Lousy game thread: Sept. 27, Lousy Braves at Lousy Astros

This may be the least watched televised Braves game ever. Is anyone in the state of Georgia watching this?

Anyway, as far as I can tell there are only three candidates for Most Valuable Brave: Chipper, McCann, and Jurrjens. Can anyone even make a case for someone else? Though in retrospect, Hudson was pretty damned valuable before he got hurt.

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  1. Well according to my Three Stars tally that I’ve kept all year, in my own biased opinion, Chipper is the Braves’ MVP, with 24 Star games and 42 points (a 3-2-1 system), which both lead the team. McCann has 22 Stars, but he’s tied for third in points with Tim Hudson. I tend to give golds to pitchers a lot, which is why Jurrjens is in second place in points.

    So, yes, Chipper, McCann, Jurrjens and Hudson all have an argument with Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar (yes, them) knocking on the door. Teixiera has 32 points as well, tied with Yunel Escobar, which really shows how important Mark was to the offense, I guess.

  2. Random stream of consciousness question while my tv coverage shifts from the personally satisfying UF upset to AU/UT: are there any realistic trade scenarios in which the Braves get Zack Greinke & Jeff Francoeur goes the way of Kyle Davies?


    Royals get

    Out-Machine, Hanson, Rohrbough (or Locke), miscellaneous bullpen arm (guy we got in Tex trade maybe?) or random offensive player with upside

    Braves get Greinke (and promptly buy out a couple of FA years)

    Is this fair or is it a bad deal for one club or another? I’m not a good armchair gm. And apparently not good at watching SEC football when I don’t have a rooting interest one way or the other.

  3. Josh,

    That really seems like a bad trade. I’m starting to think the Braves need to hold on to their prospects. They’ve traded so many of them away that the strength is now in Myrtle Beach and just starting in Mississippi.

  4. To quote Dane Cook, “Unbelievable…”

    And I agree, Stu; that was some bad play-calling. Everbody in America knew that that was coming.

  5. Sam – I def. agree on the Brave’s farm system being thin at the top. While Greinke being paired with JJ would be outstanding, I’m sure the team will attempt to bring in 2 pitchers from the 2nd tier of FA pitchers this off season. I wonder what it would take to get Maggs from Detroit if the team absorbs all of the salary?

    On the lighter side of things, Texas is beating Arkansas 24-3 right now. Petrino begins planning his escape tonight.

  6. Josh,

    I guess so. Call me crazy, but I also think that this off-season is going to be interesting AND irritating at the same time.

  7. You’re crazy!…but I feel the same way. There are a lot of needs to be filled and a still unproven GM will be attempting to fill them.

  8. Usually I’m not much of a Longhorns fan. Usually.

    Mac, 70-17 might not happen, but you might have nailed the spread….

  9. I wouldn’t make that trade for Greinke. But it’s not far off. I’m also in the camp which wants to hold onto our prospects.

    I’m all for Ordonez and I don’t think it takes a top 5 prospect to get him either.

    As for our lefty reliever to replace Ohman, I like the idea of using James if he recovers well from his surgery.

  10. I thought the first and especially second down calls—throwing it to the endzone—were also awful, Rob. You needed another couple of first downs and weren’t having any trouble finding guys (Harvin) on the shorter routes.

  11. I disagree. On first down, the receiver was incredibly open; Tebow simply missed the pass. On second down, he wasn’t quite as open, but it was certainly a pass he could have made. And it was quite obvious that no kick was a gimme.

    I think that the problem is that the beating Tebow took last year has robbed him of a lot of his running ability, and without that the things they’ve done with him in the past don’t really work.

  12. The Braves had a run balance of -29 coming into this game, and they’re trying to make all of it up today. That’s not how it works, guys!

  13. Josh Anderson has two homers? He’s like Schrödinger’s centerfielder, he only hits homers when nobody is looking. (And yes, I know Schrödinger’s Cat doesn’t work like that.)

  14. Bad week for BYU to have a bye — with all these top 10 teams going down this weekend it would have been great to roll out another blow out. Wonder if they’ll even go anywhere in the polls. Yes, BYU is my alma mater, but I’d also like to see more BCS chaos/breakdown.

  15. I was kinda hoping Wisconsin would win and slip into the top 5, also just to see a little chaos and such.

  16. Mac,
    And one of the bands at the Bama/UGA game plays “Paint it Black”. Probably UGA. Was your song choice an homage to UGA wearing the black jerseys? Shame on you:) Personally I’m not sure who to root for being an Auburn grad(and fan). Guess I’ll go with Bama since I was born and raised a Bama fan and as an Auburn grad I’m contractually obligated to hate UGA no matter what(sorry ububba).

  17. I grew up an Alabama fan and my parents wouldn’t let me even apply to Auburn as a safety school; I have two degrees from UA now. Yes, “Paint It, Black” today (and “Black” yesterday) was about Georgia’s little uniform change, as was the “Fun in Funeral” title yesterday about the Alabama strength coach’s comments.

    Meanwhile, the Braves are apparently planning to allow one run per inning and hold on for a 9-8 win.

  18. Mac,
    Not to jinx you but I have to say that Bama is hammering UGA. UGH! What a game. Alas, I’m trying to raise my son as an Auburn fan in Nashville(Vols country).

  19. True. Right now, I’m on the Vandy bandwagon until 10/04/08, then I’m off. But then I’ll be right back on.

  20. I noticed that Anderson has 10 steals coming into tonite. It would be nice to have that type of speed all season. Anyone else think he has earned serious consideration for starting CF next season?

  21. I think the CF job will be Schafer’s to loose, with Anderson & Blanco given equal consideration if he’s deemed not ready. If you could magically combine Blanco’s OBP & Anderson’s base stealing ability then we’d have something.

    31-0 at halftime. Wow. I’m a UGA fan but not an avid fan; Alabama is easily a top-5 team after tonight. They are really impressive.

  22. #36 – Nashville = Vols country? Ugh!

    Meanwhile, is Bama about to make Vandy the only undefeated team in the SEC East?

    ‘Dores vs. Bama or LSU in the championship game?

  23. I don’t think there is any way for Bama to lose this game if they just protect the ball. The way their line is dominating they should just keep the ball on the ground.

  24. Man, I missed the first two innings where we actually SCORED… though they have been hitting the ball. Glad to see Pujols having an off night, those 3-3 nights were beginning to worry me.

    And have the TV guys been getting punchier the last couple weeks? They just seem to be in “Major League” mode.

  25. ‘Bama read that trick play like a book. FYI Alabama Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart is from my hometown and went to the same HS as I did. I saw him play as a wee lad.

  26. They are talking on the broadcast like Chipper has already won the batting title. If he is actually in the starting lineup tomorrow (which I hope he is), he could conceivably lose it.

  27. Well, with the new clock rules, the penalty for an incompletion isn’t that great.

    We can blow any lead. Alabama’s defense last year was like the Braves’ bullpen this year that way. I am never confident even though they seem to have improved.

  28. It’s over, 11-5. Do you think the Braves could go home early tomorrow if they asked the Astros nicely?

    And apparently the Alabama defense will be “assisted” in holding the lead by the special teams.

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