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  1. (and with the Bobby Cox explanation)[and the Cliff commentary]

    1. CF: Infante (he needs some work out there)

    2. 2B: Prado (he swings a good bat and needs some work out there)

    3. 3B: Norton (Greg can play lots of places and help us a lot and Chip needs a day off to rest the bruised thumb).

    4. C: McCann (We’ve had a lot of off days) [and no way Bobby gives him a day off now]

    5. 1B: Kotchman (He just needs a few more at bats to get it going.)

    6. LF: Schafer (Kid has really been swinging the bat)[and since Bobby is carrying 8 relievers, we only have 3 “real” outfielders.]

    7. RF: Francoeur (The kid is a gamer and is really coming around} {although he does look better, it is still a pretty sucky OPS]

    8. SS: Escobar (We figure not making him high in the order will let him rest a little) {Bobby forgot that for Infante to play outfield, there isn’t another shortstop and he had already written thte other 8 places].

  2. #1

    Just nutty enough to be plausible.

    I’m guessing Prado will spell Kotchman today. He was working out at first base during infield practice yesterday. Sammons gets a rare start, and Chipper gets pulled early.

  3. I know it’s early, but I think Escobar is a good candidate for 200 hits…Speaking of that, who was the last Brave to do that…I know Marquis Grissom did back in 1996, but was there anybody since then?

  4. No — Andrew had 199 in 2000

    Here’s the list:

    1966 – Felipe Alou, 218 hits
    1968 – Alou, 210
    1971 – Ralph Garr, 219
    1973 – Garr, 200
    1974 – Garr, 214
    1996 – Marquis Grissom, 207

  5. 1. Schaefer – CF
    2. Escobar – SS
    3. Prado- 3B
    4. Johnson – 2B
    5. Diaz – LF
    6. Francoeur – RF
    7. Norton – 1B
    8. Sammons – C

  6. Diaz has looked good, even against RH. If he could turn back into the .320 hitter he was a couple years ago, with some walks and some power against lefthanders, that would help our OF situation a lot.

  7. And the answer is:

    1. Infante, 2B
    2. Escobar, SS
    3. Chipper, 3B
    4. McCann, C
    5. Francoeur, RF
    6. Diaz, LF
    7. Prado, 1B
    8. Schafer, CF
    9. Jurrjens, RHP

  8. Huh. KJ was hit by a pitch in his last AB, maybe he’s feeling the effects today.

    I won’t be able to watch the game, I’m afraid, and (as noted) there is no Braves Radio in Alabama anymore, so the recap will be completely off the box score, and probably a little late.

  9. So…

    I didn’t know anything about yesterday’s game until I got on the train to go to a Flamenco show. Fortunately, they were showing Kawakami’s MLB debut. Problem was, they focused on his performance and didn’t bother to mention the outcome of the game.


  10. Hate to see KJ sit during one of his hot streaks … let him rest in May when he’s in the middle of a 1 for 30 run.

  11. Curious to see what Prado’s swing will produce today.

    Hoping to see JJ go at least 7…the pen sure could use it.

    Surprised that Bobby is playing Chipper and McCann today.

    Love to see the Nats lose…in fact, I hate all of the NL East.

  12. Anybody want to trade Kelly Johnson now?

    According to some of the people on DOB’s blog, his dropped pop-up against the Phillies cost the Braves the division last year. The Braves only finished 20 games out of first….

  13. First of all happy easter everyone.

    Second, I dont agree with benching Kelly today, he has been hot. Frank at 14 said it best, give him a day off when he is in a slump. He has been hot of late. With Prado and Infante and Francouer in the lineup today, Im nervous. We need good pitching nad Chipper nad Mac to really carry us, a sweep is big, it gives us a 5-1 start, which will really help us out. Sad part is, we should be 6-0

  14. The first Sunday lineup will include Infante and Prado at the expense of Prado and KJ, respectively.

    I will certainly miss KJ, but I am interested to see how Prado performs at first. I was hoping we would actually see him there.

  15. Well, maybe Prado does very well, we can always hope. Kotchman hasnt lit the world of fire, I suppose, here is to the sweep!

    I just really like the fire our new centerfielder brings, I think he has the team fired up by watching him

  16. Kotchman has played some good and surprisingly relevant first base defense.

    Anyone think Prado could’ve scooped that one throw from Escobar last night at first like Kotchman did?

  17. Its ok, Im hoping JJ is lights out and we can win a low scoring game without much help from our bullpen

  18. MLB Gameday Premium says Prado hates to face curveballs as well as loves to face curveballs…

  19. He looks awesome up there! The sad part is, this guy has an era coming into the game in the 20’s lifetime its 7 against the braves, or somewhere in that general area, and we will hibernate and give him an easter basket of bad swings and timely outs

  20. That’s the call he didn’t get against Dunn. Must be a half strike. Two of those equals one called strike.

  21. Josh Johnson is no-hitting the Mets but Chip Caray mentions it every chance possible so that it is definitely jinxed by now.

