48 thoughts on “I really can’t take much more of this team game thread: Aug. 14, Cubs at Braves”

  1. And to expand on my point… Yes, MJ couldn’t hit AA pitching. Also, he was 30 years old, and everyone said that if he’d been a baseball player all along he had the “talent” to succeed. Jeff Francoeur has “talent”. He does not have skills, and he will never develop these skills as long as he remains a self-centered whiny baby. And even if he does grow up, he still probably won’t, because he’s too old.

  2. From the previous thread.

    To AAR,

    Somebody wrote an article about all time greatest athletes about 2 years ago that kind of puts an interesting spin on Francoeur / Ainge.

    I believe (but can’t remember for sure) that Bill Simmons was ranting to somebody about either (a) the “greatest athlete of all time” or (b) what a moron GM Ainge had been for the Celtics. The guy came back with, “Well, Danny Ainge wasthe greatest all around athlete of all time.” Simmons was flabbergasted, but took down the guys arguments, thought about them and published a column.

    Basically, Ainge was good enough to play ML baseball (he ahd VORP). He had some chance to be better than that.

    Ainge was good enough to be an above average near all star NBA player (which is generally recognized as the league with the best all around athletes).

    But also, Ainge was a bettr than scratch golfer (which I had not known). Simmons source said Ainge was good enough to be PGA top 10 (and Simmons dug up people who concurred).

    Then, they brought up Ainge throwing footballs 60 yards plus and being a borderline NFL QB.

    It was an interesting article, to say the least.

  3. We have to play these guys again? I’m satisfied that they are better than us, can we just skip it?

  4. Anybody that humbles Digger Phelps is ok in my book.

    I took some criticism early this year when I branded this team “cowardly”. You may be right, but yesterday was a pretty cowardly performance if you ask me.


  5. Mac –
    Is Deion on your all-hate team simply for being Deion Sanders?

    That’s probably enough justification, but I was just curious.

  6. Deion is indeed on the list for being Deion. He was, however, a better player than Francoeur.

    Jim Brown was a heck of an athlete. Jackie Robinson was, too — baseball was maybe his third sport, and he was a genuine football star who probably would have been an Olympic track athlete if things had worked out differently.

  7. Wow, how does this conversation never get old for you guys?

    Does it really bring you that much satisfaction to sit back and take pot shots at the 2009 starting RFer for your favorite team? Cause you do realize that’s what he is… he’ll be right there, batting sixth and playing RF on opening day. Can we at least get to some constructive criticism, or better yet a discussion of other players on this team? Maybe we can all start slurping Jason Heyward who just might be this team’s savior in 2010.

    And does anyone in Atlanta go to games? I’m stuck out here on the west coast so I don’t get to watch too many live ones, but I was embarrassed by the poor turnout and the dominance of Cubs fans yesterday… I realize it was a makeup game, and I know we’re used to being able to watch baseball that matters, but there WAS a good team in town yesterday. Sorry to go all David Justice on you guys, but seriously Atlanta Braves fans need to wake up again… we’ll never have “another ’91” like I’ve heard people hope for on here without a rejuvenated and supportive fan base.

  8. “now batting cleanup for YOUR Atlllllanta Braves! Omar “DEATHSTICK” INFANTEEEEEE!” (Crowd goes wild)

  9. Cubs fans are like locusts.

    I have the game on mlb.tv in the background, and on that RBI hit I thought the game was at Wrigley the way the crowd exploded.

  10. I wish Joe Simpson and the Braves would stop being apologists for Jeff Francoeur. Oh well.

    Francoeur got his hit for the week, ensuring he’ll stay in the .220’s for another week.

  11. How come no one ever really talks about Kotsay being on the team next year? I really wouldn’t be too upset with him in center field for another year if Schafer or someone else needs to develop some more.

  12. Jim Brown, arguably, might be the best player of all time in two sports…football and lacrosse.

    I say “arguably” because I don’t even think he’s the best RB of all time, but you’ll find plenty of people who disagree.

    And then there’s Dave Winfield, who was drafted in all three major sports. I’m not sure if anyone since WWII can say that.

  13. I agree Mike.

    Prado, actually charged an error. That’s new. A respectable throw gets Rameriz out by 12 feet.

  14. This is my third season on the blog, and after a couple of dismal Junes in ’06 and ’07, the site still stayed pretty active. For a Thursday night against the Cubs, with Glavine’s return, I expected a bigger crowd. I’ll admit, this is only the second time in August that I’ve watched the team. I had to take a break for awhile. Life was actually much better.

  15. for the sake of Boyer’s arm, I hope he retaliates on the first pitch

    at least a bean ball war would be interesting

  16. there is no doubt. i hate everything about the cubs. ted lilly is a douche bag. i hope boyer kills someone.

  17. hey one more run here and we’re set up for another 8 run loss

    of course we’ll be lucky to give up only one run

  18. What a complete douche Ted Lilly is. There aren’t many guys I hate more than him these days. Go slam your glove down after you get taken deep again you piece of crap. Alright, I feel better now.

    I’m also supporting Mac’s idea of putting Escobar on the shutdown list. I don’t think it would be the worst idea to play Lil’Bridge the rest of the year and see what he can do. That would never happen, I’m sure that would just mean more PT for Infante. Anyway, Pete was talking about how the Giants are playing “the kids,” and starting all rookies in the infield. What a novel concept !! Playing young players when your team sucks. Good thing Mark Kotsay’s still around. He might hit for the cycle!

  19. Agreed that Lily is a douche. I don’t even know what he did… but I’m sure it would just confirm the opinion.

    Here’s to keeping the site views up, Mac. I still check on a very regular basis as I’m (not) studying for some big exams.

  20. cshorter, he beaned Escobar, of course not on purpose. The benches cleared, but of course nothing happened. I wish somebody would have gone out there and beat that stupid look he always has off his face.

  21. 3/4 of the way through the season and the starting right field is in double digits in homers. Hooray! Albert Hall is officially out of my life, so that’s a good thing. He did suck, but he did have a higher OPS + in the year he hit for the cycle than Mark Kotsay has this year. Please for the love of God, trade him already and play Brandon Jones.

  22. Mac, re your #25, no offence intended but site wiews could be down due to the constant barrage of negativity. I know my views are down for that reason.

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