Not impressed so far

Come on, 2009, it’s not like you have a hard act to follow.

Open thread. I will try to get back to real writing soon.

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  1. I know there’s 3 months left till opening day but everyday I get the feeling more and more that Wren will do some stupid trade and give away a top prospect for someone like Swisher

  2. Georgia looks real impressive today. Michigan State has gotten throttled by every decent team they have played this year and Georgia seems to have no interest in being there.

  3. Damn–Just saw the Georgia score–after the WVU debacle I cannot trust Richt in a bowl game….

  4. Georgia is actually looking alright on defense. They’re much quicker. But they haven’t abandoned their self-destructive tendencies—two turnovers and a couple drive-extending penalties.

    I’m actually hoping for a win with Stafford having a lousy game.

    I’ll say this for Les Miles: At LSU, his teams have been absolute wrecking crews in the 4 bowls they’ve played.
    2008: 38-3 vs Tech
    2007: 38-24 vs Ohio St
    2006: 41-14 vs ND
    2005: 40-3 vs Miami

  5. Wow, Michigan State using a Nick Drake tune on their TV ad. Cool points for that. Well done, Spartans.

    BTW, are the camera operators drunk? They can’t follow the football.

  6. That clock management–and Richt’s bizarre concession that he was just trying to rest his defense with two minutes before the half–was abominable, and not a little embarrassing. I’m not a die-hard Georgia fan, but if I was I’d be questioning the chances of a Richt-coached team ever winning the championship.

  7. Adam M–I could not agree with you more: I know that there are a number of people who come to this site who think that Richt is a great coach and he has an impressive winning percentage–but he has never had a season where his team was ready for every game….Georgia ought to be able to contend for the national title, but with Richt at the helm, I don’t see how it can happen…

  8. I don’t disagree with you guys, but what’s really sad is that Richt is unquestionably better than UGA’s two previous coaches, both of whom underachieved to an even greater degree. At least Richt regularly contends for conference championships.

  9. “The championship”? What’s that?

    I don’t get what Richt was doing at the end of the first half either, but let’s not go overboard.

    He’s been a very successful coach with winning records against 10 of 11 SEC rivals. In 8 years, he’s won 2 SEC titles (4 divisions, if that means anything). He’s 5-2 in bowl games. He has a ridiculous SEC road record. He’s averaged 10 wins a year in the toughest conference in the country. He’s 48-19, including 2-1 in the SEC title game. He’s 7-1 vs Georgia Tech.

    We can nitpick—and we Georgia people do—but that record stacks up pretty well.

  10. I guess the gripe against Richt is that his team seems to not show up in big games once in a while.

    They seem to have come out for the 2nd half though. And the not-so-good defense saved ’em in the 1st half.

  11. Richt also has had entire starting defenses drafted into the NFL. The passion is great, but at big-time programs you gotta have your elite talent ready to play. And preparation aside, Georgia’s clock management and conservative playcalling is generally uninteresting, sometimes unintelligent.

    I know, I can be hyperbolic.

  12. Adam,
    How’s that for a conservative play call? Nothing conservative about that drive.

    And this “ready to play” stuff is goofy. Show me a coach & I’ll show you games where their team didn’t play well, er, “show up.”

  13. Lowe and Boras appear to have politely told the Mets to talk a long walk off a short cliff.

  14. TCOB in the second half. Not a bad year for a team that suffered 19 season-ending injuries. UGA’s title hopes this year were pretty much dashed when Owens and Sturdivant went down for the entire season IMO.

    UGA might or might not win a national championship under Richt, but it’s clear to me that they can.

  15. To clarify, the penalties, the missed tackles, the turnovers: these are the things I mean by ‘ready to play,’ which is an admittedly vague (and Joe Morgan-esque) expression. I hold the coach and the coaching staff responsible for such breakdowns, and as a fan I’d like to see these controllable things reversed. It’s frustrating.

  16. Watching the UGA game today, my near-constant thought was, “Man, I’d really hate to be a Georgia fan.” How self-destructive can you be? They should have won that game running away in the first half, but they consistently shot themselves in the foot (their feet?) at every opprotunity. Turnovers, penalties, you name it. I was glad to see the talent finally win out in the end, and I thought they’d have had more success if they’d just tried running to the outside a couple of times earlier in the game, but that must have been a very frustrating game to watch for hard-core UGA fans.

