Win it for Otis game thread: June 27, Braves at Blue Jays

Maybe I should talk some trash. Hey, Canada! I’m glad we flew your flag upside down! Glad, I tell you! Joe Carter was Jeff Francoeur with a better publicity agent! Barenaked Ladies suck!

Hmm, I don’t think that’s enough. Oh, I know.

Go Red Wings!

That’ll get ’em.

120 thoughts on “Win it for Otis game thread: June 27, Braves at Blue Jays”

  1. Robert (from previous thread),

    I sort of misstated my point about it not being easy for athletes. Obviously, they have access to resources that normal students don’t. My point was that if Beamer really cared about the academic performance of his players, he probably wouldn’t be scheduling all these games in the middle of the week. It’s even more egregious in basketball, where ESPN drives teams to schedule games at 9 pm. If it’s a choice between the athletes’ academic performance and making more money, these big-time athletic programs will generally go for the money.

  2. #2 – the Canadian Dollar is exhanging at 1.02 today. So therefore the US dollar sucks worse. However, the Yen is at a nice 0.01057 right now

    Yes my friend, we are in bad shape. Sorry if this is politics

  3. Well, with the exchange rate more favorable to Canada, this means that the Blue Jays can now pay enough to get players to play up there. Oh yeah, that’s not really good news is it?

  4. we really should call up Thor tonight and find away to get Orr back on the roster for this series

  5. From the previous thread (Ian Snell for Brandon Jones has been proposed):

    The talk of a trade for Greinke intrigues me. The Braves will definitely need one more top of the rotation guy over the next three years, or so. Most of these youngsters, including Jurrjens, are likely to be middle to bottom of the rotation pitchers.

    No way would I be willing to give up Brandon Jones, Schafer, and Rorhbough (That was the suggestion, right?) for him though. If AAR is right, it would take a “blow me away” offer to pry him away from the Royals. It is not worth it to do that for a guy who has been a head case and is in his 5th year in the Majors.

    Chuck James and Brandon Jones? James and Schafer?

    I think I would be willing to trade one of our young threes or fours to get a guy with a higher ceiling, even if he is under our control for less time and costs more.

    Who would we let go and who could we get?

  6. csg,
    I don’t think discussing exchange rates is a political action, unless you begin assigning blame/credit.

    FWIW, put me down as a fan of Canada & put me down as one who pines for the days of the kick-ass US dollar in that fine country.

    In the mid-’90s, I went there a lot for business & I’d stay at the Toronto Hilton for about $65. I remember spending a Final 4 Saturday at Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant in downtown Toronto, eating & drinking through two games with a work colleague & getting a bill of about $95. And we thought the metric system was funny…

    Yanks falling on their sword today vs the Mets. Delgado rose from the dead & hit a GSHR.

  7. If it’s a choice between the athletes’ academic performance and making more money, these big-time athletic programs will generally go for the money.

    Agree. Which was where my thought about separating the athletic department (which includes the coaches) from the actual university in your mind. They are not pushing towards the same goals.

  8. theres no need to assign blame or credit for the exchange rates……….kinda goes without saying, doesnt it?………

  9. no Chipper, no Escobar, no Infante

    So I guess the lineup will be

    Blanco CF
    Gotay 3B
    KJ 2B
    Tex 1B
    Bmac C
    Frenchy RF
    Norton DH
    Jones LF
    Lilli SS

    and of course the Hamster as the only PH, if there are any injuries we’ve got nothing

  10. Delgado just hit his second dinger of the day picking up his 9th RBI in the early game against the yankees.

    Both homers were DEEP.

  11. barrycuda,
    You might be surprised. I heard someone discussing just such a thing on Charlie Rose last night.

    So glad I gave up my ticket for the Met/Yank game 1 today. There’s nothing worse than sitting thru a 9-inning Mets party. And these types of games (Yanks getting hammered by a rival) tend to get u-g-l-y in the stands. I’m sure I’ll get a full report from my pals.

