144 thoughts on “Introducing Radiohead Week game thread: Brewers at Braves, June 23”

  1. Can’t see what video this is from work… but what did Radiohead release pre-91? I thought Pablo Honey (the last album I recall really liking of theirs) was in 92/93ish…

  2. By “Cool” you mean “Jeff Francour has the worst OPS of any NL Right Fielder”? I think it’d be much cooler if he had the best… though cool and realistic don’t always match-up.

  3. What I meant was that I haven’t really liked anything anybody has released since about 1991. I think that other than compilations I have two non-U2/REM CDs originally released since 1991.

  4. CharlesP,
    Mac is saying he doesn’t know Radiohead because their stuff is post-’91. This is the video for “Creep.”

    (If Pablo Honey was really the last record of theirs you liked, you only liked one of their records.)

  5. Pablo Honey was their first release, and in my opinion it has only gotten better from there. If you can’t find something to like out of their other 6 albums and multiple B-Side and live compliation releases, you aren’t looking very hard.

    Go Braves!

  6. Need some help from the Braves Journal Family:

    I just bought a boat, and have to name it, its good luck from what they tell me. I have two choices that I like, but I’m open to suggestions as well. Braves themed names would be great, my mind just doesnt work that way. Here are my two, please give me some more..

    Bare-Ur-Cuda & Angler Management

  7. The worst thing about that stat line is it’s not even that close. It’s not like Frenchy is just barely the worst right fielder, but he’s the worst by a significant margin.

  8. Regarding a topic in the last thread…I think Ichiro gets in the HOF even with low counting stats because he is a Jackie Robinson-like influence to the game. That is assuming of course he remains productive for a few more years.

  9. If I Had A Boat
    Angler Management is cool. Of course, if it were my boat, I’d name her the “Rafael Ramirez.”

    Not including “The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald” or “Sink the Bismark,” here’s my favorite song about boats:

    I think Ichiro gets into Cooperstown because his counting stats will be amazing for the 10 requisite MLB years he plays. Plus, he’ll have at least one big record (single-season hits) and perhaps one more (most consecutive seasons with 200 hits).

    I wouldn’t put him in the Jackie Robinson category because he was not what you could consider a genuine social pioneer. He wasn’t the first Japanese to play & nobody insulted him or tried to hurt him on the field because of his ethnicity.

    Re: Radiohead
    I can’t really argue with OK Computer being considered the band’s best, but my fave is actually Amnesiac. I always like that bizarro electronica stuff. It’s the one I go to most often. Seems to fit almost any mood.

    And I gotta say, In Rainbows is catching up on the others. IMO, it stands up way better than the previous record.

  10. I believe Sunday’s game thread will feature a live version of an Amnesiac song, ububba.

  11. IMO, if you can live on your boat then it’s OK to name it, otherwise it is just pretentious. That said, Angler Management is a pretty clever name.

  12. What’s the deal with Phil Stockman? In 7 1/3 innings, he has struck out nine batters, given up only two hits, and not allowed an earned run. Yet he is always the odd man out and the guy sent back to Richmond when a pitcher comes off the DL. Why?
    — Fred F., Sparks, Nev.

    When they decided to keep Jeff Ridgway last week instead of Stockman, it was a definite shock. Ridgway hadn’t gotten righties or lefties out with consistency in Richmond and Stockman hadn’t really allowed anything when he’d actually gotten the chance to pitch at the Major League level.

    The only thing that I can gather is that the Braves feel like Stockman is a liability whenever guys get on base. By walking four in his 7 1/3 innings, he hasn’t given them the comfort that he will be able to provide clean innings consistently.

    Because his long, lanky stride toward the plate is slow, the Braves feel like he’s just welcoming opponents to steal second base and move into scoring position late in the game. This is likely one of the reasons he primarily pitched in a secondary relief role.


  13. Gotta go with “Sloop John B” as my favorite boat song.

    As for Ichiro, all the ink tests put him as a marginal HOF’er right now. If he plays at this year’s level for another couple of years, though, even if it does help his counting stats I think that’ll hurt him. Doesn’t seem like a slam dunk but if you’re a “peak” person then I think he’s in for sure.

  14. With all the Frenchy Angst around here, I’m surprised the poll wasn’t:

    Is it OK to root for a Jeff Francoeur injury?



  15. Errr….

    that should be



    Carry on.

    (/slinks back to work cave in shame.)

  16. They’ve had a couple of songs that I liked OK since Pablo Honey (I saw them at Variety Playhouse on the tour for that album actually… The Urge opened for them), but when Kid A hit I just really didn’t like ANY of the songs I heard from it and haven’t listened to them since then (a cursory sampling from the amazon mp3 store and I’m still happy to not listen to them).

