Braves 11, Giants 5

ESPN – Giants vs. Braves – Box Score – August 16, 2008

It was Critic-Silencing Night at the Ted, as Jeff Francoeur had four hits (for the first time this year, because he sucks) and Mike Hampton went six innings for the win. If L’il Jonny Schuerholz was there, they could have made it a complete set.

The Giants called up some guy — I don’t know his name, he’s not a prospect and he won’t be around after this — whom the Braves knocked out of the game in the third inning. Francoeur was in the middle of it, doubling in KJ and later scoring in the second, and then singling in a run in the third. Hampton singled in the fourth run of the third and sixth of the game, chasing whatever his name was.

Norton started at first, and hit a two-run homer in the fourth to make it 8-0. Hampton gave up a couple of runs in the fifth, but the Braves got one back in the bottom of the inning, making it 9-2. Hampton settled down in the sixth, and finished with seven hits allowed, two walks, and four strikeouts. In all honesty, he didn’t pitch nearly as well as Jurrjens did last night, but Jurrjens had to go up against Matt Cain.

Gotay hit for Hampton (even though he’s hitting 100 points lower) and doubled in Francoeur in the sixth, and came in on a Chipper groundout, making it 11-2. After the usual scoreless inning from Carlyle, who surely is going to go lame soon, Matt “Not Really a Major Leaguer” DeSalvo made his Braves debut, giving up a run in the seventh. Bobby brought in Nunez to pitch the ninth, which was a mistake, because he wound up having to get him after three hits, two walks, and two runs, Bennett coming in to finish it.

The Braves had sixteen hits. In addition to Francoeur’s four, Escobar, McCann, and Infante had two, and Chipper had a hit and two walks.

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  1. Man if this guy is able to hack his way to a starting spot next season off of scrubs like the Giants sent out tonight, this really will be the worst season ever.

  2. Lezak didn’t get outswam. (I didn’t check the splits… but he had a strong leg and held the lead.) Not trying to take anything away from Phelps. Absolutely incredible.

  3. As long as Lezak held on, he could do no wrong in my eyes (after his swim in the 4×100 free relay which was absolutely awesome).

  4. Just like the good ole days… except my medals came in the city B meet (for those that didn’t make the qualifying times). And we would signal for DDP’s diamond cutter while on the blocks during relays. Yeah, not really much like the good ole days at all…

  5. Not a bad weekend for our little island of Curacao. Jair pitched another great game yesterday, staying in that Rookie of the Year picture..

    Our Senior Leaguers were in the world championships today (losing to a team from Jersey). The Junior leaguers became world chapms (beating a team from Hawaii. We have the Little leaguers going tomorrow I think..

    And Shurandy Martina got 4th in that 100 meter race where Bolt just dominated.

    I’m happy…

  6. Mike Hampton has equaled Glavine’s win total for the season and is one away from Smoltzie. If you would have told me that was going to happen before the season, I would have told you that you’re drunk or crazy or maybe both. Yikes.

  7. Lezak was outrun by the Aussie in the last leg, 46.65-46.76. Hansen (the breaststroke guy) was outsplit by both Australia and Japan. That win was mostly Phelps with a little help from Piersall (backstroke). Phelps outsplit all butterfly swimmers by nearly a second, and Piersall won his leg by about two-tenths.

    In all seriousness, this week has almost certainly been the greatest individual athletic performance I have ever seen, and likely will ever see. Not just the eight races he (and his teammates) won, but having to race two or three races a day with the preliminary heats, many of them 30-45 minutes apart and handling it like he did…well, it was just incredible to watch. I went into last weekend not caring the least bit about Olympic swimming, but I watched his first race last weekend and found myself not being able to turn away all week. I feel privileged having been able to watch him, and I’m really glad I decided to watch that first race.

  8. Phelps was great–I have had to watch the event on Arabic TV and the commentator keeps calling him Phelipps….

  9. From the last thread.

    1. Eyes + Numbers > Eyes
    2. My eyes disagree with your eyes.
    3. I don’t really know what sabermetrics is, and this “research” community has little impact on my opinions. A vocal segment of the sabermetric community is openly hostile to my work.
    4. I don’t care to argue about which stats are the best to evaluate players. The evidence on this is clear. If we disagree in light of this evidence, I see little need to continue the discussion. This goes for sabermetricians developing useless tweaks of current metrics as well as those relying on traditional metrics that are poor estimators of talent.

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