223 thoughts on “June almost over game thread: June 30, Phillies at Braves”

  1. Sweep the Phils and we’re in trouble. It’ll only give Bobby and Frank the idea that this team can compete, as is.

  2. Did anyone else read DOB’s blog about Jeff’s turkey undeware being 7-0?

    I vote we start calling Frenchy “Turkey Panties”

  3. “I came here to do two things: kick some ass and drink some beer. Looks like we’re almost out of beer.” – Dazed and Confused.

  4. You know, that story about the underwear infuriates me. So many reasons.

    1) I think he really thinks it helps.
    2) Why is he joking about anything while he sucks so bad? Kelly Johnson is supposedly pulling his hair out to the point that the coaches are ordering him to relax.
    3) Is this really worthy of a story in the AJC? It’s not cute, funny, or interesting: it’s annoying. How about a story on how Jeffy has sucked for many years and why the Braves insist on trotting him out there. If this team was winning, I might laugh at a puff piece. This is insulting.

  5. “3) Is this really worthy of a story in the AJC? It’s not cute, funny, or interesting: it’s annoying. How about a story on how Jeffy has sucked for many years and why the Braves insist on trotting him out there. If this team was winning, I might laugh at a puff piece. This is insulting.”

    This to me is the money point. The AJC cannot write anything flattering about his play right now, without losing their last shred of credibility, so they write a puff piece like this…good ole’ jeffy, just helping us win in so many ways.

  6. This from Circling The Bases:

    For a Braves fan, this is simply adding insult to the grievous injury that is having to watch Jeff Francoeur try to play every day:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Braves right fielder Jeff Francoeur said he’ll wear the same underwear to Turner Field Tuesday that he wore on Sunday. He claimed the Braves are 7-0 when he wears his Thanksgiving-themed “turkey underwear” to the ballpark.

    For a team that has a disappointing 35-40 overall record, that 7-0 mark is no small feat. The Braves open a three-game series against NL East leader Philadelphia on Tuesday.

    Francoeur said he had not worn the turkey briefs for back-to-back games all season, but will Tuesday (the Braves were off Monday, and he planned to ask his wife, Catie, to wash the underwear).

    Note that the article doesn’t say that Francoeur plays better in the gobbler skivvies, only that the team does. Given his performance (.248/.283/.347), maybe the Braves would be better off by simply keeping the underwear around and ditching Francoeur. At least the underwear seems to ad some sort of value.

  7. What a game!
    Gwinnett just tied it in the bottom of the 8th on Reid Gorecki Grand Slam

  8. What gets me is how often reporters talk to Jeffy after games for his incisive analysis. Wouldn’t you talk to someone that actually knows something about baseball?

  9. No Marc. A beat reports looks for quotable talkers. They don’t have to say something smart or know what they’re talking about. They have to be able to give good copy.

  10. FWIW, today the Yanks traded for Eric Hinske, a guy who can play corner IF & OF positions. I wonder if that’s a prelude to another move.

  11. What’s the deal with the Yankees picking up a bad player on a bad team every year? Richie Sexson last year, Hinske this year…

  12. Hinske has a .373 OBP; I suspect that’s why the Yankees were interested. On the other hand, he has one homer and a .368 slugging percentage…

  13. The Yanks like Hinske’s versatility and, until this year, he had some pop. Doesn’t hurt to be lefthanded in that park either. They want a corner OF who can catch the ball.

    Outside of Melky Cabrera, their OF play has been suspect. Gardner’s OK, but has no arm. Damon & Swisher have been especially bad—and it doesn’t help that both have had at least one game where a misplayed fly ball directly cost them a game.

    Matsui is a DH on a team full of them. He can’t play at all out there anymore or, as the Yankee doctors have warned, “his knee will blow up.”

  14. i see where schafer went deep today to give gwinnett the win. they were down 7-1 in the 8th and scored 7 in the bottom of the 8th to come back and win.

    schafer ws 2 for 5 with a stolen base and a homerun. i hope francoeur goes soon and we see jordan again. he could at least platoon with diaz. hopefully, his 2nd time around, he will be healthy and a little more patient.

