Good riddance: a postmortem for the 2008 Atlanta Braves (Part II: The Good)

There were three players who were unquestionably good hitters on the 2008 Atlanta Braves. You can live with that, with enough ordinary hitters, but the Braves didn’t have enough of that, plus their three good hitters were:

1. Their 36-year-old … Finish Reading

Good riddance: A postmortem for the 2008 Atlanta Braves (Part I: Manager and Coaches)

To be honest, a postmortem was indicated when Hudson went down and the team officially died; the corpse is starting to smell.

Could the 2008 Braves have won the division? Sure. This wasn’t really a … Finish Reading

Season over, finally, game thread: Sept. 28, Braves at Astros

This is the fifth year in a row that the Braves’ season has ended against Houston. Personally, I am sick of it, and the stupid train, and the ridiculous left field wall. Blech.

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Lousy game thread: Sept. 27, Lousy Braves at Lousy Astros

This may be the least watched televised Braves game ever. Is anyone in the state of Georgia watching this?

Anyway, as far as I can tell there are only three candidates for Most Valuable Brave: Chipper, McCann, and … Finish Reading

Putting the fun in funeral game thread: Sept. 26, Braves at Astros

SEC Picks for this week, as always guaranteed to be actual picks. Road teams in crimson.

Alabama 28, Georgia 23
Florida 26, Ole Miss 6
Kentucky 40, WKU 12
Texas 70, Arkansas 17
South Carolina 21, UAB 0
LSU … Finish Reading