Orioles 8, Braves 4

Atlanta Braves vs. Baltimore Orioles – Box Score – June 13, 2009 – ESPN

I see we’ve reached our “dead bullpen” portion of the season. At least Soriano got a day off. The Braves led 4-2 through six on the strength of a four-run fourth inning, the big blow being a ground-rule double by Jeffy, of all people, against Rich Hill, the Braves-Killer. But Kawakami had thrown a ton of pitches, and was pulled after five. Bennett did a good job in the sixth, and Bobby brought in O’Flaherty to start the seventh. It was his seventh appearance in eleven days, and it showed, as he got only one out and was eventually charged with three runs, getting the loss. At least he’d been consistently effective. Moylan, making his seventh appearance in twelve days, was brought in to try and keep the score tied; by the time he was pulled, it was 8-4. Finally, Acosta, who hasn’t been abused yet, came in to put out the fire.

The Braves really only did anything in the fourth, and Jeffy (who sucks, but did have three hits) was the only one who really hit the ball hard, but they got a couple of walks and a flare single from Canizares and got those runs… Chipper is really struggling right now, and swinging early in the count, and not making good contact. You’d want to rest him, but McCann will sit tomorrow, and…

10 thoughts on “Orioles 8, Braves 4”

  1. This team continues to just hover around .500 endlessly.

    It is at the point where I almost wish they’d just tank so I can stop thinking that any day they will get it going.

  2. This is a .500 team, and the schedule has been very manageable to this point. When I look into my crystal ball, I see us falling about 10 games out by the all star break (as the schedule really gets interesting), and become sellers. That’s probably a good long term thing anyway.

  3. The wise thing for Bobby to do tomorrow would be to use McCann as the DH. But that would make too much sense.

  4. How are you feeling, Mac, I dont want to get personal, but what treatments are you going through? I know some tricks to the trade as far as to make you feel better

  5. Yesterday should have been the last day of chemo. The biggest problem is a really hyper gag reflex, so I can’t take the pills I’m supposed to take that will keep me from throwing up.

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