45 thoughts on “Hey, pretty soon we’ll never have to see Shea Stadium ever again game thread: Sept. 13, Braves at Metronomes”

  1. There once was a hitter named Francoeur
    Whose strikeouts caused Braves fans much rancor.
    When he’s asked the reason
    He screwed the Braves season,
    He answers, “Screwed ‘er? I sank ‘er!”

  2. Fox TV announcer, right now: “This has been a mystery, the numbers you see there for Jeff Francoeur. He is far better than that.”

    Um, guys, maybe you didn’t get the memo…

  3. So far:

    Braves’ righties vs. Santana: 0-5 with a walk (Hampton)

    Braves’ lefties vs. Santana: 2-3 with a walk.

    Bobby Cox’s head is exploding.

  4. Infante is now career 1 for 23 against Santana. I don’t know how many BBs he’s had against him but I’d guess his OBP is under .100

    so yeah, sure, let’s have Infante hit LEADOFF. Bobby is such a nutbag.

  5. This UGA/USC game is just like last year’s so far. For UGA, too many penalties and dropped passes. Gotta get it right in the second half.

  6. BTW, the team that beat Tennessee is losing 49-0. I laughed so hard when I saw that highlight… Also, Tulane appears to be pretty good. Better than West Virginia or Virginia Tech, anyway.

  7. Sanity is making a comeback in Columbia!

    Hampton did a fine job of getting out of that bases-loaded jam without giving up a run. Shame the offense couldn’t string any hits together.

  8. Gary Danielson is a weiner. Teams don’t go for two often enough or early enough, and there’s a huge difference between seven up and six up and very little between five up and six up.

  9. can anyone actually tell me when an outfielder had as bad an offensive season as jeff francoeur? i have found khalil greene, eric hinske, and cristian guzman, but those are all infielders. i am really struggling to find someone comparable to jeff that kept their job the following year.

  10. Re: Going for 2
    There was an SEC title game between Bama & Florida (’94?), where the Tide took a 5 point lead in the 4th quarter & Stallings elected to kick the PAT, instead of going for 2 to make the spread 7.

    Of course, Florida scored late, kicked their PAT and won the title by one point.

    I remember thinking: “Does this man know basic math?”

    Not going for 2 can really cost you, too.

  11. Braves losing 2-0 in the top of the eighth inning. They have the bases loaded and nobody out and Jeff Francoeur! coming up.

  12. Ryan c:

    Jeff Francoeur has a 71 OPS+ this season.

    Doug Glanville of the Phillies had a 71 OPS+ in 2000 playing CF, came back in 2001, and posted another 71 OPS+.

    Juan Pierre had a 68 OPS+ in 2002 for the Rockies, but keeps finding suckers- I mean, work.

    Marquis Grissom had a 63 OPS+ for the Brewers in 2000, but would spend five more years in the majors (two of them actually good- 2002 with LA and 2003 with SF).

  13. how will jeffy botch this? do outs carry over? if so, i bet he hits into the ever elusive quadruple play.

  14. Wow, how’d that happen?

    If I was Cox, I’d tell Mike Gonzalez (if he comes in with a lead larger than one run) to get two outs, intentionally walk a batter or two as needed depending on the size of the Braves’ potential lead, and then balk, balk and balk again on purpose so the runners score and it’s a one runs lead…and then try and get that last out for the rare Atlanta Braves’ one-run road win.

  15. Wow, huge play by Rennie Curran there. If UGA can just kick a FG, I can’t see USC coming back.

    And let’s tag an annoying loss on the Mets.

  16. SC has been a victim of Spurrier’s cleverness twice on this drive. Pulling his QB after a great first down, then the last fourth down play.

  17. “Now, my Momma always told me that miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.” — Forrest Gump

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