Accountable game thread: June 8, Braves at Cubs

Hair!“Hi, this is Braves broadcaster and major league Hall of Famer Don Sutton. I just want to let you know that things have been getting a little slack around here, and I’ll be dropping by from now on to make sure there’s some accountability from you blog people. You’re welcome.”

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  1. same lineup, Diaz watches Francoeur

    McLouth cf
    Prado 3b
    Anderson lf
    McCann c
    Escobar ss
    Kotchman 1b
    Francoeur rf
    Conrad 2b
    Kawakami p

  2. Of course, a great manager should be expected to sit the guy with the 330 obp in favor of the guy with the 260 obp (against right handers, roughly).

    Didn’t Joe Torre hold Manny out and keep Juan Pierre in? That’s the way I remember the story.

  3. There’s more disparity than that. Diaz has a .380 OBP and Francoeur’s is .280.

    Edit: Oh, you mean against righties. It’s .340 to .260.

    Meanwhile, the guy with a .300 OBP should not be hitting third.

  4. Well, I think #6 still has Frenchie’s back. I hope there is a bunt situation late in the game, so Bobby can send the best PH in the game in the last 3 years, Diaz, to bunt. Anyone know why Blanco wasn’t the guy sent up to bunt?

  5. I think it depends on what you expect to get back. In recent years, teams trading at the deadline have not gotten as much as expected (except, ahem, the Texas Rangers?). I doubt that any team would give up their best prospect for Vazquez, for example. And, who out there is worth trading Jurrjens. It’s nice to talk about getting bowled over but, in reality, I don’t think that happens much anymore. Teams decide they want or need to trade someone and they make the best deal they can. It’s usually not as good a deal as they would like. I’m very skeptical about counting on Hudson in the short run.

  6. Bobby isn’t a stats guy. This has been clear for a very long time. Plus Jeff had a hit yesterday!1!!11!

  7. 5—Bobby’s senile. He neglected to call Diaz back after Conrad’s bunt was successful, and once he’d been announced, he decided to use him to bunt rather than “waste” a PH. Of course, the not-calling-him-back-prior-to-being-announced part was the screw-up, and he was already wasted by that point (since he can’t bunt), so Blanco should have just replaced him, but this is Bobby; in-game strategery is not a strength.

    2—We were 0-3 with Stenchy on the benchy. We’ve been winning with him in the lineup, so of course he’s in there.

  8. I’ve been trying to think of a way to improve this outfield before Heyward comes up and before any kind of trade is made.

    The obvious is benching Francouer and Anderson and playing Diaz everyday. But one of them has to unless we go with one of the quad AAAA players. Which at this point might be better than the Fancouer/Anderson debacles since they walk, play defense, and would give the Braves some speed/stolen base opportunities.

    What I can’t figure out reviewing their career respective numbers is why Blanco is on the team right now over Brian “Crabman” Barton. Not that Barton is going to wow anyone or do anything impressive. Neither have any pop but Barton’s got a little more than Blanco. He just appears to be a better Blanco than Blanco.

    Blanco’s numbers in the majors this year: .195 average; .267 on base, 511 OPS. At Gwinnett, .242 average; .335 on base; 635 OPS
    Career minor league total; .271 average; .370 on base; 742 OPS, 187 stolen bases
    Career major league total; .246 average; .358 on base; 662 OPS

    Barton: Hasn’t hit in the majors this year. At Gwinnett:
    .269 Average; .349 on base; 762 OPS
    Career minor league totals: .304 average; .402 on base; 863 OPS; 94 stolen bases
    Career major league totals: .268 average; 354 on base; 746 OPS

  9. Jorgbacca,

    Apparently Barton has a little more talent and potential. However, he has a disconnect problem similar to Escobar (not the fierce anti-social side of Escobar’s mental deviations). I believe it was in DOB’s blog about 3 weeks ago where he had been to Gwinnett for a game and Barton dropped a fairly routine fly and a scout said to him “That’s why that guy can’t make it at ML level.” (After all, we got him for Blaine Boyer).

  10. Barton was really struggling at the beginning of the year in AAA – actually just like Blanco. Since he got his brief promotion to Atlanta and was sent back to AAA, his numbers have looked much better. Cox is familiar with Blanco and I think he’s on the team right now as a “reward” for being one of our better outfielders last year. Of course, if Raul Mondesi or Brian Jordan were on the team last year, they would have been a few of our better outfielders.

