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  1. Now that he is rested, I’m sure he will go on a streak. All he needed was to “clear his head.”

    I think they should bat him third. That way, he would be sure to get good pitches to hit and that’s apparently his only problem. Bat Schaefer leadoff and Francouer third. That way, the strikeouts come early in the game. :)

  2. Braves stuggling center fielder Jordan Schafer has been sent to Class AAA Gwinnett to regain his form, and the Braves have called up Gregor Blanco from Gwinnett.

    Schafer was hitting .204 (34-for-167) with a whopping 63 strikeouts, which was the fourth-highest totals in the major leagues.

    Blanco was in the lineup in center field for Tuesday night’s series opener against the Cubs at Turner Field. Blanco was hitting only .242 in AAA Gwinnett but was hitting .350 in his last 10 games with two doubles and eight RBIs.

  3. I like that move. Shows that — at least for some — there is such a thing as playing your way out of a starting role. No one can say the Braves didn’t give Jordan a fair shot at the role. He just plain wasn’t ready.

  4. It is best for Schafer, Blanco, and the team.

    Is anybody reporting a lineup for tonight? Curious about Diaz. Since it is Lilly and Lilly is lefthanded, Diaz should be in left. Frenchy against lefthanders is better than ACHE at this point of ACHE’s “long and almost distinguished career” and the defense combo of Diaz left / Frncoeur right is the best corner defense we can come up with off the 25 man roster.

  5. It’s about time; he wasn’t doing himself any good up here. But the kid has talent and I would expect him to be back up later in the season.

  6. cliff, Lilly starts tomorrow. A righty tonight and Diaz isn’t in there; Stenchy’s back.


    Johnson, 2B
    Escobar, SS
    Jones, 3B
    McCann, C
    ACHE, LF
    Prado, 1B
    Francoeur, RF
    Blanco, CF
    Kawakami, P

  8. I saw the lineup on the other thread after I read this one.

    Bobby, you just don’t get it do you?

    Wren, I know it is difficult since he is “an institution” but Bobby’s gaffes are starting to count against you. Even this bunch of morons around here knows that Diaz should be starting in right against righthanders.

  9. @8 – as listed by Dutch in previous thread:


    Johnson 2B
    Escobar SS
    Jones 3B
    McCann C
    Anderson LF
    Prado 1B
    Francoeur RF
    Blanco CF
    Kawakami P

  10. Why would anybody want an extra 200 points of ops at one lineup spot? That would be too much offensive talent, wouldn’t it?

  11. I guess I was right yesterday, I was wondering why Blanco wasnt starting yesterday in Gwinnett

  12. From the last thread, if that’s true about the Braves signing mostly college pitchers last year, then that’s good. The drafting high school pitchers thing didn’t work out for most of the drafts during the 90’s.

  13. What did Diaz do to deserve this? That guy should just ask for a trade or something since it’s clear his current employers do not value his services.

  14. I believe the Braves’ top three selections from the 2008 Draft were high school pitchers, after that they mostly went with College arms.

  15. I think the top 2 and maybe the top 3 pitchers drafted by the Braves last year were HS, and not college pitchers. At least 3 of the pitchers drafted last year (2 HS [DeVall and Spruill], and Jacob Thompson, out of UVA) are in the rotation at Rome.

  16. Diaz is too nice of a guy and he enjoys his role with the team unfortunately. Id love to see him call out these guys. Look at the numbers and its clear to see he’s our best OF’r, but Bobby thinks hes the 4th

  17. I’m going to Rome’s game tonight–was planned before Glavine announcement–my kid’s little league team takes the field with the players–too bad Pee Wee plays 3rd instead of pitcher.

  18. you think Schafer is meeting with the media right now describing how he didnt see it coming and how his relationship is over between him and the Braves? If not, he should. He’d be back in about 5 days max

  19. “you think Schafer is meeting with the media right now describing how he didnt see it coming and how his relationship is over between him and the Braves? If not, he should. He’d be back in about 5 days max.”

    That is very funny.

