Braves 12, Padres 3

ESPN – Braves vs. Padres – Box Score – July 13, 2008

See, this is why our run differential is so screwed up.

The Braves jumped on top in the first, Teixeira hitting a two-run double and then, after Francoeur’s inevitable failure, coming in on a single by McCann. Campillo gave up three hits and a run in the bottom of the inning, but from then on had few problems. It stayed 3-1 until the sixth, when the Braves batted around.

Francoeur actually did something good, starting off the inning with a single. McCann was hit by a pitch (it looked bad for a moment, but he stayed in) and Kotsay followed with an RBI single. The Padres brought the infield in (with McCann running at third, already down three, but hey, I’m not the manager) and Lillibridge hit a single to make it 5-1. Campillo couldn’t get a bunt down, but Blanco and Prado continued the singles barrage, and Chipper hit a sac fly to make it 8-1. The Padres got a run back in the bottom of the inning on a homer.

McCann answered that with a solo shot in the seventh, then in the ninth the Braves decided to hit doubles; Teixeira led off, then after the inevitable Francoeur popup McCann doubled him in, and then Li’lbridge doubled him in, and KJ followed with a single to make it 12-2.

I don’t really get Bobby’s bullpen management in this one, but that’s hardly news. Boyer threw two innings yesterday, but Bobby brought him in to pitch the seventh up 9-2 anyway. Hudson threw the eighth, which actually makes sense; you need to get some live throwing in for him if possible, since he has the next four days off anyway. But then Gonzalez pitched the ninth, coming off pitching yesterday, with a nine-run lead. Makes no sense. Royce Ring must be dead again.

The Braves had sixteen hits. McCann was 3-3 with a walk and a HBP. Li’lbridge had three hits, and Kotsay, Prado, and Teixeira each had two.

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  1. Ok… so he didn’t homer… but Lillibridge did get 3 hits…

    Can we continue the use of the batboy image on days that he starts?

  2. Mac, what kind of photoshopping did you have in mind? My skills are virtually nonexistent, but i’m always willing to try.

  3. Asked this during the game, but i dont think anyone responded. Isn’t it a little late to not have the starters announced for the All Star game?

  4. Campillo’s continued competence and Lillibridge’s recent work are both great news. And it’s nice to get a win going into the break. But the structural problems persist:

    (1) Bobby’s bizarre bullpen management, which will destroy Boyer’s arm and Ring’s confidence etc. etc. etc.

    (2) Francoeur hits in the middle of the lineup while KJ gets platooned (note to Brad et al: this doesn’t mean I “revere” KJ or think he’s a Hall of Famer. I just think it shows the Braves have screwy priorities). I worry that the Braves will commit to him in a way that will not just make us cringe, but hurt the team’s development. And this myopia also relates to

    (3) their inability to decide whether they’re buyers or sellers. Five games under .500 can be some bad luck, but there’s not enough ‘bad luck’ to convince me that this team is a good team. I wouldn’t want us to trade Teixeira unless the return is good, but I certainly hope we don’t trade some talented youth for a LF rental.

  5. I think we can get a left fielder cheap. If after the Phillies set comming up and we get our asses kicked, then we have like 4 days to sell. I say hold out til then.

  6. I think this team is pressing at the plate and when they relax, we get what we had to day. Thoughts?

  7. That was great Douglass.

    Mac – I don’t mind having Gonzales come in to pitch the 9th. I think the announcers said it was only the second time he had pitched back-to-back since coming back from surgery. If that is the case, this was a perfect opportunity to see how his arm would be affected with the short rest. Being that it is impossible for him to have to come into a game tomorrow – or almost a week for that matter.

    @7 – Ring does not appear to have any confidence issues to me. He has been great this year. Although, I would like to see him used a bit more.

  8. Bleh, can’t figure out how to/if it’s possible to put images in the comments directly.

    I’ve mailed a couple to you, Mac, use them if you want.

    Tomas has done several Bat Boy In Caps. Here’s one. — MT

    ” alt=”Bat Boy!” />

  9. I think Gonzalez actually makes sense, but Boyer I don’t get.

    For Gonzalez it was a good chance to see how his arm could handle back-to-back games, but thanks to the coming off days, with no risk of having him unavailable later when we need him.

    Edit: I see this has been covered already.

  10. Eddie Murphy….

    Talking about a bomb, 5.3 Mil for a movie that cost 55mil to make. Ouch.

  11. I am pretty sure Frank Wren will hold out on buying or selling until the last minute. As things stand, I would certainly hold.

  12. Eddie Murphy has slipped into levels of un-funny I thought only very few could get into. Yikes…

    So, talk to me about this Bat Boy. Is that a real person, and if so, why?!