  22. Ha, Chip Caray definatley means to do that too.

    JJ did a nice job getting out of that jam!

  23. I also noticed in that Mets games that if an outfielder muffs a fly ball behind Santana, they actually call it an error.

  24. I think the Braves just like to make Washington pitchers feel like they belong in the Major Leagues which, a lot of them don’t

  25. I think im spoiled, I just wanted an easy third game sweep, take the day off tommroow and get to work tuesday. Be 5-1 with some purpose.

  26. It just occured to me that the Nationals didnt start Scott Olsen today, but rather, the Ghost of Walter Johnson

  27. Got to 9 in a row.

    B-Mac, the speedster. He should have gotten to 3rd on that.

    And it’s the Braves 1st steal of the year?

  28. I’ve officially seen it all…Brian McCann just stole a base.

    The hilarious Nats broadcasting duo:

    play by play guy: “Rob, does it make any sense that they weren’t holding McCann?”

    Dibble: “Well, obviously we KNOW Brian McCann doesn’t possess a lot of speed.”

  29. Drat. Schafer had a little checked-swing tapper up the middle, and looked like he might have had an infield single, but Prado made contact with the second baseman as he was going for the ball, and they called him out for interference.

  30. Great two out rally there. Didn’t see much of that kinda thing last year. Especially from Diaz and Frenchy.

    I know it’s early, but man, we’ve looked like a different team at the plate this year so far!

  31. Checking in the Marlins-Mets game… the Marlins are just the worst-fielding team I can remember.

    They just kicked away a tailor-made DP that would’ve had them out of the inning. Now they’ve got 2 on, one out & Beltran up. See where this is going?

    Edit: Ha. Now they turn the DP. Guess you can’t blow 2 gifts in the same inning.

    Any chance the Wings could face Columbus in the first round of the NHL playoffs? Haven’t paid much attention to the West matchups until today.

  32. Jared, do you have mlb.tv or are you able to watch because it’s on local tv because it’s the Nationals?

  33. Joel, I’m actually in Indiana, and I can only get the Mets and Marlins on TBS so i’m on gameday “watching” the Braves. But I can get the Nationals locally on cable in VA

  34. why not play norton at first today? prado is a below average infield glove. His mediocre bat doesn’t make up for his subpar defense

  35. That was one pitch away from a full-on disaster. Still in the game. Let’s win it.

    Also, Jurrjens is up to 84 pitches. Here’s to an efficient 6th for him.

  36. So Jared, hows that working out for you having a wife that’s a *!*#$!* Yankee’s fan? How are you going to ensure that your child to be is a Braves fan?

  37. Was that really interference on Prado? Contact came after 2b caught the ball, so it could not have been interference with fielding the ball.
    The collision ocurred after the ball was fielded

  38. @84 – It usually does if the pitcher hits his location. You DO NOT throw an outside pitch when you have your second baseman playing towards 1st base.

  39. Joel, She’s not a @$!%@ Yankee’s fan, her best friend from High School is, but it didn’t rub off. If anything she would be a Cubs fan, but she has more Braves gear than anything else… Don’t worry, baby will be a baby brave, but if you want to be sure, Braves gear is always welcome :)

  40. Stu, considering that Carlyle pitched 3 innings the other day, and Moylan, Soriano, and Gonzo have all worked a bunch of games, it’s basically Bennett, Boyer, and Campillo for the rest of the afternoon.

    Hope you brought the popcorn.

  41. We may see Hanson sooner than expected. Glavine left his rehab start today with left shoulder discomfort.

  42. 97—I know who’s available. (You’re forgeting O’Flaherty.) I’d rather see all of the other options before Bennett, although he’s been less terrible than expected.

    Is Boyer our closer today?

  43. Escobar is batting like .750 with RISP…I am definitely digging the insurance runs today.

  44. The best thing about O’Flaherty is that he’s not Bennett or Moylan, so we haven’t had time to get sick of him yet.

    Of course, more innings like this will change that fast.

  45. All im gonna say is, I dont think we have overblown our worries about the pen, its really that bad

  46. I dont think we have overblown our worries about the pen, its really that bad

    I doubt it’s 9.25 ERA bad like it was going into last evening.

  47. We’ve done a good job bunching our hits today. That’s why we’re winning.

    7-for-7 with RISP?

  48. Impressive defensive showing today by the Nationals.

    EDIT: (and no, that was not a triple)

  49. Here comes the save opportunity… shame it’s not an Atlanta Save, but what can you do?

  50. Right. In reality, he erred.

    But as far as official scoring goes, Frenchy gets a gift triple.

  51. So would the “didn’t get a glove on it but should’ve” scenario we’re discussing qualify as a Prado?

  52. Joel, Happy Easter! We might be finding out tomorrow whether we’re having a boy or girl, I’ll keep you posted! Go Braves! (Should be the only undefeated team in the Majors…)

  53. According to FSN/SPSO commerical spots, Brian Jordan and Ron Gant are “Braves legends.”

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