    I’m much more of a Ramones/Sex Pistols fan than a U2 fan (which is to say I’m not a U2 “fan” at all, but I don’t hate their music and don’t run away screaming when it comes on… at least not often anyway)… and that probably explains why I’m not a big Radiohead fan better than anything else.

  17. Regarding a topic in the previous thread about MLB putting some teams in the Pacific, I don’t think that’ll ever happen. The logistical problems are just too great.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised for them to start pitting the World Series champion against the Japanese champion in a “true World Series” at some point. Also, as other leagues get better, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they started having a tournament pitting the best teams in each league against each other, kind of like the Champions League in soccer, for those of you who are familiar with that. (Although due to the logistical reasons, they would probably have to have one big tournament during the offseason as opposed to an ongoing in-season tournament like the Champions League is.)

    In any event, both of those succeed in globalizing the game and are far better choices than putting franchises in Japan, in my opinion.

  18. Nick,
    I agree & I always liked that idea. Just seemed like if we were going to call it the “World Series,” MLB should at least let the world actually compete in it with its best teams. But I can’t imagine an MLB WS winner would want to play another series after October.

    Upcoming Amnesiac cut, he? I’d vote for Josh Wink’s remix of “Everything In Its Right Place.”

    I’m a bit of a Sex Pistols completist—the books, the US show bootlegs, etc.—and they definitely changed my life. (If you grew up in Columbus, Ga., that’s easier than you think.) But, I mean, they only made one real record. How often do you break that one out?

    Ramones? Unimpeachable, in my book.

    And if you didn’t like Kid A, I’d encourage you to go back and at least listen to “The National Anthem” from that record.

  19. That was me! go Steve Avery’s Squad!

    Francoeur just needed a change of scenery, now he’s gonna turn it around!

  20. A few of my fave Radiohead songs… “You” and “Creep” from Pablo Honey (like I say, “You” is probably my favorite song of theirs, and certainly their hardest), “Electioneering” from OK Computer, “Pyramid Song” from Amnesiac, the live version of “Like Spinning Plates” from I Might Be Wrong.

  21. Scabies. I always have wanted to name a dog that but it would work fine for a boat. Plus, it would enliven cocktail party discussions (“So, how long have you had Scabies…”?)

  22. Just throwing this out there for some discussion, as I’m putting off homework. I’m not saying I like or dis-like the idea…well, ok I mostly dislike it because we can’t count on anyone in our outfield providing even an .800 OPS next season.


    If his option is declined, signing Edgar Renteria to be the team’s 1st baseman next year when Teixeira inevitably walks.

    Renteria’s numbers are down this year, and he wouldn’t provide the slugging you’d want from a corner infielder. But it seems like a Braves type move (for better or worse).

    The team is definitely going to have some money to play with next season, even after arbitration and contractual raises. If Wren brings in some power at one (or both…wishful thinking, I know) of the outfield spots that isn’t set in stone, it COULD be a good move. Or, Francoeur could stop sucking. [Insert joke here]

  23. Don’t worry, the Braves wouldn’t do that. At least not without a left-handed guy for him to platoon with.

  24. Can we have Bush week next week so at least we can have more than one good song for the week ???

  25. Off the books after the season:


    With our young pitching developing, I don’t see a need to bring Glavine back right now, even if he heals without surgery.

    Teixiera will probably be signed to a dumb contract by some idiotic GM somewhere else.

    I don’t know when or if Smoltz would be ready to start rehabbing next year, but I don’t see him the Braves spending a lot of money to bring him back. He could be a during the season signing.

    Hampton…hehehe…good luck with your retirement or league minimum contract somewhere

  26. I was just kidding about that by the way, Radiohead is just always one of those bands that would almost try not to be popular. They reached a certain point and seemingly were about to become “mainstream”, then they wouldn’t make an album for a while, or they wouldn’t tour for awhile. I have liked alot of their stuff over the years, and I almost see them being a group that was almost too ahead of their time.

    There are people on here that have left more music knowledge in their toilet bowl this morning, than I’ll ever know, but that’s just my opinion.

  27. I don’t think anyone should worry about Hampton’s comfort level during retirement

  28. Tonight’s lineup

    CF Blanco
    SS Escobar
    2B Johnson
    1B Teixiera
    C McCann
    3B Infante
    RF Francoeur
    LF Jones
    P Reyes

    I like this lineup under the circumstances, although I’d bat Francoeur 8th.