  13. From an AJC article:

    Boyer, 26, credited his strong work on the road trip to a recent tutorial with injured veteran John Smoltz, who helped him smooth out his delivery.

    So…why don’t we just get Smoltz to be the pitching coach, and Chipper (or Chipper’s dad or McCann’s dad) to be the hitting coach? Seriously, I feel like this year I have heard/read more stories about other players or fathers helping players than I have about coaches helping or finding a mechanical flaw. What gives?

  14. Wasn’t referring to you, Adam M. You’re not a KJ-lover. You recognize he has flaws.
    Just kidding. This has been a nice break from bar exam studying.

  15. Rissa, I will agree with you that I have been underwhelmed with TP’s job as hitting coach, but I do think McDowell has done a good job with the pitchers. I think the reason why there aren’t many articles written about hitting or pitching coaches in general is that it’s not much of a “story” when coaches do their jobs, it makes for better copy when a player or dad helps out.

  16. McDowell has at least earned more time.

    However, I feel like Merv Rettenmund was fired in less time with better results than TP has gotten. I really don’t know that TP is the problem, but the hitting has definitely underachieved for the whole of his tenure.

    I could go for Julio Franco as hitting coach.

  17. Even if Brent doesn’t deliver in games, at least he is giving us great fun…good to have someone else to pick on besides Frenchy.

  18. Guys, firing TP isn’t going to solve our problems. I’ve become convinced that at this level, hitting coaches don’t have that much control over hitters. If guys had good walk rates in the minors, they’re probably going to have good walk rates at the major league level. If a guy isn’t walking and striking out 150 times in the minors, that probably won’t change a whole lot when he comes to Atlanta. Saying that the hitting coach needs to make foundational changes to a hitter’s approach at the major league level is just not reasonable.

    Last year, the Braves had the second best offense in the league, and our pitching really struggled. You had these group of people who place wayyyy too much emphasis on the hitting and pitching coaches calling for McDowell to be fired. Where are they now? They’re calling for TP to be fired. Why? Because the Braves have had a bad half of a season of hitting in the midst of the last two or three years of mashing the baseball.

    Also, Larry Wayne Jones Jr. has been watching Chipper since he’s been in high school. Chipper’s approach hasn’t changed that much since he was in high school (I have friends who played against him), so LWJ Jr. has had his eyes on his son for more than 20 years. So when you hear Chipper’s been getting help from his dad, well, DUH. Same thing with McCann. His dad’s probably been watching him since he started. To say these guys can come in and fix Francoeur or Diaz or whoever isn’t hitting well is placing way too much credit to some dedicated fathers.

  19. 32, Merv Rettemund didn’t win any MVP awards playing for Bobby, that’s why. If TP wasn’t going to be the next manager, he probably would have been fired by now. As long as Bobby is around, TP is going to be the hitting coach, I have just learned to accept it.

  20. The Braves can find another hitting coach all they want, Frenchy is still going to suck.

  21. Something worth noting that I don’t know many people have noticed…

    Kris Medlen has been converted to a starter in AA. In his 8 starts, he has a 2.30 ERA in 43 innings. He has 9 BB, 43 K, and has allowed 1 HR.

    Todd Redmond, the guy we got for Kali, has had a nice season in AA as well. James Parr has been also been decent.

  22. The biggest problem the statistics say we have with hitting is a lack of power.

    The Braves have only 3 guys with 100 or more PAs who have a slugging percentage above .450, and just five who have a slugging percentage above .400. (Chipper, McCann, Teixiera, KJ, and Infante) That is anemic. The league average is .410, which includes pitchers.

    It would be nice if we had some real outfielders.

  23. From the category of Stockman-Gate:

    It looks like Stockman has been hurt for a while. He hasn’t pitched in Richmond since May 14. This likely explains why he was never used when the Braves called him up. That does not sufficiently explain why the Braves promoted an injured player, however.

    Outside of Chuck James, Richmond’s rotation is truly awful. Johnathan Rowenhorst, Damian Moss, Brian Lawrence, and Jerome Gamble have been awful. Moss has been the best of that bunch with a 4.92 ERA, but he has a 55/44 K/BB ratio.

  24. I didn’t notice where Maddux stole one off of us. That was funny. He’s still pretty fast, btw.

  25. Rob Cope @ 35:
    I think you meant to type “Larry Wayne Jones, Sr.” has been watching Chipper rather than “Jr.” Chipper is Jr.

  26. I agree that McDowell has done a good job, and I’m not exactly calling for firing TP. I was just thinking along the lines of how teams used to have player-managers. If you could have player-coaches now, with the veteran players helping the younger guys, why not try it? It will never happen, I realize, but I still think Smoltz and Chipper would be good at it. Articles have been written on how Chipper has helped McCann (and LaRoche and Langerhans… but those would not help my illustration :-) ) and that one now about how Smoltz helped Boyer. Younger players might not always listen to older ones, but then again some players don’t listen to coaches (see Andruw), so it wouldn’t be a new problem.

