Ha-ha Hampton game thread: May 2, Astros at Braves

Can he pitch again today? Can he at least come out for batting practice so the fans can boo him again?

The Braves are the .500est team that ever .500ed. They are 11-11 and have a run differential of zero. Let’s get above .500, how about it?

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  1. How ’bout another 7-2 today?

    From previous thread:
    Gotta admit that I’m not much of a prog-rock guy anymore. I had my dalliances with Rush in my teens, but I never really liked ELP or Yes or Dream Theater.

    So my exposure to Isis is limited, but from what I’ve heard I like ’em better than Mastodon, but maybe not The Mars Volta (still, gotta be in the mood for them) .

    Off to Yankee Stadium. Rain, rain, stay away…

  2. I understand Francoeur defending Hampton. But I dont like it. I would rather it come from Mccann or Chipper. The reincarnated ryan langerhans needs to be quiet.

  3. RE: Isis, Mars Volta, prog rock

    I like Isis. I don’t know why I can’t get into Mastodon. and Mars Volta, I only enjoy their 1st album. Everything after that I just don’t like.

  4. I saw it on DOB’s blog. I think it was this:

    1. Schafer
    2. Escobar
    3. Chipper
    4. Kotchman
    5. Jeffy
    6. Kelly
    7. Ross
    8. B. Jones

  5. Wow, that poor defense plus a string of awful at-bats must have finally gotten through to Bobby on KJ. I can only hope Jordan Schafer’s ready for the leadoff spot, but since we already know Kelly isn’t I’m glad to see the change.

  6. Btw, more news out of Gwinnett:

    After only one game Brian McCann has already ditched the glasses, but hitting coach Jamie Dismuke has him on a new regimen that is already showing some promise…

    Stretch out with your feelings…

  7. It’s starting to storm here a little north of Atlanta. The game may be delayed (which is entirely speculation on my part).

  8. glad to see schafer getting his shot. imo, he is going to be the key to this team’s success. if he can be a productive #1, then everything might fall into place. kelly and escobar seemed to have never grasped the leadoff role.

  9. #3…….better players have better thoughts and opinions?? ………i was laboring under the illusion that people (including boderline outfielders and that noted thinker, chipper)could say whatever the hell they want. and reporters report whatever the hell they deem reportable.

  10. FOX’s picture pixilates more than any other channel. I notice this during my occasional forays into their non-sports programming as well. Why?

  11. Well, it looks like there’s a window between the line currently in Atlanta and Mac’s Mississippi rain, so I would guess in the nex half-hour to an hour.

  12. Did anyone see Furman Bisher’s latest article? That piece of drivel is unbelievably idiotic. He thinks the Braves have abandoned their farm system and turned into the Yankees. Huh?

  13. People in that area seem to be very concerned about their weather. I was in Arkansas in late February and the entire weekend featured a giant Doppler radar map covering a quarter of the screen on Little Rock broadcast stations 24/7. And there was basically nothing going on. It was snowing the last day, but the first two or three, it was basically showing a radar map of moderate rain. I thought the local news in Atlanta was bad about terrorizing people about weather.

    Incidentally, I live a few miles northeast of Downtown and the rain has let up considerably here.

  14. Bisher has really taken his horseshit to a new level of stupidity. THE BRAVES HAVE A “DRIED UP” FARM SYSTEM? Has this hack even paid attention to anything besides the Josh Anderson trade?

    Oh, yeah. Here’s what a “dry” farm system looks like:

    Jordan Schafer.
    Tommy Hanson.
    Jason Heyward.
    Freddie Freeman.
    Kris Medlen.
    Jeff Locke.
    Julio Teheran.
    Cole Rohrbough.
    Gorkys Hernandez.
    Randall Delgado.
    Brett DeVall.
    Zeke Spruill.
    Brandon Hicks.
    Charlie Morton.
    Todd Redmond.


  15. In case anyone wants to know they’re doing a tribute to Skip on mlb.tv during the rain delay. Wow, reminded again how great he was and how much I miss him!

  16. Joel, I was listening in and thinking the same thing. sigh.

  17. Fisher has a point.

    The braves do not regret losing Marquis, they will always regret losing Wainright. They also traded Jason Schmidt for Denny Neagle, which really helped to finish second to the Yankees for two years. That was a BAD trade.

    The braves acted like they could not wait to get rid of Jermaine Dye for some reason, yet they give Kelly Johnson every chance in the world. Matt Diaz/Garrett Anderson can lose 1 in the lights a week yet Brandon Jones sits on the bench, not doing anything.

    The braves are not developing players like they used to. Once upon a time we got Glavine, Avery, Schmidt, Justice, Klesko, Lopez, Chipper (can’t remember if Gant was home grown all they way or not), etc. Now we get Escobar, KJ, Frenchy, B. Jones and Prado. They are all fair players, but only McCann in recent years is a true ‘franchise’ player

    (In all fairness if I am going to take shots at those guys, we must give them props for McCann.)