    In Rose Bowl news, what does this make the Big 10 in bowl games this year? 0-4 or something? The penalties against PSU are depressing. I had really hoped they’d be able to upset USC, but it looks to me like reports of a “down year” for them have been greatly exagerated. Herbstreit awful to listen to for this game, but their passing game has been very impressive.

  17. Adam,
    The BCS system is telling you that. Silly innit?

    It would quite a playoff game to see USC’s defense take on any of those 3 offenses.

    True, but I’ll still consider it a disappointing season, albeit one with 10 wins.

    And, for the record, UGA has still never a bowl game to a Big 10 team. That’s 7-0 now.

    That’s been the story of the season. We’ve been scarily consistent in self-destruction—turnovers and penalties at the very worst times. Never seen anything like it.

  18. USC is REALLY good and I hate that I can’t watch this game right now. But I will be able to watch the Cincinnati/Virginia Tech game. Yippee…

  19. And as for comparing USC to UF or Oklahoma or anyone else… well, USC has played some Big 10 teams, and awful UVA, and the Pac 10. I’d love to see them play Alabama or Texas or Texas Tech or Georgia or LSU before I comment. They’ve certainly been impressive, though.

    Now that you mention it, I think I remember saying something similar to the above when Georgia played UF. They really do have crazy talent on that squad. Maybe they’ll cut out the stupid stuff next year.

  20. This USC team can hang with anyone. Their defense is loaded with NFL-calibre players.

    UGA’s play has been bizarre this year. They’ve had some heroic moments in wins, but nobody remembers them because of all the mistakes. In big games and small, they’ve done it all year.

  21. I don’t think Penn State is the best test for USC though. Did they beat anyone outside of the not-so-big 10?

  22. We should have acquired Mark DeRosa. Could play 3b when Chipper was resting or hurt and is a damn site better than the incumbent LF…… and for that matter RF.

    Happy New Year everyone. Yup 2009 has got to be better than 2008. Lets hope anyway.

  23. This Bowl Challenge crap is, well, crap. You gotta look at the individual matchups. F’rinstance, Boston College played in the ACC championship game and lost to the Fighting Stus (4th in the SEC East – good job, Vandy!)

    Kentucky (tied for LAST in the SEC East) is playing the Conference USA champion.

    Btw, how would you have liked to spend your savings on a trip to El Paso to watch a 3-0 game?

    And Herbstreit & Musberger could barely draw a breath during their non-stop Lewinsky on Southern Cal’s defense to report that Penn State had scored again and almost pulled within a touchdown.

    Anybody remember Reggie Bush’s parents living nearly rent-free in 90210? What happened to that?

  24. Hey, now, we were 3rd in the East, finishing ahead of the Spurriers by virtue of the head-to-head win.

  25. Let’s not get carried away on DeRosa. DeRosa’s a nice player, but he ain’t as good as he played last year. He set a career high in homers and slugging percentage at the age of 33. I’d say the odds are pretty good that he was playing a good bit over his head. He can still hit for a 2b — like Mark Grudzielanek or Ronnie Belliard — but he can’t hit enough for corner outfield or corner infield, except as a supersub. And we already have Infante.

  26. While I don’t mind the Braves going after Lowe, everybody please check Lowe’s home/road splits before getting too excited about the guy.

    The Hawks…the only complain I have on them is…give Law a freaking chance to prove himself…

  27. The Braves are in no hurry to overpay for a Boras client. I don’t quite see the excitement about Lowe either….

  28. i have a prediction: andruw jones will be a brave in ’09. he’s being dumped to some team for a discount.
    here are my reasons for believing this is happening
    1. we need an outfielder
    2. bobby loves him
    3. he wants to be here
    4. the team involved is unknown (which makes sense seeing that wren has been burned by going public and dob is on vacation so there has been no leaking to the press).

    get ready for the homecoming of andruw. hopefully it will be the 2nd coming of the andruw we used to know.

  29. Putting Andruw and Frenchy in the same lineup again? Is that Wren’s way of throwing the white towel for 2009? Should the Dodgers actually GIVING us prospects if the Braves are indeed taking Andruw back?

  30. Wren is determined to reacquire someone from the Good Years. If he doesn’t trade for Andruw, his next move will be to talk Jeff Blauser out of retirement.

