70 thoughts on “Just playing out the string game thread: Aug. 8, Braves at DBacks”

  1. A semi-interesting aside to tonight’s game will be to see who gets sent down so that Chipper can come back.

  2. Is it still uncertain whether Chipper will be starting? If he’s not able to start, why would he come off the DL?

  3. Mac, You might want to check your “Weather Where The Braves Are”; because it’s not 56 degrees here in Tucson right now – not by any stretch.

  4. I support making the Braves a Boras-free team.

    Wren should publicly state he will not sign any Boras free agents, trade for any Boras players from other teams, will not draft any Scott Boras clients and, if possible, put a clause in the contracts of any players signed to this team forbiding them from making Scott Boras their agent for the duration of the contract.

    Trade away all Scott Boras people on this team except Jair Jurrjens. See if Jurrjens will willingly switch agents.

  5. For some ungodly reason, I’m watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, and apparently the People’s Revolutionary Army is holding rifles to the heads of Bob Costas and Matt Lauer.

  6. Am I abnormal if I have no interest in the Olympics? What are you guys’ attitudes toward the Games?

  7. no fun tonight……………my wife stomped off because i wouldnt watch the ceremonies on the big screen…….i’m not much for ceremonies of any kind.

  8. Olympics were more fun during The Cold War.

    After the boycotts of ’80 and ’84, I kinda lost interest. The fact that they became revealed as more of a scientific endeavor than an athletic one didn’t help.

    That said, I went to Atlanta in ’96 and had a blast.

    I’ll watch a little bit of it. The opening is pretty spectacular, but it’s not going to keep me from a late dinner. Time for some Thai…

  9. Man, maybe this will get you guys interested:

    MIKE HESSMAN is playing for the USA Baseball team. When did the baseball team start using minor leaguers?

    Also, I’ve never been a very big fan of the Summer Olympics, but I usually get interested in the Winter Games.

  10. at least i can relate to most of the summer games, but since i’ve never had skis or skates on my feet the winter games just leave me cold.

  11. Cody Johnson had 6 RBI either tonight or last night. Oh yeah he has 160K this year, too and 20 HR.

  12. The tape delay kind of kills it for me, although I guess that’s SOP (standard Olympic procedure).

    I’m still interested in Men’s soccer and the Redeem Team, and if they could package some other stuff like swimming and track and field into 30 minutes or so, I might listen in. Maybe they already do that somewhat, but I’m not feeling the effort it would take to get involved on my own.

    I think minor leaguers played in Sydney and won the gold.

    On edit, only so far as you can consider Roy Oswalt and Ben Sheets to have ever been “minor leaguers”. And Pat Borders.

    Fun fact, Kosuke Fukudome was on Japan’s silver medal team in Atlanta 1996 (at age 19, or that would have made him a bit old). Kotsay was on the US team.

  13. Cuba got the gold in ’96, with two future major leaguers (as far as I know): Jose Contreras and Juan Padilla. We had Kris Benson, Troy Glaus, Jacque Jones, Mark Kotsay, Braden Looper, Billy Koch, and some other decent players. Interesting.

  14. Wife and I went to an Olympic baseball game in Atlanta, I think it was USA/Japan.

  15. I made it to the USA-Italy game that year. Saw Kotsay make a ridiculous throw.

    I was only 8 at the time so thats all I really remember. That and it was unbelievably hot.

  16. Cuba had Omar Linares, too, he’s a legend.

    96 was our last amateur year. The rosters used to be a little more fun with the college and HS guys (and their Topps cards). Now we’re stuck hoping for Hessman to make a lasting impact, and whoever else is on this team.

  17. I’ve seen Kotsay make some ridiculous throws everywhere he’s played. I saw him make a crazy throw from right-center field to third in the CWS when he was at Cal-State Fullerton (I was 8 then, too). I saw him make a bunch when he played right and center for Florida. Just as a fan, I just LOVE seeing guys with hoses. That’s the emotional side of my fandom. At the All-Star break, I was watching the Web Games for the first half. Naturally, a lot of them were outfield throws (like the Ankiel ones from Colorado; HOLY CRAP!), and I just found myself going crazy watching some of those throws.

