60 thoughts on “Increasingly bleak game thread: Aug. 26, Marlins at Braves”

  1. there’s really no reason for him to be pitching every 5 days still. Seriously, I think it’d be okay if they just shut him down and saved his arm

    weather update?? I’m guessing there wont be a game…

  2. Seems the “Weather Where the Braves Are” section of the site may be overestimating the temperature a little bit.

  3. No game?

    Weather.com says it will rain all night, but the radar makes it look like precipitation is spotty.

    Right now, north of the city, it is sunny with dark clouds in the distance.

  4. It may be spotty, but it’s not likely to stop entirely until tomorrow morning. I hate it when they play through rain, and it’s the first game of the series, and there is no real reason to play. Why start?

  5. The weather here swings quickly between sunny and violent downpours. They might get it in with several delays if they are quick with the tarp.

  6. per DOB today

    By David O’Brien

    August 26, 2008 3:14 PM | Link to this

    Jon F., after the season the Braves have had, and third consecutive missed playoffs, I don’t think there are any certainties on the coaching staff. If McDowell wants to be back, he’ll be back, but other than him, I wouldn’t feel certain about any of them.

    Edit: Instant Replay will start on Thursday


  7. It’s not the coaches, it’s the players. Leo Mazzone was a “genius” because he had pitchers who could stay low and outside without putting the ball over the middle of the plate at least once every at bat. The pitchers the Braves have now can’t do that. I’m sure they try to stay out of the middle of the plate. They just aren’t good enough. That’s not McDowell’s fault.
    The only thing that can be blamed on the coaches–and on the manager, especially on the manager–is that the team absolutely quit with a quarter of the season to go. Not only are they bad, they are boring and lethargic.

  8. McDowell’s done a fine job with the pitchers. The bullpen has broken down this month from overuse, but that’s largely a function of a lot of (lost) tight games. The offense has been a problem, though I am not sure how much is TP, how much is bad luck, and how much is ALL THE DAMNED BUNTING.

  9. The offense has been a problem, though I am not sure how much is TP, how much is bad luck, and how much is ALL THE DAMNED BUNTING.

    Or, as David Pinto notes, Jeff Francoeur.

  10. Chris Chambliss (now in Richmond) is an interesting possibility for hitting coach and even manager. What happened to him as a coach? I thought he had an excellent reputation and then his stock seemed to fall quickly.

  11. Just as a side note pertaining to all threads where this pertains, it would be nice if you guys would post the actual links to stories rather than using the “tinyurl” thing. I can’t get to those links from my work computer. Thanks.

  12. The problem is that the links are often very long, and if they’re not embedded (which I always try to do) they mess up the page. That’s why I encouraged TinyURL.

  13. I can’t wait for this game to start! Our pennant drive is about to begin!!

  14. JD Drew to the DL…what’s next, birds taking flight?

    Hopefully Wren is able to get something of value.

  15. Hmmm, maybe I’ll see him tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium. Happened with Tex, too.

    Wonder if we’ll get anything useful.

  16. #29

    I’d hope for more, but I admit I don’t fully understand the prospect market as it applies to trades. Bubba has done his best work when he’s been old for his level — but in his defense, he appears to murderize once he gets comfortable….

  17. In the meantime, Jair’s doing his best to let the Marlins hit for the cycle against him this inning…really, we can’t just shut him down?

  18. BBRef has a countdown to the 250,000th major league HR (249,650 at the start of today). Evidently, the 100,000th HR was hit by Braves catcher Hal King vs. Fergie Jenkins on 4/30/70. As someone who prides himself on knowledge of obscure Braves trivia, I have to say I’ve never heard of Hal King.

  19. so how would Boston fans feel if a second person turned them down? 1st – Brian Giles 2nd – Mark Kotsay

  20. why is ESPN and the website showing 9-7, its 9-6

    Mac, Chipper struck out swinging, he didnt walk

  21. They pick now to win a game like this!? This takes a completely unbelievable season to a new level.

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