    I heard on 790 the zone this morning the announcers saying they cannot understand the venom so many people feel for Frenchie, and how out of line it is. In my mind, his reaction to his well-deserved demotion last year (and how he got away with and was rewarded for publically pouting) is 1 reason. The fact that the media and the AJC fall all over themeselves over his limited success, and kind of quietly ignore his terrible play, is another.

  20. You know, ACHE, Greg White, and Frenchy may be the worst defensive outfield of the decade. And it’s not like any of them make up for it with the bat. Terrible decision for the club right now to option Schafer. He was one of the bright spots in our defense. And they replace him with a guy who can’t really hit and plays awful defense. Just a horrible decision. Like covering a manhole with a collender.

  21. Blanco isn’t that bad defensively. And it’s not like Schafer is a +20 runs defensive guy. He seems to be average at best in CF. I don’t see any positive in him continuing to be overwhelmed in the majors. It’s time to try something else while seeing if Jordan can get straightened out.

  22. 25—Disagree with you not because you’re wrong about the defensive deficincies, but because I think it’s important for Schafer’s development that he get sorted out in the low-pressure minors. In the short run, the Braves might be taking a hit, but this is the best long-term move regarding Schafer. IMO.

  23. Absolutely, bfan.

    I saw him as a player with problems but with potential until that. If he didn’t or wouldn’t understand he had a series of problems, he wasn’t going to get better.

    It also hardened my attitude toward Cox. This team needs many many fanny kickings.

  24. @25, Jort:

    Blanco is about league average in center according to UZR/150, and is well above average in left.

    Schafer in 2009 UZR/150 is -8.4.
    Blanco in 2008 UZR/150 (CF only) is -3.8.

  25. On Schafer, it was absolutely the right move to send him down, albeit at least three weeks late. And mercifully, all that “anything offense from him is a plus” crap from Peanut goes down with him.

  26. Sorry to interrupt this thread, but I didn’t want Marc to miss my response to his derision on the last thread.

    @235 from the previous thread: Thanks for the personal attack Marc. I did have respect for you, and I guess I’ll try to cut you some slack since you’re obviously emotionally attached to the situation.

    I’d hope you could detect sarcasm better in the future though. I’ve got no problem with the censoring of the joke, which as I said was in poor taste, but I was actually just poking fun at Jason C’s Titanic reference by comparing it to another comment that had no place here… FWIW, I am of Jewish descent, and I have met more than one female who happily embraces the label you find so offensive. One of the things I respect most about my heritage is the ability to laugh at ourselves even in the roughest of times.

    I should point out an error in your comment though. The accident that Jason referenced did not happen “100 years ago,” it is only 12 years old, and the wound is still fresh in the hearts of many American men who had to sit through that crappy excuse of a film.

  27. @25: Regardless of how the move affect the Braves this season this was without a doubt the correct move. Schafer simply wasn’t getting a chance, while batting in the 8th hole, to work on the things he needs to be working on, and his production in the future is more important than any surplus benefit he’d provide us over Blanco. If Schafer can get things straightened out, maybe he’s back up in a month or two and can contribute when this team might really need it.

    @31: I think we would’ve seen this move earlier if Gregor hadn’t been wallowing in AAA at the start of the year.

  28. You are all right that it is a good move for Schafer’s development. But Schafer is a well above average CF. He had some misplays in the first few weeks and that has hurt his UZR and +/-, but since then he’s played error-free and displayed great instincts, plus plus range, and a plus arm. And +/-, the superior system in my opinion, has Blanco pegged at well below average in center. I only said it was terrible for the club right now. Which it probably is. Weather or not it turns out to be a good long-term decision remains to be seen (I think it probably will be), but I’m just saying we have all the problems (and most probably more) that we did before this move.

  29. Why is Blanco in the doghouse? Why can’t he replace Schafer?

    Because the Atlanta Braves are right now 14th out of 16 teams in the NL in team slugging percentage and Blanco slugged .309 in 2008?