  27. Smoltz has already said that when he retires from playing baseball that he’s done. He will not be a coach or manager after that point. He says his family has sacrificed enough and it’ll give him time to spend with his family. Of course, that could change, but I highly doubt it.

    The bad thing about winning those last two games, and of course not making up any ground, is that will keep this team from selling and holding on to false hope. We’ll probably trade away some good pieces for half year rentals

  28. good news everyone….friday and saturday’s games are on Peachtree TV, so I cant watch a game until next Sunday!!

  29. BTW, according to Mark Bradley in the AJC “Kelly Johnson is the epitome of an average big-leaguer — neither embarrassing nor exceptional.”

    The Braves are behind three teams in the division by four or more games. Let’s assume that the Marlins are going to fade, that still leaves the Phillies and the Mets. The Braves have played well against the Mets at home and have stunk against the Phillies. Neither are great teams but the Mets especially are on a roll. Even though the Braves have a lot of games left with those teams, they can’t realistically expect to gain six or seven games in head to head competition. The Braves are 7.5 games behind the Cardinals for the WC (and, of course, they would have to be at least second in the division for that to be a factor)and 7 behind the Brewers who have CC Sabbathia. The Braves are 14-33 on the road, coming off a “successful” 3-3 trip that included the worst team in the league. It just looks to me that, unless this team plays like the 90s Braves, it has very little chance to make the playoffs, favorable run differential or not. I would like to see the team play better in the second half even if they don’t make it but I say sell only if you get the right deals but don’t go out and trade for some journeyman outfielder that won’t make a difference.

    I still say the problem with the team is not the hitting instructor but the lack of talent. Let’s face it, Teixera is a good player but somewhat overrated in terms of everyone’s expectations in the offseason. The outfield is a black hole and KJ and Yunel are solid, but hardly dominant, players. And you have Corky Miller playing every fifth day. (Bobby probably voted for Corky to the All-Star Game.)

    Another point–the offense was quite inconsistent last year too, even after Teixera came aboard. There were lots of games where they got shut down. It’s not a new problem. I figured out that at one point last year the Braves had scored something like a third of their runs in 15% of their games.

  30. interesting offer, but I’m not surprised. They probably wouldnt give us Youk straight up.

  31. I say we hold out with Tex. Youk is good, but I think we might get a better prospect for him. He could sub for Chipper at third too, hmmm, sounds interesting.

  32. I feel sheepish. Did everyone else but me know that the reason Terry Pendleton is allowed to keep his job is because it has been decided he’s the next manager?

    If so, please tell me what he has done to earn the position.

  33. Smitty, that comment about KJ’s error “costing us the season” is one of the more ludicrous things I’ve ever read on this site. Which is really saying something.

    Why would we want Craig Hansen?

  34. The Sox would be absolute idiots to accept that deal. The Sox would get Tex for less than half a year, and give up 2.5 years of Youk. I’m not sure what the deal is with Hansen (he apparently already had a 4-year deal with the Sox), but I believe he’ll be up for at least two years of arby after this year. Heck, the Rangers might have accepted that deal over the one the Braves did last year.

    Let’s hope Gammons was making that up, because if the Braves are seriously expecting that type of return, they might as well stop shopping him.

  35. Oh, I don’t think it’s that crazy, JC. The Sox have the financial wherewithal to lock Teix up this offseason, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that Teix will be better than Youkilis for the rest of this season.

  36. I say we hold out with Tex. Youk is good, but I think we might get a better prospect for him.

    The Braves will be lucky lucky lucky if they can get a player equal to Youk for a 2 month rental of Teixeira.

    Just for kicks–who are possible buyers? Yanks, Sox, Mets? Anyone else? Maybe the Dbacks?

  37. I don’t think it’s been decided, at least publicly, that Pendleton is the next manager. That’s been the assumption is some places but I doubt that the Braves have made any kind of commitment.

    Hold out for more than Youk? JC is right–for two months of Tex, you get Youk? Theo would have to be high on something to go for that.

    The Braves probably are being exorbitant because I don’t think they would ever acknowledge that they aren’t going to win. The Braves have convinced themselves that injuries are the only reason they are struggling and that, somehow, Glavine and Hampton will turn the season around even though it’s been hitting, not pitching, that’s the problem. This is how teams decline–when they blame extraneous factors for their failings.

  38. The Braves have convinced themselves that injuries are the only reason they are struggling and that, somehow, Glavine and Hampton will turn the season around even though it’s been hitting, not pitching, that’s the problem. This is how teams decline–when they blame extraneous factors for their failings.