  29. Omar Infante to this point has been solid, hitting .281/352/427 as the jack-of-all-trades utility guy.

  30. No complains with Infante’s offense so far—hey, his OPS is almost 100 points higher than that of our RF.

    I just wish Infante didn’t have to play every day. (Bone toss to the peanut gallery…)

  31. The phrase “turning the lineup over” often refers to a situation where the #8 hitter gets on with two outs to ensure that the pitcher is “cleared.” With this lineup, the duty to “turn the lineup over” falls on Infante, who is responsible for making sure that Francoeur is cleared and won’t be leading off the next inning.

  32. It’s funny how that Bobby seems to have gotten to a point where he believes Infante is a better hitter than Francoeur, but still hasn’t made the connection that Infante is a utility infielder and that if you’ve got a RF who is a worse hitter than a utility infielder he really shouldn’t be playing all the time. Maybe soon.

    Hey no Chip tonight!

  33. So, looking back on last year’s off-season moves by Wren, we’ve got:

    Renteria for G. Hernandez and Jurrjens – Brilliant.
    Ascanio for Infante and Ohman – Thus far, looks very good.
    Aybar and Fontaine for Ridgeway – Meh.
    Devine and Richmond for Kotsay – I still think we’ve over-paid, but if Kotsay ever gets back, it could be okay.

  34. Anyone see this? Per DOB:

    Francoeur is trying a new contact lens on his right eye only. His vision in that eye isn’t perfect since he was hit by the ball in the minors, and the doctor told him a contact lens might help him at night, that it’s worth a try.

    Francoeur thinks that might be part of reason he’s hit .320 with five homers in 26 day games, compared to .207 with three homers in 50 night games.

    As he said, he’ll try anything at this point.

  35. IMO, Frenchy needs more than new contact lenses. He could use a whole new outlook. A hypnotist? LSD? Stun gun? Something…

    And, in case I forgot to mention it: Go-o-o-o Georgia Bulldogs!

  36. Did Cox sign a document stating that he could not under any circumstances put McCann in the three spot? I don’t see the harm in moving up one of our most consistent hitters higher in the batting order.

  37. What’s that, six out of seven balls hit on the button? Some of them better fall, because I’m not sure Sheet’s is going to keep giving those up.

  38. Contact lens or not, he still sucks.

    King Felix took Johan deep for an opposite field grand slam in New York. 4-0 Mariners.

  39. @62 No I don’t. Many sports nutritionists advocate a vegetarian diet. I am a vegetarian disc golfer and beat most of the omnivore disc golfers I play. There is nothing funny about cruelty to animals.

  40. Some great pitching goin on in the few games tonight…

    got Haren v. Beckett and Hernandez v. Santana goin in the mlb.tv right now…much more entertaining than the braves tonight.

  41. Bobby should try a vegan diet, it could perhaps keep him lucid during games.

  42. F. Hernandez homered to deep right center, W. Bloomquist, A. Beltre and J. Clement scored

    Ouch! A grandslam by Felix Hernandez off of Johan Santana.

    Many sports nutritionists advocate a vegetarian diet. I am a vegetarian disc golfer and beat most of the omnivore disc golfers I play. There is nothing funny about cruelty to animals.

    Is this a joke?

  43. Official scorer fucked Felix out of a no-hitter through 4. Gave Reyes a hit on a prado by beltre. He should be 0 hits through 4 with a grandslam at the plate. Just awesome stuff.

  44. @ 71

    No, it’s not a joke; why would it be? I didn’t bring it up. It was insinuated that a vegetarian diet might have hindered Fielder’s performance and I felt it was important to counter that. However, I’d really rather just talk about the Braves.

  45. I only eat meat of animals that have died of natural causes.

    And yes that is a joke.

  46. I was mostly talking about the part that seemed to suggest that eating or not eating meat could effect someones’ performance at disc golf, of all things….

  47. Fielder hit like 25 percent of his fly balls over the wall last year. I don’t think it should be all that surprising he isn’t on pace for 50 again. He’s still taking a fair amount of walks. Manny Ramirez, who has a pretty solid record as far as home runs go, is only like 21 percent for his career. Ortiz is like 20 percent, Chipper is like 19 percent, etc.

  48. Seriously, where are the Braves in double plays this season? Last I remember, middle of the pack in the NL. But that just doesn’t feel right.

  49. Maybe it makes no difference, it’s certainly not hurting me and that was the point. Anyhow, How ’bout them Braves?

  50. Note to the home plate ump…Frenchy knows balls and strikes. How dare he ring him up!

  51. Francoeur sucks, but that wasn’t a strike. Kendall was set up off the plate and had to reach for it.

  52. so i guess the next big shock is the disk golfer has an unfair advantage because weed is a performance enhancing drug…but all natural

  53. Of course, a lot of that is the second-in-the-league team OBP.

    True. Washington being last in runs scored and first in GIDP is pretty impressive.