  15. @24–and those numbers would be downright gaudy standing in RF at Turner Field

    27–don’t rush Schafer back, but it is good to see him having some success

  16. BTW, from the previous thread, thanks for the Eddie Mathews link, Mr. Schneider.

    I recall hearing a radio interview he did with WFAN in the early ’90s and thinking, “Boy, is he hammered.”

    Interesting those other Mantle parallels, too.

  17. He might have slept through the call he claimed not to have gotten. I’ve done that.

  18. @28 – Wouldn’t rush to say Schafer is having too much success. His biggest problem in the majors was being able to make consistent contact. I don’t know about today, but in his previous 2 games he had 4 strikeouts. It starts to become a problem if he can’t make consistent contact on AAA pitchers. I really hope he can figure it out because God knows we need the help, but I wouldn’t want to bring him up if he was hitting .300 down there if his strikeout pace stays the same.

  19. FWIW from DOB

    Escobar took himself out of the lineup, told Cox (or the trainer) that he couldn’t go. I asked, he said it’s “not good.” But he took infield and hit….

    McLouth ALSO out, even though he said as he was coming off field that he was still good to go. Maybe he misunderstood our question. Anyway, he talked to Cox after BP, told him it’s not 100 percent yet but he could play. Cox decided otherwise.

    SO THE LINEUP (which originally had McLouth and Escobar at the top)
    1. Blanco, CF
    2. Prado, 2B
    3. Chipper
    4. McCann
    5. Anderson
    6. Kotchman
    7. Francoeur
    8. Hernandez, SS
    9. Lowe

  20. This would have been a good night to play Diaz in RF for a little extra offense with McLouth and Escobar out. Of course you could say the same just about every night. But then Diaz doesn’t have the magic underpants, does he?

  21. Lowe is going to have to throw a 12-inning perfect game for that lineup to win.

    At least put Ross in there (McCann at 1B) for some power. What? We haven’t played McCann at 1B all year?

    That’s why you start now. We absolutely cannot lose ground to the Phillies and still hope to contend.

  22. what the hell? franny should obviously bat 3rd tonight since he’s wearing his turkey undies

    oh and thanks for the update 755

  23. If Chip and Joe mention the Turkey underpants tonight, I’m just going to lose it. It represents everything that is wrong with the Francoeur saga: from his stubborn arrogance and the organization’s tolerance of it to the AJC’s kid gloves and focus on his aw-shucks smile.

    I am reminded of an experience from my Little League All-Star team. We were in a double-elimination tournament and were preparing for out second game. We were in the losers’ bracket, so one more loss and we were out. For some reason, we were watching the other team warm up, and some of the guys on the team (not me) were joking around and talking smack. Our coach (who was a renowned high school football coach in the area) came over and man did he ever let us have it. He told us (loudly and without politeness) how stupid we were for not realizing that we had done nothing to be jovial about. He told us that we sucked and that the other team would probably beat us, especially if we weren’t going to acknowledge that the other team might win. His message was: get serious. We did, and we won. Maybe that speech did nothing for our play, but I vividly remember how effective that tongue lashing was.

    Why on earth is Francouer even engaging in these cornball antics. We were 12, what’s his excuse? Get serious, and learn how to hit the f’n baseball.

  24. @43

    The Francoeur situation brings me back to my Little League days as well but for a different reason. I remember seething in practically every game while sitting on the bench and watching the coach’s undeserving son play every inning in the field and never get pinch hit for. That is what Jeffy is to me, the coach’s son who plays every game and receives unwarranted adulation while better ball players ride the pine.

  25. Joe Simpson and Chip Caray fully intend to be the last two people on Earth who think that fielding percentage is the best measure of defense. They may be already.

  26. I hate the “official scorers” in the MLB. Seriously, that looked like an error to me but it gets scored a double.

  27. @55: Yes, considering the trouble Werth was having with the ball and the void in the following two slots in the lineup. Snitker is utter fail as a third-base coach because he’s swung from one extreme to the other and can’t quickly evaluate variables such as batters coming up next in the lineup, fielding issues, etc.

