Braves 7, Orioles 2

Atlanta Braves vs. Baltimore Orioles – Box Score – June 12, 2009 – ESPN

Tommy Hanson got his first major league win, though he didn’t pitch all that well. He gave up nine hits and walked five, striking out five. However, only one of the hits was for extra bases (a double, leading off the bottom of the first) and after giving up two early runs he was able to scatter the hits. Bobby seemed determined to get him the loss anyway, but finally pulled him with the bases loaded and two out in the sixth, and Moylan got a strikeout to end it.

The Braves took a 2-0 lead in the first when Escobar homered. After the Orioles tied it up, McCann singled in a run in the fifth, then ACHE drew a bases-loaded walk to make it 4-2. Francoeur drove in a run with a seventh-inning single, and they got some real breathing room in the eighth with a solo homer from Prado and another RBI single from McCann, who finished 4-4 with a walk.

O’Flaherty breezed through the seventh. Soriano, pitching for the sixth time in seven days, was not nearly at his best in the eighth and loaded the bases (partly due to Prado committing an error on what should have been a double play ball) but got a popup and grounder to end it. Pitching with a five-run lead (why not?) Gonzalez gave up two singles and threw a wild pitch, but got a GIDP in the middle to avoid any damage.

Canizares played first base and hit sixth, going 2-5; Chipper (who was 0-4) was the DH, and Prado played third.

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  1. All these fathers talking sons/daughters makes me sad. I haven’t had a date in 3.5 years and counting.

  2. definitely need Chip at 3rd and Prado at 2nd right now, KJ sucks. You think the Braves could end up enjoying Canizares’ bat enough to move Kotchman when he returns. I would like to, but they wont.

  3. I hope someone else here just saw on Braves live Hanson’s shaving cream pie to the face

  4. Mets were up 8-7 in the 9th with two outs, Arod hits grounder to Castilla and he boots it. Two runners score, Mets lost 9-8

    Boston now up 5-2 in the 13th on the Phils

  5. david, thanks…I was going off gameday, either way they lost!!

    edit: wow, just saw it on ESPN. Man he was camped under it, far worse than KJ’s last season

  6. I live in NJ, WFAN in New York is going nuts. They want to fire everyone.

    I often think, we do suffer with some dumb stuff, but im not sure ive ever seen our 2nd basement drop a pop up to end the game…

    I like the kid Canizares, maybe he gives us some pop

  7. “I often think, we do suffer with some dumb stuff, but im not sure ive ever seen our 2nd basement drop a pop up to end the game…”

    seriously? you’re def. joking right?

  8. sarcasim, sorry, not as funny online!

    I will say this, I am sick of KJ. I was probably one of the last hold outs on Frenchy, and now KJ has made me sick…

    Sorry for the confusion!
    Give me a break, im from NJ, jk

  9. I understand if you’ve got Soriano warmed up already, you use him in the 8th. But why warm up Gonzalez with a 5 run lead? I mean, not a pitcher’s park, but we had Retisma Room to use a term from the glossary.

  10. Fubar-Francouered up beyond all recognition (see Saving Private Ryan).

    I’m now at the point where I work with women young enough to be my daughter (early 20s) and I end up thinking, “she’s somebody’s daughter.”

  11. way to go Bobby .. waste Soriano and Gonzo in a 5 run lead game … why not medlen or reyes ( is he on roster ).. or even bennett in the 8th to see what happens … Soriano pitching 5 out of 6 days .. thats crazy .. hes gonna get hurt if keep using him that much !!

  12. best performance of the night, well besides Mac going 4-4, was Moylans three pitch K to Adam Jones with the bases loaded and two outs

    worst performace, Jeff Francoeur swinging at every pitch none being strikes in a 2-2 game with runners at 2nd and 3rd with one out.

  13. Marc,

    Not there yet, but I’m starting to reach the point where I’m at parties sometimes and occasionally see a girl (who is like 17-18) and think, “she’s too young”

    Definitely a weird feeling. Be 23 in October, BTW

    Also, I love Barbaro in the lineup. Guy can straight up hit and that is definitely at a premium on this team.

  14. Good win for the Braves today, it’s nice to see us score runs.

    That last play in the Mets-Yankees game made my night.

  15. sdp, try 21 years without a date :P

    This game didn’t even feel like a win. I looked at the scoreboard going into the 9th and was like “woah, I think we have this in hand”.

  16. And from the metsblog: “That might be the worst loss since Ball 4 Kenny Rogers.”

    I’d guess Aaron Heilman/Yadier Molina in ’06, but I like to remember that one, too, fellas.

  17. So if Hanson pitched around trouble all day long thats good stuff.

    Ethan, believe me I have a 17 year old and at 23 you are too old. :)

    Marc, yup right there with you. That’s someone’s daughter enters my mind too. Yet you’re still a guy…. you know?