  30. I think Schafer will get a month or so in AAA, and if he’s hitting pretty well after that, he’ll be back up with the big club for the stretch. And I think that’s probably the right way to go at this point. The Braves are usually pretty good at handling prospects, moving them up/down, etc., with the one notable exception of Frenchy (and arguably Hanson, but that’s more about money, IMO).

  31. And Schafer’s slugging .287 in 2009.

    And yet he doubled Blanco’s 2008 homerun total despite doing so poorly.

  32. I’m sorry, I don’t understand your point. Fact: Offensively, ’09 Schafer has been far worse than ’08 Blanco.

  33. The point is the team replaced a struggling player who may eventually have “figured it out” with a complete no-hoper.

    The same goes for replacing Kris Medlan with Tom Glavine or Tony Armas, Jr.

  34. Blanco also put up a .366 OBP last year, which would be by far better than anyone we have in our current outfield except Diaz.

  35. 40, great point. I think the logic is that he has a better chance of figuring it out at AAA.
    39, Schafer’s 2009 offense and Blanco’s second half 2008 offense are eerily similar. And when you consider defense….

  36. 40—They replaced a guy who sucks badly right now with a guy who’s nothing special but who just last year did far better than the badly-sucking guy.

    The Medlen-Glavine/Armas analogy doesn’t work at all.

  37. One good thing that will come out of this: if he spends 12 days in the minors he’ll be FA eligible a year later and if he spends 7 or so weeks down in the minors his arb clock will also be pushed back a year.

  38. All this noise about Blanco v Schafer is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, if you will. As long as Anderson and Frenchy are your corner OFs we are simply a less than pedestrian team offensively and defensively.

  39. According to MLBTR:
    “Delmon Young “surfaced on the Braves’ radar,” but just briefly. An unnamed GM said acquiring Young would be a bad move when free agent hitters could be just as productive.”

    Ugh. One of the few outfielders who’s been worse than Frenchy this year. At least Wren really is looking for a solution.

  40. Wow, lot happened when I was out. Anyway, Schafer’s OPS was down to a cool .600 after Sunday’s game, and eventually even the Braves will notice that. The problem is that the Braves’ problem is lack of power, and the possible solutions in the farm — Blanco and Brandon Jones — have no power, though they’ve been on-base threats.

  41. 44,
    Nothing about his second half 2008 or his AAA numbers in 2009 or what scouts think about him suggest he’s a better option than Schafer. Nothing. Throw out his 2008 first half, which I believe is more of a fluke than anything, and you’ve thrown a player that isn’t hitting but plays good defense for a player that CAN’T hit and CAN’T play good defense.

  42. It’s Usain Bolt. And while Schafer runs well, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing out there yet and takes weird paths to the ball. If defense were all-important, we’d have called up Gorkys.

  43. Usain is a simple dialect variant of the same name, but yes, you are correct, I am technically Usain Bolt (if in fact Schafer has plus plus range [even if he did know where he was going]).

  44. Exactly. Schafer’s defensive range and skill with the leather have been exagerrated his whole trip up through the minors by the Braves and scouts who get starry eyed about “tools.” This isn’t to say he isn’t an above average CF prospect, in fact his numbers in the minors show him to be just that. But he’s not even close to being on the level of a Gorkys for example, and frankly, he’s looked like a lost cause out there on a regular basis so far this year, which has been really surprising to me. I’m sure he’ll figure it out eventually, but I think you’re drastically overstating his current defensive value, PWHjort.

  45. @ 57,

    WOW. someone didn’t watch the most recent road trip. Off the top of the head I can think of a couple he made during the trip…

  46. Can Schafer’s bad routes be attributed to his playing in new parks, or is he just inexperienced at the position?

  47. @57 Schafer took a terrible route on a line drive to the gap in the D-back series

  48. Note the excitement in Chip’s voice, as he announced the Soriano bomb…dude’s sportin a chubby….gonna be a long night.

  49. That’s it. I’d rather listen to the sounds of sexual intercourse between Mark Lemke and Bobby Cox than ever listen to anything Chip Caray does again for the rest of my life.

