28 thoughts on “I think I should mention that Jeff Francoeur is a horrible, horrible player game thread: Aug. 10, Braves at DBacks”

  1. Hopefully Bobby sitting him against Haren was the start of a new trend and not just a one time thing.

  2. Don’t count on it. I liked yesterday’s outfield, but I would also like to see the Braves bring up Brandon Jones and give him some playing time. His production would be no worse than Frenchy’s….

  3. I would like to see Brandon Jones too. Kotsay probably won’t be here next year so they may as well as make let Jones get some playing time–his numbers in the minors notwithstanding.

    To ububba’s point on the last thread: I agree that the Angels’ offense works for them, and that they get the most out of their talent that they can. I actually like Mike Scioscia as a manager. But without that pitching staff it would all be moot. They would be another decent team that didn’t make much noise. They’re winning because they have the best pitching in baseball, and when that goes, so too will their record.

  4. It is still in everyone’s best interest for Franceour to do well over the last few months. If we decide to get rid of him, a decent two months may give some teams incentive to give up something of value for him. I wish we would send him to the minors again, but unfortunately that won’t happen. I would rather Francoeur work out his problems (or management decide he never will) now when the games don’t mean anything than next year when he has potential to cause even more damage.

  5. All a “decent two months” will get us is the Braves saying that the Out Machine has turned the corner and another six months of suck next year.

  6. Mac, when you’re right, you’re seldom wrong.

    “Hopes for sweep rest with Hampton,” says the headline under Official Braves News. I have to wonder if even they believe a Hampton-Webb pitching matchup promises anything but pain.

  7. By the way, if anyone out there is a big Warren Zevon fan and is considering reading the “biography” written by his ex-wife: if you have any illusions about Zevon that you want to keep, don’t read the book. Maybe I am more naive than I thought, but I was pretty depressed by just about everything about the guy.

  8. Francouer in, Johnson out.

    This Francoeur thing is starting to make the Braves look like a retard organization. What other team in the majors would still be starting him everyday?

  9. The Braves gain no advantage in sitting Francoeur now that they are out of the race. Get the kid some ABs to straighten out when the game outcomes don’t matter.

  10. Parish,

    You can’t straighten out what cannot be straightened. I think he may be done. He’s an example of what enamors the scouts with ‘toolsy’ guys. They aren’t “baseball players” they are athletes. Funny thing is JF isn’t even that athletic and its clear he has no baseball specific speed. He’s lumbering.

  11. Get the kid some ABs to straighten out when the game

    Yep, I’m sure Francouer has just about got it figured out.

  12. To me, your comments seem unwise and rooted in an emotional disappointment.

    What do we gain by giving up on Francoeur now?

  13. What do we gain by giving up on Francoeur now?

    This year? Nothing.

    But the team has a lot to gain next season by not automatically crowning Francoeur their 2009 right fielder in the offseason.

  14. Agreed, Dan.

    We need to know whether he can turn it around. No matter how remote the chance is, at zero cost, we have to allow him the opportunity.

    Can’t say that I have much confidence in the Braves’ ability to get 6+ runs off of Webb.

  15. There is a cost. It’s an opportunity cost; the inability to find out if Brandon Jones can be part of next year’s equation, or if the Braves need two outfielders, not just one. (I’m sure this won’t be a popular opinion, but I think we should go after Burrell.)

  16. I’ve been saying Burrell or Dunn for two weeks now.

    The Braves have 40 million to spend for 2009 this offseason. Why not take the Phillies’ left fielder from them?

  17. God Damn this pisses me off. You have a chance
    against Webb and you won’t pinch hit for him. I would have you used Kelly right there. Loyalty only goes so Damn far!!!!

  18. Who saw that coming? I am shocked. Keep the faith guys; if we just stay patient, he’ll come around.

  19. I am all for going after Burrell.

    It is inexcusable that Francouer is starting today. It is insane.

  20. How is Francoeur hitting .227? It feels so much lower.

    He came into today at .228, and is 0-3, and he drops one points. So apparently he needs like one hit each week to stay in the .220’s or something…like with Andruw Jones last season.

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