    BTW, Delgado is in full Lazarus mode—2 HRs, 9 RBI today.

  12. I think Arod stole Delgado’s corpse and decided to play for the Mets today

    3-5 2R 2HR 9RBI

  13. I’m not impressed. Dan Giese? Edwar Ramirez? Ross Ohlendorf? These are the Yankees? A 200 million dollar payroll can’t buy one pitcher I’ve ever heard of?

  14. funny and sad – Delgado has more Rbi’s today than Frenchy has in all of June….

    #22 – yep, Bobby is so predictable

  15. Hah, is that an onion headline?

    Man, that lineup is nothing short of vomit inducing. One of the worst of the year for sure. But with the injuries, what can you do?

  16. Apparently, the Yankees were unimpressed, too. They optioned Ohlendorf after the game. He didn’t even make it over the Triboro Bridge…

  17. Ha! When someone said reverse Francoeur and Norton I thought they meant defensively. Francouer as DH…that’s some end times shit right there. Glad it didn’t happen.

  18. Nice!

    If Tex goes on a two-month tear or something, this team could really take off once Chipper gets healthy.

  19. I think Shane MacGowan would be a good pitcher. Can’t you see him as the Mad Irishman, a reliever who makes up for his lack of pure stuff with intimidation and incoherence?

  20. I know nothing about McGowan, but from what I see on gameday, his stuff looks pretty impressive. Maybe his control could use some work, but 95 mph fastball after 95 mph fastball, with the occasional 88 mph slider (wow!) mixed in, unless his fastball is straight as an arrow that ought to win him some games. What’s he look like to those watching on TV?

  21. Yep, if Shane MacGowan had the ability suit up, walk to the mound & pitch, I’d see him as the next Ryne Duren.

  22. McGowan is a georgia boy. Peter Gammons was trying to float some McGowan to Braves rumours.
    Good stuff but wild.

    Poor McCann. He is having this awesome season, which would be even better if he could get SOME REST!

  23. And I rather Dustin McGowan pitch like Shane Reynolds, not Shane McGowan for this game.

  24. Who is the baserunning coach? Probably Snitker given his general incompetence.

    TEX!!!! again.

  25. Why is Kelly swinging on the first pitch so often these days? Just hot streak confidence or is TP talking to him?

  26. Been a few days since we’ve been subjected to the Whiskey Falls treatment.

    Wonder if we’ll get some Coldplay later?

  27. Hehe! Lemke just said something funny:

    In the middle of going on about how bad that interference call, he said:

    “If that ball doesn’t hit Gotay, it’s down the line. I mean, this isn’t dodgeball!”

    I hate listening to the Lemmer a lot less than listening to Chip.

  28. So when the clubhouse laughs at the SI piece saying Lillibridge is better than Yunel, how does he feel?

  29. For the stat gurus of the thread:

    Who had/has the worst line: Andruw in ’07 to the All-Star Break or Frenchy this year?

  30. I am watching the game on Extra Innings and am getting the Toronto feed, they play a quick commercial during the inning between outs once in a while, feels really strange.

    Tex is getting there, bat and glove, 18mill per?

  31. Even when Andruw wasn’t hitting, he was drawing his fair share of walks. Frenchy easily.

  32. I just looked. Andruw drew 43 walks and hit 15 homers before the ASB last year. Francoeur might not do that for the whole year this year.

  33. Andruw:

    87 Games, 43 runs, 68/322, 17 2b, 1 xb, 15 HR, 54 RBI, 43 BB, .211 BA, .310 OBP, .720 OPS playing Center Field.


    79 Games, 39 runs, 77/311, 19 2b, 2 3b, 8 HR, 41 RBI, 19 BB, .248 BA, .302 OBP, .700 OPS playing Right Field.

  34. Skydome seems like it’s been around forever, and it’s not even 20 years old. What an ugly field.

  35. It’s more than just plate discipline and contact that lead to Francoeur sucking. Even when he makes contact, he just isn’t hitting the ball as hard as he did a couple of years ago. That was good contact — and was a routine flyout.

