Braves losing in every way possible game thread: Aug. 31 Braves at Nationals

Hey, let’s lose on a walk in extra innings! No, we’ve done that now. How about on a forfeit, then? Anything to avoid watching more of this team.

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  1. At this moment, regardless of the record, the Braves are worse than the Nationals. They are very likely the worst team in the National League if not all of baseball. I’m not saying they have the worst talent, but they are playing worse than anyone. These young pitchers we are always told are great prospects, etc, etc., but they never get it. They can’t throw strikes, have no command, can’t get key outs. All we hear is Bobby or McCann or someone bemoaning how we have to play better but the fact is, this is a BAD team. How long before they acknowledge that Jo Jo isn’t going to make it and trade him for a used jock strap? How long do they go with a black hole in RF? How much longer will they hope that Smoltz and Glavine can somehow reverse their aging process and become young again? How many more pitchers will they trade for that need surgery?

  2. ryan c (and any other Louisiana people),

    I hope you’re not reading this and are evacuating. With the exception of her father, who is the mayor of the small town, all my wife’s Ponchatoula friends and relatives—and there are a lot—are getting the heck out of Dodge. It looks like it’s going to be pretty bad. They’re saying worse/more dangerous than Katrina. Stay safe.

  3. Inconsoable people. ;)

    I happen to think the Mariners and Padres are slightly worse, but that’s just me.

    As for the rest, who told us that Reyes and Morton are great prospects? They sure looked like decent prospects coming up. I would have to believe that most of that is put on them by us. They put up the stats in the minors, so we think “Hey, they might be it!” but then for whatever reason, they’re not as good in the majors because they can’t face major league hitters. Whose fault is that?

    They can go with a black hole in right (or anywhere else, for that matter) as long as they want. It doesn’t really matter at this point.

  4. Great News!
    The Braves are expected to add up to six players when the rosters expand. Players who will almost certainly be added include Morton, infielder Brent Lillibridge, left-handed reliever Jeff Ridgway and catcher Corky Miller.

    After hitting .093 in 26 games with Atlanta this year, Miller was designated for assignment and promised by Braves manager Bobby Cox that he would return to the Majors in September. He’ll spend the season’s final month as the club’s third catcher.

  5. JoJo the Dogfaced Prospect just refuses to throw strikes, which makes watching his starts infuriating. Strike one just doesn’t compute with him.

    I’ve seen a little more promise in Morton, despite some of the spankings he’s taken.

    And good luck to the Gulf Coast folks…

  6. njbravesfan,

    Hey, if they end up being the players that come up, that’s fine with me. No sense in starting Schafer’s arb clock early if he turns out to be something.

  7. thanks for remembering stu. i have evacuated to watson, louisiana. it is about 45 minutes above baton rouge. we will get hurricane 2 wind gusts but no flooding. the next 48 hours will be ones i will never forget. my home, uptown in new orleans, will be in jeopardy this go around. it really stinks for my wife, whom just finished the bar exam in a state she might never practice in. thanks for your thoughts and please keep us in prayer.

  8. People may lose things by evacuating, but they’ll have their lives, and that’s the most important thing. Good luck, ryan c.

  9. We’re off to a great start…at least its nice to hear Don Sutton’s commentary…

  10. 56 pitches through three innings… anyone else think that Jurrjens needs to be shut down or something? Or should he get used to pitching more innings?

    Escobar hit a homer, fun.

  11. Mac,

    Yeah, that’s right, but is dealing with the experience of having zero control whatsoever going to eventually help him?

    And it’s looking more like Pujols is going to win the batting title. I know there’s a long way to go, but he’s 6 for his last 6, including two hits today.

  12. So is he still an integral part of the future, or is he really just another five-inning pitcher like Chuck James? 6_9

  13. So he’s just plain gassed. I guess that’s reasonable to assume. He’s not doing too bad for a gassed pitcher.

  14. As long as he’s not feeling any discomfort, I don’t see any reason to shut him down, even if he keeps getting hit. Putting him on the shelf just to preserve a winning record and pristine ERA is a meaningless gesture in the long run. I’m sure he’d rather put those things at risk and continue competing than suffer a month’s worth of pats on the head while he waits for pinch-running opportunities.

  15. He’s got his rest now. 110-odd pitches in six innings.

    And I must have missed the time when a pristine ERA is in the 3.50s o_O

  16. Haven’t had the time lately to comment on this sad bunch, but seriously what the hell is going on with Martin Prado. .423 this month with a 1.058 OPS. My goodness. At this point, he might have as much trade value as some other pieces on this team.

    I know you SEC folks had your day yesterday, but the best rivalry that nobody knows (or cares) about is tonight, Colorado-Colorado State. My Golden Buffaloes should win, but it’s always close.

    Anyway, those of us who had Bama getting 4 1/2 yesterday were very happy Clemson decided not to show up. How does that team have 0 yards rushing ?

  17. Hey, let’s use Elmer Dessens in the 8th inning of a game with a run one lead!

    Make that a formerly one run lead.

    More of that vaunted pitching depth. Yeah that’s a bit unfair b/c of the injuries, but so is inflicting the like of Nunez and Dessens on paying fans.

  18. WASHINGTON — Right-handed pitcher James Parr and infielder Brent Lillibridge will be spending the season’s final month looking to make a good impression and prove they can compete at the Major League level.

    The Braves confirmed Sunday that Parr and Lillibridge will be among the players added to the roster after it expands to 40 players on Monday. Other additions will include right-handed pitcher Charlie Morton, left-handed reliever Jeff Ridgway and catcher Corky Miller.

    Dessens AND Corky Miller? What the hell is the point? Aren’t there some young players the team can give some big league experience to? Why waste any time whatsoever with these no-hope dead-enders?

  19. The only paying fans they’ve been inflicting on lately is the Washington fans, and they’re loving every minute of it. ;P

  20. 35–oddly enough, it’s good to have Corky around for Sept. I hope he never leaves the bench but his presence might allow Cox to lift McCann in some games since he’d still have Miller for emergencies.

    36–yeah, we’re the Washington Generals for the Washington Nats. Unfortunately, home fans have seen plenty of miserable play lately too (wasn’t there a 1-7 homestand about earlier this month?).

    what’s the point bringing in Ohman after pissing away the lead? sheesh

  21. How does Willie Harris have 12 homeruns?

    And early in the season I said Blanco had “Willie Harris power”. Scratch that. Blanco will never hit twelve homers in a season. I guess “Juan Pierre power” works well enough for Blanco.

  22. Just want to add my best wishes for you Louisiana folks. Stay safe!

    I like the Charlie Brown strip Mac. Actually, Lucy might be an improvement on Jeffy.

    You do realize the Braves will only be seven games ahead of the Nats after today with a whole month to play.

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