    How do you know the Braves feel this way, Marc? One would have to be crazy not to believe the injuries have played a major role in the failings, but I’d be shocked to learn anyone associated with the team feels injuries are solely to blame and that Glavine and Hampton are going to give lots of great innings down the stretch.

    That’s a pretty big straw-man paragraph you’ve got there.

  39. Back to Julian Tavares nicknames for a moment.

    How about Pineapple Face? Weaves in the Latin/disgusting military dictator component that’s been missing.

  40. Re: Youk –

    Not to mention, in a Santana-ish sort of way, there is value in NOT letting the Yankees get Tex for this season, and if BOS doesn’t/can’t resign him and NYY does next year, the Sox get at least the Yanks 1st round pick. This year notwithstanding, he has been a serviceable, but hardly dominating 1B (OPS+ 115). I think some here might be overvaluing him based on SportsCenter and this year’s hot start.

  41. Stu,

    Directly, no the error was not the end of the world. But indirectly it may cost us the 2008 season. That game sent us into a free fall and may be the deciding factor when it come to being buyers or sellers.

  42. Hampton in starting rotation after the break. Morton probably is the odd man out.

    The countdown now begins….WHEN (not if) will Mark Bowman and/or Bobby Cox be quoted as saying: “getting Hampton back is tantamount to a big deadline acquisition.”

  43. I don’t think you would trade a valuable player just to keep Tex away from the Yankees for two months, especially since, with Giambi having a good year, it seems unlikely that the Yankees would be in the market now. (After the season is a different story.) I doubt the market for Tex is all that great given the fact that he is almost certain to hit the market even if he lands with a big market team. Why wouldn’t he test the market?


    All I know is I keep reading things from Chipper and so on that suggest they think injuries are the primary reason the Braves are struggling. But I hope you are right, Stu.

  44. Marc,
    As noted, the Red Sox wouldn’t be trading the Greek god of walks just to keep Teix away from the Yankees, but also because Teix would represent an upgrade at the position.

    As for what you’re reading, apparently you’re not reading the passages (discussed at length here) in which Chipper talks about how the young guys aren’t hitting like they should, etc., and how that, in conjunction with the rash of injuries, makes it tough to win. I don’t see how it’s possible to disagree with that.

  45. I think we need to trade Tex, and if we could get Youk, that would be fantastic. Draft picks don’t solve any of our problems, we need a solid bat that will be around for a few years.

  46. so Hampton replaces Morton, I’m okay with this one until his next injury(it’ll be a little of an upgrade). Who comes out when/if Glavine comes back? Reyes and Campillo have both been a lot better than Glavine this year. There is no way to look at him coming back as a positive in any way. I guess we should be out of it by then, so we may want to go to a 7 man rotation to save the young guys arms…

  47. Getting Youk for Tex would be a good deal.

    How much would clubhouse culture factor into such a move? I mean… didn’t I read about how Manny Ramirez gets upset at how intense Youk is and how he damages equipment after rare K’s? I think some of his teammates deemed it unprofessional and were getting tired of it. Would that fly with one Bobby Cox? I don’t know either way. Fire is good, but apparently can get old. Just curious to see if personality would come into it.

  48. I wouldnt mind seeing some fire out of a player. I like hard nosed, intense, players. Youk’s a gamer

    would you take or make this deal and would they….

    Tex/Ohman/Lilli (they want Jack Wilson) for Loney/Kemp

  49. Good to see where Spike through the “how does this affect the Yankees” angle.

    When I heard this first I went “Huh?”. Then I thought, “Who is it that might bid on Free Agent Teixeira? I came up with the two NY teams and Baltimore. If the Mets take him, they have to give up a 1st round pick. That is a good thing for the Braves. If the Yankees (or Orioles) get him, they have to give upa first round pick.

    So, basically, the Sox get (in a one up swap)

    1. Tex over Youkilis for the rest of this year. A mild upgrade.

    2. A first round pick and a supplemental pick.

    3. IF the Yankees want Teix, they get the extra satisfaction of knowing the first orund ick also hurt the Yankees (same with Orioles to a lesser degree).

    A big key for Boston would be who they think would play first next year. If they think their young guy (Anderson?) is ready, then that is solved.

    Also, Gammons is connected in Boston. Something is going on. The Braves MAY be targeting Anderson and starting with Youkilis.

    i had figured if the Sox wanted Teix it was to replace Ortiz. They may get a different DH candidate (Oakland’s pair of Sweeney and Thomas? Milton Bradley?) to cover that hole.

