29 thoughts on “End season, end! game thread: Sept. 7, Nats at Braves”

  1. Regarding Nutt’s brilliance in turning Ole Miss around, having Jevan Snead eligible (and not having Brent Schaeffer) helps.

    Looking forward to the VU-Ole Miss game in a couple weeks. Gotta get by Rice first, of course.

  2. Could Rice really pull an upset? After beating USC, I think that a bowl game is possible–but yes getting by Rice is essential. No more MTSU upsets…

  3. We should be excited with our AA and High A teams. The club we have in Atlanta has nothing to be excited about except Chipper, McCann, JJ, and Gonzo.

  4. Rice scares me. It’s a potential trap game, and they run a spread passing attack very well. Their defense is terrible, and I expect to win by multiple TDs, but I know too much about Vanderbilt football history to take this—or any—game lightly.

  5. Stu–I think that is wise–one of the great things about college football are the upsets when a favored team hardly shows up….

  6. I like it better when a favored team just gets whipped and outplayed by an underdog. See: USC-e at VU, 9/4/08.

  7. Birds are looking good. And Kitna is a far bigger asshole than his talent or decision-making warrants…

  8. Yeah, ububba, what else would you call a game against a less talented team in between two winnable conference games against similarly-talented teams.

    Vanderbilt’s not SEC-elite-level good, but on a national level, yeah, we’re better than a whole lot of teams. That’s been true for the past few years under Bobby Johnson.

  9. First criticism of the Mike Smith era — you have second down on your own 11-yard line, with a 2 TD lead and a rookie QB, against an opponent with no timeouts and a minute left in the half. Two runs up the middle, please. How hard is that?

  10. I utterly despair at Bobby Cox.

    Bringing in McCann as a pinch hitter and making him bunt. If you want a bunt, use someone else.

  11. Corky so utterly useless that another day off for McCann is used up by him having to come into the game.

  12. The Braves as a whole are fast taking on the appearance of their current “face of the franchise” Jeff Francoeur.

  13. Even James Parr has enough strike zone recognition to get a walk.

    Then, as the tying run, Francoeur swings at one that, if it was in the zone, was right on the edge and weakly grounds out.

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