Astros 5, Braves 1

Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 02, 2009 – ESPN

Rain again. This time, after two innings, knocking Jurrjens, and Roy Oswalt, out of the game. Normally I’d think that was a pretty good exchange, but the Astros bullpen held the Braves to one run over the seven innings they pitched, that one run on a wild pitch. Basically, the Braves didn’t bother to return from the rain delay. Buddy Carlyle gave up three runs in the fourth to take the loss, and the Braves never seriously threatened to get back in the game. The only good news is that Bobby got through the game with only three relievers, none of them key performers, while the Astros used five.

Kelly Pipp was back in the lineup today, hitting seventh, while Schafer led off. Schafer had two hits, but struck out three times and was picked off first; KJ was 2-3 with a walk. The Braves had seven hits, but six walks; the Astros twelve and none. The Braves struck out nine times.

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  1. Our offense stinks, and I hate seeing Schafer batting first until he cuts down his strikeouts.

  2. Why not hit him leadoff? If you’re really concerned with strikeouts — and I am not — wouldn’t you want him where there are few runners to advance?

  3. I definitely want to see Schafer reduce his Ks, but getting on base 3 out of 6 times is what you want to see from a leadoff man. KJ, getting on 3 out of 4 times this time, keeps on showing that he can hit anywhere but lead off.

  4. I would like to see this lineup tomorrow. It stinks not having anyone who can hit cleanup. Diaz has been underwhelming lately (especially with Ks), but I think he’s going to break out of it. I really want to see Escobar get a rest so he can get his head on straight – particularly on the bases.

    1 – Schafer CF
    2 – Infante SS
    3 – Chipper 3B
    4 – Diaz LF
    5 – Francoeur RF
    6 – Prado 1B
    7 – KJ 2B
    8 – Ross C
    9 – Reyes P

  5. Kotchman’s slugging percentage is now under .400. He has to hit for some power or he’s unacceptable. He did hit 14 homers last year, and I thought he might increase that a little bit more this year. At least his OBP is decent.

  6. Schafer’s been our 2nd best hitter so far. I might consider batting him and Chipper back to back.

    SS Escobar
    1b Kotchman
    CF Schafer
    3b Chipper
    RF Francoeur
    2b KJ
    LF B. Jones/Diaz
    C Ross

  7. Wonder if KK will get pushed back another few days with JJ getting the start since he only went 2 today.

    Really putrid offense today …

  8. I’d bat Schafer and Kotchman at the top of the order too. But without McCann, this all feels like re-arranging deck chairs on the titanic.

  9. We’re going to Bark In The Park tomorrow so I was pretty bummed to see JJ get moved up. And totally for naught, it turns out.

    Anyone else going with their dog?

    Thanks for the tips on Citi, ububba. I’ll give you the heads up once we figure it all out.

  10. I agree with Adam that until McCann returns, the offense just isn’t going to be all that intimidating. The radio guys were talking today about how Cox has been trying to figure out the cleanup spot. Well, to me it’s not complicated: “McCann” is about as much as you need to know. With BMac, this is an above-average offensive club, probably among the elite against RHP. Without him, it’s mediocre.

    Anyhow, pretty good pitching today from the long men. Poor defense was mostly responsible for Carlyle’s big inning. Cutting down on the wasted baserunners is imperative going forward.

  11. I did not get the chance to watch yesterday, but reading about it reminds me of Sunday games in recent years. That is, the Braves play well on Friday and Saturday (sometimes winning) and then seemingly fail to show up for the Sunday day game.

    I think that even with McCann the lineup will at times be decisively underpowered. We can tolerate Kotchman or Diaz/B. Jones/Anderson but not both….

  12. KC–Did you see that DeVall got his first start at Rome last night? Not a bad effort and I am guessing that he was on a pitch count.

    But how about Deunte Heath? 6.1 innings and 9 Ks and only one walk. If Heath can keep that going he will be ticketed to Gwinnett…

  13. Craig Kimbrel’s problems continue–he has just been sent back to Rome. Something more than experimenting with a new pitch has made 2009 a spring Kimbrel would like to foget….

    Richard Sullivan, Pruneda and Gustafson are headed to the Beach….

  14. I think Schafer’s skills and stats make him a right candidate to be a leadoff hitter, but I just don’t like the team to put him at the top of the order so soon as he was rushed. But what the hack, our offense sucks. Let’s do it anyway and see what will happen. I honestly think the Sizemore comparison is turning out to be very accurate.

    Stephen, I am seeing Heath as a right-handed version of JoJo, but I can see he is starting to turn the corner on his control. Hope he will learn faster than JoJo!

    Hope Kimbrel will be alright, but his performance last season was so good that he gave us such a high expectation. Pruneda is one nasty relief pitcher in Rome. Let’s see how well he will do in MB.

    Now that DeVall has made his way to Rome…what’s wrong with Rohrbough again?!

  15. Putz killing continued last night. I wonder if Putz will have anything left in the second half.

    Hey Omar, I am sure you must be very happy to have Ollie Perez back!

    I wonder if Bobby will pitch JJ for the second game of the Mets series since he only pitched two innings yesterday. Hey, that gives KK one more day of rest!

  16. Can Furman Bisher be more annoying? It’s not the first time he wrote that. Is he just trying to get some attention by writing something completely inaccurate?

  17. Apparently Rohrbough has a hamstring injury, but I don’t know what has happened to Heyward. I hope its not the knee….

  18. escobar’s increased muscle capacity, like francoeur’s added muscle last year, has hurt more than helped. he looks slow, in the field and on the bases.

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