  50. With Escobar’s shoulder hurt and him needing an MRI, you don’t trade Lillibridge.

    Heck, maybe Lillibridge will seize the SS job. He’s been alright these past two games and it’s not like Escobar has been that great at the plate.

  51. With Escobar’s shoulder hurt and him needing an MRI, you don’t trade Lillibridge.

    I wouldn’t trade him for a reliever or something, but I would trade him to get someone like Matt Kemp.

  52. 75 — seems too good of a price. If it’s not a scam, please let me know. Not that I need new ways to not study.

  53. I’m glad that Lilli had a nice couple of games, but his numbers even at AAA have been horrid this season. I would love for someone to kind of push Escobar a little, but he’s our SS of the future and Lilli is a trade piece

  54. They just dropped the price of the 360, csg, plus Target gives you like a 25 dollar gift card when you buy one. And you get the 3 year warranty for when it breaks. Because it will.

  55. I’m with AAR… that screams Scam as much as those sites a few years back that were selling Macs (the computer not the blogger) for about 1/2 price (and those were scams).

  56. Stu,

    Why is it crazy? Before that error we were like three or four back. We are still talking about it three weeks later. If you had to define a moment in the season where everything started falling apart, I think most people would point to that moment.

  57. I don’t think you would trade a valuable player just to keep Tex away from the Yankees for two months, especially since, with Giambi having a good year, it seems unlikely that the Yankees would be in the market now. (After the season is a different story.)

    Not to beat it to death, but Giambi and his decrepit knees go to DH, Matsui to LF, Abreu to RF, Damon in CF, Cabrera to 4th OF/spot starter. This puts their worst hitting regular on the bench, gets Damon’s rag arm out of left, shores up their D at first, and probably increases the total AB’s Giambi gets over the season, AND get a jump on the guy they really want to sign next year. To me, it makes a reasonable amount of sense for them to be interested now.

    For Boston, Youks’ value will never be higher and he’ll be 30 next year, they don’t have a long term plan for 1B (Sean Casey ain’t it) and if Papi’s injuries turn out to be slow healing Tex is quite the insurance policy. Youks started out hot last year but cooled off and finished at 117OPS+ with 15 HRs in a pretty good hitting environment. Tex had a hot 141 first half, and a smokin’ 163 to finish at 150 in a less than great hitting environment. He’s a lot better than Youk and represents a big upgrade for Boston for a guy who probably won’t ever hit enough for 1B on a non Manny/Papi team

  58. csg,
    it’s one of those survey websites. i’ve seen it before. you have to fill out surveys before you get that price. i dont think you ever reach the quota though. also, i called the number listed, and the voice mailbox is mysteriously filled up. go figure. even refurbished systems are going to cost 150-200 bucks. sounds like a dirty scam.

  59. I think my responses to Smitty got lost in spam filters since I had a link in it… I was going with “the point where everything started falling apart” as losing opening day to the Natspos.

  60. I don’t like the idea of targetting a Youkilis in a potential Tex deal. I’d rather have the draft picks than that, in all honesty. If we move Tex, it should be for youth.

    I’d rather target Lars Anderson than Youkilis for that matter.

  61. @70 That deal would be so lopsided in favor of the Braves that Ned Coletti would hang up the phone before the words were out of Wren’s mouth. Well, he would if he wasn’t an idiot, which he is, so who knows? Kemp and Loney would radically alter the Braves immediate future for the better. Escobar’s career could be over and we’d offer Lillibridge in a package for Kemp and Loney.

    Stu, the Braves might not be convinced “injuries” are the sole cause of all their woes, but management seems to be delusional about what this team can do and how much talent there is on the roster. The Francoeur debacle has only made that more clear. I didn’t think they should be buying last season and I don’t think they should be now. But they have an aging manager and an aging superstar so it’s possible that they’ll sell the longterm in order to improve the odds of winning in the short-term from 1 in a 1000 to 1 in a 100 (or something). And that’s bad for us, the fans, who will be here long after Bobby and Chipper (and Smoltz and Teixeira) have gone to pasture.

  62. Adam M,
    You might be right, and it does feel that way, but I’ll wait to see what we do over the next couple weeks before deciding to become despondent over this team’s future. I didn’t mind being buyers last year, but I agree that it would be a huge mistake this year. I do think management could just be saying all the right things while planning on being sellers, though.

  63. Just for the record, I am not in favor of a Youks for Tex deal

  64. I had the 360 when it first came out, but sold it about a year or so ago. I know someone who bought one from this website and there are no surveys. They even gave him a order # and gave an 8-10 day estimate on shipping. I guess I’ll wait and see what happens with theirs

  65. 96 — certainly wait and see since someone you know gave it a try. keep us posted.

