36 thoughts on “Oh, fun, an afternoon game thread: Aug. 6, Braves at Giants”

  1. Well, the word is that Joba has scheduled a visit to see Dr. James Andrews so I imgine the Yankees will definately be in the market for a SP this off-season. And I could see CC favoring pinstrips, if not for the deeper pockets, then for the slimming effect.

    I’d be OK taking a chance on Sheets. The Braves have a slim chance of being above .500 next season, and the only way that will happen is by taking chances. If you sign Sheets to a 4 year deal and he’s a bust, he comes off the books right when the next wave of young talent is maturing. If he’s not a bust, then maybe we’re competitve.

    Sheets: $20 mil.
    Burrell: $14
    Garland: $6

    There’s your 40 million. If Smoltz or Hudson pitch next year, we could actually be pretty good.

  2. Chuck James vs. Tim Lincecum. OK…

    Yeah, lots of fear in YankeeLand about Joba. Expect them to make a play for the FA Sabbathia. I mean, why wouldn’t they?

  3. Marc,

    Hampton has proven himself to be a productive player? The man has made 3 starts in 3 years, 1 of which was awful, and his ERA is still around 6. I don’t see it.

  4. CNNSI’s John Donovan has an article up about the plight of our old, broken-down, sorry Braves, whom I love.

  5. Jason,

    Do you REALLY think anybody will sign Garland for one or 7 years for 6 million??? REALLY???

    Jason screw up Marquis got 3 years and 7 million per two offseasons ago. Gil “I might can be average” Meche got 5 years and 11 million per year two offseasons ago. Last year Carlos “I’m not as good as Meche and ain’t no way I’m” Silva got 4 or 5 years at 12 million per year.

    In this market, Garland is at least 4 years at at least 12 million.

    The Braves FO and the Braves fans need to get more realistic.

  6. Even money, even number of years, I would take Garland and Ducksherer each over Sheets, however. The Braves are going to be paying 20 million for “non-pitching Hudson and non-pitching Soriano” next year. There is no more room for “problem children” where health is concerned.

    Maybe a 3 for 1 incentive laden package of Hampton, Glavine, and Smoltz (at numbers none of them would take). But, otherwise, stay away from known health risks. Before you take those, just let the “young ‘uns” pitch.

  7. While Duscherer has been an excellent reliever, I’m concerned he’s more of a flash in the pan. I mean, I’m loving him right now because I picked him up on my fantasy team a couple months ago, but I’d be leery about signing him for multiple years.

    I do agree about known injury risks, Cliff. I don’t think we can continue to play with fire and keep around players who are very likely to be injured. I’d hope we learned our lesson after this year.

  8. Glad Hampton had a good start last night but let’s not get carried away. The guy could have another injury any time. Plus he has a poor K rate–some thing like 3K in 15 IP (not exact but I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment). He was fortunate that most the balls in play were hit within range of his fielders.

    Re signing Sheets, Garland, or whomever: Count me among the risk averse. With Hampton’s contract finally coming off the books it’d be nice to avoid another expensive underproductive contract.

  9. @9,

    But Frank,

    Braves will have to be REALLY lucky to have even a .500 record if we don’t add at least 1 starting pitcher. We can try

    1. to get a #1, and stop.

    2. to get a @1 and a #3.

    3. to get 2 #3’s (but REALLY load up offense).

    1. THE GOOD: leaves more money for offense. If the pitching youngsters come on, you are really good and you aren’t blocked.

    1. THE BAD: probably won’t leave the team good enough to get enough ticket sales to keep ownership happy and adding payroll. Unliklely to be above a .500 team. Any starting pitching injuries are magnified (especially your new #1).

    2. THE GOOD: we should be able to fill out a very good rotation from there. Can even handle an injury or two.

    2. THE BAD: That will take at least 35 million for at least 5 years on FA market. Probably only allows for one more contract increase at one more position (other than the prebuilt raises and arb increases).