    I think Blanco will be up until Infante gets back. I still don’t know how we can justify putting Norton on a never-ending minor league rehab assignment. Does anyone know how many games he can play in the minors on rehab before he has to be called up or DFA’d?

  11. Frenchy plays because they don’t put OBP on the Wrigley scoreboard.

    (Sorry for recycling material.)

  12. Barton has the same defensive rep as Barbaro Canizares. That’s why he’s not on any radar. Of course, if Barton is the “answer” to any of your needs other than pinch runner you have far too many holes to fill.

  13. I wonder how much longer Norton will stay at AAA, seriously, promote him or release him. Send Blanco down and call up Barbaro, he’d at least be a useful bat off the bench or platoon partner with Kotch. If Bobby wont use Blanco in situations like last night or as a defensive sub then send him back down. Burke would probably be more useful that Diory at this point also

  14. Something in dob’s blog from yesterday on Norton. He is with the team in Chicago. His permitted minor league rehab time is over. Cox says “he is still having some problem with the ankle.” There was no mention of how many days before he had to be activated or dfa’d.

  15. Conrad is doing a serviceable job as the switch hitting utility man. No need to rush Norton back if he’s still hurting.

    As for what outfielders to play from what we have now, I’d go with Anderson (LF), McLouth (CF), and Diaz (RF) most of the time. There might be a few elite lefties I’d play Diaz in LF and Frenchy in RF and a few righties that I’d do Anderson and Blanco. I don’t see any of our AAA(A) outfielders offering anything better than what we have now. Getting rid of Francoeur and trading for an actual above average corner outfielder should be Wren’s next order of business.

  16. Norton has already been recalled from AAA. He has not been activated off of the DL.

  17. I wonder who leads MLB in xFIP…..

    Yep, it’s Javier Vazquez.

    MLB xFIP Leaders (Qualified only):

    1. Javier Vazquez – 2.65
    2. Tim Lincecum – 2.72
    3. Dan Haren – 2.94
    4. Roy Halladay – 2.97
    t-5. Zach Greinke – 3.14
    t-5. Justin Verlander – 3.14

  18. Lenny Dykstra files bankruptcy. SHOCKER. March 2008- Jim Cramer tells Bob Costas “Lenny Dykstra is one of the greats in this business”. An on-air public apology is in order tonight on Mad Money!

  19. He was also running a fraudulent stock options newsletter- basically realizing his winners and letting his losers ride. Dykstra, 46, has no more than $50,000 in assets and between $10 million and $50 million in liabilities, according to a petition filed Tuesday with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Central District of California.

  20. “5—Bobby’s senile. He neglected to call Diaz back after Conrad’s bunt was successful, and once he’d been announced, he decided to use him to bunt rather than “waste” a PH. Of course, the not-calling-him-back-prior-to-being-announced part was the screw-up, and he was already wasted by that point (since he can’t bunt), so Blanco should have just replaced him, but this is Bobby; in-game strategery is not a strength.”

    Cox defenders, what say yee? This sounds pretty indefensable (with the only argument being that he is just so good with the guys on a day-to-day basis that his rapport outweighs his tactical errors).

  21. The premise that Lenny Dykstra was a great investment guru seemed extraordinarily implausible all along.

    Kind of like seeing Jeff Francoeur as a good Major League hitter.

  22. To clarify, that was all speculation on my part. Don’t take it as factual. I just can’t believe Bobby would intend for Diaz to get the call in a bunt situation; senility (and failure of the bench coaches to help out) just makes more sense to me, even as nonsensical as that still is.

  23. Don Sutton at 18,

    I thought it was in DOB’s piece at the beginning of a new thread from yesterday. I KNOW I read it. I am not sure where.

  24. @27

    First, what Sansho said @28. It was a tactical mistake. Moreover, it was a tactical mistake of the type Cox has made for *decades.* As such I hesitate to attribute it to “senility.” I’d more likley to attribute it to “difference in tactical philosophy.” It’s no great shock that Cox is an old-school manager who plays small ball and for one run in late inning situations. I don’t necessarily agree with that strategy but it’s not exactly new information in analyzing Bobby Cox. As such, I’m not sure how it proves that he’s now “senile” and needs to be replaced.

