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  1. from the last thread…

    I have to admit I thought the same thing as Stu @51(that DOB used to be more balanced in his coverage of the team). I have some email I swapped with him when he first started. He went native in a hurry. But given his level of access depends on his relationship with the club, I guess I have some sympathy. I just take his column for what it is though.

  2. Pretty good FJM style article addressing the Mutts VP of Business Ops response to criticisms of the House that Chipper Built

  3. #3
    I was listening to that guy on WFAN yesterday. When he tried to tell the listeners that the new stadium has “blind spots,” but “no obstructed seats,” I turned the radio off. It was insulting.

    I’ll see for myself on May 12 when the Braves are in town.

  4. @2

    I will add to what I said in the last thread by saying that I think that it’s probably somewhat natural for a beat writer to be a little bit more predisposed towards defending the team. He’s there every day, starts developing a working relationship with players, etc. I think if you want a frank, thorough and blistering criticism of the team, the beat writer is probably the wrong place to go. The beat writer gives daily information on the team. It’s really a columnist’s job to rip the entire operation ruthlessly to shreds through his/her writing.

    But I would guess that DOB is among the more candid beat writers currently working in the majors. A blog like his seems to be a rarity, and while he couches his terms, I have frequently seen him imply that he would’ve gone a different direction than the team did in his blog. It’s possible that he’s gotten a little more defensive of the team recently than he has been, and it’s possible that he’s subconsciously doing that to offset the Griffey fiasco. In any case though, comparing him to Mark Bowman is vastly overstating the matter.

  5. From the last thread…

    So if DOB has an opinion that happens to coincide with the organization’s but is contrary to commenters, he is automatically a mouthpiece for the organization? As for “2008,” that seems to be a typo; he obviously meant his last good year was several years ago. It annoys me when people look for nits to nail someone on.

    (a) It’s not just one opinion that “happens” to coincide.

    (b) “2008” is clearly not a typo.

    (c) I wasn’t looking for nits. I used the bit Ethan quoted as a jumping off point, perhaps wrongly, but my problem is with DOB’s coverage as a whole, which has become more and more mouthpiece-y over the years.

  6. DOB:

    Chipper’s gonna be out at least a few days, probably. Not DL, though. Said he’ll probably be “day-to-day” after tomorrow or Friday.

    Mac will be off tomorrow, which means lineup will be without Chipper and him.

    Marlins sweep looking a lot more likely.

  7. My daddy worked 60 hours a week for 40 years through bruises and pains and aches. Grow a pair, CHIPPER.

  8. @3

    I read that article and I’ve got to say, I think the “obstructed view” complaint is being overblown.

    What people are complaining about in the outfield seats is the same thing that happens in a hockey arena, where if you’re sitting close to the ice, you can’t see the puck/ice/skates along the nearside boards because the boards are between you and the action. That’s the price you pay for sitting close.

    The outfield fence blocks the view of the outfielder if he has to run up to the fence to make a play. I don’t see the big deal on that particular issue. I think they’re right to not build a stadium with a high sloping grandstand just so people can get a birds eye view of an outfielder making a catch on the warning track.

    Just from looking at a picture of the stadium, it looked like there could be some seats in the outfield though that can’t see a pretty sizable portion of left field. The seats down the left field line in particular. The left-center field seats seem fine.

  9. DOB posted tonight’s lineups


    1. Bonifacio, 3B
    2. Baker, C
    3. Ramirez, SS
    4. Cantu, 1B
    5. Uggla, 2B
    6. Hermida, LF
    7. Ross, RF
    8. Maybin, CF
    9. Miller, LH

    1. KJ, 2B
    2. Infante, 3B
    3. Escobar, SS
    4. McCann, C
    5. Diaz, LF
    6. Francoeur, RF
    7. Kotchman, 1B
    8. Schafer, CF

  10. “Hyoooman! Hyoooman!” Jon Voigt sounds like he’s doing an incredibly un-PC impersonation of a retarded person. Which is actually the crux (well, without Voight) of another terrible movie: The Idiots.

  11. @12

    It’s not just the outfield walls, but also the seats in front that are blocking the view. Because the outfield seats are so close to the action, higher seats can’t see below them because of the angle. Also, I believe ones that are really high up in the pavilion have the opposite field blocked by the overhang, I believe.

    But, that’s pretty commonplace in every park.

  12. For all those who thought Ludwick just had a fluke season last year, be forewarned – the dude is legit. He looks like a beast right now.

  13. Batting Bonifacio leadoff and dropping Maybin down is a knee-jerk reaction by the Marlins, and a bad one at that.

  14. Good comeback from Lowe. Let’s hope he gets some more efficient innings the rest of the way. :-)

  15. I just realized, this is a young, unproven LHP, and we’re playing the Marlins. We should be ecstatic that we were able to plate one!

  16. I think that’s 12 in a row.

    And KJ in the 3 hole vs. a RHP, but YEsco there vs. a lefty is fine.

  17. My question is who will bat cleanup tomorrow. Anderson, Kotchman, or Francoeur? Ugh.

  18. we either can’t hit. or these guys have the best pitching rotation in the history of baseball. through 14 innings I think we have 4 hits. Holy

  19. Gaa!!! I think Schafer makes it if he runs. Guess he was still wishing his foul ball was fair.

  20. re: Schafer- it was a low-and-away pitch that Schafer tried to check his swing at. The ball bounced away from the catcher, and with 1B open, Schafer, just stood there at the plate as if he didn’t think he swung (he definitely went around). The catcher bobbled the ball a bit before Schafer began to jog down the line to be forced out. If he’d busted out of the box, he probably makes it by a step or two.

  21. Like I said, Moylan sucks. Not looked good at all this year.

    I think his time in the pen will be short term at this point.

  22. Seriously, why the hell are you intentionally walking Jeremy Hermida with one on in a tie game?

  23. Moylan couldn’t locate his sinker at all, but I don’t think that means he “sucks.”

  24. That’s SOOO many hard-hit balls that have gone for naught tonight. It’s killing me.

  25. Bobby Cox is the anti-tactician. Everything he touches turns to Duke. Why the hell would he bring in Moylan when Carlisle is buzz-bombing these guys?

    And you can have Escobar. Is it Latin Loafing Night? Infante and Escobar only hustle when things are going well.

    Do we have a stud shortstop in the system? If so, I’d trade Escobar before his Claudellishness is understood league-wide.

    This is just like last year and the year before that – just good enough to break your heart.

  26. Calero was a pretty good reliever with Oakland. Hard to believe the Marlins got him on a minor league deal.

  27. blaine “good stuff” boyer gives up a walk, a hit batsman, and and a line drive to give the marlins an insurance run. when is the madness going to stop? i am officially on a “cut boyer campaign”.

    holy shit, another run. blowyer sux.

  28. We need to go all Lincoln on the bullpen. Ole Abe ran through generals like, well, Grant through Georgia, until he found Grant.

    Send them packing!

  29. Soriano is the only trustworthy arm in the ‘pen right now, and that thought is bloody frightening. This is inexcusable.

  30. Yeah, Boyer is only like Kolb in ERA and whatnot.

    Francoeur leadoff single. Would be nice if it was still a one run game.

  31. no, Chip is still an idiot. It’s against the rules to say anything nice about Chip.

  32. 8 more walks given up by our staff tonight. Here’s something they should focus on – throwing strikes! Cant win when you put that many baserunners on

  33. can you change your name to “chief negativity” please? it would at least cushion some of the “kick us while we’re down” posts.

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