  54. That actually seems fairly average, but I haven’t compared him to other catchers.

  55. A lot of that is also the pitchers fault. Jo Jo throws a lot of stuff in the dirt or way off the plate killing Mcanns chances.

  56. Looks like Sheets has stopped sucking. And he’s only at 60 pitches through 5. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go 9 tonight. :-(

  57. None of the four runs off that Felix Hernandez grandslam were earned because of gold-glover David Wright’s error.

  58. When you factor in all catchers, not just the relative handful that qualify, it’s about league-average.

  59. 25 percent is about the borderline. Anything much below that, you really have a problem. 25 and above to the traditional 33 percent break-even point, the number of runs added isn’t a big enough deal to matter.

  60. Sounds like Sheets is a fast worker, so why don’t the Braves step out of the box every now and then? Throw off his rhythm?

  61. Pablo Honey was the first CD I ever bought (not the first album, just first in that medium… I wasn’t into music much as a kid, nor am I now for that matter). Still love “Creep.” I really enjoyed the Bends. Someone suggested “High and Dry” the other day… a dandy. Didn’t particularly care for In Rainbows the first time I heard it. I guess it has grown on me some, but I don’t listen to it much.

  62. I’m just going to guess that they can plate a runner from 3rd with 1 out. Not sure we could.

  63. I’m pretty sure the first CD I ever played was a Crosby Stills and Nash (can’t remember if Young was involved, probably not) that they gave my dad for free when we bought the stereo.

  64. The first album I ever bought (tape) was LL Cool J’s Bigger and Deffer. I was 7. The first CD? Jeez. Probably Illmatic.

  65. Now I have no idea what the first record I ever bought was. I think the first I ever played was “Ode To Billy Joe.” I’m quite old.

  66. Yeah. That was 4.2 scoreless by Buddy. Shame we couldn’t do anything about Sheets. I’m just hoping we make him throw enough pitches over the next couple frames to get the bullpen in there and give us a shot. But I’m not optimistic. :-/

  67. You’d be quite old if you said the first record you ever bought was Al Jolson.

  68. King Felix got hurt, spiked by Beltran at the plate, after a WP/PB. Turned his ankle, too.

    First LP I ever bought: Paul Revere & The Raiders Greatest Hits

    First 45 I ever bought: “Tumbling Dice by The Rolling Stones

    Ever seen the movie “Ode to Billie Joe”?

    Hey, the Dawgs tied it. Way to go, boys.

  69. Maybe we should sign Ben Sheets this offseason. Provided he can keep his arm attached.

  70. The first LP I ever bought was Tommy Roe’s Twelve in a Row, a greatest hits package. However, my father, a physician, gave me a copy of Pink Floyd’s Meddle, a gift from an appreciative patient. Talk about a total change in direction!

  71. I’ve seen bits and pieces. Most movies are like that for me; I lack patience. And yet, I summarize baseball games for fun.

    The first four CDs I bought were, I am fairly sure, the Wilburys one, Sgt. Pepper, Eagles Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (see, I’m being honest!) and Sting’s The Soul Cages. Still have all of them, too.

    Hey, Francoeur is out! Rally time!

  72. strange………………….i never heard that tune on my radio……..or in my head.

  73. First cassette tape received as a gift: Vanilla Ice — To the Extreme.

    I’ve actually bought a couple of cds since (can you believe he’s made multiple albums?) just for the unintentional comedy.

  74. The first CD I ever had was either a RHCP CD or a Lynyrd Skynrd CD, I can’t remember.

  75. the first ALBUM i bought was Beach Boys Today, next was Rolling Stones Now…….after that all my paper route went into albums but i lost track of what i was buying.

  76. nice catch by kelly. (no comment about a much easier pop up that was botched and sent the team into a tailspin)

  77. If anybody is watching Joe Simpson and Jon Sciambi on FSN South, they just showed a stat about Braves who have hit at least 3-hr in one game. However, it seems they skipped quite a few folks. It went from Tex all the way to Ken Griffey Sr., then Bob Horner, Murphy, etc. I seem to remember Andruw doing it, Jeff Treadway, Jeff Blauser, and possibly Chipper too. It seems they left a few names off of that list. Did anyone else catch that?

  78. Chipper did it in 2006, Andruw in 2002, Blauser in the early 90’s.

    By the way, Joe Simpson doesn’t think Curt Schilling is a HOF’er. I do not agree with Joe.

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