D-Backs 3, Braves 2 (11 innings)

Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Box Score – May 30, 2009 – ESPN

This is how we hibernate!
Go (to sleep) Braves!

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother with this team. The Braves scored two runs in the third inning on doubles by KJ and ACHE. And then they did diddly the rest of the game. It was like, “Hey, Vazquez, we got you two runs, what more do you want? If you can’t pitch a shutout, you really don’t deserve to win!”

Javier Vazquez, as is his wont, looked really good for five innings, struggled a bit in the sixth (but got out of a bases-loaded situation with back-to-back strikeouts), and then lost the lead in the seventh. With one out, he gave up an infield single, followed by a double and a single to tie it before O’Flaherty came in to finish the inning. Vazquez struck out eight and walked only one, and deserved a better fate.

Soriano pitched the eighth, and Gonzalez pitched the ninth and tenth. And the Braves didn’t get a single baserunner after a two-out single by Schafer in the eighth. Bennett came in to pitch the eleventh, and allowed a leadoff double; after a bunt, the winning run scored on a single past the drawn-in infield.

Bobby didn’t show up either. After putting up a spastic lineup that had Diaz playing centerfield (Schafer came on for defense just in time to see them blow the lead and need Diaz’s bat) and Chipper and McCann on the bench (Chipper can’t swing righty right now, but I think Brian could have played) he then used Chipper to pinch-hit with two out and nobody on in the ninth. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Francoeur delenda est.

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  1. I’ll stick up for Cox’s use of Jones as a ph. While it would certainly be better to use chipper with runners on, that situation was not available. Instead Cox needed a ph with 2 out and the bases empty. If he’s going to use a ph (instead of having Soriano bat and go a 2nd inning) I think it is better to use Jones than Norton. I’d rather that Norton go unused than Chipper since Jones gives the better chance of getting a hit/homer.

    edit–Soriano had only thrown 9 pitches. I’d have given serious though to having O’F go another inning since he only threw 3 pitches to get the final 2 outs of the 7th. Anything to postpone Bennett.

  2. Bobby was hoping Chipper would just hit one out. Sometimes the thinking of the old man is very simple.

  3. i’m starting to think that hibernation mode isn’t an appropriate term for the 09 braves…hibernation mode, to me, indicates that the team gets a few runs early, is content with the lead and goes to sleep for the final several innings (a la a bear hibernating for winter, obviously).

    However, the thing is, this team is dreadful offensively. The details of which have been very well documented on this site and elsewhere. it seems to me, it’s more a matter of the braves just don’t score runs. the two runs today, for instance, were the exception, not the rule. it’s not that the braves hibernated, they simply reverted back to what they’re gonna do nearly every freaking inning all year.

    if a blind squirrel stumbles upon a nut, but then doesn’t stumble upon another one for another 6 weeks, he’s not hibernating, he’s just a blind squirrel who can’t find a nut. sometimes the braves happen to stumble upon some runs early, usually they don’t. But on the rare occasion when they do (the blind squirrel finding the nut) the rest of the game isn’t hibernating…its just the blind squirrel returning to the hunt for nuts. i think it should be re-named blind squirrel mode, but that’s just me.

  4. he then used Chipper to pinch-hit with two out and nobody on in the ninth. Does that make any sense to anyone?

    Sure, hit a home run, win the game. If he uses Norton, and then the DBacks win in the bottom of the ninth without Chipper getting in, would that make anyone happy?

  5. This will sound like a joke, but I am dead serious. Has the organization ever thought about converting Frenchy to a pitcher? I mean, heck, he was a pretty good one in high school and we know he has a great arm. And him in the OF just isn’t working. Maybe trying to put him on a mound is a better solution than trading him while he has no value, DFA or non-tendering him, or suffering through more awful offensive seasons.

  6. Was the defensive move bringing in Schafer NOT a double switch? If it was for DEFENSE has Cox not seen enough to know that Diaz is twice the defensive player ACHE is?

    If Bobby can’t figure out by TOMORROW, that it is Diaz in left against lefthanders and in right against righthanders until the cavalary comes (and we know it may not), then WREN, DAMNIT, FIRE HIM !!!!!

  7. I, however, don’t fault the Chipper appearance. You had a guy who has high on base skills and power. There was a chance to get up. Bobby had already decided to go with Gonzo in case of a tie, so it gave you a chance to use him for the save. After Gonzo, it was obvious the pitchers would get worse and worse and the chance of winning would drop. it was time to get what could be gotten. The Braves haven’t taken back a lead and kept the lead on the road after the top of the ninth but probably 5 times in the last 9 years.

    But if Bobby doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to bench ACHE and his slow, don’t give manure attitude because he “doesn’t want to insult the veteran”, then Cox should go, and go soon.

  8. Well, if you have to use Chipper — and I think it’s a bad idea, and if you are looking for a homer you should use McCann — why not use him to lead off the inning and hit for Kotchman? He could stay in the game with Prado moving to first.