  66. If we trade Tex, a first baseman needs to be somewhere in the deal. I don’t really follow the minor leagues all that heavily, but last I knew, we had no first basemen in the system whatsoever. We need to get a first baseman from somewhere. We can trade for a young one, but he has to be Major League ready from the moment he arrives. And frankly, if first baseman is just one of those positions where we trade for or sign a different veteran every 3-5 years to do it, I don’t really have a problem with that. Hell, it’s been working out pretty well so far. LaRoche is the only homegrown regular 1B that I can remember in the almost 20 years that I’ve been following this team, and the only time when the position was really an issue was during the Brogna/Caminiti/Franco year.

    So, point being, I would have no problem trading for Youkilis if we get another prospect or two in the trade. Keep in mind, we’re trying to win next year. This isn’t a five-year rebuilding job (despite how badly some people seem to want it to be). We need a Major League !B.

  67. The point in trading for youkliis is that the Braves would have him tied up for a couple of years so there would not be the immediate need to get a first baseman. That would still leave a need for some power in the outfield but at least it would fill an immediate need; if Teixera walks, then what?

  68. The KJ error vs. Philly was a crusher. But if he catches that ball we’re exactly one game better.

    Went to the All-Star fan fest at the Javits Center yesterday. Amid all the corporate overkill—I think even the restrooms were sponsored— there were some coolish items to see from the Hall of Fame. I particularly liked the hideous unis from the ’70s.

    Plus there was plenty of Yankee stuff, like the very first ticket to Yankee Stadium, Wally Pipp’s glove, amazing original pics, scorecards, etc.

    But this memorabilia craze is so far out of hand these days. I mean, they were holding silent auctions for things like Whitey Ford’s expired credit cards & Thurman Munson’s license plate. Who buys these things?

  69. It’ll be fun to watch Hamilton launch a few tonight. I read somewhere that they were taking measures to speed up the spectacle. Anybody know what they are? I know I’ll be taking measures to mute Chris Berman.

  70. KJ’s error reminded me of the error Jerry Royster made in LA in 1982 to cost the Braves a game. It seemed to be a crusher at the time but the Braves ended up winning the division anyway. Good teams generally recover even from crushing losses.

  71. I know I’ll be taking measures to mute Chris Berman.

    I hope you mean, “permanently mute,” and those measures include the use of a gun and a shovel.

    “And, yet, the stucco.”

  72. Another plus to Youkilis (as opposed to maybe Kotchman) is that he is a Major League capable (maybe plus) defender at 3rd.

    I know that U Knw Who doesn’t want to consider a move, but I know it would make sense then to come back in spring training and switch Youk back to 3rd.

    If we keep Youk at first for 2 years, Heyward and Freeman should be knocking the door down for first.

    FWIW, Schaffer is hitting great since his return against right handers and getting manhandled by lefthanders.

  73. I take issue with Bradley’s comments about KJ being “merely average”. OPS + of 107 is well above average for 2nd base. At this point KJ overall is, I believe, a slightly below average defender.

    For the “KJ gets too much love compared to Francoeur” crowd: If Francoeur would have stepped forward this year as I expected (hold BA, 20 or so more walks, a 50 point ISO uptick) then people wouldn’t be on him. If he had stayed level to 2007, not many people would have been on him. However, he REGRESSED to a level LOWER THAN 2006 and he did it for exactly the reason people had been pointing out (bad sense of strike zone and long swing).

    BUT THEN he had the temerity to suggest he didn’t need to go change things. REALLY?

  74. Agree with Cliff. I have never been terribly impressed with Bradley’s knowledge of baseball.

  75. Stu, I knew that quote was off a little bit, but I tend to tune out Berman, even in movies.

  76. I’ve seen that movie a lot. A lot. Twice in the past 6 months, even.

    A Bill Haywood must be allowed to speak his mind.

  77. You see? I told you I didn’t know anything about the minors. I forgot about Heyward. In that case, I would do that Youkilis trade immediately if the Red Sox are offering.

  78. I don’t think Heyward is going to begin his career as a first baseman. He might wind up there, but right now he’s more than holding his own in right field. He’s 14 of 15 in stolen bases this year — does that sound like a first baseman to you?

    I would give Canizares the first crack at the first base job, but the Braves apparently really, really hate his defense. Kala-K (which is going to be his nickname until he stops striking out so damned much) walks and has some power, but would struggle to hit .220 in the majors right now, and he doesn’t have that much power. Freeman (who’s playing alongside Heyward right now) is probably 3-4 years away.

    So, that means Thorman, probably platooning with Norton (who can’t hit righthanded and never could). Hooray!

  79. At 113: Yes, he must, even if his mother benches him. I’ve seen that movie way too many times.
    I would love it if the Braves could get Youkilis in a trade, but, if they trade Teix to any team, it would be good to get a stopgap first baseman that’s better than Thorman/Norton. If Canizares can play first, let’s try him. He can’t be worse than that platoon.

