56 thoughts on “Theoretical game thread: June 20, Braves at Red Sox”

  1. ACHE is playing left field tonight. Most of the time I don’t complain about this because there’s generally a bigger issue, like Groundhog. But Fenway Park just isn’t the place for him to be playing the field. May Lowe have the sinker working tonight.

  2. Ache is awful, but he has the most experience in Boston than the other OF’ers.

    So at least he should know where to go when he is “gliding” to the ball.

  3. They’re not expecting rain in Boston until after midnight. Should get tonight’s game in.

  4. Anyone else having issues with MLB.tv? I can’t tell if it’s on my end or theirs.

  5. 2 innings for beckett,2 hits, but faced the minimum. that’s the braves for ya…

    my mlbtv is working fine.

  6. I imagine that play would be exactly what you UZR guys are talking about, no? Horrible break, miraculous catch.

  7. i’ve watched the replay over and over again…that was not a bad break on the ball.

  8. he made that play on a line drive in left center on the run. in no way was that a bad jump.

  9. Jeffrey sucks, but if he would have plate appearances like that more often I would be happy.

  10. @18 – why? I think he hit that on the meat part of the bat. Just about anyone else does that, and the ball is out of the park.

  11. Beckett is getting a really wide strike zone right now. Inside and outside by a few inches.

  12. Joshua, because he didn’t swing at stupid pitches like he usually does. As long as he appears to be rooted in right field I’ll take what little I can get.

  13. Of course it was. But it’s just another reason that we need Schafer to start hitting in AAA so he can be promoted and push McLouth over to RF. No loss offensively (perhaps a gain) and way better defense.

    Shame for Lowe, but you really shouldn’t give up doubles to Nick Green, or let Jason Varitek hit a ball even that far.

  14. @25 – Agree with Varitek, but that ball to Green was a very good pitch – down and in. Sometimes, you’ve just got to tip your cap.

  15. beckett looks pretty unhittable tonight. we shall lose 2-0 on a complete game by beckett.

  16. @27 Yeap. It certainly looks like it will end up that way. Typcial Beckett performance AGAINST US.

  17. @31

    Well, they are the Royals.. there’s probably a reason they’been about as relevant as the WNBA.

  18. DP ball coming from Francoeur.

    edit–called that one, though it doesn’t take any special skill to predict the groundhog’s futility

    as my 8 yr old likes to say when Francoeur comes to bat–inning over

  19. You just can’t put into words to describe the suckness of Frenchy. Until the day we don’t see the names of Frenchy and KJ in the lineup, this team is not going anywhere.

  20. That DP by Francouer needs to be the end of his time in right field and in Atlanta. It’s just the last straw already. Way to kill ANOTHER rally, loser.

  21. What an idiot. I want him benched right now to send a message (like that will happen).

  22. I’ve run out of clever or interesting things to say about Francoeur’s suckitude.

  23. when the count went to 3-1, bobby shouldve taken frenchy’s bat away.

    i dont get it. wren hardly seems to care about public relations–he didnt mind (effectively) getting rid of TWO atlanta legends. so then, why? WHY is jeffy still here?

  24. …and KJ got saved from being further embarrassed. He must be thanking Frenchy for grounding into that double play.

  25. Francoeur’s bat should have been taken away long before the 3-1 count in his last PA.

  26. What it comes to Cox and Francouer it’s like an addict and heroin. As long as Francouer is on the roster, Cox is going to run him out there everyday, all be damned. As long as an addict has a stash in their house, they are going to keep using. Wren needs to call an intervention and destroy the heroin so it can no longer be used.

  27. garrett anderson is such a professional at exerting the minimum amount of effort for everything. he barely caught that easy pop up.

  28. do the braves know its not getaway day? where the hell are they trying to go? must have a dinner reservation…

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