75 thoughts on “I know what will cheer me up game thread: Sept. 2, Braves at Marlins”

  1. Did you all know that Todd Redmond leads the Southern League in wins, WHIP, and strikeouts? He is tied with Kris Medlen for 5th in the League in ERA.

    That Tyler Yates trade is not mentioned that much, but it certainly looks like a feather in Wren’s cap right now.

  2. hankoly,

    No, he did not. He shouldn’t. :P Miller shouldn’t either, but he did anyway. Apparently, he was promised one.

  3. Parish, I didn’t think much either way of the Yates trade at the time, and while Redmond has outperformed my expectations, I’m still not expecting a ton from him. He’s not supposed to have much in the way of stuff. It’s great he’s succeeding in AA, but he’s got a ways to go before I’m ready to believe he’ll ever be more than an okay middle reliever.

  4. Well I don’t think Yates has proved himself to be anything beyond an “okay middle reliever”. I’d much rather have Redmond who has a chance of becoming much more.

  5. Yates sucks, and if we had kept him, he’d now have around 70 appearances with a 6.00 era. Good riddance.

  6. Robert, regarding your remarks in the last thread, you are right. I am a Dawg, born,bred and matriculated; but I agree that SEC non-conference opponents are often little more than record-building fodder. This week my Dawgs handled powerhouse Georgia Southern in preparation for next week’s Central Michigan. Hard to argue strength of schedule based on Georgia’s first two games.

  7. the first “head up your ass” play of the night. why did the catcher try to get the runner at third when McCann was running to second?

  8. so any reason why Infante cant throw a ball in the air to 1st??

    and why have some decided that Josh Anderson is a terrible hitter?

    2007 – 24 for 67 .358AVG .413OBP .816OPS
    2008 – 14 for 43 .326AVG .408OBP .804OPS

    might be time for someone to give him a shot

    Edit: got to love the fact that a bases empty homer is unearned

  9. Because his minor league record is consistently mediocre, if “mediocre” isn’t a compliment. It would be extremely unusual, if not unprecedented, for a player to have a .340 OBP on the minor-league level and a .400 OBP on the major league level. Considering that the minor-league stats are in over 3000 PA, I know what I think.

  10. Anderson is an okay 4th OF but useless on a team with Gregor Blanco. There’s a possibility that he’s more useful than Blanco (better arm, better at stealing bases), but I don’t think its likely.

    As for Redmond, he’s having a solid year as a 23-yo in AA. Not a ton of Ks, but the low walk rate is encouraging. Give him a year in AAA and maybe he’s bullpen filler at some point. All that said, still not a trade of much consequence, although I guess anything for Kali was a good deal for us.

  11. Joe and Boog noted that Frenchy was a part of the team’s fantasy football draft.

    Really? That’s going to be awkward if Wren was bluffing with the “we believe this was just an off year” line and he can get anything for him at the winter meetings.

  12. If Jeff were available, he’d be someone like Eddie George a few years ago, piling up decent-looking fantasy stats while killing his team.

    10-3. Figure that Morton can hold on for two more innings?

  13. meaningless to me whatever Francoeur does. I stopped wishful thinking because I absolutely will miss watching most of games next season. Furthermore the year after next. Out of sight out of mind.

  14. Worst Braves team since the bad Braves no question about it. Truly terrible and the best thing that could happen would be to lose every game from here on out. Only then will these mental midgets in the front office see just how big of a mess they’ve made.

  15. Wow….the braves really want last place. Not to get off the subject but how long befor the Bowden’s are out coaching…at this they all suck.

  16. Funnily enough, Terry was a good coach as far as Xs and Os and game day management and playcalling but sucked as a recruiter and really didn’t even try. Tommy sucks on gameday and motivation but recruits well, although Clemson’s scholarships are worth more than everyone else’s these days.

  17. I could write something here about being forced to rush pitching prospects to the majors when they clearly aren’t ready (Charlie Morton) or speculating on who is culpable and who should take the blame for the destruction of the bullpen by overuse (probably Cox, but I’m sure McDowell may be the one who pays for it and the team’s ghastly post-ASG ERA with his job).

    But it doesn’t matter.


    Start over, whoever happens to be the GM at winter meetings. I promise not to expect a playoff spot until 2011.

    Seriously, this team is making me physically ill. I just recused myself to the lavatory to throw up.

    And Clint Sammons, you’re actually making me miss Corky.

    Sweet merciful crap. The team of August and September may turn out to be worse than ’88.

  18. I’m not really saying I told you so, but I knew this team needed detonating. THERE IS NO TALENT ON IT, except for McCann.

  19. Hahaha. Pete just said, “Forget throwing out the first pitch, maybe the Braves should have a “throw the 6th inning” promotion!” (paraphrasing here).

    Man, this team is bad. :-D

  20. Did everyone see the stat about Boyer, Ohman, and Carlyle’s pre- and post-break ERAs? Joe said “and then they had to be used in so many games.”

