120 thoughts on “And why does it only rain on Fox broadcast nights game thread: June 6, Brewers at Braves”

  1. I seem to post just after the new thread. Anyway, to repeat.

    Gadfly is Greyson R—–, a political science major from Portland State. He’s real, and his reputation extends beyond this site. Ignore him.

  2. Thanks for that important bit of information, John Charles.

    You make it sound so ominous, and you seem so sure of yourself too… Please, tell us more about this “reputation” of which you speak… Very flattering.

  3. why does the penny trade keep resurfacing? it was on espn this morning. it was shot down by our reporters, but espn keeps going with the rumor. you guys think there’s any truth to this crap?

  4. Because it involves one of the only two important teams in MLB (Sox/Yanks) and there’s nothing else for anyone to talk about.

  5. So then he’s not a family member of Jeffy? And he’s not getting paid to post this drivel? As I laid it out yesterday, that means that it must be the unfortunate third option: an insatiable, homoerotic mancrush. I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but sometimes, you gotta call it like you see it.

    Maybe that’s what JC was talking about, Gadfly. Maybe you’re notorious for having intense, irrational mancrushes for guys like Jeffy. Things that well up inside you and play out in comedic fashion all across the internet as you watch and long unrquited longings from afar. You’re kind of like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights, or William H. Macy in Magnolia. Yeah I like that second one. Jeffy is the hunk bartender with the braces, and you’re the f’n quiz kid sitting across the bar, watching, pining…

  6. worked so good yesterday, lets try it again

    . K.Johnson
    2. Y.Escobar
    3. N.McLouth
    4. C.Jones
    5. B.McCann
    6. G.Anderson
    7. J.Francoeur
    8. M.Prado
    9. J.Vazquez

    if I was Diaz I would ask to be traded

  7. “Chip and Peach Pit TV never get rained on.”
    THAT is funny. Peach Pit TV. I almost spit my drink out when I read that.

  8. Gadfly’s just a poli sci major from Portland State? I feel like Gene Simmons just took his makeup off and looked like…Gene Simmons.It’s disappointing. I was expecting Gadfly to be some kind of Indiana Jones type, swinging in to random message boards and disrupting people’s way of thinking.

    Either that or a Norman Bates type. But not a poli sci major from Oregon. Gah.

  9. Rosenthal just reported on Fox that Glavine is considering filing a grievance with the player’s union about his release.

  10. I’ll withhold judgment on the rumor — but my opinion of Glavine will certainly change if he actually files a grievance.

  11. Come on, Tommy. The Braves’ handling was far from graceful, but don’t file a grievance.

  12. I’m sick and tired of our games being on 3 different networks all the time. I can only imagine for the average fan how frustrating it must be. It’s Peachtree, Peachtree, SportSouth, FSS, FSS, Sportsouth. Can’t they just convert SS into the BBN (Braves Baseball Network) and plop all the games on there? Do it like YES and put classic games on there and such, I really think it would be a successful network and could open up more revenue for the club.

  13. Personally, as a Braves fan, I’d like to file a grievance with someone over the Braves’ wasting so much money on Glavine these past 16 months.

  14. What would the potential repercussions be of filing a grievance? Like, say if the grievance was upheld somehow?

  15. I feel like Gene Simmons just took his makeup off and looked like…Gene Simmons.It’s disappointing.

    More like when Scooby unmasks the Black Knight and it’s just Mr. Wickles.

    And he would’ve gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for us meddling kids

  16. #16,
    Peach Pit TV needs it’s broadcast revenue too… By the way, Peach Pit TV is probably my favorite thing now.

  17. It’s amazing what a major league offense can do for an awful pitching staff. Re: Phillies.

  18. Prado’s batting .247 and Frenchy’s batting .248?

    Seriously, I have no idea, other than that Frenchy doesn’t bat eighth because… he doesn’t and you don’t bat a right fielder eighth, no matter how much he sucks.

    On the other hand, Prado is 12-58 with 5 walks, 1 sac bunt, 5 doubles, and 1 HR since May 5. That’s a 207/ 266/ 345 line, which is very slightly worse than Frenchy’s season numbers.

  19. @6
    i think bobby is going by an old metaphorical phrase:

    “If it’s broke, then don’t try to fix it”.

  20. Well, Chip’s not on tonight. It appears Joe is doing PBP tonight. We also get to see what idiocy Ron Gant adds.

  21. Congratulations to Nate McLouth for his first hit as a Brave. (And his first stolen base.)

  22. I really hate it when batters only see 1 pitch in an AB

    besides Mac’s double last night, when was our last xbase hit?

  23. 33 — He dropped his bat and whined after the umpire (correctly) called him out on strikes.

  24. Bobby Cox and TP have combined for how many years now to put a pathetic offense on the field?

  25. 1? This is the only year since TP’s been here that the Braves’ offense has been below league average IIRC.