    As for today’s lineup, I’d obviously prefer to see Diaz starting in RF every day just like the rest of you, and not doing so is IMHO a tacktical error. With that said, I don’t know if there’s some unknown nagging injury that’s holding Diaz out of full time play. At some point we’re reduced to guessing. If Diaz is healthy, it’s pretty obvious that Diaz should start.

  25. i guess 15-25 year old girls & women make up more the Braves fanbase than even we know

  26. @26,

    According to Joe Simpson, Dykstra’s problem is that he wouldn’t go the other way with his investments.

  27. I voted “demoted” too. There’s no point in DFA’ing him at this point in the season. You’re stuck for his paycheck either way. You’re not going to get any sort of return on a trade now, and there’s no need to limit your replacement level options from Gwinnett to Jones and Barton. Demote him and call him up if someone gets hurt. Otherwise let hme put up whatever numbers he can in AAA in the hopes that *that* might generate some trade interest this winter.

  28. It is possible that Diaz shouldn’t have been the one to bunt in that situation, but Bobby’s words of encouragement to him after he popped it up were priceless. Only a HOF manager can do that! I bet Diaz will be able to give the same kind of encouragement to other players today while he sits on the bench.

    For the sake of accountability, I also voted “demoted”.

  29. 36—You obviously misread me. My suspicion, as I’ve said, is that Bobby did not intend to send Diaz up there to bunt. Playing for one run (or, in this case, two runs) is what Bobby does, but even Bobby is adept enough at in-game strategy not to use a horrible bunter to pinch-bunt. I think Diaz was on deck because Bobby did not expect Conrad, who was being asked to bunt, to reach base safely; Diaz was on deck to hit, not bunt. But then Conrad did reach base, and it came time to bunt again to move two guys over, only Diaz had already been announced and Bobby didn’t want to “waste” him. (Though, of course, bunting with Diaz is wasting him, anyway.)

    It may not be senility, but I think it was a case of the game moving too quickly for Bobby to react the way he would have liked to in time.

    39—I voted the same way for exactly the same reasons.

  30. “First, what Sansho said @28. It was a tactical mistake. Moreover, it was a tactical mistake of the type Cox has made for *decades.* As such I hesitate to attribute it to “senility.” I’d more likley to attribute it to “difference in tactical philosophy.” It’s no great shock that Cox is an old-school manager who plays small ball and for one run in late inning situations. I don’t necessarily agree with that strategy but it’s not exactly new information in analyzing Bobby Cox. As such, I’m not sure how it proves that he’s now “senile” and needs to be replaced.”

    The point is not the bunt; it is that he had his best pinch-hitter, but I am guessing not his best bunter, bunting. Even the Cubs announcers commented on it. Use Blanco to bunt, who certainly runs better and has a better chance to pressure the defense and possibly beat it out, leaving Diaz available if the game later is tied or the cubs lead, and we need a pinch-hitter. it was an indefensibly air-headed move by Cox.

  31. @41

    It’s possible that Cox just didn’t think fast enough to call back Diaz and send up Lowe (the team’s best bunter.) Alternately it’s possible that Cox doesn’t share our common wisdom re: Diaz’ mad PH skills. It’s perfectly reasonable that the strategy was “get ’em over and take our hacks to get ’em in” and that that strategy did not change when Conrad beat out his bunt. Instead of being caught unawares Cox may have simply decided “Matty can execute the fundamentals and move ’em over” giving McLouth and Prado RBI opportunities.

    In short, I think you’re reading too many unknowable assumptions into the sequence. I agree with you that Diaz should not have been bunting there. I agree with Cox that a bunt was proper in that situation (the double play grounder being your greatest enemy there.) If he missed the opportunity to call back Diaz and send a better bunter up, that’s a problem with his mental accuity. If he just decided to let Diaz bunt that’s a disagreement in tactics. We can’t know enough to say one way or the other.

  32. If he just decided to let Diaz bunt that’s a disagreement in tactics.

    This is where you lose me. Bunting Diaz there is obviously stupid and not remotely near some tactical gray area.

    But I won’t say another word about it; probably shouldn’t have spent so much time arguing about a tiny play in a game we won, anyway.

  33. So, apparently the rumors I’ve seen about Schafer’s broken wrist are false.

    Per DOB

    Center fielder Jordan Schafer had another MRI on his sore wrist yesterday, and it revealed nothing of consequence. So he’s scheduled to get a CAT scan done on it today, GM Frank Wren said this morning.