    I had shoulder surgery after I graduated HS, and thankfully, because of the focus and the persistent rehab, my throwing arm got a ton stronger. I tell ya, it’s just fun nailing someone at the plate from the outfield. I’d rather hose a runner than make a diving catch in the gap. Of course, I’d take both.

  18. How couldn’t we try to squeeze there? This team has been sorely lacking in micromanagment flailings.

  19. Nice game so far even though Cox pissed away a leadoff triple with a botched squeeze and Francoeur is 2/3 of the way to the Frenchy trifecta (K, DP, and pop out).

  20. The Francouer Hat Trick= K,Backwards K, GDP.
    Man, we can make alot of jokes about that man.

  21. You gotta love Francoeur. No matter who is hot, who is cold, who is starting, who is on the bench…he is the same consistent player every single day.

    And for people who hate “streaky” hitters like Andruw Jones used to be…well we have our consistent Frenchy now.

  22. @41–you might as well ask why bread has crumbs–Prado won’t hit the HR needed to get the cycle

  23. It would have been nice to have gotten Conor Jackson….

    This game could easily unravel for us…

  24. It’s highly unlikely Prado would hit the homerun that is required for the cycle.

    Yahoo has Prado’s batting average going from .287 to .313 tonight. That’s a huge jump in one night.

    You can hear Joe Simpson orgasming after every one of Prado’s opposite field hits tonight too.

  25. You can hear Joe Simpson orgasming after every one of Prado’s opposite field hits tonight too.


  26. Prado’s batting average increasing 26 points in one night is the mathematical proof we all needed that he is getting far too many at-bats.

  27. Yes, it’s clear that KJ is now in a platoon with a worthless, undrafted, line-drive hitting machine who isn’t any good because Baseball America never noticed him, so I haven’t been religiously tracking his progress! Won’t somebody please free Kelly Johnson!! My God, what’s it going to take?!

  28. Hey, the platoon works. I like Prado — you can look back and see many times when I’ve praised him. The problem is that one of the team’s best hitters is sitting while the Out Machine and one or two powerless outfielders are playing every day.

  29. I see a 3-3 for night has brought out the Pradomites.

    He’s a decent player but nothing special. The only person on the field he is worthy of fully replacing is Jeff Francoeur.

  30. Cool, I’ve been pigeonholed. You’ll have to feed me once in a while — I can’t move my arms.

  31. I’m also probably in the minority here, but I’m really pulling for Franceour to do well. I want him to show signs of life before the end of the year. If he does this, he either becomes valuable to the Braves next year or he has a little more trade value. If Frenchy can hit in the .290s and get back some of his power from 06 (along with an increase in walks), he’ll be helpful to someone. As I’ve said before, my biggest fear is that he’s lost some of his bat speed and may flame out completely in a few years.

  32. If Frenchy can hit in the .290s and get back some of his power from 06 (along with an increase in walks)…

    In other words, a miracle.

  33. Sansho – from the previous thread, do you know Greg? I did a few shows as a part of Redneck Greece Deluxe years ago, and played a few songs this year at the Johnny Cash Tribute show.

  34. wtf, Bobby’s pulling Ohman for Tavarez

    Tavarez has pitched much better since his first outing but still …

  35. Tavarez did something correct that Ohman could not do?

    Bizarro world… the world where Braves win

  36. Good point Spike. Another question is who will pitch the 9th. I would guess Gonzo, but how many games in a row is that?

  37. So, looking good for the Braves.

    You know, I am not at all happy about a major American television network signing on as a propaganda arm of the Chinese government.

  38. Mac,
    I know we are probably worlds apart politically, but I couldn’t agree with you more on this issue.

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