  36. I know his mechanics were never picture perfect, and he’s always been a ‘Let him do his thing’ kind of project…

    …but I just can’t help but notice how wild and inefficient his mechanics are this year. His hips flail open down the third base line too early near every time…even when it looks like he’s made contaact, we’re coming to expect feeble flyouts like his last two at bats.

    I don’t have any side by side video of his swing now and his swing then, and obviously the real issue is still his complete lack of plate discipline, but you have to tihnk there’s more to it than that at this point. He’s got no power at all.

    Tex is having himself maybe his best game all year with the glove, what a double play!

  37. So if anybody has the Extra Innings Toronto feed, do you have any idea if the couple vehicle commercials that come on in between at bats occasionally is intentional or a screw up? It’s really annoying either way.

  38. It’s too bad no one has the balls to send Francoeur to the minors. It is clear he needs more fundamental work in learning the strike zone. I know it’s basically ad nauseam on this board, but I can’t believe how little that idea has been entertained.

  39. Dumb baserunning mistake by Blanco. Oh well.

    Nice to not let that leadoff triple go to waste.

  40. Man the Blue Jays must be getting seriously frustrated with the Jays playoff drought the past 15 years, they are really hammering the 92 and 93 World Series home in this first game.

  41. I hope Jair pitching this way against an AL East team, even the lowly Blue Jays, fires up some Rookie of the Year talk for him in the National Media. Soto is gonna be tough to take down this year with the Cubs lovefest going on, but Jair has quietly been a strong candidate from day one. Man he’s pitched well this year.

  42. Sometimes I think I would trade with the Blue Jays; give our 14 straight division titles for their two consecutive World Series.

  43. The imaginary trade…personally, I’d rather spend each season between 1991-2005 having a legit shot at the title.

  44. So McCann and Teixeira use maple bats and Chipper uses a big 34-ounce ashe bat…

    Joe Simpson said what I basically wrote here yesterday:

    “The problem isn’t maple wood, it’s that the handles of the bats are about as thick as a toothpick. Too many players get used to thin handles and big barrels playing in college with those aluminum bats and want to keep that feel with wooden bats.”

  45. My goodness is he bad. It’s like each new game he looks worse than the last game. How long will this go on? It’d be funny if it wasn’t so painful to watch (and bad for the team).

  46. Lemke (no doubt channeling our notion of a “Braves Save”):

    “I wouldn’t call 5 runs a comfy lead, but it’s a lot better than 4.”

  47. Nice to see Lillibridge get a hit, ableit a meaningless one.

    Off-topic Fantasy banter: Any Granderson owners out there enjoying his resurgence as much as I am? With Utley’s recent struggles, he’s pretty much been carrying me recently.

    On June 10th, he was hitting .235

    Including tonight he’s got the average up to .294

    Dude is raking right now…second 4-hit night in a row.

  48. I called it meaningless assuming we weren’t going to drive him in, but hopefully we’ll prove me wrong.

  49. As I was saying, nice to see Lillibridge get a double, albeit a meaningless one.

  50. Hehe, yeah in that light it probably was meaningless. Maybe it’ll help boost Lillibridge’s confidence at least.


  52. OMG. I just realized. If we win tomorrow, we’re back at .500.

    And we’ve got Hudson going against Parish. And maybe more than half a lineup if we get real lucky.

    Gotta keep those fingers crossed….

  53. If we make it back to .500, I’ll start paying more attention to GB portion of the standings.

    Mets down 4-0 now.

  54. Did anyone notice during the eighth (and perhaps its was going on before that, but that’s when I noticed it) that some bozo in the stands was sounding an airhorn right as Jurrjens was releasing the ball on every pitch?

  55. Wish Utley would hit one :x

    (not that I’d pull for the Phillies, but after carrying my fantasy team all year, man has he sucked lately.

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