Week 1 SEC predictions (sorry, Marc!) game thread: Aug. 29, Braves at Nats

Okay, I missed the South Carolina and Vandy games, but who cares? Home team in CAPS. Remember, I always pick Alabama to win and Tennessee to lose.

Alabama 23 CLEMSON 21 (in Atlanta)
FLORIDA 63 Hawaii 37
LSU 41 App. … Finish Reading

Kotsay traded game thread: Aug. 27, Marlins at Braves

Red Sox land Kotsay from Braves | MLB.com: News

The Braves got Luis Sumoza, a 19-year-old outfielder, not to be confused with Luis Sumoza, an Astros prospect, or Luis Somoza, the late Nicaraguan dictator. He’s basically a lottery ticket; … Finish Reading