  34. Unless the squalls in Chicago-land are moving east-to-west, which would be odd, this game won’t start until later this evening.

  35. To clarify: I don’t know either whether everything transpired as Stu supposed. But I’m willing to stipulate all of it and still remain a Cox supporter. Have at me.

  36. “It’s possible that Cox just didn’t think fast enough to call back Diaz and send up Lowe (the team’s best bunter.) Alternately it’s possible that Cox doesn’t share our common wisdom re: Diaz’ mad PH skills.”

    I am quoting the Cubs announcers at this point, who said that Diaz had the best BA of any PH over the last 3 years. So yes, those are mad skills, and if Bobby was discounting them, then we can go with “he is just not a numbers dude”, but again, the game has changed, and the numbers matter.

    I have to believe Blanco is a better bunter than Diaz, and faster, too, making the pressure on the fielders (and their ability to look to get the lead runner) more intense. It was just an f up by the skipper.

    I am not a Bobby fan but would readily admit that his personnel and roster management has always been excellent, and that in that skill is where is value is (or was). It sure would make me see some credibilty for the Cox defenders if when the emperor came walking down the street with no clothes, they would acknowledge that.

    I sometimes feel that if you transferred the same loyalty shown to Cox to say, Francoeur, you would declare Francoeur’s strike-outs to be tactical decisions on his part, designed to drive up the pitch count of the opposing pitcher.

  37. @51

    What part of “it was a tactical mistake” don’t you understand? That’s hardly complimenting the emporer on his pretend wardrobe.

  38. Didn’t see the game last night, followed it on Gameday.

    But isn’t it Cox’s common practice to bunt after something strange happens on the field? A balk, a key defensive error.

    I don’t know the particulars of how Conrad reached on his bunt, but maybe Diaz was bunting for a hit, expecting the defense to be sleeping after the previous hitter reached. This surprise would be blown if he called Diaz back and sent up a weaker offensive threat.

    Also, maybe Matty was bunting on his own.

  39. Also @51, if Francoeur had decades of HOF calibre success to fall back on I’d probably give him a little more benefit of the doubt. Similarly, if Cox had only one month of success at the ML level and was hanging on due to nothing more than hype and blind hope I’d give him the Francoeur treatment.

  40. What do you suppose a “significant raise” for Pachulia means? Gortat’s only getting the mid-level exception per year, and I thought Pachulia’s deal would be comparable.

    PS: DOB says first pitch will be at 2:00 Central.

  41. Glad to see Zaza’s sticking around. The Hawks still need a defensive-minded big guy, though.

    Is Teague known as a drive-and-dish guy? Because that’s what they need him to be.

  42. jjschiller @ 54,

    Diaz squared WAY before the ball was thrown. Once for a ball. Then again, on the one he popped up.

    Diaz form for the bunt looked awful. If it was an attempt to get on with a bunt hit, then it is the worst such I have ever seen.

  43. @59

    It’s hard to imagine Cleveland making that deal. Choo is very, very good. Maybe if you throw in Mike Gonzalez.

  44. True Story (and I know that it is an overblown stereotype, but it is my first experience with it out in Utah)-

    Today, walking on the campus of BYU (same religious denomination as the great Murphy), I saw, for the first time here, two girls in Braves Jerseys. Both were pink, and were of the same player, and both were autographed. After talking to said girls, one of them told me that her dad was a Delta Pilot, and the other girl expressed that the said player was definitely her favorite AND the best Braves player, and surely a 2010 MVP candidate.

    Anyhows, where do you think Halladay ends up, Mac (or anybody else)?

  45. Is Teague known as a drive-and-dish guy?

    Sure is. Super-quick, not much of a shooter.

  46. bfan,

    The Cox defenders are supporting him either out of ignorance or because of his past record.

    It will only be when they look at the emperor today, rather than at the wonderful oil painting done 10 years ago, that they will realize his clothes are no longer on.

  47. I realize there are orders from above that force them to wear the dark jerseys every once in a while, but why not save them for night games? At least it rained, so it won’t be as hot, but that wasn’t scheduled wisely.

  48. “The Cox defenders are supporting him either out of ignorance or because of his past record.”

    I do not think they are ignorant. I do think that as good as his past record is, we are now 3 and a half years past success, and we need to figure out whether (i) he is the guy he was 10 years ago; and (ii) whether the game is the same as it was 10 years ago. Personally, I don’t think he is the guy he was (we all get old and less sharp; it happened to me), and I do think the game has changed.