  28. @66


    Also, Blanco looks horrible in CF. For all of AJ’s issues, I think that we sometimes overlook how GOOD he was there

  29. Who is the slowest brave off all time. (I can only go back to about 1989 or so)

    In order
    1. Damon Berryhill/Greg Olson
    2. Sid Bream
    3. Kotchman
    4. McCann

    Have I missed anyone?

  30. Rick Mahler was the slowest guy I ever saw running down the first baseline. It looked like he was running in place.

  31. Are we planning on pinch-hitting for Lowe? Why bunt after you’ve already shown? Well, I guess that’s his best chance for a hit anyway.

  32. Can I edit my list, Kotchman hits a slow ground ball to 2nd, the guy falls down, the ball goes 5 feet away from him, he gets up and throws it off balance and STILL almost got kotchman, who was running from the LH batters box.

    Gee whiz he is slow

  33. Thanks Mac, I forgot about LaRoche and Javy, but they would BLISTER kotchman in a foot race.

    Eddie never really got on base enough to run.

  34. The players most associated with a search for “slow” on this site are McCann, LaRoche, and Estrada. Oh, and Francoeur, but that’s about his bat.

  35. 81

    I think your right, Estrada was maybe the slowest Brave ever.

    New List (SLOWEST on top)

    McCann (smartest base runner of the bunch though)

  36. How have the brother’s Franco (Julio and Matt) not come up yet??

    In the words of Gob bluth: “COME ONNN!”

  37. Chip and Joe talking about having to hit to play was laughable considering Joe’s man crush on Freaky Francouer.

  38. Chip just strongly indicated that Buddy Carlyle will be back when his diabetes is cured. As a diabetic, I’m certainly waiting with bated breath for that.

  39. @108..not an amateur outfielder, just an old, barely can move outfielder. If the heat and humidity in Atlanta can’t loosen him up…then it’s over.

  40. So Chip basically said that it’s going to take probably at least another 15-20 years for Buddy Carlyle to make it back to the mound.

  41. Chip just said that the Phillies carrying 3 catchers on their team makes them versatile.

    Lowe up to 100 pitches.

  42. here comes a bunt….unreal, the guy hits a HR last time up. We give away his bat, an out, and take the bat out of Chippers hand

  43. why is it that every foul ball that blanco hits straight back is an optical illusion that looks like a line drive to center field? i get fooled by him more than anyone when i watch baseball.

  44. Prado’s 2-for-3, and we have him bunting. Sweet merciful crap. Way to give them a free out. Cripes, I hate our team’s philosophy sometimes.

  45. Id like to know how many sacrifices we’ve had this year and how many times we’ve actually scored after one

  46. Now it’s becoming so much clearer why the Braves only have the one World Series title. Bobby Cox.

    Poor McCann….

    Utley, Howard coming up again…..

  47. i think the braves deserve the “loveable losers” title, no tthe cubbies…its more heartbreaking to get to the world series as much as we have only to watch it all fall away…my heart still hurts

  48. @122 – Try lack of a true closer for a long time. Wholers was there, but was only dominant for a bit.

  49. @126 That’s not the only reason the Braves have only one. By the way Rocker was good until he imploded.

  50. i can kinda see prado bunting there. i mean it brings up chip and mccann with an rsp but hernadez bunt had absolutely no rhyme or reason.

    Also: …Gonzo :\

  51. All that bunting comes back to bite the Braves in the ass….WOW. All that damn rocking….

  52. @127 – I probably should have further explained my statement. Smoltz and Rocker were both good, but I never thought those teams stood as good a chance at a series as those teams from the early to mid 90s. And those teams were lacking the closer.

  53. Seven saves, four blown leads this year. No tears shed here when Gonzalez departs.

  54. Again, Prado was bunting in the sixth … why?

    Can’t complain, though. Stellar swing in the eighth; great defensive adjustment to the grounder in the seventh. He’s earning my trust. Hope he’s earning Bobby’s.