  80. #101 – I read something where they were talking about cutting it to 2 rounds and thats it. have 8 guys and then go straight to a 2 man final. They also talked about letting the final be like the old HR derby challenges where they will play it by innings. Each batter hits for 3 of their innings and then swap.

    that would be a little different

  81. I’m just happy that I was able to sell my HR Derby tickets for face value—I’m sorry, I can’t watch that thing.

    Yes, you & Mark Bradley.

    I wouldn’t call KJ an average offensive 2B, but I’ll continue to differ with those who see him as an average defensive 2B. Does that even out to average?

    Not to me—although I do like a 2B who turns the DP better. Compared to the league, KJ’s better than alright with the bat—but he, too, has regressed somewhat from ’07. He certainly ain’t killing us, but I wanted a little more this year.

    The description of “neither embarrassing nor exceptional” suits me. (It’s not like KJ is in Utley territory, which actually is exceptional.) Otherwise, the column was fine, IMO.

  82. more from mlb rumors

    3:28pm: Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe expects the Red Sox to engage in further conversations with the Braves about Teixeira leading up to the deadline.

  83. I don’t dislike Bradley, ububba. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything negative about him. I just know he’s one of your faves, and you always stick up for him when others on here take shots.

  84. Careful guys, ububba has shown he’s not above pulling out his “im a huge badass, bask in my glory” card as a finishing move when people talk shit about Bradley.

    And oh how small and insignificant you’ll feel when he pulls it out.

  85. I like ububba and Douglass. They’re two of my favorites. Mark Bradley is tearing this community apart.

  86. I dislike neither Bradley nor ububba. In fact, nowadays every time I look at ububba I think Ubuntu, which is the version of Linux I’ve been trying to learn and am currently enjoying.

    Oh, right, discussion at hand. I’ve been reading ububba’s stuff on here for the greater part of this decade, and I have not heard any type of “I’m a huge BA, bask in my glory” card. I happen to like this ububba guy, even though he roots for UGA, the team I fear the most this year. And that fear is not particularly close to the fear of any other team…

  87. Warm regards in return.

    And Douglass, I’ll assume you missed my olive branch last week, but that’s alright. Nothing like a mini-cyber scrap on a very slow sports day…

    As much as I hate to consider it, your team won’t be so bad this year either. And no off-week for the Dawgs coming into Jax this time. We’ll be in Baton Rouge, while you guys get Kentucky at home.

    College football can’t come soon enough…

  88. mlb rumors

    The Angels have “hinted at a willingness to build a deal around pitching prospect Nick Adenhart.” This would apparently involve Mark Teixeira or Matt Holliday.

  89. Adenhart… Needed TJ surgery out of high school. Stats through 2007 were good, not eye-popping; his status as a top prospect has mostly been built on his ability to survive on levels populated by older players. Stats this year are quite bad, but (a) it’s Salt Lake, a terrible pitching environment, and (b) he’s the youngest pitcher in the PCL. Started three games in May for the big club; got killed in his first start but has pitched better in his last two, picking up a win in his last. Manifestly not ready for prime time, but there’s plenty of time left.

  90. Who is this Nick Adenhart the Angels are rumored to be willing to include in a Teixeira deal? Oops. Thanks, Mac.

  91. I don’t trust those rumors at all, but I would hardly be opposed to Adenhart coming in exchange for Tex. He’s the top prospect in Anaheim (or whatever the hell they are) and he’d be the top pitching prospect here–and possibly even good enough to make the rotation next season.

    Edit: Clearly, I disagree with Mac’s analysis a bit, but the gist is that it’s an interesting deal. He’s not a strikeout guy, per se, but he is a groundball pitcher with solid minor league peripherals and high upside. Also, that Tommy John surgery is what allowed him to slip to the Angels the way he did.

  92. While the cliche holds that one can never have enough pitching, trading Tex for Adenhart doesn’t compute since offense (especially OF and, after trading Tex, 1B) is the Braves biggest need.

    The Angels are a logical suitor in one respect–they too need an offensive infusion b/c only two players on their team have ops > .800. Of course their offensive woes are partly related to their insistence on playing the mediocre Figgins.

  93. If the Angels indeed are offering their top prospect (kinda doubtful, they have been pretty reluctant to deal their prospects of late), then I think you could look at it like the point in the draft where you’d take the best player available instead of drafting for need.

    As for Adenhart… I’ve only heard the hype, don’t know if he’d actually be “ready” within a year.

