t believe anyone would take Jeffy.

  36. @54 – Mac, I still almost can’t believe it either. I had resigned myself to him being on the team for the rest of the year.

  37. 1st three mets on and Frenchy in the hole with no outs. Im guessing a Sheffield K and a Frenchy DP

  38. Unless Sheffield hits into a triple-play, Francoeur will bat here in the first inning—bases loaded, nobody out. Johnny Cueto’s troubles continue…

  39. bases loaded noione out, and i think frenchy will have a chance in the five hole

  40. I am watching the mets game, I think he broke his wrist the way he fell on it

  41. He is on Pix 11 in New York…

    It looked like Bruce is really hurt

    Frenchy 2 RBI single

  42. What the hell? No patented GIDP with bases loaded?!?! That’s his signature move for crying out loud!

    EDIT: they are playing the Reds…

  43. Explain this: Francoeur singles on a pop up to first baseman Joey Votto. 2 runs score.

    This must have dinked over the first baseman’s head or the infield fly rule should have applied.

  44. Hamels has given up 3 homers in the first 2 innings against the Pirates. Phillies trail 5-0.

    Would be nice to have the gap at 3 or 4 heading into the break.

  45. This makes me sick, him getting that hit, he never did that for us, at least not the last two years….

    I am sick

  46. 73 The ball was blooped into shallow right, just out of the reach, it wasnt on the infield grass

  47. parish, the ball was not catchable for votto. it was more of a bloop, not a pop up.

  48. And now, a musical interlude. To “Wendy” by the Association.

    Who’s been traded to New York City?
    Swinging at curveballs a foot off the plate?
    Who’s that grounding into a DP?
    Everyone knows it’s Jeffy!

  49. My brother looked at me and said, you knew that was going to happen, and hopefully thats his last hit!@

  50. @34

    Been saying it will happen for months. So stupid on Bobby’s part the way Gonzo has been handled.

  51. Forgot the bridge Mac –

    Add Jeffy has batting eyes
    that wince when strike three goes by.
    But Jeff swings at balls that fly
    low and ouside, low and outside, low and outside!

  52. Did Brian Jordan receive oral pleasures from Francoeur? He will not shut up about his 2-RBI single.

  53. Oh, I liked that one. The Mets are going to watch Jeffrey for a couple weeks “which is smart and it allows Francouer to not be coached for a while so he can just let that talent flow.”

  54. btw, if you get mlbnetwork and are not in atlanta, boog and joe are on tonight for saturday night baseball, and in high definition

  55. Guys, we’ve already been down this road. I’m thrilled for the two RBI bloop single. It just means they’ll keep him longer.

    Exactly the same shit we went through. Every rare occasion that he had a game in which he actually did his job, we’d hear 20834324 comments about how he’s finally turned a corner and is coming around. We all know its complete BS, and I couldn’t be happier we get to see the same thing happening to Mutts

  56. not trying to jinx him, but smoltzie is doing ok through 4, i am really rooting for him!

  57. Joe doesn’t trust wikipedia, LOL

    (Yes I realize wikipedia contains all kinds of (often hilarious) misinformation. Still, LOL.)

  58. Re 92: Remarkably, RSF didn’t have the best OPS on the Danville team going into tonight; he’d fallen behind Adam Milligan (439/ 500/ 756), who has already been promoted to Rome.

    Way to work out of trouble, Jair.

  59. Attaboy B-Mac…looked like the one he hit late in last night’s game. Let’s hoepe he’s gettin back on track.

  60. Does everyone realize that RSF is white? I keep hearing “the South African” as if he’s breaking barriers. He’s just a white guy that lives in Florida. Alert the internet.

  61. Well, that’s okay, Ryan. You’re still not Frenchy.

    Daniel, as far as I can tell, he’d be the first African-born player of any race to play in the majors. That’s still something.

  62. Some offense from the Conrad – Hernandez – Jurrjens part of the lineup? Yes, please.

  63. Closest is Craig Stansberry, who was born in Saudi Arabia, but that’s usually considered Asia. (Geophysically speaking, it’s not part of either continent but is on a different plate.) Al Cabrera, who had two PA in 1913, was born on the Canary Islands, which are off the coast of Africa.

