89 thoughts on “If we’re going to sell we better hurry up game thread: July 21, Braves at Marlins”

  1. Continued from the last thread…

    On Cox: The thing about second guessing managerial decisions is one must assume that the opposite move would have been successful. This is most likely not the case, most of the time.

    We have also seen Bobby fail to make a move and it worked out anyway. Hard to know, but if he had pulled the trigger we wanted him to it might have cost him the game. The net effect of his unconventional in-game decisions probably have not cost us more than 2-3 games this year.

    His roster management (by this, I include the use of the bullpen pitchers) is what I think hads been the real problem.

  2. Also, I am hoping we lose a couple of games off the Division lead this week. Merely, losing to the Nationals and staying 6.5 games back may not be enough to get Frank to push the “sell” button.

  3. Headed to the Bronx tonight & this is the recurring theme 3 years running:

    Braves’ fortunes waning in late July;

    Yanks/Mets on the upswing;

    Sitting through a Yankee game listening to playoff talk;

    Me watching some dumbass strut around a stifling Yankee Stadium in a 100% polyester Mets jersey, drawing very solicited abuse;

    Me wanting to strafe the stadium with painful, yet non-lethal shot. (After a few $9.50 Becks, the fantasy becomes lethal.) Ya-freakin’-hoo.

    Re: Everything Must Go?
    I can’t commit to any specific idea on the immediate future of the team until I hear some genuine options. Sell, yeah, sure—but for whom? For what?

    I don’t see any reason to chuck our good players, like Hudson, unless something becomes available that’s just too good to pass up.

    Otherwise, keep him. If it’s true that we’re not that far from being genuinely competitive we’re gonna need him. That’s the debate.

    But dumping him just because we can’t make the post-season this year? No comprende. In MLB, getting bad is certainly no free pass to getting good.

  4. From last thread:

    Let’s call it like it is…Bobby’s bullpen mgmt has been beyond dismal for some time now. He was never a great offensive manager, it was always starting pitching and fundamentals with BCox.

    By the way the Braves will beat the Marlins tonight.

  5. per the website….Top prospect Jordan Schafer entered Sunday hitting just .135 (7-for-52) in July. After serving a 50-game suspension for using HGH (human growth hormone), the 21-year-old outfielder showed promise while hitting .274 (26-for-95) in June.

  6. Even if we don’t trade Tex, I think we definitely need to move Will Ohman unless we intend to spend the money to keep him next year. A lefty having the year he’s having should get us two decent High-A pitchers with moderate ceilings.

    That said, management should only do this if they’re confident going forward with Ring and Gonzo as the two lefties in the pen. Frankly, I wouldn’t be disappointed if we kept Ohman around next year, but at the same time, he’s a very solid trade chip.

  7. Dunno what we could expect back from the Yanks, but they could use Ohman. Their bullpen has no lefties; in fact, I think Pettitte is only LHP on the team.

    Their bullpen has been strangely good since Chamberlain joined the rotation, but a lefty wouldn’t be bad for them to add. Ohman’s certainly a better roster fit than LaTroy Hawkins.

  8. There’s a lot of people out there interested in a lefty arm from the pen. Ohman’s ideal since he’s shown he can also get out RH hitters and is at his contracts end, giving the acquiring team the option to either re-sign him or just let him walk away and get a supplemental round draft pick in compensation.

  9. I like what the Brewers are doing…Ray Durham was a great pick-up.

    The Braves will probably win two out of three against the Marlins and then get swept by the Phillies. They have no confidence against the Phillies. It’s seems like yesterday when people were forcasting the Braves to run away with the division with Smoltz, Soriano and Gonzalez in the bullpen…sad.

    The Phillies are trying to get Holliday too? It’s going down to the wire with the Mets and Phils, unless Wagner is really hurt.

  10. If the Braves aren’t going to resign Ohman, then they should probably trade him. Plus, relief pitchers tend to be inconsistent so you don’t really know what Ohman would do next year; although his track record outside of Wrigley is pretty good, giving a relief pitcher relatively big money is risky. Still, if you start trading away useful players for prospects, you have to understand that this will effect your ability to contend next year. Does it make sense to bite the bullet for, say, a middling prospect?

  11. Now my day is GREAT!! Loudmouth Shockey can take his tired act to New Orleans. Good deal for both clubs.

  12. Met fans are funny.

    Two days ago they were hating on Wagner something fierce—“He chokes in the clutch, even the All-Star Game!”

    Today, they’re singing the blues about him—“We need him, at least to beat the Phillies.”

    Obviously, they’re not content unless they’re somehow miserable.

  13. I can understand trading Ohman, but having a bullpen with Taverez, Acosta, Nunez and Ring is bad beyond words – heaven forbid, but we’ll probably call up Jorge Julio next! If 4 of the above stay in the bullpen the rest of the year, we’re in serious danger of suffering through a lot of blowouts (similar to Sunday’s 15-6 debacle) – at least we won’t lose as many one run games! Are there any updates of Stockman’s injury status?

  14. I think they missed a couple of “chase zones” on Frenchy. Like the low-outside, I see him chasing sliders out there all the time. Oh and don’t forget the ones OVER his head and BEHIND him.

  15. “Like we needed more evidence that Francoeur sucks”

    Absolutely the line of the day.

