Braves 10, D-Backs 6

Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Box Score – May 29, 2009 – ESPN

They just can’t make anything easy, can they? In the first inning, Yunel (back in the lineup, and Thank God) reached on an error, followed by a Chipper single. McCann hit a rocket, but the first baseman stopped it, and they turned a DP that if Brian hadn’t been running they couldn’t have. So here I’m thinking, “here we go again”. But no!

In the second, ACHE, Kotchman, and (unbelieveably) Francoeur, who sucks, hit consecutive singles, making it 1-0. Schafer hit a grounder off the second baseman for an infield single to load the bases. And Jair Jurrjens then doubled down the line, scoring two, which turned into three when the D-Back left fielder threw a ball that… Well, I honestly don’t know what he was thinking, or doing, but it wound up in almost the completely wrong part of the ballpark, making it 4-0. The Braves couldn’t get Jurrjens home, though. He allowed a run in the bottom of the inning to make it 4-1.

But the third, the Braves loaded the bases again, with two out, including a Jurrjens walk. KJ singled home two, and then Escobar hit a massive homer to the second level to make it 9-1. Francoeur hit a little flare in the fourth, scoring McCann, to make it 10-1. Unfortunately, Jair didn’t have his best stuff tonight (it may have been the park) and he gave up a three-run homer in the bottom of the inning to make it 10-4. In the fifth, a standard-issue lollygag routine by ACHE turned a routine single into a double, leading to another run to make it 10-5.

Bennett pitched the sixth unscathed, but Bobby continues to use Moylan as his seventh-inning man when Peter is obviously not right. A walk and two singles later it was 10-6, though fortunately he got a DP to minimize the damage, and O’Flaherty got his man to end the inning. Soriano allowed a two-out single in the eighth. Gonzalez struck out the first two he faced in the ninth, but then KJ botched a routine grounder to end it, followed by a walk to put the tying run on deck. Finally, Gonzalez struck out the last man to end it.

19 thoughts on “Braves 10, D-Backs 6”

  1. That homer by Escobar… Heavens to Betsy. I want some of those frosted tips and a strained hip flexor now.

  2. anyone know why Brandon Jones only got 1 ab on the 26th, 1 ab on the 28th, and didnt play todays game?

    hey back to .500!

  3. I believe Furman Bisher is even older than Bobby?!

    ububba…because this team is a .500 team. It will stay that way until this offense gets some help!

  4. That Bisher article makes me miss FJM. If that guy ever had a brain, he has clearly lost it. According to him not only should the Braves show more patience with Stenchy, but apparently, McCann was an unrated prospect.

  5. …and from Bisher’s point of view, we have no prospects in the minor that’s worth his attention.

  6. We are hanging in there…somehow…most likely because the Phils and Mets neither one seem to want to run away with things. kc is right, this team is a solid .500 team right now, our home and road records are just about even (flip a road win to home and we are 12-12 for both.) Hell, our runs scored to runs allowed has been hovering just above or just below 0 for weeks now. We are even 5-5 in the last ten games. Solid .500 team.

    Actually, considering our complete lack of a MLB outfield, we are doing pretty good to actually be at .500 – I guess we can thank Wren for at least restructuring the pitching staff. ::rolls eyes::

  7. Ah, Furman Bisher. Nothing quite like allowing a senile old codger to share his thoughts with the world. That’s why you get such insightful articles as “Talent on Braves Farm Has Dried Up”.

  8. Tom — I’d be shocked if Bisher has any clue how to turn on a computer, much less access a website and make posts. Maybe he handwrites the posts and gives them to a junior staffer to post.

  9. I think the Braves have shown more damn patience than 98% percent of professional baseball organizations would have. In most cities, Francoeur would have been non-tendered and sent packing after last season.

    Bisher just doesn’t have a clue, 90-years-old or not.

  10. MLBTR relays an article stating that David Dellucci’s been released.

    He’s been barely better than Anderson, in about half as many at-bats. I guess the question is, who’s more likely to get better? Realistically, who would we move out to make room? Anderson would be preferable but you could argue that he’d make Greg Norton redundant.

    Also, Corky Miller has rejoined the ranks of the unemployed

  11. #16–Agreed. When I said patience was the key word–I meant in two ways–underscoring Bisher’s meaning–but also the fact that Bisher’s advocacy is trying our patience….

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