Passing on a request game thread: April 24, Braves at Reds

John Strubel is writing a book about the July 4-5, 1985 Mets-Braves game (the Fireworks Game). He’s interested in anyone who was at the game or viewed it “in its entirety” on TBS. (I dunno, maybe you could have missed a bit of the middle innings.) He can be contacted at

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  1. I was a budding Braves fan then, but I don’t recall that game. (I wasn’t even 6 at the time.) Anyone care to enlighten me about what was special about it?

  2. I was 7 at the time and would watch all the Braves games in bed on a B&W television with a 2″ screen that was about the size of the car battery. I truly was an avid Braves fan even then, but the only reason I continued to watch was to see if they would show the fireworks after the game. I vividly remember the seeing the Camp HR live (in I guess the 18th) but I can’t remember if I had been dosing off before then or not. Great game.

  3. Sadly, although I was nine, I don’t remember watching the game, and I lived in Arkansas so I wasn’t there. I’d definitely be interested in reading more about it once Mr. Strubel is done.

  4. That’s a great topic for a book. I wonder if he’d be interested in my story of the world’s longest makeout session, enabled by my high school sweetheart’s father telling us that we could watch the game, but I had to go home once it was over….

  5. That’s a great story Sansho1. I was living in CA at the time and remember bits of it, but especially the ending!

  6. Anderson will (sadly) be right back in the starting lineup in another few weeks. Maybe B. Jones can play well enough in the next couple of weeks that Wren will realize that Anderson is worthless.

  7. That Elvis song always destoys me. I gotta break out my old vinyl of King of America..

    I wasn’t at the 7/4/85 game, but my memories of watching it involve a daylong series of Athens parties, whiffleball, some rain, a lotta beer & the Butthole Surfers. By the time Rick Camp hit his HR, it almost made sense.

    Today on WFAN, I actually heard a Met fan say this: “If Omar [Minaya] doesn’t start holding people accountable, I may jump off a bridge.”

    Fill in punchline.

  8. You know, anything can sound dirty in the right (wrong?) context.

    Sansho hits behind the runner.
    Sansho working the count.
    Sansho swings a maple bat.
    Sansho expanding the strike zone behind in the count.


  9. Sansho swings and misses!

    Sansho taking it deep!

    Sansho gives her the high hard one!

  10. Sansho botches the DP

    Mac blocks the plate but Sansho slides in safely

    Sansho gets doubled up at home

    Mac splinters Sansho’s maple bat

  11. Sansho tried to turn a double into a triple, but he was thrown out and not allowed to return to second base.

  12. Sansho guns it in behind the runner

    Sansho gobbles up a slow dribbler and hums it to the bag just in time

    Sansho linked to allegations of juicing A-rod

  13. “Sansho gobbles up a slow dribbler and hums it to the bag just in time”

    Haha, Jesus…

  14. Mac squats behind the plate and sansho shakes him off twice before he comes with a backdoor slider

  15. Someone at DOB’s blog said that McCann was scratched for eye reasons. Oh, boy.

    And there’s Boog with the same report. McCann might need to go ahead and have the surgery.

  16. As for Taveras, he sucks, but he kills us. His career OBP against the Braves is .374, and he’s scored 20 runs in 26 games counting tonight.

  17. 5 BB in one inning–yuck

    Edit–maybe he’ll plunk Esco again just to save himself 3 pitches

  18. Looked like it but at least Vasquez had the right approach. DONT SWING!!!
    Hopefully all the hitters will take notice. Would be about time. There should have been even more walks.

  19. Escobar — no take. Can’t go out like that. (I’m listening, so i have no idea where the pitches were)

  20. It is gonna be hard to get used to a great Francoeur after the 2006-2008 version…really the version since after his first six weeks in 2005.

  21. there are few things more ugly than a Diaz ab against a right hander but please shock me. need insurance badly

  22. PHEW it wasn’t easy, it never is, but overall I thought he pitched pretty well.

    Votto scared me the most and he did well against him.

  23. One of the most entertaining game threads in a while…. Bravo Sansho! You are a man of many talents, seemingly all of which have been recognized here.

  24. Aaargh! 2 TVs in the house, the mife watching 20/20 on one and two daughters and 3 other kids watching Beverly Hills Chihuahuaon the other!

    Shoot me now, please!

    (BTW – ESPN says it’s top 8th, 2 out, Chipper at bat…)

  25. Sign of the apocalypse = Francouer getting two walks and a homer in the same month, no I mean same game.

  26. 2 straight one run road wins…please wake me up

    our pitching was awesome, esp with the tight zone tonight

    9IP 8H 3ER 3BB 12K

  27. Does the ESPN gamecast run slow? Here it’s still one out in bottom of 9th.

    ETA: House is kind of small. No real space for a third set.


  28. Can’t say it was that fun of a game to watch, but good win nonetheless. Solid pitching

  29. OK…Votto strikes out looking to end the game, and ESPN Gamecast gives the Braves a 94% chance of winning.

    Gotta love the slow updates. :)

  30. Just checking in…this thread is amazing.

    sansho toes the mound, shakes off Uncle Charlie, and buzzes one up and in.

  31. Is that like when weather reports say “80% chance of rain” in the middle of a severe thunderstorm? lol




    Send this Fred Hickman hack back to wherever the hell he came from.

  33. I keep saying I’m going to do the wall of TV’s every time American Idol conflicts with the game. Once the tiki bar is built, problem solved.

  34. this isnt good, Joe and Boog didnt say anything about it during the game either

    CINCINNATI — Having realized no improvement while attempting to exhaust all of the alternatives, Brian McCann has come to the realization that he may have to once again undergo Lasik surgery to repair the vision in his left eye.

    After experiencing blurred vision again in his left eye during batting practice at Great American Ball Park on Friday night, McCann removed himself from the lineup. His status for the final two games of this weekend’s series against the Reds appears doubtful.

    per Braves website

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