  94. I have no hard feelings. While I do find ububba’s defenses of M. Bradley laughable and think he comes across like a huge tool when he tries to win arguments by saying “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING?” (No, I don’t. and I don’t give a fuck.), I do think he seems like a solid dude and is definitely a solid contributor to the site. And I’m a seasoned enough forum jockey to know that nothing on the internet is personal. I have no emotional involvement in anything posted here. I’m here to talk baseball and make wisecracks along the way.

    But when someone throws down the gauntlet, I’m definitely not above a duel. In fact, I rather enjoy an e-fight in the right place and time, especially when someone attacks my command of the English language as ububba did the other day. That’s hittin’ my wise-cracking e-persona where it hurts. Typos be damned, I’m here for the witty banter, to provide some color to the long death march that is a Braves baseball season, and to be an all around hip cat – in addition to piling on Frenchy, of course – and I can’t be doing any of that getting slapped around by self-absorbed Mark Bradley apologists from Squaresville now, can I? Didn’t think so.

    So no worries….carry on.

  95. Figgins is hardly the Angels’ biggest problem, if problem at all. He’s been slumping, but he still has a .381 OBP, which is pretty great and by far the best on the team. The Angels’ real problems are that Matthews is terrible, Anderson is done, and that Mathis and Aybar aren’t ready yet, if they ever will be. Their OBPs are .310, .302, .291, and .313. Only Aybar’s overall numbers are borderline acceptable, and that just because he’s a shortstop. You can’t build an offense with four guys like that in the lineup, especially when nobody else (but Figgins) is really an OBP plus. Hence, 12th in a 14-team league in OBP.

  96. what’s with reggie throwing out the first pitch at the HR derby? I mean, shouldn’t he be taking the first swing or something?

  97. Is it just me, but does Erin Andrews look pregnant to anyone else or is it just her attire?

  98. Is it just me, but does Erin Andrews look pregnant to anyone else or is it just her attire?

    Ssssshhhhh! We’re trying to keep it a secret!

  99. Douglass,
    I didn’t question your command of the English language. I impugned your comprehension.

    When folks do that with stuff I’ve written (not here so much, but in my regular gig), you just throw your hands up. That’s all it was about.

    As for bigshot status, I don’t think anyone believes that doing stories on the relative merits of XLR cables & powered subwoofers denotes such a tag, but I’ll try to take that as a lift for my shoes.

    I do like the Squaresville barb. I’ll keep that one in mind. It’s a chuckler.

  100. I dunno, I’m not sold on Adenhart alone. If we’re talking Adenhart plus Kotchman, then it’s something worth doing.

    As for Boston, I’m not sure I see the Youklis angle. If you’re Boston, you only do that if you intend to sign Tex after the season (and who knows, that’s probably a good plan with Manny’s production being a bit down). I figure any deal with Boston would involve both Tex and Ohman, so Youklis plus prospects (Bowden or perhaps Masterson if we’re real lucky) would be the target.

    I dunno. I’m somewhat skepitcal about the potential return given Tex’s impending free agency and the lack of a market for one-and-done types. I don’t really see us getting a Matt LaPorta out of this.

  101. for what it’s worth… my wife says erin andrews is just wearing a funny looking skirt. doesn’t look pregnant.

  102. Hah, I was hoping Hamilton would win tonight. I’d like the thank ESPN for totally ruining what should be a special moment.

    Also, Hamilton is a total hottie.

  103. I was just about to post a hope that a home run ball would hit Reilly in the head, removing his ability to speak for the rest of the night.

  104. I still like the deal that I reported from Smitty’s barber a week ago of Kotchman and Adenhart for Tex, I don’t think the Braves are going to do much better than that, and who knows if they’ve even gotten close to that. Boston in my opinion is crazy if they even trade Youk for Tex straight up, and I don’t really think Youkilis is that great either. On a positive side if the Braves did get Youk, then maybe Frenchy will think they are saying “Yoooouukk” instead of booooooo when he comes up, so that may work.

  105. I’d be scared for my life if I were that camera man sitting right behind the plate.

  106. I think the Braves should trade Teix back to the Rangers, along with Hampton and Francoeur, for Josh Hamilton.
    Adenhart and Kotchman for Teix is a pretty good deal, though.

  107. I would welcome the Adenhart Kotchman deal if it were offered. Kotchman dominated at his minor league stops when he was young for each league. His first full season w/ Anaheim showed a lot of promise in his peripherals. He’s on the right side of 27, and while he will probably never get into the 150’s I could easily see him getting a little more power and make it into the 130’s. Adenhart didn’t kill in the minors, but was even younger and had very nice SO, BB, and HR totals. Anaheim is probably selling low on both right now.

  108. Erin Andrews was last seen gushing over Tebow. No telling what they didn’t show.

    Monica was less forward with Bill.

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