    The guy pitching for the Cubs today has a very high walk rate. Wouldn’t this be a good day to give Blanco, who can take a walk, some playing time, instead of, say someone else, who struggles mightly with that concept?

  49. Cliff and bfan, (Along with crowds on both side of the Cox argument)

    I think that to a certain degree, we can all agree that Bobby Cox’s game managing decisions have been questionable throughout his managing career. And I think that we can all agree that players say that they love to, or would love to, play for Bobby Cox one day.

    But the question that I think that we must all ask is, is Bobby Cox the one thing that is keeping us away from a World Series?

    There will be a time that that the answer to that question (hopefully in the next few years) will be yes. And at that time, in my opinion, is when we need to get rid of Bobby Cox. But for right now, I think that we can agree that we are a .500 team, and even if Bobby Cox’s managerial absence gives us a few wins, we will not make the playoffs.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  50. Kevin Hart’s picture on Gameday looks so much like Napolean Dynamite’s older brother.

  51. Ha ha ha! What an awful call that was at second! Thank God we’re finally the beneficiary of one of those. That’s still an unacceptably bad call, and that was an umpire who’s been around forever. Joe Simpson had just got done saying he was umpiring Major League games back when he was playing. What the hell is up with the umpires?

    Oh well, at least whatever it is hasn’t yet claimed Jim Joyce. He’s still freaking awesome.

  52. It should be no surprise that Jeff Francoeur is making Hart look like Cy Young.

  53. I’m glad that Gameday told me strike three to Francoeur was a “Swinging Strike (Blocked)”

  54. Insane he is in the game and KJ will be in Gwinnett when he is off the DL with his “injury”

  55. KJ is currently in Gwinnett on a “rehab” assignment. When he’s off the DL, he’ll have to be put back on the Atlanta roster because he’s out of options.

  56. Braves can’t take Choo. Furman Bisher’s head would explode with two Asians on the team, even if one is not Japanese.

  57. Anybody think that Kenshin Kawakami’s contract is starting to look a bit better than Derek Lowe’s?

  58. I thought he was then I second guessed myself.
    Jeff should be sent to the Dominican Summer League for his rehab assignment, but you cant rehab stupidity.

  59. 80,
    I always have. Kenshin’s contract accomplishes something other than just acquiring a player (tapping into the Japanese market) and his is for half the money Lowe’s is.

  60. Since apparently there’s some delusion otherwise: Gregor Blanco still sucks. When the only thing one is capable of doing is drawing a walk, he’s still incredibly useless. Just slightly less useless than Francoeur. Any thoughts that he should start over Anderson (and I’ve seen several people suggest it over the last few days) are borderline insanity. Anderson hasn’t been bad since April and is actually producing. I’m gonna go ahead and say it: he’s better than Diaz. And is damn sure better than Blanco.

  61. Desert,

    I cannot now, nor probably never will be able to assert that “Cox is the one thing keeping us from the World Series.” We can also apply that standard to Francoeur, KJ, Kotchman, ACHE, and whoever. And if so, we won’t move any of them either. The proper question is whether at this time he is getting the job done.

    Plus, if the current cast of players now is all sentimental for Cox, and other players come in and they are too, when will you ever make the change? 2/3rds of this club will be gone in 2 years either because they are so bad or so old or out of contract and expensive to re-contract. So, making the move sooner keeps from getting Heyward, Freeman, and any new FA’s hung up in the decision making (in other words, getting mad at the front office).

    Again, I don’t say fire him now. I do say make the change THIS winter.

  62. Nick,

    You REALLY think Garret “I don’t run if a tiger is chasing me” “780 OPS on a good day” Anderson is better than Matt Diaz?

    Like, not talking about in 2001, but 2009?

  63. 83 – I also think KK is becoming a tradeable commodity (where Lowe is not), but I would try to avoid it for the tangential benefits you mention.

  64. I thought Milt Pappas, but that’s wrong.

    (aflac q is what 2 p’s won at least 12 in a season for Braves and Cubs)

  65. J. Francoeur grounded into fielder’s choice, Y. Escobar out at third, J. Francoeur to second advancing on throw

    Do what now? rundown? I’m at work, can’t see it

  66. Ump said a Baker throw pulled Theriot off the bag. Replay showed he probably held the bag. Overreaction to the Jeter play??