  50. What the heck, i just read a few posts and the inning is over already?

    I would not bring Schafer back up until September, let him work things out and really build some confidence.

  51. Is that the third time this year Yunel has successfully pretended to be hit by a pitch? I believe it is.

  52. 47 pitches through 5 innings for the random dude on the mound for the Cubs.

    Makes me wonder how many pitches it would take mid-90s Maddux to shut out our team. 75? 70?

  53. I’m beginning to think that Garret’s outfield play would be a bit sharper if we hadn’t installed that hammock for him out in left.

  54. How does Joe blame Kelly’s arm for the run scoring and not a word mentioned about Anderson’s anti-hustle? Oh yeah, he’s Joe Simpson.

  55. I am glad to see that Schafer was sent down.

    I think it’s good for his game, but not necessarily good for the Atlanta Braves.

  56. It’ll be funny if that kills the perfect game if this random pitcher ends up with a no-hitter.

  57. First pitch fastball right down the middle and Francoeur can’t put it in play.

  58. @89 – So did Peachtree’s.

    WGN’s game recap so far lists KK’s line and just says “ESCOBAR FAKES HBP”

  59. “That was Francoeur’s first 3-0 count this year.”

    -WGN announcer during last Francoeur at-bat.

    (Still made an out.)

  60. @94 – He should have a perfect game, but even then he’s on schedule to face the minimum. This is hell.

    God, Rob Neyer is a dick. He’s right, but I really can’t stand the guy.

  61. Joe Simpson is Jeff Francoeur’s biggest fan and he doesn’t even try to hide it.

  62. Wow…I just realize how bad Chip Carey really is…after listening to Steve Physiok(Angels), Duane Kiper(Giants), Vin Scully, and even Darren Sutton for the D-Backs over the past few days…I’m shocked at how bad he is.

  63. We’re being no-hit by a pitcher who is looking for his FIRST major league win.

    I’m really starting to hate this team.

  64. (1) If some jagoff throws at our guy’s head, I don’t care if our guy hams his way onto first base.

    (2) All game, the Cubs’ TV broadcast team has been harping on the Braves’ foolish free-swinging ways. Ordinarily, I’d be ticked at opponents’ announcers dogging the Braves. Unfortunately, they are entirely correct. (They’ve practically admitted that the Braves are handing Wells [2 Ks] his no-hitter.)

    (3) Interesting comparison by Cubs’ announcers re counts that Francouer and Chipper have run up this year. Needless to say, Francouer fairs terribly in this comparison.

  65. We ought to pull one man out of the lineup every day until we deem the problems fixed. Today it was Schafer. Francoeur, you should be tomorrow. Won’t happen, but I can hope.

  66. Thank you, Chipper, for sparing us from total embarrassment.

  67. And at 5-0, good night, Braves. Though that probably could have been uttered with accuracy at about 7:14 p.m.

  68. ACHE has woken up, you see he just thought the season didn’t start until May 31st.

  69. Walking Francoeur is asking for it.

    Damn. The Braves have been unlucky tonight with BABIP.

  70. Wow…walked Francoeur on four pitches.

    A Garret Anderson homerun and a Francoeur walk in the same inning?

  71. Typical. Doesn’t seem like this team has gotten a big hit late in the game in 4 years.

  72. Good work by Moylan.

    C’mon boys — Kevin Gregg ain’t good. We can do this.

  73. @126: “The fans tonight seem unusually enthusiastic…”

    You’re misinterpreting the environment at Turner. The enthusiasm was a blend of Cubs fans cheering on Marmol and Braves fans cheering on their hitters.

  74. Best line of the night goes to Ethan. #150

    Gonzalez vs. Soriano…..please be careful.

  75. Francouer is an athlete, no doubt about it. He’s just dumb.

    The Yankees and Red Sox vs. Gonzalez. Can’t wait.

  76. Prado and Gonzo on the field at the same time in the ninth….too much for one man to have to endure.

  77. Man, Chip. Learn how to anticipate what is going to happen. I’ve never heard someone get so excited about obvious outs.