    The last sort of impact arm the braves brought up (and used on the big club) was Millwood, and he was never more than a average 2, good 3. I know Tommy Hanson is the ‘chosen one’ and could easily change that, but who comes AFTER him. One every 10 years isn’t enough. Can Reyes devlop and compliment him. How good is Morton? We don’t know. Who is next after Hanson? If Hanson doesn’t pan out, folks, we are in world of hurt.

    The farm system is not as bad as Bisher’s article states, but the team has traded some really good players for short term rentals in short sided deals. I think that is the jest of the article as I read it. I also agree with him.

  18. I’m pretty sure Furman Bisher was talking about the Milwaukee Braves. The last time he actually watched a Braves game was in 1959.

  19. Millwood a good 3? Jesus! He won an ERA title in the American League, remember??

  20. I didn’t mean to leave Andruw off my list off the ‘good list’. my bad.

  21. Yeah, and Millwood also had weight issues and got rocked several years in Atlanta. He pitched great when money was on the table in contract years, but he has had several very average years in his career.

  22. They also traded Jason Schmidt for Denny Neagle, which really helped to finish second to the Yankees for two years. That was a BAD trade.

    The Schmidt deal didn’t hurt Atlanta. The rotation was a plus for the Braves until 2006, when Schmidt was already done. The Braves almost won a World Series with Neagle’s help, then got a 20 win season from him the next year before trading him for Remlinger (an All-Star set-up man for several years) and Boone (an above average 2b for one year before he was dealt).

  23. #33, if that is your true opinion, I feel no need to talk to you about Millwood again. Or baseball.

    To your information, Kevin’s Atlanta record is 75-46 with a 3.73 ERA.

  24. spd also left out a ton of good prospects, too. Not trying to pick on spd, he did a good job of naming all the premium prospects, the ones that everyone knows about, I’m just trying to further illustrate the point he makes. Our farm is loaded.

  25. Why start the game if it’s gonna rain and cancel out both starting pitchers? Damn umpires should have to come up with bullpens to deal with the remaining innings of this series.

  26. Well, the rain got Oswalt out of the game. If JJ can continue, advantage Bravos.

    Oh, well. So much for that notion.

  27. 35

    My point was not to bash Millwood, or the farm system. I have issues with how the organization has used the system since about a decade or so.

    The farm system can look really good on paper, but if they never get to the Majors and contribute, all it is good for is to give fans like us hope.

    The farm system can look good on paper, but if you trade those guys for good players that you don’t lock up long term then all it is good for is to give fans like us hope.

    Before anyone gets on me about ‘Glavine and Maddux and Smoltz don’t come along but every once in awhile’, I know that. However, everyone else seems to find Longorias and Santanas and Becketts and Sizemores and Hammels, etc, why can’t Atlanta?

    I hope Hanson, Schaffer, Freeman, and Heyward are going to be what we all believe they will be. I don’t like Wren, but I hope he is going to give alot of those guys on sdp’s list a chance to help the club in the future like he seems to want to do.

  28. Is the game back on? If so, thanks a lot Fox for not switching back even though the Braves game is my region. Typical.

  29. Carlyle’s pitching into a 4th inning jam, not all of his doing apparently.

  30. I kinda wish they had added a retractable roof when they built Turner Field. Though I guess that would have been hard to do with the Olympics and all.

  31. Game is more than likely over. I give the Braves about a 5% chance of scoring at least 5 runs on consecutive days.

  32. So tell me again, what’s the point of having James Parr on the team if we’re not going to hit for Carlyle down by 3?

  33. This team gives away sooooo many outs….

    Top of the lineup up, single, walk, no runs. Yeesh.

  34. Not great but he’s a rookie and a pick off might not be quite as boneheaded as a genuine Yunel … maybe a semi-Yunel.

  35. FOX just thought the Mets-Phillies game would be more interesting, no matter the market, and they would be right.

    MUCK THE FETS! I could be dying of a terminal illness but seeing the Mets lose would make me smile.

  36. According to the radio guys, Schafer took off during the delivery then the pitcher stepped toward first.

    A Yunel.

  37. schafer is like a giddy 5 year old on christmas morning… he can’t help but swing at any and all the junk the pitcher throws up there

  38. DOWN GOES DIAZ!!! DOWN GOES DIAZ!!! what’s new, there’s another guy who just closes his eyes and swings at everything

  39. 65–Schafer may have a lot of faults but being swing happy is not one of them–his 17 walks are tied for 6th in NL.

  40. Schafer is seeing 4.17 pitches per plate appearance–Diaz is 3.66.

    Chipper is 3.18 (down from 3.7 over his career) and Yunel is 2.96.

    MLB avg is 3.85 so, again, Schafer is anything but swing happy.

    edit–info from baseball-reference

  41. He’s swinging at a ton of terrible pitches… thats what I’m getting at frank. He should have at least 10 more walks because he’s striking out pitches which are balls

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