Putting the fun in funeral game thread: Sept. 26, Braves at Astros

SEC Picks for this week, as always guaranteed to be actual picks. Road teams in crimson.

Alabama 28, Georgia 23
Florida 26, Ole Miss 6
Kentucky 40, WKU 12
Texas 70, Arkansas 17
South Carolina 21, UAB 0
LSU 34, MSU 3
Auburn 20, Tennessee 9

33 thoughts on “Putting the fun in funeral game thread: Sept. 26, Braves at Astros”

  1. You know, if all winning the wild card required for Houston was for the Brewers and Mets to lose their remaining games, I would really like their chances. Unfortunately, they have to sweep the Braves and then beat the Cubs in a make up game. I at least don’t see them beating the Cubs on Monday.

  2. You think the Cubs will be burning any decent pitchers close to the start of a playoff series?

    Anyway, to make us all feel better I have the Baseball America scouting report on the 13th best prospect in the South Atlantic league this year (Heyward was 2nd and Freeman 11th)

    “Rohrbough burst onto the pro scene last year, dominating as the Rookie-level Appalachian League’s top prospect before pitching equally well in the SAL. A bout of rotator-cuff tendinitis delayed his start to the 2008 season, and a lingering ankle injury from offseason workouts reared its head in June. Nevertheless, he managed to average 11.7 strikeouts per nine innings prior to a promotion in August.

    Rohrbough sits in the low 90s with his fastball and throws a power curveball that resembles a slider with its sharp, late break. He mixes his pitches well and works both sides of the plate, though his changeup and control still need improvement. At 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, he has good size and plenty of projection remaining.

    “His stuff is electrifying,” Ingle said. “Everything he throws is above average. When he’s sharp, particularly with his breaking ball, he’s close to unhittable. He also eats innings and competes very well.””

  3. I sure would be surprised to see Bama score 4 offensive touchdowns. Of course, if they cash in on the defensive side, we could be in trouble.

    Bama needs to mix it up, but punch hard with the run & see how much they can wear on the UGA defense.

    Of course, a lot comes down on JPW’s shoulders. I don’t expect to see the kind of D-line rush we got on ASU, so expect some blitzes from #33 & #35. How he handles that could determine the game.

    Should be fascinating. I’ll go 24-20, Dogs, again on the theory that Georgia has too many weapons.

  4. To respond to Robert from the previous thread,

    Yeah USC might make it back into the title game- but they don’t deserve it. I have a feeling ESPN and the hype machine over there will do everything in their power to make it happen- but they looked awful last night against a not very good Oregon State. There’s no other Pac 10 team in the Top 25. Who else does USC play this year that could be considered a good win? California? Great teams win that game. They’re not great, not sure if they’re good.

  5. Georgia’s weapons won’t matter a whole lot if the line can’t block. I should also point out that Alabama is second in the conference in points scored per game.

  6. Georgia is not Arkansas & we’ll see how much they can’t block.

    Re: Gas Shortage
    Today, I talked to a friend/colleague who lives near Canton, Ga., and he told me that there are no stations with gas in Cherokee County & only 2 in nearby Dawson County.

  7. #4 – You may have missed the part of my post were I said that USC’s title shot should be dead unless everybody else just falls apart too.

    I wouldn’t call an end-of-year mini-tournament a safety net; I’d call it a way for the best teams to actually play each other, just like the NFL, just like all the other college teams below Division 1.

    Well you might not call it a safety net, but that’s what it act as.

    I would be downright shocked if Bama-Georga broke 50 points. I’d pretty surprised if it broke 40.

  8. I would LOVE to see Texas put up 70 on Arkansas. Nothing against the school/players, but everything against their coach.

  9. The Super Bowl…just a safety net to protect us from human subjectivity.

    What’s wrong with creating a mechanism that makes the best teams play each other?

    If anyone moans about this team’s schedule or that team’s schedule, they’ll certainly find out what they’re made of if they have to run a tough 2- or 3-game gauntlet at the end.