  67. Escobar caught trying to take third on an infield grounder again. Managed to run down long enough to get Francoeur (who sucks) to replace him at 2B.

  68. It was a rundown, Jonesy, but just one of those things. Not really a Yunel, but it happened to Yunel.

  69. Are Escy and Jeffy in a competition to see how many times the two of them can screw up baserunning plays that Little Leaguers could get right?

  70. I didn’t see the play. Was it a neighborhood rule thing? Middle infielders don’t have to actually put their foot on the 2nd base bag when turning a double play, just get it in the neighborhood. Thus the “neighborhood rule”.

  71. Theriot was anchored to the bag to receive the throw, which turned out to be a little wide. It was very close as to whether he held on, but he wasn’t sweeping across the bag a la the neighborhood play.

  72. McLouth has been very impressive; he hits the ball on the nose most AB’s. He has an .847 OPS since joining us, which would put him 3rd among NL CF’s (and 5th among all MLB CFs). For all the negative feelings I have for Frenchie, this McLouth guy is a keeper.

  73. Dice-K was 18-3 last year, with a 2.90 ERA, and was pretty decent the year before. Our guy KK has a bit to go, to pass him.

  74. Thank you, Casey!

    That’s one way to ensure that Francoeur does not leave you stranded.

  75. AAR,

    I think that would be if PARISH ate breakfast within 400 yards of 300o Cubans trained to kill him.

    Jake Fox would be nervous every time a batted baseball comes within 400 yards of him.

  76. bfan,

    I think the test is cost compared to quality. The Red Sox have over 100 million in Daisuke with the posting fee. Average abut 16 million a year.

  77. I guess it was good to Hart out of there. That stache was freaking our hitters out.

  78. Matsuzaka had damn well better keep winning 18 games a year, since they paid $100 mil for him. KK cost substantially less. I’m not asking whether they’re comparable pitchers; I’m asking whether the KK signing will prove to have been a better deal. Right now, it’s sure looking like it.

    Oops, yeah. What cliff said.

  79. So far, I like Brooks Conrad. Just a basic pretty good player with maybe a little more upside.

  80. ha, the out cycle, i think a kid i coached in frosh baseball this year did that!

  81. I like Conrad he plays hard. I think it’s the lack of batting gloves and the major league chaw that gives him his edge.

  82. Poor Francouer….

    Conrad is basically saying he never wants to go to the minors again. Who knows…he may be another Nick Green.

  83. Kawakami has got a lot of negative reception but I think he’s been pretty darn near as good as anyone could have reasonably expected.

  84. Does Sean Marshall every get a day off? Piniella is worse than Cox. This is 3 days in a row and one of those he pitched over an inning (Monday?)

  85. Gotcha on value of signing. Using that as a guide, I would say we are still behind a current Red Sox guy. though, Takashi Saito. The guy has been lights out for 3 years in relief, fairly cheap, too. I hope KK passes him, though.

  86. What are the Braves waiting on? Francoeur’s contract is for $3.375MM. By now, at least half of that is in his pocket.

  87. @137

    He’s not this good. Nothing in his minor league numbers to suggest this. It’s good to have, obviously, but it’s as much of an outlier as Jeff Francoeur’s first month in 2005.

  88. @SDP: That is guaranteed… DFA’ing him will not prevent him from receiving the remainder. The only beneficial option is to trade him but who wants to pick up the remaining salary?

  89. I am on Gameday. It said homer to left center field. Was it that McLouth fell down and by the time ACHE got to it, Fukudome was crossing the plate?

  90. 146 – I agree Sam. Thus, the comment.

    Conrad sure was a gritty player at Gwinnett, though. It’s not bad to throw him into the mix.

  91. Oh no…he gave up a HR to a fellow Japanese player. He will hold his head down in shame, no matter if he wins or not.

  92. @Daniel (148): I know it’s guaranteed. I’m just saying, he sucks and them money is gone. Get rid of the reminder.

  93. Yes, I do think Anderson is better than Diaz (although admittedly not that much better). People are still judging Anderson on his April IMO. He’s been much better lately. Plus, provides some power, which Diaz does not. Oh, and Diaz may act like he’s playing harder on defense than Anderson, but he’s really just as bad overall.

  94. 148 – You eat the salary if you want him out of the way. We would get very little in return.

    The remote chance that he has some miracle resurrection is a better value, probably.

