76 thoughts on “32 short films about this game thread: May 30, Braves at D-Backs”

  1. “Here we go again” was exactly what I was thinking after McCann hit into that double play in the first inning last night.

  2. Chipper sitting. Diaz in center — with a fly-ball pitcher on the mound. Oh, dear.

    1. KJ
    2. Escobar
    3. Anderson
    4. Prado, 3B
    5. Diaz, CF
    6. Francoeur, RF
    7. Kotchman
    8. Ross
    9. Vazquez

  3. Furman Bisher column content: “Harrrumph!”.

    Oh and he and Gadfly have never been photographed together. Just sayin’.

  4. still cant get Kelly out of that spot huh? At least we’ll see what Diaz can do. Everything they hit hard yesterday was to cf it seemed like

  5. Does Cox really think of Prado as a cleanup hitter? He sure puts him there a lot lately.

  6. You do have to give Schafer a game off every now and then… You would think the same thing could be said about Francour as well tho..

  7. Wow, that lineup is… special.

    I definitely want Diaz to play more (to have Stenchy and Ganderson sit more). Didn’t really have CF in mind. We might see a lot of flies drop out there today.

  8. Hopefully Vazquez strikes out a ton of guys today so we don’t see too many of those fly balls

  9. If Diaz plays well out there it will at least help destroy one of Superfly’s more ridiculous memes about RF being too demanding defensively for Diaz.

  10. Even if RF is too demanding for Diaz, it has nothing to do with regular high-voltage suckage of our regular RF.

    We need to go and get another RF, that’s all.

  11. So will be able to afford them next year if they continue to pitch as well as they are?

  12. Well, the Braves look like they want to get this game over ASAP.

    Diaz with no problem on a shallow fly ball.

  13. bandit31312,
    DOB says the Braves have no idea how they intend to handle the potential departure of Gonzalez and Soriano. Considering their injury history and the general instability of bullpens, they’ll cross that bridge when they get there.

  14. Mac,

    I think it means that Diaz now doesn’t try to hit the balls 6 inches out of the zone, but rather stops at 4 inches. Thus a little higher iso and a little higher walk rate.

  15. Price is really good, but he won’t get past the 5th or 6th inning of many games if he pitch count continues to stay up like this. Another 47 pitches through just 2 innings today (and that is without allowing a hit).

  16. Goes without saying, Dan. It’s just amazing the AJC would even publish that. What a horrid package that person suggested for MARKAKIS and ROBERTS.

  17. Kelly Johnson, 2009:

    3 homeruns vs. lefties in 40 at-bats (1.075 OPS)

    2 homeruns vs. righties in 109 at-bats (.619 OPS)

  18. And to further support Dan’s point,
    Kelly Johnson, Career
    Vs Lefties: .296/.362/.441
    Vs Righties: .261/.348/.438

  19. @7: I must have missed it, and I’m sure I could check it up easily, but I’m lazy today. How long is Infante expected to be out?

    @2: Yeah, quite a spring training lineup we’ve got out there today.

    @13: It actually isn’t Diaz’s wheels that I don’t think are cut out for RF, it’s his arm. I think Matt is a plus-defender in LF, so it just makes sense to keep him there… I’m very disappointed I don’t get to watch today’s game though, I’d love to see him play CF. Matt Diaz is certainly the most unassuming looking outfielder to play such good defense since Ryan Klesko (in the good moments.)

  20. 28 — that’s hilarious.

    If Spilborghs is cheap, then I could get on board. When used part time, he’s had good on base stats. He’s playing more or less everyday this year and it’s gone down. He’s hit lead off, 2nd, and 5th this year (don’t know stats at each). Has played CF and LF. Not as much power as we’d like, but definitely better than what we’ve got.

  21. It didn’t really matter on that play, but yet again, ACHE lollygagged, then just stopped forty feet away from the play. He just completely lacks hustle.

  22. And… another patented Bobby Cox leaving the starting pitcher in one inning too long game. How did we ever win those 14 titles in a row? It just goes to show how little major league managers actually matter at least during the 162 game regular season.

  23. Id like to see Schafer run here

    Edit: nevermind, need to clear Frenchys spot this inning

    Edit #2 – good grief, he’s a lost cause

  24. Mark Grace was absolutely right on Schafer…that was a great swing. I wish they hadn’t called him up this season.

  25. I wonder how Jordan felt hitting in front of Frenchy. Im sure all players hate that kind of protection

  26. How you can swing at a pitch around your eyes and then swing again at the next pitch around your ankles is beyond me.

    Will this sucker ever go away?

  27. @50 – Are you serious? Javy under 90 pitches throwing a 4 hit shutout. I would have thrown him out there in a second. Things just happen sometimes, but in no way was that Bobby’s fault. He did the RIGHT thing there.

  28. Gonzo has an undeserved win this year over the D-Backs via a blown save … statistically speaking, he’s probably due for an ‘L’ on his record to balance things. And even if he gets out of this, with Chipper and Diaz out of the game, McCann resting and Soriano/Gonzo already burned up, the chances of victory are slim anyhow.

    I guess what I’m saying is … if we’re going to lose, might as well lose it now, since the bullpen is facing a potentially long day tomorrow.

  29. Now Johnson is swinging at the first pitch a lot.

    Isn’t Escobar, Diaz and Francoeur enough first-pitch swingers for one team?

  30. 62, that would be too easy. I say we’ll lose in the 18th inning on a walkoff-homerun by the catcher.

  31. bad thing about the braves on radio, extra innings – you get so tired of the same commercials over and over

  32. saw that one coming as soon as Bennett popped out of the pen

    3 more K’s for the Gwinnett County Out Machine

  33. Oh well, still 3.5 out. Maybe four if Phillies win.

    Why the hell wouldn’t you intentionally walk there?

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