    Anderson’s gone back into a slump.

  26. Ethier with his 2nd HR on the day just beat the Phils, not that it matters cause we cant score

  27. So I’m only listening… was that a good decoy? Or was Yunel just doing his thing?

    I guess even a good decoy shouldn’t be good enough…

  28. I am not blaming Yunel. He was paying attention and seeing the whole play. If the outfielder catch the ball it would have been a double play. It was a tough call. Don’t be so harsh guys.

  29. The McClouth hit a dinker into right, and if Yunel had more than half a brain he would have seen it was clearly going to drop, but, of course, he’s cancer on the basepaths. To call it a decoy is flattering the fielder.

  30. Yunel broke back on the deek. The ball landed 10 feet in front of Hart. Even the Brewers announcers were stunned that he didn’t read that it was clearly falling in, esp. considering the play was right in front of him. He’s a douche.

  31. I really hate this team a lot of the time.

    The trouble with winning by pitching and no offense is that your margin for error is razor-wire thin. And we are way too clumsy and casual to walk that wire.

  32. After looking at the replay, I’m going to cut Yunel a little bit of slack on that one.

  33. Jeremy, it wasn’t all that obvious in my opinion, but everybody can have different opinion. It’s one thing if he doesn’t pay attention, but he was paying attention.

  34. I am starting to wonder why we bother to watch this game. THis offense isn’t going to score any runs…

  35. Well, if we fall out of it, we can trade Vazquez to get some prospects and move Hudson or Medlen into the rotation. We can also move Soriano and/or Gonzo.

  36. Looking at Vazquez’s splits, he really starts to fall apart in the 6th inning.

    Not that it matters with this offense.

  37. Well, if he can get out of this inning, we are still looking at a very good outing by Javy…

  38. KC, I was just making a general observation, not knocking Javy. You really can’t expect him to pitch much better than he has this year. He’s been great.

  39. Needed a break like that in the worst way.

    EDIT: And promptly frittered it away. Our 2009 Braves. Sigh.

  40. Let’s see how the Braves can manage to not score this inning.

    Oh, like that.

  41. See, the Brewers were trying to give us runs and we still can’t score. Why are we watching?

  42. Why have the Braves running? All it did was distract Prado….I don’t get that at all.

  43. @83 To avoid double play…that’s how desperate Bobby has become and I don’t blame him for that.

    @84 Mac, I am thinking the exact same thing!!!

  44. Mac, maybe KJ SHOULD have swung at that first pitch…and the second one too…excellent…KJ, you suck.

  45. LOL…wow. Wish we had a Fielder :(

    We struggle to score one damn run and just like that….

  46. KJ batting leadoff is at least as significant a problem as Francoeur’s presence anywhere in the lineup.

  47. Give O’Flaherty the bases loaded and one out and he gets us out of it. Give him a clean slate at the start of an inning … oy gevalt.

  48. Our team is trying awfully hard NOT to score run…I say we will score two at the end just to make it an one-run game.

  49. @83 – really? You don’t deserve to be in the big leagues if you don’t expect the runners to go on a 3-2 count (especially if you are a guy that makes consistent contact).

    @99 – are you kidding me? The two don’t even come close.

  50. Chipper left the game with dizziness. Strange.

    Oh, and McLouth was under the impression that he was coming to a place where winning is “expected.” Poor kid.

  51. @104: I’m not. A leadoff man that is inconsistent, has an OBP below .320 and is a complete non-threat to steal bases shouldn’t be leading off. McLouth is not a natural leadoff, but I’d rather see him getting the most ABs than KJ.

    My point is not that Francoeur isn’t a drain on this lineup — he is — but if we’re going to fix what ails this team, simply sending No. 7 elsewhere isn’t going to suffice. A pitching-dependent team like this needs a table-setter who can get on base and is a threat to move himself around without help at the plate from the guys behind him. KJ can’t do this.

  52. @109: Maybe he wants to save him for tomorrow for all the Gwinnett folks making the drive down for Hanson’s debut. It can be “Gwinnett Day,” especially since Diory Hernandez might be at third. Put Gregor Blanco out there somewhere, and for giggles, call up Brian Barton to play right field. With McCann getting the day off, you’ve given the fans a lineup that might make the folks from Gwinnett smile, but has no chance to give Hanson his first win — which isn’t that different than the lineup we’ve got out there tonight, from the looks of things.

  53. @111: Probably true. McLouth does help, although his presence tonight reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon in which Peppermint Patty comes across town to play for Charlie Brown’s team. She hurled a no-hitter and socked five home runs, but the team lost 37-5.

  54. Nice link, kc. I love this bit from Phil Niekro:

    “Even when I retired I thought I could still play. Even right now [at the age of 70] let me go to spring training, and I think I can get some guys out.”


  55. EDIT: Deleted this comment as it was written as next thread was posted.

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