  9. Cox .. what a goof … your best hitter doesnt get off bench ??? What are you thinking ??? Mccann doesnt even play ?? Also we have the slowest outfield in Braves history … any ball to gap was going to wall with Anderson / Diaz / francour in there … Francour has to sit against righties at least .. Diaz in right agaisnt righties .. Anderson is so slow .. Shaefer is not ready .. we need a whole new outfield period ….. Chipper is gonna stay hurt all year with these littler nagging things .. WE ARE BAD !!! If it wasnt for starting pitching we would be dead last in NL

  10. Looks like he signed in early May. He’s a textbook career minor-leaguer.

    Also, the White Sox acquired Ramon Castro and sent Porky Thriller packing.

  11. He was teaching with an Atlanta Area School before he signed with the Rays. I was surprised the Braves didn’t give him an invite to spring training. I mean, not like he’s worse than ACHE or Frenchy. Well maybe he is, but his minor league numbers are fairly good, and even if he’s replacement level at the major leagues, that’s better than ACHE or Frenchy.

  12. Vazquez must be wondering what he has to do to get a win. His SO numbers are fantastic, but like Jurjjens, he gets crapola for run support.

    Also, go Magic. Cant wait to see how the Lakers deal with Dwight Howard.

  13. Firesale, folks…this team ain’t getting what it needs via a trade. Let’s get ready for 2010 and 2011.

  14. Mac–I liked the recap and I am glad that I missed another Braves’ game. What a lineup! Without McCann and Chipper, it will be surprise when we somehow manage to win. After all, with KJ batting leadoff at .243 and Yunel and Kotchman are the teams chief offensive weapons, one can imagine how NL pitching must enjoy the prospect of playing the Braves….

  15. @3: It’s amazing to me that someone has enough time to waste that he would consider printing T-shirts ridiculing a baseball player and consider that somehow to be a good idea. Well, I guess we can’t all find a cure for cancer.

    In retrospect, one has to wonder if the front office ever really thought this team could score enough runs to win. At this point, the Braves go into every game with, maybe four legitimate hitters–not necessarily great but legitimate–and that’s only if Chipper, McCann, and Escobar all play which is increasingly rare these days.

    And while Vazquez did deserve better, on the other hand, once in a while you would like to see them hold onto a two run lead. The fact is, they were ahead 2-0 going into the 7th inning. You ought to win games like that.
    If Wren really thinks he can’t make a deal before July 31, he might as well not bother because the Braves will be done long before then with this lineup.

  16. Once again I am glad I worked all day and missed nothing.

    Bobby has lost his freaking mind and unless we get a bunch of homerun hitters he will screw it up.

    I may be more fed up with bobby that Jeffy.

  17. Ups and downs on the farm: Cody Johnson–who now has 70 Ks–hit is 17th homerun…Locke got continues to be the most enigmatic pitcher in the system: having carried no-hitters into 2 games and, yet, he has been rocked a couple of times–including last night. Lyman again looked great in relief. A great game by Redmond and at Rome DeVall continues to get it done. The Braves may have discovered a reliever in Clemens….

  18. Thanks for the link to the thoughts on Frenchy. Alberto Callaspo has been a bit of a disappointment (partly due to high expectations), but I don’t think the Royals would go for it….

    Its nice to think about though….

  19. Rudy Jaramillo for Manager. NOW.

    please God, someone put Bobby out of his misery (as in, “Special Assistant” to the GM) and go get Jaramillo. I actually think that McDowell is doing a very good job, but TP needs to take a hike.

  20. 26,

    Very interesting article. With Hanson coming up and Tim Hudson coming back in August or September, I think Jair Jurrjens will be apart of many trade rumors in the next two months.

  21. @26,
    That article isn’t really “thoughts on Frenchy”, it’s a ludacrious trade proposal that I came up with to entertain myself and stimulate discussion. Somehow Cork picked it for baseball blogs weigh in (I don’t know why, I wouldn’t have even picked my own piece) and labeled it as something along the lines of “CAC says getting something for Francoeur is key”, when really that was a small piece of the article. My most recent is more “thoughts on Frenchy” than anything, even though it makes no mention of him.

  22. And for the record I think it’s be a bad idea to trade Jurrjens or Hanson for anything less than a Matt LaPorta or the like.

  23. #31-32–Thank you for the explanation: I never treated it as more than some entertaining ideas–which is what most trade talk amounts to. Besides, after the last week Braves’ fans could use some levity….

  24. amazing; the OPS of our 3 starting OF are: .617; .616; and .615. I think we have found our level (that level being below what Mondesi and Jordan were achieving when they were cut).

  25. glad i went to the regional playoff between FSU-Georgia instead of watching the wretched braves on tv………….. Seminoles won 8-2 but nobdy around here is celebrating yet because they might have to play them at least once again today after using their one truly good pitcher.

  26. @35,
    I’m taking it too seriously because I think it’s stupid to spend time developing a t-shirt designed to ridicule a baseball player? Whatever.

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