Brewers 9, Braves 0

ESPN – Brewers vs. Braves – Box Score – August 01, 2008

Apparently the Braves took my desire to heart. They didn’t forfeit the game, but they put up the forfeit score of 9-0.

Chuck James was terrible. He allowed six runs in 2 2/3 innings; called up to take Corky Miller’s spot on the roster (good-bye, Hamster!) he basically was to pitching what Corky was to offense. He finally left the game after allowing two homers in the third inning. At any event, whatever James was doing in AAA, he either didn’t do it last night or it doesn’t work in the majors.

The Braves were held to five hits — all singles — and three walks. Kotchman finally had a hit in a Braves uniform, and also a walk; Sammons continued his good work with a hit and a walk. The Braves’ best opportunity to score was a bases-loaded, two-out situation in the fourth, but pinch-“hitter” Norton flew out. They had only one hit from that point on, an infield single by Kotsay in the fifth. Terrible ballclub.

5 thoughts on “Brewers 9, Braves 0”

  1. i have been out of town for a week now without tv or internet and it seems like i missed a lot and nothing at all at the same time. let’s see:

    1. hudson out for at least the year
    2. chipper on the dl
    3. hampton back but not really
    4. corky gone
    5. sammons up
    6. tex traded for kotchman and a half-live arm
    7. b-mac knocked silly
    8. francoeur still sucking
    9. braves still losing.

    anything else?

    are we now the worst ballclub in the majors?

    i know this has probably been covered in previous threads, but does anyone know why we didnt make more deadline moves? is ohman going to be a brave next year?

  2. Right now, this is probably the worst team in baseball. If and when Chipper and McCann come back, they’ll probably be bad, not the worst. But with only two decent starting pitchers they’ll never be better than bad.

  3. If we’re the worst team in baseball then wouldn’t it stand to reason that you would want to “massively” turn over the roster, aka blow up the team?

    The worst thing this franchise can do at this point is pretty much stand pat, as it did at the trading deadline.

  4. Yeah–I am a little surprised that Bobby could part with Corky–and I will miss the comic relief…

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