36 thoughts on “Make up your own joke game thread: Sept. 17, Phillies at Braves”

  1. Gotta check out the last 2 posts (well, I guess that’s subject to change – it’s #s 42 & 43) from the last thread…

  2. I would not be surprised to see Frenchy become a very good player later in his career, and somewhere besides Atlanta. The kid has tremendous tools. The issue is that he doesn’t have a very mature approach at the plate or with adversity in general, and these are things you get when you mature. Being rushed to the majors really did not help him, and perhaps getting away form Atlanta where he has a lot of expectations would be a good thing for him.

    That said, I really don’t see the Braves moving him.

  3. Guten Tag from Berlin…

    I vote we move Francoeur for another “change-of-scenery” guy mentioned in that story—Aaron Harang.

    Frenchy can hit in a ridiculous ballpark & Harang can pitch in a fair one.

    I’m staying in the old East Berlin sector, basically at the corner of Marx & Stalin Boulevards—Karl Marx Allee & Frankfurter Allee (aka “Stalin Allee” because of the old Soviet-era architecture.)

    I feel like I’ve stepped out of a time machine right back into the Cold War years. This whole area has been really overrun with artists—graffiti on everything—so it’s very young & very free & very raw.

    And yes, the beer’s damn good.

  4. How is Berlin looking? I was last there in 2001 and it was essentially one giant building site as they had a ton of ambitious regeneration projects going.

    As for Harang, I’d definitely go for it. He needs to get away from Dusty Baker as soon as possible.

  5. Jeff Francoeur for Aaron Harang is such a hosejob that it’s unfair. I can’t believe the Reds’d give him away for Jeffy, but then, I can’t believe a lot of things these days.

    Looks like the nerdy recursive loop jokes have stopped, just in time for the Phillies to beat our brains out as usual.

  6. Anybody else see the pics of Tex celebrating the Angels clinch? anybody else get ill seeing them?

    were you honestly that attached to him?

    Jurrjens in the 1st inning: 4 runs on 3 hits, all singles. Looks like singles can hurt you after all! Especially when they follow walks (and crappy defense)

  7. Chipper got a hit, and Jurrjens’ arm hasn’t fallen off. So far, so good. I could care less about the outcome

  8. Francoeur, who sucks, singled to right.

    He looks like he’s gaining a little confidence, no? If I were Jayson Stark, I would probably say something like “the epic at bat last night against Brad Lidge was the spark that allowed him to build on next season”

  9. Pujols 0-for-2.

    Since none of us care about the outcome of the game, do you think there is any way we could get Gameday to post Pujols’ line and BA up in lieu of the score?

  10. Hasn’t Chip been around baseball his whole life? Doesn’t he know that if your hands are holding the bat, they count as part of it as far as HBPs and stuff? Yeesh.

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