  16. please keep Ohman unless you getting a starting OF for him. He has been good and you can always trade a lefty to the yankees in the future. 3 mill for 3 years is not a bad contract for him and he said how much he likes it here.
    trade Ring for a bad of potato chips.

  17. td@14,

    Stockman got in a game at Richmond last night. Pitched an inning. No strikeouts. kept an inherited runner from scoring. No runs given up.

    But, he threw something like 10 balls and 7 strikes.

    If he can get his control back over a few appearances to where it is for him (not very good, but with 96 or 98 coming at you, that isn’t so bad), then he needs to come up and see if he can pitch at ML level the rest of the year.

    I still think he can be a dominant right handed set up guy, maybe even a “CLOSER” tm.

  18. When asked about his errant throw to the plate, Francoeur commented, “I didn’t really think it was all that bad, Corky [Miller] just missed it.” When told he was charged an error he responded, “I’m not happy with the way the scorer handled that. This dampens my relationship with him. I do not agree with his decision. Francoeur continued, “If I were batting I would have swung at it. ”

  19. I think Frenchy’s prime zone is balls bouncing in the dirt. Maybe he thinks he is playing cricket.

  20. Except he falls in the “Bobby won’t ever put him in unless we are down/up 6 runs” category

  21. As to Ohman,

    I would LIKE to have him for a few years, but I don’t expect the Braves to offer a multi year deal and I expect him to get a multi year offer. So, it is time to either (a) trade him for something better than the possible pick(s) or (b)hold him, offer arb and take the picks.

    Even thought I think we should be SELLING if there is a good outfielder (preferably right handed hitting) that can be had in exchange for something that we either (1) have in surplus or (2) need to move, then do it.

  22. We are all joking and kidding but Jeff Francouer is the worse offensive right fielder in the NL, hell who are we kidding all of baseball.


    What will make this season even worse, if Chipper doesn’t at least win the batting title and right now he is at .373, with King Albert sitting at .359. I don’t like the odds.

  23. In honor of the previous thread comment “get back in there and SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

    Frank the bird man: What would you do, Mr. Braves Journal, if faced with a market like this?

    Braves Journal: I figure young Hank has got to be scared that he isn’t going to live up to the Boss’ standards. I say he knows he needs a left handed reliever. You let him stew and then you pounce and send him Ohman and get back that Jackson kid. Then you will have you an outfielder.

  24. This freeman guy has been unbelievable; out-hitting our uber-prospect hayward. Is this out of nowhere? Can Freeman play LF? Tex at 1B; Hayward in RF.

  25. no escobar again tonight.

    little baby jeffy

  26. Lineups:

    LF Blanco
    2B Johnson
    3B Chipper
    1B Teixiera
    C McCann
    RF Francoeur
    CF Kotsay
    SS Lillibridge
    P Campillo


    SS Ramirez
    RF Hermida
    3B Cantu
    LF Willingham
    2B Uggla
    1B Jacobs
    CF Ross
    C Baker
    P Volstad

  27. If we can, we should try to trade Kotsay too. He’s in the last year of his contract, and someone might be looking for a CF or some bench help.

  28. If he comes back later in the series, I guess it’s nothing, but that’s a bit disappointing after Bobby’s postgame comments last night. Said the plan was to start Escobar tonight.

  29. any updates on that situation? they waiting till tomorrow to bring Soriano back? he have a setback?

  30. No idea. You may want to check the comments in the AJC blog to see if DOB has said anything about it. His name is bolded on the comments so you can skip around the others.

  31. brilliant! thanks.

    this is what DOB said, if anyone else was wondering…

    “Braves are sending down Vlad Nunez to open spot for Soriano. I thought it might be Tavarez, but maybe his couple of scoreless innings granted him a reprieve. That plus they know he might decline the assignment, like he did with Milwaukee.”

  32. braves14 dont be silly, once we load the bases with no one out, we can only score one run. Its a law

  33. In fuller detail:

    Frenchy had beat out an infield single, but the throw got past Jacobs and Frenchy, already running through the bag, reacted, trying to run to second. But instead his feet flew out from under him and he pulled a near face plant on the dirt and had to get back up and dive back to first base to avoid being tagged out.

  34. That was definitely a gift. Contrary to Joe Simpson’s commentary on the issue, that ball clearly grazed Chipper’s glove in the replay.

  35. Simpson finally confirmed that Soriano is active for the first time, here in the 5th inning. Way to be on top of things, guys.

  36. Tex is hot.

    Whether we trade him or not, I kinda get the feeling he’s gonna tear it up the rest of the way.

  37. We’re not going to get swept especially Mr. ugly doesn’t come up with the bases loaded.

  38. I hate these stupid advert/contests but some guy named William Frisbee is involved in this one. What a sweet name.

  39. Like I said earlier the Braves would win tonight. They just match up better against the Marlins and the Mets. Against the Phillies….sweep. No answer for one pitcher and that’s JC Romero.

  40. The only thing the Braves need to buy is a clue about roster construction. The players they need for a pennant winner are here- they need to make sure that millstones like Corky, Prado, and especially Frenchy aren’t.

  41. The thing is, I don’t necessarily believe in “buying” and “selling” per se. A Teixeira for Kotchman plus, or Bay for prospects deal are going to make the team better going forward no matter what happens this year, and may in fact make them better this year at the same time.

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