    I wonder if he remembers all the lopsided victories the Braves had in the 1st half. It is truly too bad we HAD to use Boyer and Ohman in nearly every one of those blow outs.

  21. Chief – You have really freaking overplayed your hand. I don’t know if I can possibly count the number of times you’ve said “I told you so.”

    The act is getting tired. Real tired.

  22. I hope they get the #1 pick. That’s what we need. A franchise level game changing talent.

  23. I said I wasn’t saying I told you so. Lighten up, the team stinks and is almost funnily bad now. My words don’t have any effect on the team.

    But I cannot lie that its funny to see folks who blasted me up one side of the road and down the other about even suggesting that we have a fire sale, and some even advocated being buyers and that we were one player away.

    I don’t curse, I don’t be uncivil to people, but I have learned that despite all the SABR stuff out there, there is nothing better than your eyes, and my eyes told me very early on that this team stunk.

  24. Mac,

    Not just the ATL area, but even more narrowed down to “has to come from that East Cobb youth program”.

  25. You see, the only reason I don’t think this team is tanking for a draft pick (as opposed to just given up) is that they’re going to wind up drafting the same player at 5 as they would have at 15, so it just costs more money this way.

  26. Chief – If it’s so obvious you were right, why do you feel the need to keep reminding everyone? I did not blast you, just sayin’ I am really tired of it.

  27. Na, Teh Chief had this team pegged. He knew Smoltz was done, Soriano was done, and that Hudson was going to get hurt. He knew Diaz wasn’t going to return and that Frenchy was going to be the worst player in MLB this year. He was all over that from the start.

  28. having a laugh thinking about Chiefs’ namesake………..i wish they’d bring him back. teepee, bad dances and all. the howls from the politically correct crowd would be more entertaining than this team.

  29. Whatever, at full strength this team was not going to contend for anything other than maybe a Wild Card, if that.

    If that excited you, well…

  30. @37 I am a pretty big fan of certain metrics–what you would call SABR–and I too, early on, was deeply skeptical about this team. BP predicted a decent, but hardly tremendous year, and warned that many things had to fall into place (that we would need luck). Neyer is often bashed around here for ‘bias,’ while Keith Law, the other guy on espn whom I can stomach, predicted immediately that the Glavine signing would be a disaster. The Braves management, meanwhile, is not exactly what I would call a sabermetrically-inclined unit.

    I say all of this merely to point out that it’s not stat-heads versus non-stat heads–that it’s not so black and white. The divisions are between those who are myopic and those who are realistic. And right now, the Braves management, if it honestly believes that the team is only missing a few pieces, is really really delusional.

  31. Adam M,

    I would have to think, dumb as the front office is, they now realize that the Braves are not “a few pieces away”.

  32. “Like there are any good teams in the NL East, Chief. The NL is the Cubs and everyone else.”

    This is exactly the problem. Every single NL team thinks it’s just good enough to compete. And so, for years now nobody has done what’s needed to be done to rise above the rest. Even the bad teams–and I feel safe in predicting that the Braves, with this pitching, will be no better than mediocre next year–think they have a shot. They don’t. They should save the bulk of their payroll for 2010, when McCann, Escobar, and Jurrjens will be joined by Hanson, Schafer, and whomever else, and then add some big chips. Chipper can go out a winner yet… or he can go out on 75 to 83-win teams year in, year out.

  33. They aren’t going to “save” the money. Money not spent just goes back into the corporation. And it’s a rule of budgeting that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Cut salary to $50 million and Liberty will say that’s what you have to spend from now on.

  34. Hee hee, Noriega.

    I think Mac is right here in that the majority of NL teams think they’re just “a few pieces away”, when that is obviously not the case.

  35. FWIW, with the pitching the Braves have right now, I don’t think they’re going to compete for anything at all. If Smoltz and Glavine each sign for like $5M + incentives on 1-year deals, and both come back and are league-average or better, then they’ll still be short a starter or three.

    What I’d like to see this winter is a good LF signed for 3-4 years at a reasonable deal. No big-money pitcher (unless it’s Sheets or Sabathia, which it won’t be), just something to solidify the lineup for the next few years. Then build.

  36. The braves should sign a couple of free agents, but the signings should be made with 2010 in mind, rather than 2009.

  37. How can people say they’re not tanking the season when they’re bringing Jorge Julio into a one-run game?

  38. Chief, you’re saying you knew the apples were rotten when we’re clearly watching oranges.

    Or something to that effect.

  39. @54

    That’s why I think we should sign more Kotsay-level FA’s this off-season to some two-year contracts, with an eye towards trading them for AA or AAA prospects. Yes, I’m totally willing to scrap ’09. Who fits that bill?

    Wait, what?! We have Jorge Julio?

  40. That makes a lot of sense, actually. The other thing they could do is be willing to take on a bad contract for prospects. Yes, like an NBA team, a bad one.

  41. The Braves are making sure this isn’t going into extras threatening the Marlins with the Julio/Nunez combo for the 8th and 9th if they don’t score here.

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