102 thoughts on “Just hoping to stay in the wildcard hunt game thread: April 16, Marlins at Braves”

  1. man this is a great quote…

    While some fans might have felt Anderson appeared lackadaisical during his pursuit of those balls, Cox supported his outfielder by explaining that he simply looks graceful when he’s running.

    “He gets to balls,” Cox said. “He’s a glider. He glides so easy.”

    anyways, with Chip and Mac out of the lineup any guesses at what Bobby will run out there?

  2. Who was telling me a couple of days ago that the Marlins didn’t have enough pitching to threaten?

    It’s over, I tell you.

  3. 1. KJ
    2. Ruben Gotay
    3. Jeff Francoeur
    4. Corky Miller
    5. Garrett Anderson
    6. Francoeur
    7. Francoeur
    8. Francoeur
    9. The Samurai

  4. Escobar

    If KJ homers in each of his ABs, we have a chance.

  5. Maybe. I originally had Infante there, but Prado hasn’t gotten the start yet, and I figured it would make some sense to get him in there today.

  6. I am glad Andruw is doing well in the American League.

    Good that Kawakami got his first win in his last start. Otherwise he will easily be 0-2 with today’s lineup.

    I bet he must be thinking, “Man, the lineup of my former team back in Japan is much better than that!”

  7. had Boyer not come into the game yesterday, we would’ve had another 1-run loss

    it’s a day game! lineup


  8. per foxsports

    Ross (thought he was on DL)

  9. my lineup would have been…

    g. anderson

    a day without chipper and mccann would be a good day to test schafer in the leadoff role.

  10. Ah, nothing like playing hookie to catch day game on the couch….gotta love them Kelly days!

  11. I have a sneaking suspicion that JeffBlog is ghost-written by some poor PR intern. I’ve been wrong before, though. Maybe Frenchy’s just got a good editor and a pocket thesaurus.

  12. Please distribute a liberal sprinkling of “F-ing”s in the following statement.

    We better not get swept by the fish… it won’t end the season, but it will be mighty obnoxious.

    oh, and Dave Ross may be able to come off the DL today… well, it has been 15 days since he went on (April 1st), but I don’t know if he’s healthy enough for it.

  13. On the radio Bobby just said Ross is ready to go. Of course, (while explaining Chipper’s bruise) he also said he can still feel the first jam he got in 1960.

  14. Kelly just took his mind off the play and dropped the ball in anticipation of throwing it to first.

    Annnnd, doesn’t look good for us now.

  15. I was just starting to think about taking a long lunch break to listen to this game. Might as well stay and get something done.

  16. TomL been working well for me the last few days after lots of trouble in the beginning.

    It’s even working with the “nextdef” plugin right now.

  17. Wait, wait, don’t tell me… Kelly had to move to his right?

    I just don’t understand how a guy who is clearly so athletic can have such a problem with a play I’ve been making with ease since I was 9.

    Also, from the last thread: The guy complaining about how we didn’t fill “any holes” was just hilarious. I can’t remember who said it first, but if you remember before the Vazquez deal our starting rotation looked like this:


    There just weren’t too many bullpen options out there that made sense, and all the guys we’re complaining about now looked like they’d be good options. (Also, Wren actually didn’t spend “nothing” on the ‘pen, he added Boone Logan and O’Flaherty.) We had much bigger needs than to throw big money at redundancies like Putz of K-Rod, and as much as I like Ohman its not like he’s a sure thing, and by the time his price had come down he was probably ready to move on after the early lowball offer(s) the Braves made.

  18. Reality check time:

    W-L Record: 5-3
    Games ahead of Phillies: 0.5
    Games ahead of Mets: 1.0
    Games behind wildcard: 0.5
    Team OPS: .814, 2nd best in the NL
    Team Slugging%: .480, leads NL

    Let’s keep things in perspective here.

  19. @47: Oh, it was on the turn? Weird, he’s usually alright on that… I wince everytime the guy goes up the middle. I love the guy, and his offense is a huge plus from 2B, but he still hasn’t figured out that play, which just baffles me.

  20. GO GARRET! (I had to, since no one else would…)

    Marlins played the Nats for three already too, and we’re still ahead of them in OPS and Slugging.

    We’ve had a couple early struggles, but that’s bound to happen. We’ll get things together soon enough… I like how we’re looking. (Though to be fair I haven’t had to physically watch any of the losses.)

  21. I have to say that I really love the new MLB.TV Premium. It’s got neat features and good quality.

  22. oldtimer? I did too. I lost my feed for the entire bottom half of the inning. But it’s back now.

  23. Shafer has a hole in is swing and the league has found it quick. Let’s see how he adjusts.

  24. Re: 72

    Ahhh, that’s more like it. Just didn’t seem like bravesjournal without a Frenchy bashing post.

  25. Is Joe Simpson reading this thread? He just echoed what Smitty said about the hole in Schafer’s swing.

  26. Timo, the only problem with MLB.TV is thta they are some 60 seconds behind Gameday and I can’t help checking. Takes away a lot of fun to know the Marlins will be up 4-2 a minute before you actually watch it happen.

  27. Oh, and where are my beloved condensed games?? They were advertised, but there are none. Or is it just my incompetence to find them?

  28. are they under archive? I havent checked yet.
    it is sow today, since the 4th inning when it hiccuped.

  29. Tom, I agree, you gotta keep from checking gameday ;-)
    I haven’t found the condensed games yet either. Loved the feature.

  30. how does a pitcher have this line

    5.1IP 11H .478BAA – ERA 1.69

    Jeff Bennett is the luckiest pitcher in the league at this point

  31. In addition to Anderson and Francouer (@90), who had Bennett coming in and pitching two strong innings?

  32. Ouch, what are the chances of us playing wife swap with our hitting coach and The Rangers hitting coach?

  33. Well, we got swept in April. I guess it’s all over. Trade everyone. Rebuild. Repent. The end is nigh.

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