Braves 2, Nats 0

ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves – Box Score – September 04, 2008

So, the Braves got a shot in the arm (as opposed to the usual shots across the back of the head) from Jamie Parr, whose nickname will either be “Man in Motion”, “St. Elmo”, or “Klinger”, I haven’t decided which. He went six innings and allowed just two hits — both to Ronnie Belliard. He wasn’t really that impressive. He struck out just three while walking the same number, but got a whole lot of help from his defense. He had a bad flyball/groundball ratio (5:9) as well, and he’s not, from what I can tell, the kind of pitcher who can get away with it. He didn’t allow too many homers in the minors. Bennett, Tavarez, and Gonzalez finished up.

The Braves, of course, couldn’t risk a homer because they couldn’t score much. KJ tripled in the third, and after Chipper was walked came in on a sac fly by McCann. Blanco’s bases-loaded groundout in the fourth scored Kotchman, who is back. Chipper was walked three times and had a hit in his only official AB. KJ had two hits, a double to go with his triple, but the Braves had only five total hits, as did the Nats.

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  1. It’s good that we have South Carolina as our Thursday night comedy to tide us over under “The Office” comes back on. Honestly, I don’t know which one is funnier.

    You can’t help but laugh at all of the talk about how Spurrier was going to “take South Carolina to the next level.”

  2. I’ve always thought of James Carr and my favorite song of all-time, “The Dark End Of The Street”

  3. Anyone out there using Google Chrome? Have to admit, I’m a fan so far. Quick, small interface, seemingly stable.

  4. Go, ‘Dores! Who says you need a passing game in the SEC?

    (Seriously, we’re not going to win another conference game if we can’t figure out how to throw the ball. That will be tough, seeing as how 5 of our 9 receivers are now out with injuries.)

    Anyway, awesome win.

  5. Wow….got up and saw that Parr won in his debut and realized that we would be back to St. Elmo’s Fire on Braves Journal–but to find it on the Quiz Thing–that is a bonus.

    Nice start for Parr and his 3 walks are a bit atypical because he had very solid command in the minors. He would not be the first pithcer to find command much difficult in the big leagues.

    Parr is one of those players who has never been given too much respect: all he has done is steadily climb the minor league ladder. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a solid contribution as a big leaguer. Its fun to root for players who just manage to get the business done….

  6. “He’s sneaky-quick,” Cox said of Parr.

    I hate it when Bobby says that. It basically means not fast enough.

  7. Bobby also likes the way Parr goes after hitters…I have no idea what Parr’s ceiling might be, but it seems at least plausible that he could be a middle relief pitcher or a #5 starter….

  8. I think Bobby saying he likes how Parr goes after hitters is to say that Parr doesn’t aggravate him the way Jo-Jo Reyes does. Yes, he walked 3 guys, but he threw more strikes than balls.

  9. I am actually reminded of the way he once described Kerry Ligtenberg’s approach to pitching, but, yes, Jo Jo must come to mind….

  10. I’m confused a bit; did he have a 5:9 FB:GB ratio? or 5:9 GB:FB rate? ‘Cause one is good and what Mac gave above, and the other is bad, which is how Mac described the ratio. I’m guessing it’s the latter….

    Anyhow, I think Parr should be a great addition to the rotation for the rest of September. Frankly, anything to keep Jurrjens from throwing 200 innings this year. :-D

  11. This going back way too far for most people here but how about “Jack” Parr? Maybe he can do a talk show after his baseball career is over.

    I think it’s pointless to speculate about a pitcher’s future after one game, good or bad. Kyle Davies looked like a future star after his first game–and it was against a much better team. And, earlier in the year, Campillo looked like a real find but he doesn’t look so great any more. I agree with mraver, though, let him take some of the innings away from Jurrjens.

    And congrats to Vanderbilt; it’s cool anytime Spurrier loses, especially to a Vandy. Of course, after last night, Spurrier might get another shot with the Redskins.

  12. #26–Agreed–but the speculation also involves what we learned about Parr between 2004-2008 in the minors. While we are on the topic of pitchers, I hope that the Braves also give Lerew a chance to pitch. He finished strong in Richmond and he might yet be a sound pithcer–if he can stay healthy. I don’t see what the Braves would have to lose by bringing him up….

  13. @27,

    I realize you are not projecting Parr as a top of the rotation guy but I’m skeptical about these guys that spend several years in the minors and then come up. Sometimes they are able to, at least initially, do ok simply because they have more experience and are thus able to disguise their lack of stuff. I’m just tired of the Braves making do with these retreads and aging minor leaguers and trying to pretend that they are the foundation for a pitching staff.

  14. I still think the Campillo find is a very good one. I’m not putting to much into his past 30 days when it looks as if the team has completely shut everything down. He may not be this good next year, but his overall line this year is still very solid.

  15. Nothing wrong with Campillo, but I hope the Braves learned from their mistakes in the past and don’t lean on him as their third starter in 2009. Otherwise I believe there is a very good chance of a repeat of going from 2005 Jorge Sosa to 2006 Jorge Sosa.

    If Campillo is a fifth starter, fine. Third starter? The Braves would be crazy.

  16. Shutting out the Nats isn’t that impressive. They’re one of the worst offenses in the majors even if they have looked like the ’27 Yankees at times against Atlanta. I want to see Parr do well against a team that isn’t in last place before I believe he’s anything more than a spot starter.

  17. I think someone asked for an explanation of the proposed nicknames. For he, and anyone else born after 1980…

    Jamie Farr played Max Klinger, the cross-dressing corpsman, on M*A*SH. Jamie Parr, Jamie Farr.

    John Parr was one of those guys with lots of hair who had a couple of hits in the eighties. The biggest was “Man in Motion”, which was the theme song to St. Elmo’s Fire, which was a terrible, terrible movie that Alex R. eventually got tired of me making fun of, not that that stopped me.

  18. tad off topic but . . . does anybody know where one might listen to the Alabama game online for free?

  19. Parr hasn’t spent that long in the minors, he’s never been in any other organization, and he is just 22. Marc, I agree with you about discussing a 28-year-old retread, but someone like Parr has a good chance of being better than that.

  20. ESPN360 is online. Anyone can get it, as long as your internet connection is broadband. Google it & see. Go to the site & it’ll tell you if your connection will work.

    Dunno where you live, but your cable company should offer ESPN GamePlan, which is the college football pay-per-view. (If you have ESPN, there’s no reason why you can’t get that.) Gameplan & 360 often show the same games.

    You can order ESPN GamePlan for the whole season or you can buy the games individually. (Each game is about $20, so I bought the whole season for an early-bird $109 special.)

    Alabama/Tulane is on the schedule this week, so if you don’t want to buy the whole season, you can buy that one game.

    Other Options: Go to the Univ. of Alabama sports site & see if you can listen to the game streaming online. I’m guessing it’s not free, but you never know. UGA’s site was free until a few years ago.

  21. Well, it’s weird, I went to the ESPN360 site and they said that my service provider (Comcast) did not offer 360 but that I could write and request that they start providing it. I have Gameplan which is frustrating since I live in north Louisiana and they’re blacking out Louisiana (which is ridiculous since Tulane doesn’t offer PPV).

    thanks for the help though, I’ll keep checking around.

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