Nationals 9, Braves 8 (10 innings)

ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals – Box Score – August 30, 2008

And another miserable one-run loss by this miserable team. The pointless Vlad Nunez walked Crazy Elijah Dukes with the bases loaded (after getting ahead 1-2) to end the game. The tenth inning was a microcosm of the season — Jeff Francoeur (as a pinch-hitter) failing to get in the potential go-ahead run, then Blanco popping up on a 3-1 pitch to end the inning, Nunez walking the potential winning run, then the runner going to second on a passed ball, then Prado committing a classic Prado to make it first-and-third, then an intentional walk to load the bases so you can’t make a mistake, then getting two outs, only to lose it on the aforementioned bases-loaded walk. I hate this team.

The Braves led 4-0 after a third inning doubles eruption; Anderson doubled with one out, then with two out Chipper, McCann, and Infante doubled, followed by a single from Dr. Strangeglove Jr. But Jo-Jo let two runs score in the fourth, and was lifted after the inning having thrown 94 pitches. The Braves got homers from McCann and Prado to get the lead back up to four in the fifth, but the usually reliable Buddy Carlyle got his head handed to him in the bottom of the inning, giving up five runs, and Bennett gave one up in the sixth to make it 8-6.

Chipper hit a solo homer in the seventh to cut it to one. In the eighth, Blanco doubled in Norton, but Anderson was thrown out at home representing the go-ahead run, with, mind you, Chipper and McCann in wait. Good one, Josh. (I accidentally typed “Jeff” there.)

Anyway, the Braves suck, and lost a game in which they had fourteen hits, including three homers and six doubles. Brandon Jones was 0-5; he wasn’t just the only starting position player without a hit, he was the only one without an extra-base hit.

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  1. This isn’t exactly news, but Tommy Bowden is a moron and a jerk. During their last drive, the non-Erin sideline reporter quoted him as saying that they couldn’t run the ball and basically blaming the offensive line. You know how many times they’ve tried to run the ball? 11 times. They haven’t done well, but eleven attempts is hardly enough to just give up on the running game, especially when it’s supposed to be your strength. Spiller, the only Clemson player who’s done anything tonight, has two carries for seven yards. And blaming your players is crap.

  2. Despite that predictable atrocity, you should be in a good mood tonight, Mac.

    Hard to play a better game than Bama’s playing.

  3. Rule to live by: Clemson, Texas A&M and Arizona State will always, always, always crap the bed if expectations ever rise above “they should be decent”.

    And yeah, I watched the whole game and I’m not sure if SC is that good or if Virginia is just that bad. We’ll know in two weeks.

  4. Mac,

    That’s pretty disgusting that Bowden didn’t call much for Spiller and Davis. They are the straws that stir the drink for that team. They NEED to be involved.

  5. Another tough injury for a Dawgs starting lineman today.

    Jeff Owens, their space-eating, run-stuffing DT, went down early, apparently with a season-ending ACL. Now we’ve lost our best OT (Sturdivant) and DT (Owens) for the season, it seems.

    With the exception of one underthrown bomb, Stafford looked very good. The receivers looked good. Moreno looked great, then left with a cramp. Caleb King replaced him & nearly gained 100 yards. Those 2 guys make for one scary backfield.

    As he does, Richt called off the Dawgs at 38-0. If he wanted to play to the rankings beauty contest, he could’ve won 50-0. But there’s just no reason to risk any further injuries.

    Next week with Central Michigan should be a better test.

  6. Next week with Central Michigan should be a better test.

    They would have to be. Nice tune up for Georgia Southern though, they’ll be ready for Austin Peay next week for sure.

  7. Great to see Bama, UGA and other SEC teams win…

    Anyway, I got up in time to see the 10th inning and Frenchy’s at bat. It was refreshing to hear Don Sutton and to hear him call it like it is: he called Frenchy a ‘free-swinger’ and added he does not have a 17 inch strike zone….its more like a 25 inch zone”. Glad that I missed the rest of the game…..

  8. good to see some freshman producing at Bama, Ingram looked awesome. Terrance Cody is a beast. Best all around game (other than UT game last year) in recent memory.

    Bowden is an idiot. You cant have 7 rushes in a half and expect much, esp. when your QB looks bad

  9. Obviously, no one cares now, but JO JO SUCKS! just like Kyle Davies, just like Chuck James, just like every other young pitcher this “model organization” has produced in the last 15 years. I would lay odds the same will happen to the great “prospects” that we are all laying out hopes on. This has become a terrible organization; they should clean house and bring in some people that can develop pitchers and/or get some decent scouts that can actually find guys that can pitch. Even Booby Cox ought to be able to see that these clowns they bring up to pitch are losers.

  10. when Klempson gets a coach that can teach and recruit, they’ll be SCARRRY…

    right now they are just an assemblage of talent with no direction

    as for your comments, Marc; they seem to come from some anger…but we will see if what you say is true…it seems we’ve gotten crappy since LaMarr and Moore left and took some of our scouts with them.

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