  95. I have no problem with gritty journeyman gamers makeing a splash and playing out of proportion to their established skill level. If the Braves have any chance of competing this season they need that, in fact. But it’s extremely important to keep in mind who Brooks Conrad really is. He has pop for a middle infielder, but he’s 3 years older than Kelly Johnson already.

  96. Nick,

    Where is this supposed power advantage for ACHE?

    SLG: Anderson 401
    Diaz 474.

    But even more telling,

    OPS: Anderson 707
    Diaz 854.

    And besides, I don’t want Diaz playing in front of Anderson against righthanders (where his ops is still 70 points better) but against LEFT HANDERS where his OPS is 200 points better (and playing in right against righthanders where is obp is 70 points better than Frenchy).

    And Dewan’s system has Diaz as a somewhat good to near great fielder among left fielders. He would get to at least 1 extra ball a game compared to ACHE. It is of the magnitude of difference of Bay versus Carl Crawford. That much.

  97. I agree with Nick. I think Garrett is much better than Diaz.

    McCann has really struggled against lefties this year.

    Looks like Moylan, Gonzo, and Soriano again.

  98. @154

    Yeah ACHE’s 17 extra base hits and .400 SLG is A LOT of power.

    Meanwhile, Diaz has 15 xbh with 50 less PAs and is slugging .475.

  99. Mac,

    Can we propose that people be re-assiged to the AJC blog because of consistent stupidity? Some might fit in a lot better there. Like the guy that left UGA and transferred to Auburn and increased the mena IQ at both schools.

  100. I really don’t see that 2 holding up. Let’s give our closing tandem some breathing room, please.

  101. cliff seems to have volunteered himself for reassignment for the good of the “mena” IQs

  102. And there’s your flyout, Jeff Francoeur.

    Does that equal the “out cycle?”

  103. its funny, i had a kid this year at frosh who when he came up, the 8th grade coach told me, he was the best player ever, he stunk it up through about 3 games, and i pulled him and gave someone else a shot, the other kid did a bit better, and stayed in and did great the rest of the way…

    why cant we just get rid of frenchy now, too many days like this

  104. i would say, he could get picked off to add to the cycle, but then again, that would mean he needs to get on base

  105. He could get on base on a fielding error, then get picked off. That would just about do it.

  106. true or on a dropped strike three, and throwing error from the catcher down to first

  107. No, the out cycle has to involve not getting on base. By the way, Piniella was once thrown out for the cycle — outs at first, second, third, and home.

  108. You know, if Bobby writes Frenchie’s name on the line-up card tomorrow, I really, sincerely, honestly give up. Absent extrea innings and some Jeffie heroics, his OPS will sink to a season-low after today, somewhere in the .610 range. How bad does he have to be, for how long?

  109. Wait, 177, Francouer has been on base in this game. He blew his chance for the double out earlier.

    Nice catch by Escobar.

  110. “Obviously Matt Diaz wouldn’t have done as well.”

    Bobby is saving Matt to bunt in the 9th.

  111. The question is, if he’s sent back down, can be become an acceptable major league player? If there’s ever a case study for the detrimental effect of promoting someone too soon and keeping him up too long, it’s Francoeur. He’s only 25, though, so you never know.

  112. `I guess the question is, what does he have to do to be sent down/released?

    does he have to get down to 215? Does he need to start making huge fielding errors that are horrific, does he need to run over chipper jones and repeatedly back over him with his car?

  113. when I saw the word “blowing” and the name “Frank Wren” in the same sentence, I thought we had our answer.

    What is so vexing this time is that there is an alternative, and he is pretty darn good, just sitting on the bench. Jeffie really knew what he was aaying when he said that #6 has his back. I bet Bobby just thinks that is so cool when Jeff says that.

  114. I will concede that Francoeur against lefthanders, with Diaz playing left, does make sense. I do concede that Francouer MIGHT get better or get trade value if sent down.

    I concede NOTHING else with respect to Francoeur. Anybody who does (except the EXEMPT manager who is obviously still very good) is off their rocker.

  115. Hard to believe Jeffy is actually playing worse than his “magical” 2008 season. Well… maybe not THAT hard to believe.

  116. Bobby must not have considered the match up history when calling on Blanco there.

  117. I know Francoeur has a fan base, but does management really think people come to the park to see him who would stay home if he wasn’t there? Or tune in on TV? I don’t think enough of those people exist to pay for the number of outs he produces over his replacement.

