36 thoughts on “Goodbye, Skip: Aug. 4, Braves at Giants”

  1. I kinda like that better — he was doing something that gave him some pleasure. Of course, knowing Skip, he was probably cursing the manufacturer all the while.

  2. I’ll miss Skip… My dad never really liked him – he hated his voice and what he thought was his condescending attitude

  3. Moreso than the Tomahawk, Dale Murphy, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Dave Justice, Chipper Jones, Bobby Cox, Ted Turner, 14 straight division titles or anything else, Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren were the Braves to me. I doubt there will ever be another one like Skip. Among his many assets as a broadcaster, I think what I enjoyed most was his honesty. He was never a shill for the front office or anyone else. He always told the truth and did it with his own style and inimitable dry wit. It’s going to be hard adjusting to Braves baseball with no Skip Caray.

  4. well Catz……….i’ve met quite a few people who didnt like Skip………i always figured it was their problem, not Skips’………………. he probably wouldn’t have liked them right back……….that was the best thing about his style. no phony political correctness. if he didnt like something, you knew it.

  5. Hey Skeeeyup, my boy plays little league bawll and he wanted me to call in and ask you why Javy Lopez doesn’t catch for Greg Maddux.

  6. hey Skip……………my dogs’ name is Paco and he wears a Braves sweater when it gets cold. could you send him an autographed ball?

  7. Hey Mac, do you think you could post a new poll? Possibly a poll for Skip’s best (or most memorable) call?

  8. On a less depressing note; Jeff Francoeur has finally been put in the eighth spot in the lineup.

  9. I missed the interview with Joe, but just saw Pete and it was very touching, as were the comments by the young woman on the field.

    Then the network robotron at the studio said Skip’s call of Bream’s slide would “live in infamy”, followed by some crass bullshit commercial and had to turn it off. The “suits” are still mucking things up, Skip.

  10. Pete’s on the radio now talking about Skip. It’s hard to listen to, so you know it’s hard for him to say.

  11. 94.9 The Bull is not exactly bringing the classy. Someone tell Rodney Ho that they accidentally played a station ID over the interview with Don Sutton.

    Which was an awesome tribute — Don was clearly about to cry and yet not crying, talking about how Skip had been so supportive through his daughter’s health troubles and his own.

  12. -Mark from Valdosta, go ahead Mark…

    -Uh, hello, Skip, uhhh. Why don’t the Braves just trade Tucker and Brian Hunter for Ken Griffey Jr.?

  13. I just cut the mp3 of that Rowland Office link in the last thread, then used my data cable to send it out to my phone. I didn’t download it from some site or something.

  14. I’m off to lift a cold one in honor of Skip. Days don’t come much sadder than this one.

  15. This team ain’t competitive any more. I just wanted McCann to keep absolutely at rest.

  16. @22–I too hope McCann gets used more sensibly for the rest of the season. I’m hoping Sammons gets 2 games of every 5 for the rest of the season. Sammons could get some seasoning and McCann could use the rest.

    Putrid offense again tonight.

  17. you know we’re not playing very well. but for some reason i don’t really want to go to bed. we need some magic dust… but this is really enjoyable :)

  18. every year when my high school season gets going, i feel bad, cause i start to miss more braves stuff, this year, its no worries

  19. Frenchy up so it’s game time: DP, K,or pop?

    I’ll take DP grounder.

    EDIT: Silly me–it’s a run produced.

  20. @31–yeah, I’m thinking he should be the one voted off the island when Chipper comes back

    @32–MB has several strong players this year–makes one optimistic for 2011

  21. That last bit where they played Skip saying “So long, everybody” was just about too much.

  22. Just lost it here when they played him saying, “So long, everybody.” … There are people in my extended family who I don’t feel like I know as well as Skip, and I never met the man in person. Maybe that’s why this has hit me so hard.

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