Nationals 7, Braves 3

ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals – Box Score – August 29, 2008

In case you’d forgotten, the Braves are a really bad team. This is two bad teams playing a meaningless game in late August. And you wonder why we talk about college football.

As usual in Washington, the Braves were humiliated by a former Brave, in this case Odalis Perez, who allowed three runs, two “earned”, in 6 1/3. That doesn’t sound too bad, I guess, except that two of the runs scored on a homer by pinch-hitter Greg Norton, so the regulars weren’t really very useful. Also Willie Harris walked three times and scored twice, because against us he’s Rickey Henderson. Against everyone else, he’s maybe Ricky Schroeder.

Jorge Campillo got pummelled again, going only 3 2/3 and allowing five runs on eight hits and three walks. It’s the walks that concern me; he can’t do that and be successful. After the Braves had cut it to 5-3 on Norton’s homer and an RBI double from Slugging First Baseman Martin Prado, franchise savior Elmer Dessens gave up two runs to let the Nats get back into a comfortable lead. The Braves did get two on in the ninth, but couldn’t get any of them home, and Prado struck out to end it with Chipper on deck.

11 thoughts on “Nationals 7, Braves 3”

  1. The only thing less meaningful than this game would be a Pirates/Nationals game. So we’re stuck with this. I wonder what the Ted averages on attendance these days.

  2. I’m going next Friday — anticipating empty seats and short beer lines. If Oddibe McDowell can be convinced to come warm up in the bullpen, it will be just like 1990.


    Shades of World B. Free. I am entertained.

  3. Cory,

    If anyone had the answer, I would love to hear it. It should lead to him being accused of using PEDs because it’s unprecedented; he hasn’t had more than 8 homers in any pro season. :P I say that jokingly, but you never know what some people will think.

  4. I was at the game on Friday night and the Braves looked absolutely dead. The Nats seemed to have some life but the Braves weren’t even there. It’s pathetic. Of course, with the lineup the Braves are fielding these days, they would have trouble with the Little League champs from Hawaii. The only good part of the evening was the deli sandwich at the ball park.

  5. Marc,

    Being stuck in the ranks of the Pirates, Reds, and Giants would probably do that to a team.

    And of course the Nats seemed to have some life. They won, didn’t they? :P

  6. Harris’ 12 homeruns are the same number as the current Braves outfield of Jones, Blanco, and Francoeur. That’s pretty sad.

  7. Ron E.,

    Is it? Harris’s season is an anamoly; this is his career high. None of us saw it coming; we just figured he’d continue to suck. It just so happens his “suck” period this year was at the first part of the season and not his last part.

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