  55. I should manage this team. I’ve been saying this stuff about these players for months


    btw, for anyone wanting to know, prado is now gettong on base at a .361 clip, and i would be willing to bet his ops is close to .850.

  57. we’ve outhit the Phils 10-9 and they’ve made 3 errors, I guess thats what happens when you bunt and give away so many outs

  58. chip does that for every hit… he’s a moron he can’t tell where the ball is gonna end up in relation to the defense

  59. “btw, for anyone wanting to know, prado is now gettong on base at a .361 clip, and i would be willing to bet his ops is close to .850.”

    yeah, and he’ll probably be sitting tomorrow

  60. The only bunt I had a problem with was Prado’s – no excuse for that. Diory is hitting .130, and Derek Lowe usually puts the ball in play (besides Bobby had planned for a suicide squeeze, but Lowe f-d it up). But that Prado bunt – God help us.

  61. Manuel should be hitting someone else leadoff. Rollins is hitting like Francoeur.

  62. Gosh, he might be worse than Francoeur. He has 16 walks and a .207 avg. That’s only 4 more walks than Francoeur who is hitting about 40 points higher.

    At least he plays shortstop.

  63. did chip just say jeff knows a thing or about game ending heroics? i would bet my left testicle he knows more about game ending letdowns.

  64. Isn’t that the last Francoeur myth, that he’s good in the clutch, being broken before our eyes… what’s left?

  65. Jon K wrote:

    “chip does that for every hit… he’s a moron he can’t tell where the ball is gonna end up in relation to the defense”

    “I should manage this team. I’ve been saying this stuff about these players for months”

    “Tony how about you take your negativity elsewhere”

    Wow Jon K…a little full of yourself aren’t you?

  66. Chip: “Diaz isn’t getting any playing time because Francoeur has heated up the last week and a half”

  67. Tony

    All I’m saying is that I don’t care to read post after post from you saying how it’s “time to hit the showers, this ones over” or “this loss will end the season”. gimme a break dude, just tone down your negativity. And if you look, all the things I’ve said are correct. I’ve said since day one that prado should be the everyday 2nd baseman. Yeah maybe his defense isnt that great but KJ is just a horrendous

  68. so, will bobby bunt prado? probably. he’s that big of an idiot.

    another note to bobby: diaz is going to score the winning run. he could probably do that more often if he played more.

    the braves are managed and coached by ass clowns.

  69. i really like prado, and i think his name should be taken out of the braves journal glossary.

  70. braves14, thats ridiculous. i seriously thought you were joking. i definitely dont miss listening to chip.

    yesss! go prado! he deserved the game winner. helluva game.

  71. I think Prado’s started 4 of the last 5 days, so the job looks to be his for now.

  72. Thanks Prado… you continue to show us… I mean some of us… that KJ has no place on this team.

  73. Damn, I picked a good time to break my run of not paying any attention to games. I’ve always been a big fan of Kelly Johnson but Prado has to get more playing time. I’d like to see something creative like playing him at 1st or in one of the OF corners but I know that anything unusual and effective is beyond Cox.

  74. @207 – KJ won’t be in there tomorrow. Hammels is pitching, I believe. Unless, that is, Chipper can’t go and Prado is playing 3rd.

  75. Way to go Prado!!!

    To Jon K:

    An easy suggestion, don’t read my posts. When the team is sucking, the majority of the posts will be negative. As far as you wanting credit for things you said that are correct, get over yourself or at least let someone else acknowledge what you said was correct. Your asking for credit seems a bit needy. Plus no one is tallying up points for things one of us said that has turned out to be correct. Relax and maybe not take things so seriously.

  76. Blanco and Prado – 7 for 10 3 runs scored 4 RBI

    Chipper and BMac – 1 for 9 with 7 left on base

    good to see some guys picking them up for once, Jeffrey had two hits tonight also

  77. Tony

    I read everyone’s post. Let’s finish it with this.. stop posting the game is over before the final out. That’s it

  78. No big deal, we’re all braves fans here, some look at things half empty, others half full, let’s just enjoy the win and leave it at that.

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