Another random thought game thread: Sept. 23, Braves at Phillies

I have two tomato plants. One has grape tomatoes and the bees love it and and I have lots of grape tomatoes. The other is supposed to have regular tomatoes but the bees won’t touch it. They’re right next to each other. I blame the neighbors.

17 thoughts on “Another random thought game thread: Sept. 23, Braves at Phillies”

  1. You could manually pollinate those flowers for the large tomatoes. It might even be interesting to pollinate some of the flowers with big tomatoe pollen and some with grape tomatoe pollen.

  2. Parish,
    I’ll agree with you on all points but the Cubs. I’m a little sick of them and though it would be kinda cool for them to win it after 100 years… their fans annoy me.

  3. Cubs fans are obnoxious but Chicago is a great city and, after all, 100 years . . . it would be good for baseball just to have the Cubs in the World Series. It would be funny if the Cubs beat the Red Sox especially on an error by the first baseman.

  4. I also had two tomato plants this year — I took good care of them, but the tomatoes they yielded were smaller than I thought they should be. One friend of mine said you should have at least four plants, so that they cross-pollinate. Another said tomatoes don’t cross-pollinate.


  5. FWIW, assuming we get Chi-NYM & Pha-LAD, the NL post-season should do gangbuster TV ratings.

    The AL breakdown—TB vs. CWS, Bos vs. LAA—might make compelling baseball, but I don’t see a nation becoming entranced.

    Also, I think this is the first time we’ve had both LA teams and both Chicago teams in the post-season.

    That said, I’m still rooting for a Milwaukee-Tampa outcome—the World Series nobody watches.

  6. Looks like Minaya’s getting an extension from the Mets.

    And I’m already past my 3 years of guaranteed support in my program. I wouldn’t mind an extension.

  7. We’re getting Kelly Johnson in full tonight.

    Bailed out by Prado over the railing (might as well bring up when he makes a good defensive play).

  8. And Frenchy: 2 ABs, 2 Ks, 4 LOB.

    At the very least, let’s get Chipper a PH AB to push that average to .365.

    Also, Mets in full gag mode. Cubs up on Santana 2-0.

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