  64. I was just thinking, “good, Diory cleared the pitcher’s spot.”

    Well, it’s better than that.

  65. Conrad is hailing from the Nitram Odarp school of base running; don’t look at Snitker, just don’t look.

  66. On vacation Visiting family with NO internet! Reduced to eating taking my daughters to Panera to get my fix.

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Frenchy’s gone!

    OK I know why we did this but can someone or has someone explain what the hell the Mets were thinking?

  67. The Mets management – particularly Omar Minyana – is actually as bad, especially about “new-fangled stats” like OBP, as some on this board accuse Braves management of being. Their thinking, such that it was, is that Francoeur brings A+ defense with a big arm to the cavernous outfield of Citi Field. They think he’s five years younger than Church and has a better upside.

    Agree or disagree with their logic, that’s their thought process.

  68. Flipping to the Mets game for the Groundhog at-bats and caught this gem about Jeffrey: “You don’t mind that the strike outs are down if the average is going up.” No, really?

  69. That Frenchy’s average has gone down almost continuously for four years is apparently just a fluke to Jeffy and the Mets. Sure, guys.

    ObBraves: Jair’s having himself a good night so far.

  70. Until the last 24 hours, I hadn’t realized the disconnect between general internet Braves fandom and the e-people who frequent this site. I don’t really interact with sports fans on the internet very much, but sometimes I’m so excited about a trade that I look around other sites for comments on the matter. Usually, I find shared excitement. The Tim Hudson trade was the first time I did that, and the McLouth was the most recent. This time, though, this site is a haven for those with some sense. How much can a person fail before people begin to realize that his chance for success is low? Even sites usually frequented by reasonable people, like BTF, are just ridiculous.

    Thanks for being reasonable, Bravesjournal e-people. I was a bigger fan of Francoeur than most people here in that I think he has a shot at being a reasonable major league player (in general, players become more patient with age). I had no idea the delusions that exist in the e-world.

  71. Not much at all. Short hopped off the wall in one of the deepest parts of the park.

  72. You know, Jason Marquis has put together a pretty respectable journeyman-style career. He’s been a nice league-average innings muncher for several teams now; ERA+ of 98 for his career, and averages 193 innings per 162 games, which would be over 200 except for that year or two of relief work with us.

    On Chipper’s double, it’s 415 to dead center and it landed halfway through the warning track, so 410 to dead center.

  73. You guys do realize that the “Anderson is so lazy he doesn’t try at all OMG!# he SUXC!!@#” is completely idiotic, right? He’s slow. He doesn’t look like Brooks Conrad running down the line. That doesn’t mean he’s not trying.

  74. 95 MPH on the black from JJ for strike 3. Other than maybe the McGriff trade, I can’t think of a better deal that the Braves have made.

    EDIT: On second thought, the transaction involving some guy named Smoltz was pretty good too.

  75. Apparently Bruce broke his wrist. How long might he sit for that? And power will be gone when he’s back, right? Wasn’t doing much for my fantasy team, but I was hoping for a bigger 2nd half.

  76. I have been pinching myself all day. I look like I wandered into a wasp nest, or Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend after the Viagra shipment comes.

    Apparently I wasn’t dreaming. Did we really trade Jeff Francoeur? Does the moral arc bend toward justice?

    Can I give the world a Coke?

  77. @137

    It depends a lot on what exactly he broke. He was flexing his fingers when walking off, but it looked bad. I’m don’t think he’ll be back this season, especially with the Reds going nowhere I don’t see them taking any chances with him.

  78. From the article Mac linked to:

    Francoeur has played almost every day over the last three seasons, a plus for the Mets.

    True, that has been a plus for the Mets (and all our opponents and division rivals). Unfortunately, it won’t be good for the Mets anymore.

  79. Quote from Jerry Manuel: “I was just trying to pick his mind on [Braves skipper] Bobby Cox,” Manuel joked. “He’s one of the best managers in the game. What does he do every day? Why is that roster so good?


  80. @ 146

    Im sure Jeffy told him Cox is a great manager because he let him play everyday. Hopefully Manuel will try to follow Bobby’s lead lol.