    I guess the only way he can pay for the losses is with merch sales. Those have to be dropping off, though.

  118. prado might cool off eventually, but, I certainly appreciate how well he has played! Maybe he is turning into a good second basemen…. Sadly, if he remains this hot, I bet BObby would put KJ back in that spot when healthy

  119. “Martin, “One Man Offense” Prado.”

    McLouth has 2 hits also, and half of our runs.

  120. OH NO…I just had a terrible thought. Garrett has to play leftfield in Colorado.

  121. Yeah, all Wren needs to do is somehow talk another team into giving us an above average outfielder for second tier prospects.

    I can’t believe he hasn’t done that yet. Man, Wren totally sucks as a GM.

  122. Washington’s going to have to sell Adam Dunn. We should have signed him in the offseason, and I wonder how much he’ll cost us now in prospects. Probably not much. Most teams would have hired him in the offseason if they had wanted him. He went a long time without a contract.

  123. They said today they will NOT get rid of him, which means, he will probably get traded within the week

  124. Since May 15 (one week to get acclimated after his stint on the DL) he has hit 322/440. It is not stupid to suggest that he is a better offensive option than Diaz. It is not cut and dry either way. It requires the height of hubris and not a little bit of a**hole to suggest that disagreeing on the merits of the two fielders is impossible.

  125. “Yeah, all Wren needs to do is somehow talk another team into giving us an above average outfielder for second tier prospects.”

    I am not sure what this is referring to, but at a .610 OPS, there are plenty of guys in the minor leagues who would do better; that is so far below replacement level that it is hideous. Pre-Wren Braves have always been able to find the career bit player to provide some pop in the outfield (Willie Harris; Charles Thomas; Eli Marrero. These type of guys exist out there. They don’t win you pennants, but they don’t lose them for you either. And they for dang sure get on base more than 28% of the time.

  126. Nice! Good pitching, some power, nice defense, taking advantage of mistakes. So, let’s sweep the Cubs then go drop 2 of 3 to the Rocks.

  127. Francouer is not notably worse than Willie Harris. He’s better than Charlie Thomas. Eli Marrero was better.

  128. We gave up 6 runs in 3 games in Wrigley. The pitching on this team is very, very good (understatement, I know).

  129. Thats a big win, and a frustrating one that, we couldnt have taken 2 out of three in washington after sweeping philly and taking 2 out of 3 from the cubbies
    This is what makes the trade deadline so confusing!

  130. Garrett Anderson’s career stats at Coors Field:

    30 AB, 15 hits, 3 2b, 4 HRS, .545 OBP, 1.000 slugging pct, 1.545 OPS.

    So yep his bat will be in the line-up at Coors.

    Soriano is TOUGH. Good couple of wins Braves.

  131. “Francouer is not notably worse than Willie Harris. He’s better than Charlie Thomas.”

    Simply nonsense. Willie Harris had an OPS+ of 94 the year he was here; Charles Thomas had an OPS+ of 109 when he was here. Frenchie is at 89 for his career, before today, and at 65 for the year, before today (after ringing in with a 72 last year). Why Thomas did what he did here (hit well) may be a mystery of the universe, but he hit demonstrably better than Frenchie did, while here. He was a way better OF, too.

  132. Garret Anderson on the field lessens the chances of Frenchie being on the field, and that makes us a better team.

  133. Is hubris something like manure? or maybe to declare it is something like manure?

    Maybe when suppositions are backed by 3 years of batting data, they are solid and not nearly so suspect.

    Andeson’s last 3 years are linked below. 720 or so ops against lefthanders.

    Matt Diaz same 3 years. Note against lefthanders he has an 868 ops.

    Obviously there should be debate about Diaz being a better offensive player than ACHE.

    And how any of you could watch Diaz and watch ACHE (let alone actually look at acknowledged experts’ statistics) and say that ACHE is even CLOSE to Diaz in the field is far beyond my ability to explain.

  134. What is there about a .288/.368/.445 line (what Charles Thomas did here) that you can point to and say Frenchie is better? In Frenchie’s full seasons here, his highest OBP is .338 and it is .308 for his career; his highest slg % is .449 (when he hit his 29 HRs), and his career slg is .423 and dropping. It is not even close. Frenchie is better looking; Thomas was a much, much better player here.

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