    3. THE GOOD: Save a little money ($5 million). Can possibly get a #3 in trade.

    3. THE BAD: You would be dead in the water in postseason. Besides, you probably have little chance to get there. “Per Win Share” I think you pay more for a #3 than a Number 1.

  10. Rob,

    All I’m saying is that, when healthy, Hampton has been a productive pitcher. Maybe there is a slim chance he can be again. Everyone is assuming, with no basis, that the Braves are going to go out and sign CC and/or Sheets but I think you have to be more realistic. Hampton obviously isn’t going to command much money and if the deal is right, why not bring him back? What’s your solution other than throwing money at free-agent pitchers which the Braves never do?

  11. You can’t judge Hampton based on his ERA from his first three starts back in the majors. Yesterday’s numbers were outstanding. I’d imagine that he’d be willing to resign at a discount with Atlanta seeing as he’s already taken all their money, he’s not bound to get huge offers elsewhere, and you know he’s comfortable here, with the training staff and coaches.

    I’d say he’s definitely worth taking a risk on, at a reduced price for one or two years. Worse case scenario if he can’t regain his pitching dominance, he could be a pretty decent left fielder.

    @4: What part of 22-4 with a 2.90 ERA isn’t proving productive value? He won’t get back to that production, but he was one of the best pitchers in baseball when he got injured in ’05 (his year stats don’t show it, but look at his last few starts.) And he looked just as dominant last spring… it isn’t always luck when a pitcher gets hitters to put the ball in play to their defense: see Greg Maddux.

  12. Glad to see Chucky get through an inning without giving up another Upchuck.

    @10–I agree that the Braves need to acquire another starter by trade or FA. Saying I’m risk averse when it comes to expensive multi-year contracts doesn’t mean I wouldn’t sign anyone but would do so selectively. For ex, Sheets has a history of injuries that makes him too risky for $100m over 5 yrs.

  13. It would be nice if we could get runners home without a groundout. But at least it’s two runs back.

  14. Since I hate everyone else on the team, should I just change the name of the site to “McCann Journal”, at least until Chipper gets back?

  15. @26–I think I snarked something about Batting Practice Machine after his last start. The description seems fitting; too bad b/c I’d like to see Chucky succeed.

  16. With 4 outs to go, the perfecto was broken up by Chris Young with a double.

    This was only Karstens’ 11 major-league start.

  17. Nah, James > Francoeur.

    What happened to James? Is it that shoulder injury? He was an average pitcher in 160 innings just last season and now he looks like early 2007 Mark Redman.

    As for Francoeur, he is one of the team’s few “locks” to be back and starting everyday next season. It’s mind-boggling. The Braves and Wren say the outfield is a big concern and they’re going to look for a power-hitting left fielder in the offseason…but they’ll Francoeur in right field for 2009.

  18. I hope Chuck James didn’t give up his job installing windows or whatever at Home Depot. I think he’s going to need a new career soon.

  19. What I can’t figure out about this team is that they get walks–even Jeffy is getting more walks now–but they don’t translate into runs.

  20. #30 – time happened to Chuck…hitters and coaches have figured him out. He has a slider but doesnt throw it and when he does its not for strikes. He cant throw his change ups for strikes and his fastballs are 89-91 with no movement and usually belt high. For some reason I dont know if he ever tries going inside to anyone anymore either. There really isnt too much to like about his pitching anymore

  21. Know what’s sad?

    Of the 9 statistical categories listed on Yahoo!’s Braves team page, only 3 are lead by players currently on the 25-man roster.

  22. chuck wasn’t quality but he was better. somebody should let tim hudson know that we signed him to throw like tim lincecum. what a badass. i didn’t see webb earlier this year. but that was certainly impressive. we only had a few opportunities today to do anything. i was glad to see a few runs cross and a few guys walk to make lincecum work. good job by the bp (again)

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