  81. BTW, we finished 25 hits short of a “modern” Braves Journal record today, pretty good for a Saturday. (There may have been more hits the day of the Marte trade when the Red Sox fans came in.)

  82. looks like we’ll be seeing his brand of high energy baseball on a daily basis, though it’s a modest price to pay for bringing the Jeffy era to a close

  83. Haha, one gem after another when flipping channels: “He would have had a hard time throwing out Francoeur who also runs very well.”

  84. I’m pretty happy with Church so far. Two of the three balls he hit were smoked. If he keeps up the line drives, good things will happen

  85. I’d actually prefer Francouer to play well for the Mets for the first month before regressing to Francouerian levels – that way they’ll keep him in the lineup far longer…

  86. francoeur just had the worst slide i’ve ever seen. he was picked off and looked really dumb.

  87. I know pitchers are risky, but I would not mind at all giving JJ a McCann-esque deal this offseason. Otherwise, as his agent is Boras…

    EDIT: But obviously, Marquis is a more deserving all-star

  88. Whoa- the Royals have made a game out of it in Boston. They were down 9-0 after 4 and 9-1 when Smoltz left after 5, and now it’s 9-7 in the 7th.

  89. The Dex Knows commercial is terrible. Doesn’t it seem like they’re showing the annoying “other guy’s” product? Why would I want something that gets constantly interrupted when I need directions,

  90. Joe Simpson strongly believes that relievers throw harder and are more effective when they get occasional rest. Way to go out on a limb there, Joseph.

  91. Why is Moylan pitching three straight days? This doesn’t even work when good pitchers do it.

    Oh, and it’s now 12-7 Red Sox, so Smoltz should get his win.

  92. That play was scary by Diory. He seems to have trouble getting the ball out of his glove.

    No homers in Colorado? Can we sneak the Braves some PEDS?

  93. Helton took back the hit he gave us earlier on the run-scoring play he couldn’t quite backhand.

  94. From tomorrow’s AJC: ‘Churchie really hit some balls hard out there. He really looked sharp’ said Cox when asked about Francoeur’s replacement in right field. Church finished 0-4 on the day, while Francoeur lead his new Mets teammates to a 4-0 victory, going 2-4 with 2 RBI.

    I can see it now.

  95. Moylan is tough to figure out this year. at times he looks like he has zero confidence in his stuff. At times he looks like he just can’t execute. At other times he gets dinked to death. Whatever the case, he needs to “find it”, because the Braves need someone other than Soriano to be reliable in the late innings.

  96. This is setting up bad for late innings. No Gonzo, Soriano 3 of the past 4, this would be 3 straight for O’Flahtery, and Moylan is already done

    Knowing Bobby though…It’s “off with their arms! Eric and Raphael! Go!”

  97. @190

    As much a cliché as it would be, Captain Underpants (one more, Mac) didn’t hit anything half as hard as Church tonight.

  98. @ 191 Go to – the site is working fine. Just go to the scoreboard and scroll down to Braves/ Rockies and press the “Live” link.

    Btw, Hernandez is looking a lot better to me at the plate. I’m not saying he’s good, but I’m at least beginning to think that he can be a decent backup.

  99. The Braves’s offense has squandered so many chances tonite….way too much pressure on the pitchers.

  100. Francoeur nicknames?

    Did you add Zima, from the what beer a player would be thread?

  101. I am going to say right here I would have stuck with EOF.

    So, Acosta proved me wrong, I guess.

  102. Great pitch by Acosta. Hoping not to completely jinx him, but he has looked better of late in tight spots.

  103. as much as I dislike Joe Simpson, he’s light years ahead of Brian Jordan

    btw, how smart does Wren look for not paying Ohman a ridiculous amount for a loogy and instead getting this OFlaherty fella

  104. Well…they’re at least 5-5 on this trip and will be no worse that 6 back at the break. Tough schedule coming up after the break though, with NYM, SF, MIL and FLA coming up.

    Good gritty win tonight though. It was good to see this team gut out a win.

  105. Wow, the Mariners have 3 players under the Mendoza line and none of them are Langerhans (at .226) and Griffey at .223.

    That is one sorry line-up.

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