    I did indeed write something today and it will be up in the morning.

  31. Now that Leo is gone, Jascon Marquis might be available….Calling Bruce Chen…

  32. Only a Braves Journal Braves fan would rather have Omar Infante than Mark DeRosa and his production. Wow.

  33. AAR
    Ok so DeRosa had a career year. Still better than Frenchy or name that LF.

    I thought about writing something about re acquiring Andruw…. but I thought that I’d be laughed off Braves Journal. Gosh its hard to fathom that a guy with his ability may have Murphied at 31.

    Lets see collateralized debt obligations, sub prime mortgages, ponzi schemes, the Hawks winning and the Falcons in the playoffs. Which of these is a sign of the apocalypse?

  34. Chief, the choice is Omar for free or DeRosa minus whatever you give up for him. In the Indians’ case, that was three pitching prospects.

    Okay, after looking up the prospects, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal. Possibly the Braves could’ve beaten that.

  35. DeRosa > Infante

    However, pining for DeRosa seems Royal-esque to me. Not to say I disagree that he’d help in ’09 — I think he would. But he cost the Indians 3 live arms and he’s turning 34. Not worth it.

  36. DeRosa is an underrated player. He’s been an above-average hitter for the past three years and a is capable defender in the outfield and infield.

    Why on earth was Infante called up to the big leagues at 20? Talk about rushing a guy.

  37. Does anyone else ever try to scratch the tiny smiley face that appears at the bottom of Braves Journal threads off their monitor? Or is that just me?

  38. As a Georgia fan to the Georgia fans.

    It isn’t so much that Richt doesn’t have the team ready to play. It is that the team almost always misfires significantly for 2 quarters per game and usually plays nearly spectacularly fcr 2 quarters per game.

    I thought the shift of Bobo to offensive coordinator and the way the team played down the stretch in 07 (where only 2 of the 7 games last games, Kentucky and Troy, showed that pattern) meant we were getting out of it. However, we reverted right back to the old ways.

    Before 07 I only saw about 6 games in 6 years where I felt the team played 4 quarters to its ability. I saw 5 of the last 7 in 07. This year, I am not sure I saw one (maybe against LSU).

    I also think that for some reason (maybe the “run on the field at Jacksonville” maybe the feel that Richt comes off “holier than thou”, maybe because of using the black jerseys) UGA gets called the tightest on personal fouls of any team. I know I have a bias, but the 2nd quarter roughing the passer yesterday was a joke. You have to let the players play FOOTBALL.

  39. I don’t think DeRosa fits on the Braves, but he is better than a super-sub. He should be playing everyday as an infielder. I imagine that’s what he’ll be doing in Cleveland. Of course, by saying this, I’m dooming him to a bad year. :-)

  40. chief,
    you like to start arguments where there arent any to start. if you carefully read alex’s post, he never said that he would rather have derosa over infante. he simply made a statement that we already have a “supersub” type player and derosa doesnt fit on our team.

    picking fights with the whole blog is a cheap way to make an argument especially when you misquote someone to make that argument. if i recall, you have done that to me in the past.

  41. DeRo’s also owed $5.5 million this year. I’m with AAR—the Braves could use that money in several different places that would help more.

    It only remains to be seen whether they will…

  42. The thing which is annoying about the DeRosa trade is not that the Braves needed him–but that it took so little for the Indians to get him. The Indians were able to get a useful player (and yes the Braves could use him) for three relatively unheralded minor league prospects. None of these players make John Sickel’s top 30 Indian prospects:

    The Braves can certainly afford to flip comparable players, witnout losing ‘core’ prospects.

    However, my fear is that if Wren did trade for a player like DeRosa he would overpay…

    At least there is still lots of time for the Braves to get ready for 2009….

  43. Sure, and he overpaid for Kotsay and I am still trying to figure out why Boone Logan had to be added to the deal–because it probably cost us more than he is worth…

  44. I wouldnt say he overpaid for Kotsay. Devine wouldnt have gotten a chance in Atl with Bobby here and Kotsay was our best OF’r last year. The A’s picked up $5 of his $7mil

  45. With the Peavey and Furcal snubbings, isn’t it time to realize the “playing for Bobby” factor is no longer a perceived positive and may have even flipped?

  46. Id probably agree. I dont think its flipped, but I think people know he wont be here more than another year or two

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