Braves 11, Astros 5

ESPN – Braves vs. Astros – Box Score – September 27, 2008

Josh Anderson had hit one homer entering tonight’s game; he hit two, one leading off the game and a two-run homer in the second, tonight. The Braves jumped off to a 9-0 lead, Francoeur with a couple of doubles in the middle of it.

And then they had to hold on for dear life. Klinger gave up a run in the second, one in the third, one in the fourth, and two in the fifth, and Bobby finally got him out of there with a 9-5 lead. This time, the bullpen was great, giving up just one hit. Nunez relieved Parr and got the win, while Atrosta, Jorge Julio, and Gonzalez finished up.

Li’lbridge had a two-run triple in the top of the ninth for not really needed insurance. Every Braves starter — including Parr — had at least one hit, and all but Parr and Clint Sammons had two or more. Jeffy had three hits, three runs scored and three RBI… Chipper pinch-hit in the ninth, and flew out. He is at .364 and leads Pujols (who was 1-4) by eight points. If Chipper doesn’t start tomorrow, he should have this won.

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  1. I say the Fishies beat the Mets tomorrow, but I have no confidence in the Brewers avoiding the one-game playoff.

  2. You know, JPW will be the player of the game, but you could make a real argument for Upchurch. He hasn’t touched the ball that much, but he has a touchdown on the ground and two huge catches. That one there was the clincher.

  3. I’d go with Cody. Or you could nominate the Bama linesmen as a block, no pun intended, as an alternative.

  4. I think I wrote something about how shocked I would be if the Bama-UGA broke 50 points.

    Good job by Georgia making the final score somewhat close so they can fool people who didn’t watch the game into thinking they were actually in the game at some point.

    The funniest thing I saw all day was Moreno’s over the top celebration when he scored to cut the lead to, just, 31-10.

  5. so does Bama jump to #2 over LSU and Texas?? I believe they are the only team with two wins against top 10 teams (both on the road)

  6. Robert has it right. The late cosmetic scores from Georgia will keep Alabama out of the #2 spot*, I think, but I could see #3 or #4 with maybe a couple #1 votes.

    For UGA, it’ll keep them in the discussion among the top teams and potential title game participants should there not be two (or more) undefeateds at the end of the year. If it had been 48-17, that might not have been the case.

    Nice fight shown by the Dawgs in the 2nd half though. Credit due for that. It’ll give Saban something to chew Bama’s azz about this week before dropping the hammer on the Kentucky Wildcats.

    *Oklahoma handled a pretty good TCU team with ease 35-10 so I think most voters will have no problem with them moving from #2 to #1, despite the obviously weaker resume than LSU or Bama (and maybe Missouri). That seems reasonable to me since they’ve dominated teams they should.

  7. I can accept being behind LSU, and I guess you could argue that Texas looked better against the Arkies than Bama, but if Missouri (winners over Southeast Missouri State, Nevada, and Buffalo) leaps to #2 on a bye week, I will be pissed. When the best team you’ve played is the third-best team in the WAC, you haven’t played anybody.

  8. I heard Saban after the game and he was happy with the win but upset with the way Bama played in the second half – to say the least. He said they would lose to someone they weren’t supposed to lose to if they let something like that happen again. I definitely understand his point. Bama let Ga score two td’s in the last 4 or 5 minutes.

    Alabama’s good and their line is playing well, but they will have a game where they get behind and get zero breaks before the year is over. I hope they can pull it out, but I’m afraid their youth may show at that point.

    By the way, good luck to Georgia for the remainder of the year! I really like your team and your coach.

  9. Interesting that the Braves Journal poll has Chipper in a huge lead over McCann right now. Not that Chipper isn’t an obvious choice, but taking into account positional adjustments and durability, I thought it would be closer on a forum like this.

  10. unc 28

    miami 21

    be wary people. butch is doing things. we’re 3-1 and should be 4-0 (VT game was 17-3 us and our QB goes down and we lose 17-20). like ‘bama, unc is YOUNG (we start 3 true freshman and 3 RS freshman) and talented. we’ll see what the future holds.

    sorry dawg fans.

  11. Wow. Maddux actually got hist 355th win (breaking his tie with Clemens). While he may not be as reliable start to start… when he’s “on”… well

    “Maddux (8-13) allowed two hits and one run in six efficient innings, throwing 47 pitches and 38 of those for strikes—tossing three six-pitch innings for the NL West champions”

    6 innings on 47 pitches?!?!?! Jo Jo’s been pitching more than that in some single innings lately.

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