44 thoughts on “Yet another random thought game thread: Sept. 24, Braves at Phillies”

  1. Couldn’t we have lost a few more games to the Fish to let THEM take the division instead of Phils/Mets? I’ve got no real love for the Fish… but they’re not the Mets and Phils, which counts for SOMETHING.

  2. In response to the last thread: Georgia is a young team? Unlike Alabama, which has the fewest scholarship seniors of any team in the country, and only two seniors on the defensive three-deep?

  3. UGA may not be as “young” as Bama, but almost all our best players are underclassmen.

    The best contributing seniors are Massaquoi (WR), Ellerbe (LB), Ramarcus Brown (CB), CJ Byrd (S) & Trip Chandler (TE). Oh, and the punter Mimbs.

    But the other guys? Moreno (soph), Stafford (jr), Curran (soph!), AJ Green (Fr), Caleb King (Fr), Samuels (Fr), Asher Allen (Jr), and the kicker Blair Walsh (fr). And pretty much the entire O-line.

  4. Stafford may as well be a 5th year senior. Hardly anyone (intelligently) turns down being a likely #1 overall NFL draft pick.

    Hell even Moreno could go pro, but it seems like he’s having enough fun at UGA to stick around another year.

    And as for Bama, I think some kids may have been creatively removed from their scholarships. If you don’t want to call that kicked off the team thats fine. I don’t even have a problem with it, its exactly what I’d do if I wanted to win football games. I’m not abusing Bama over it, I am an equal opportunity basher though and I saw an opening so I took it.

    If I had to take anyone to task over the Bama oversigning thing, it’d be the NCAA for allowing teams to take LOI’s without being able to show at the time of the signing where the scholarship is coming from.

  5. This is a good opportunity for me to trot out my favorite Phillies quote:

    From Richie Allen: “Philly fans would boo a cancer cure.”

  6. Mets were winning last night, Phils & Brewers were losing, everyone at Shea in a good mood. But the Flushing Faithful managed to boo Luis Castillo every time he came to the plate.

    Santana made a point to take a small shot at the fans about it. Of course, he & Castillo were teammates in Minnesota.

  7. I heard a stat that Castillo is hitting something like .108 since the all-star break. He’s totally hopeless right now & Manuel was batting him second.

  8. If you don’t expect to be booed or have your teammates booed,you shouldn’t play in New York. Every player should know what to expect; if they can’t take the heat, go to Atlanta. (Not that we want Castillo.) On the other hand, I respect someone like Delgado who refused to acknowledge Mets’ fans cheering him when he started hitting when they had been booing earlier. But you can’t have it both ways.

  9. How typical Ole Miss is it to fumble the debate away on the two yard line.

    (Not meant to be political at all. Just making fun of my alma mater.)

  10. Looking at the pictures for the pitching match-up tonight I have to say that even Reyes’s picture looks like he’s thinking “screw it, we all know I’m going to lose” and Myers something close to “you’re damn right you’re going to lose.”

  11. Marc,
    Santana is a great, great pitcher, but he’s not at all suited for NYC. Minnesota was perfect for him.

    It’s a good thing that he’s been so good in the second half of the season because you cannot win going after the fans, no matter how out-of-line they may be.

  12. Yeah, I think there’s a good chance that Stafford and Moreno will both be in the NFL this time next year.

  13. @Dix, I’m not sure if I feel worse that you MADE that bad joke, or that it made me smirk… pretty sure I feel worse about almost laughing at it.

  14. Thank you for getting this out of the way before you wasted a scholarship. link

    The Simmons are a good family too. They have cranked out one Pac-10 linebacker after another. I guess every family has their screw up.

  15. During his hitting streak, KJ has boosted his average from .263 (a season low) to .288, which is really impressive in September even if you’ve been platooned at times. He’s sacrificed a few walks, but has hit for more power; his slugging percentage was .402 at the beginning of September but is now over .450.

  16. Good to know Snitker will be there to continue doing that next year.

    Prado looked done as he rounded 3rd.

  17. Not sure that login screen is quite back to normal yet. I’m not sure exactly how many posts I’ve authored here at Braves Journal, but I’m thinking it’s something along the lines of zero. I also have somewhere less than 180,000 total comments.

    As for the game, sorry Brett, the minors are closed for the year.

  18. What really sucks is that Jo-Jo is so bad that you can’t even turn him into a LOOGY. Not much call for a lefty specialist who gives up homers to Utley and Howard all the time.

  19. Chipper Jones, you legend.

    I was convinced that he was just going to take the pitches and try to draw a walk.

  20. Chipper at .365, tied for highest batting average ever in MLB by a switch hitter.

    Kelly Johnson has the longest hitting streak in the NL this season, at 22 games. Who would’ve guessed?

  21. Is a 4 way tie even possible? Because this is what would happen:

    Philly at NY for NL East

    Loser of PHI/NY (say NY) gets lumped in with Houston and Milwaukee.

    The one of those three with the best group head-to-head record gets to either play one game (not a guaranteed home game, and it might be guaranteed road) or have two home games.

    They’re (we’ll say MIL) going to take the bye, so I’m guessing the second best head-to-head (God help us if two teams are tied in the group head-to-head. Run differential? Maybe the coin tosses.) would get two home games. So let’s say NYM gets that. If Houston were to beat NYM, I think they would actually play the Cubs in Milwaukee by Selig’s order (actually, I have no idea where that game would take place. Maybe Houston would inherit the home-field from NY.)

    Basic structure and a scenario:

    PHI over NYM (at NY), PHI are NL East champs

    NYM over HOU (at NY), NYM advances
    MIL over NYM (at NY), MIL is NL wildcard

    Almost as bad as the WBC.

    Incidentally, if Atlanta were to beat any of those teams by 7 runs or greater in an inning after the 13th, they would acquire that team’s position in the hypothetical playoff. Hypothetically.

  22. I took Kotchman as a sleeper in my bench clearing diplomat fantasy league. That hug just got me into the playoffs. Stoked.

  23. LOL.

    You kind of have to wonder if the team really wants to cash Tavarez’s checks in these situations since he hasn’t been around too long. Definitely a marriage of convenience between Tavarez and the Braves, but at least he’s making it interesting.

  24. Good grief. Kotchman is slower than Bream. If he and McCann were to race, a sundial would be technological overkill.

    Give me Thor. Or at least put Chipper at 1st to save his shoulder.

  25. After watching my first Braves game in about a month, I have a question: which of Jo-Jo Reyes and Ron Gant is worse at his job?

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