  78. Of course, if the braves walked the bases loaded in that situation, you know the pitcher, no matter who, would just walk the next batter.

  79. 177 — Towards the end of his career, his grandpa used to get pretty excited about pop ups that he thought had the distance. But it was charming with Harry.

  80. How old is Pinella anyway? Some of the closeups tonight have been less than flattering!

  81. I love watching Soriano pitch. It’s the same sort of pleasure as watching Wohlers before he went off the rails.

  82. I just realized that Diaz stayed in the game for ACHE. That means we can get one more out of Soriano.

    Good move, Bobby!

  83. I checked the live box score before I went to teach class 40 minutes ago and saw 5-3 Cubs, Anderson at the plate in the bottom of the 9th. Game over, surely.

    I finish class and come back and see that Francoeur hit a homer, driving in Anderson to tie it and force extras. Bizarro world.

  84. Francoeur is probably the only guy on the team Bobby would not ask to bunt here.

    EDIT: I stand corrected.

  85. Francoeur just laid down a successful sacrifice bunt. (The first in his career. Hey, why would you have Frenchy bunt when you can get Kelly or Yunel to do it?) Can we start thinking of other sacrifices he can make for the team?

  86. I was listening to the Braves on the radio and they were talking about how impressed they were with Fontaine. Lemke said that he is a solid hitter very similar to Lockhart and the other announcer agreed. I thought you guys would enjoy that.

  87. Does anybody know when the last time the Braves had two, (TWO!) outfielders hit a home run in the same game ? I’m sure it happened last week or something, but it seems like for-ev-er.

  88. This game would be over if that bitch Acosta didn’t give up his cursory home run.

  89. Well, Braves outfielders only hit two homers last month — Francoeur on the first day, Anderson on the last. I’d guess it was opening day, when Francoeur and Schafer both homered.

  90. 223-

    If Acosta had not given up that homer, Jeff Francoeur would have hit a walk-off home run. Which would mean….. (fill in the blank). Acosta merely wants to keep the order of the universe.

  91. I can’t believe this… it’s june. we’re not supposed to be doing things like this

  92. 245—I thought that same thing. Please don’t put him on the DL from celebrating.

  93. Soriano totally deserved that win. And Heilman deserves the lose, just because he used to be a Met.

  94. Hahaha. Awesome time to get home! After watching the Hockey game and seeing the Braves down big, imagine my delight to come home and get to see Chipper knock in the winning run! :-D

  95. 2 hr’s from the outfield and good work from the pen. Blanco shouldve had a game winner an inning before but it hit Heilman. Either way, Ive changed my opinion, and Im glad he’s up. Down 5-0 going to the 8th with this offense, unreal

  96. #254 – yeah the crow hops before catches and the wild throws and everything else. However, Id love to have his bat on our team

  97. Ill give credit where its due. Huge clutch hit from Francine and a nice sacrifice in the 11th. I hope Bobby sees what can happen when you make a team earn 3 outs in an inning. You’re at home dont help them out

  98. #256 – he makes crow hops before catches and spins around after throws back to the infield. He’s lazy getting to balls and then makes throws all over the place

    #258 – Alfonso

  99. with a homer and a sac bunt, Bobby will be convinced that Jeffy’s back to top form. Joe Simpson probably wet himself.

  100. I am just discovering that we won….and the 9th inning….I am eagerly awaiting the Braves Journal game summary…..

  101. speaking of Jeffy’s homer, Gameday showed it as a fastball right down the middle — i.e. an incredibly FAT pitch.

  102. 256 — A combination of laziness and hotdogging. His effort on Escobar’s (booting the ball, nearly chucking it away with a halfhearted throw) single pretty much sums his play in left.

  103. Can’t totally fault Heilman for pitching to Chipper there… He can only walk one of Chipper and McCann, and Chip’s already got 2 strikes.

    Of course pitching to Mac would have the upside of a double play possibility, and with the pitcher’s spot after Mac, and only Hernandez and Ross available…

    Still. You could only walk one of them. They chose to face Chip with two strikes rather than Mac with a clean count.

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