  18. I’d sure like to oscillate a couple of more over .500 before we get to the Sox, Yanks etc.

    One hopes that Wren is keeping his cell phone charged and ready. Which brings up the question. Who do you trade for a bat at this point?

  19. I still like my suggestion of Aubrey Huff, he used to play the outfield. Probably not the best defensively, but he couldn’t be as bad as Anderson, could he?

  20. Johnny,

    I definitely agree. Just the personal paradigm shift is weird.


    Exactly. That’s also what pissed me off about their rationale for not signing Dunn.

  21. Mac;
    Hope this victory starts off a better morning for you today.

    When my daughters were in their teens, we took two cars of their friends to Riverfront Stadium for a Reds game. They all got along wonderfully! It could be that they were getting scads of attention from guys. It could be the myriad opportnities to shop (the new stadium, Great American Ballpark, leaves no doubt that it’s a commercial enterprise.)I think it was the baseball. Sheff hit a homer, Andruw hit two!

    But they had a ball. We even sat in the rain as the game continued. Now they’re all in their mid/late twenties, but I’d pay for it all over again.
    And their kids, too!

  22. did Anyone see ACHE trying to throw the runner out at home last night? Prado cut the throw about even with 3rd base and the runner was already crossing the plate

  23. Ethan–Not long ago I turned 50 and, yes, the paradigm shifts continue: I can remember (seems like yesterday) when some of my friends worried about being caught at a party with ‘fat fifty year olds’…23 age is a pretty cool age!

    Kevin Lee–nice story–must have been the baseball and then the shopping…

    Mac–I hope you are feeling better.

    Otherwise, nice to see Randal Delgado get back on track for Rome…..

  24. Here’s a thought. Barbaro is being showcased as a DH for a deal with an AL team, in conjunction with Francoeur. That would make those Boston-scouts-Francoeur stories make more sense.

  25. Just another Jeff sucks stat. Top 7 Out Makers in the NL (Position in Batting Order, PA’s):

    1. Jimmy Rollins – 212 (1, 274)
    2. Emilio Bonifacio – 204 (1, 277)
    3. Alfanso Soriano – 189 (1, 266)
    3. Ryan Howard – 189 (4, 269)
    5. Nyjer Morgan – 185 (1, 262)
    6. Shane Victorino – 184 (2, 269)
    7. Jeff Francoeur – 183 (6, 242)

    So Jeff can hang with the best of ’em in making outs, even if he bats down in the order and has at least a 20 PA disadvantage.

  26. I have a small feeling that your number of plate appearances are off. But yes, he makes outs about as often as some random guy off of this blog would.

  27. Oh, wait, the first number in the parenthesis is the usual position in the batting order. I see.

  28. For what it’s worth, they got Gonzalez up and throwing when Soriano loaded the bases with 1 out. A base-hit by Brian Roberts there and it’s 7-4. Soriano got out of it but he was warm anyway, so he might aswell pitch etc.

  29. Ethan, I hear ya dude. I turn 23 next month. I was in the gym the other day, and there looked like this pretty good looking girl across the gym. I was talking to a friend, and we guessed different ages for how long she was (I thought she was older). So, of course, I HAD to find out. So I go talk to her, and turns out she was 17 and a senior in HS (don’t worry, I found out tactfully). I thought for a second if she was too young, and yeah, she’s a little too young…

  30. As for Gonzalez HAVING to pitch, I don’t get it. Warming up in the pen isn’t nearly the same as pitching an inning. Just because he throws in the bullpen, doesn’t mean he might as well pitch an inning. With adrenaline going, and just naturally working harder in a game situation, it’s not like you’re doing the same thing in the bullpen as you are in the game.

  31. Did Gadfly finally get banned? I can’t believe he just quit on us. It’s been a week I think

  32. I’m not saying it’s right, Rob. I’m just saying that’s common perception, kind of a rule of thumb.

    The idea I think is only half about the guy who’s warm, and half about the guy who hasn’t yet warmed and would have to. If one guy had to throw rather than getting the day off, you might aswell use him in the game and give someone else a real day off.

    So why get Gonzo warm, then warm Bennett instead, send Bennett in and risk still having to use Gonzo if Bennett gets in trouble. Gonzo’s warm so you just use him and you can just give the other guys the night off.

    And regarding the girl at the gym: you might not have been wrong. I have a few female friends who tell guys they are underage, just to avoid conversation.

  33. Nah dude, she was definitely 17. She went to a Christian high school in the area, and I have some teens from my church that know her. I actually have to kinda keep my distance from her because I think she may be crushing on me and her mom really likes me. Nice people, but uhh… not really gonna work that way. haha

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