    I don’t think it diminishes the season one single bit if we can get a championship that’s determined on the field, as opposed to the minds of voters who only look at a team’s final scores.

    I mean, why don’t we just get the Angels & Cubs to play right now? They’re the best, right?

  10. I mean, why don’t we just get the Angels & Cubs to play right now? They’re the best, right?

    They are and they’ve proved it over the long haul. When the Dodgers beat the Cubs 3-2 in the first round, does that mean that the Cubs were weak and the Dodgers are really the better team? No, it’s means that playoffs are largely random. The more teams you put in an end of the season playoff, the more random the champion. Randomly selecting a champion makes the whole exercise pointless. Insert required snark about the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

    We been through this many times and obviously we are not close to convincing the other. I like my regular seasons meaningful and dislike anything the infringes on their importance. Expanded end of the season tournaments greatly infringe on the meaningfulness of the regular season.

  11. It’s official, I’m kind of out of the loop this week on college football. Still, I may catch some games if I feel like it.

  12. Everyone still is. Sanchez played fine last night, but they didn’t get him involved until things were already dire. They obviously thought they could run the ball and were clearly mistaken. Mike Riley and his staff simply outcoached PC and his staff. Throw in some home cooking, a weird bounce or two and there you go. Not that surprising, same thing happened two years ago.

    Right. So it didn’t really matter how the QB played, because USC’s problems are elsewhere…

  13. People are idiots.

    Remember the manufactured gas crisis in ATL a couple of years ago? An unfounded rumor of a shortage compelled everybody here to immediately rush to the nearest station to fill up every vehicle and appliance they owned, causing lines down the street and $5+ gas (when that was unthinkable) — and sure as hell, THEN we ran out of gas. I am ceaselessly amazed at people’s capacity to actually LINE UP AND WAIT to take it you-know-where.

  14. A more “meaningful” regular season shouldn’t guarantee that Division 1 college football doesn’t have a real champion. Because that’s where we are now. To me, there’s nothing interesting about the rankings or how we compile them.

    That’s alright, Robert. Just seeing if you’re blades are still sharp…

  15. Right. So it didn’t really matter how the QB played, because USC’s problems are elsewhere…

    Sure it mattered. If he hadn’t played well they would have lost 21-0. In the first half SC had four possessions and three of them ended on them being stopped on third down runs. Meaning, they thought they could run and didn’t ask Mark to actually do anything. Once the situation got dire (21-0), they went to him and he responded TD-TD.

    The problems were: 1)SC coaches misjudging the potential effectiveness of the running game and 2) the defense not being able to find or tackle that tiny running back OSU was using. Sanchez would be well down the list and probably not on the list at all.

  16. To clarify what I mean above, while Booty may have been A problem, he was not THE problem. There are obviously others. That’s what I meant with the initial remark last night, too, FWIW.

    I never said Sanchez was a problem. If he is, he’s a problem I’d love for my team to have.

  17. Thanks for the claficiation, obviously I wasn’t getting it. Although I’m going to go ahead and say that they way Booty played against Stanford last season and UCLA two seasons ago was – more or less – the problem.

  18. They are calling it a knee sprain. Which means – as Mac like to say about tendinitis – it hurts and we don’t know why. I would guess he’ll be back at some point. Maybe not for Oregon next week.

  19. When a guy’s knee hurts like that, and apparently locks up so he can move it, there’s something structurally wrong. There are all sorts of things that can be.

  20. It’s been my experience that cartilage trouble you can sometimes play with—but those loose bits can be painful—ligament damage not so much.

  21. Cartilage damage sucks, I have had three surgeries on my right knee in my life, the torn ACL was painless, by the cartilage/meniscus crap is what causes pain/locking up and stiffness.
    I can always tell when a storm is coming.

    Come on Fish, 2-0 lead in the third.

  22. This would be an inspiring game if, you know, it hadn’t followed the past 159 games. And if there were no Julian Tavarez.

    And thank you, Marlins, for your public service!

  23. Texas 70, Arkansas 17

    …For some reason I think this won’t happen.

    I’ve also noticed that you always seem to pick alabama to win…

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