FAIL 8, Cards 4

ESPN – Braves vs. Cardinals – Box Score – August 23, 2008

Hey, even the ’62 Mets won forty games.

The Braves took a 1-0 lead in the third, Chipper doubling in Campillo, but typically gave it right back on a two-run double from Pujols in the third. Albert then hit a solo homer in the fifth to make it 3-1.

The Braves tied it up in the sixth on a bases-loaded single by slugging first baseman Marvelous Martin Prado. In the eighth, Norton came through with a pinch-hit single to drive in two runs with two out (after the usual strikeout by Francoeur). Will “I Should Have Been Traded At the Deadline, Wren, You Idiot” Ohman gave up two doubles to cut the lead to 5-4, but Bennett and Gonzalez kept it there.

And then the game was delayed by rain for about an hour. Amazingly, the Braves got three runs in the fifth after an egregious Prado by Felipe Lopez, who suddenly is the Cardinals second baseman. Marvelous Martin himself grounded out to second to end the inning, but Lopez lollygagged and let him reach for an infield single, loading the bases. (Prado is now hitting .333. Why not make him the first baseman? When Kotchman comes back, he can be a defensive replacement.) KJ, in an epic PA, walked after fouling off about seven pitches, and Francoeur, of all people, singled in two runs. Gonzalez hit for himself and pitched the ninth, giving up one run.

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  1. Wow, that was an unexpected finish… though I almost wish they’d just let the rain delay end it and get us out of that streak… even if it would’ve been a cheap way to do it.

    I’m concerned about Chipper’s batting title… Pujols is… just…

  2. I don’t really know what to do with Prado. If he could field at any position, he could be a valuable sub. The problem is that if he’s going to be a utility infielder, it would be nice if he was good enough defensively to count on him at the end of the game.

  3. “Failure is not an option” is, a bit ironically, a failure of logic. For any thing you might reasonably attempt, there is always:

    1) Perfectly achieving what you planned, hoped for, and trained for

  4. Reyes needs to throw strikes and Francoeur needs to hit the ball hard. That’s the kind of coaching that wins championships.

  5. While we’re at it, Chipper doesn’t need to get injured and we need to get at least 5 good innings from Campillo the next time he starts.

  6. Well this was a nice thing to hear on the internet radio on my birthday. This season has been such a disaster in all other aspects though unfortunately.

  7. I heard Mark Cuban loves basketball. And he’s got a lot of charisma. He who is a freak and character likes the competition and likes to win. I guess every single games will be energetic and excithing. But you know Cuban already submitted application to buy Cubs? Also Cubbies would welcome Cuban buying the team. If I were Cuban, I would buy Cubs ballclub with much regret. I think that market place has a charm. I understand the reason why my agent push me to go trainee Chicago.

    “I think he would bring whatever it takes to win the World Series,” Zambrano said. “Plus, I can be signed by him. You know, I know he has the money for me. Hopefully he can buy the Cubs.”
    Ummm….I woner Cuban prefers that kind of player or not.

    By the way, The Braves have the big money for Francoeur? He is the face of franchise and talented. Don’t forget Atlanta fans:'(

  8. here we go…

    Stephen Strasburg is probably going to fall past the Nats and hopefully to us @ 3-4 (’cause it seems that the team is trying to get there).

    He’s freaking NASTY (see him against Cuba? it was like watching a young Roy Hallady with better stuff (i know, a bit asinine, but still)…that curve ball…jesus) but he’s a Boras client. Will be deal with Boras to get the #1 starter we need? He will make it to the Majors quicker than Price has and has better stuff and seems to have similar make-up. He might have some bumps, but get him up to our Staff with Hanson and Medlin and Jair and Campillo we have a NICE rotation in 3 years, rather than having to spend the farm on guys that, well, leave ALOT to be desired (Lowe? Demptster? Come on. CC and Sheets are arm injuries waiting to happen. We could go hard after an OF bat (or two and tell Frenchy to go away) and look at what we could get for IF depth or change (KJ is nice and all…but let’s not fool ourselves, he’s not the answer).

    If Wren f$#%s this up, i’ll be quite annoyed.

  9. Since Strasburg is a Boras client, the Braves will not be stupid enough to draft him.

    The Braves would have has much chance getting Strasburg as they did signing Fields and re-signing Tex….

  10. Dull recap. Braves got three runs in the ninth, not the fifth. Gonzalez gave up a hit, not a run.

  11. Nevermind. Did the math. It’s .270 since June 10th.

    The Braves now hold the #6 position in the race for top draft picks. I say they end up closer to #10 than #5.

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